Universal Love and our Third Sex

By Rolf A. F. Witzsche, (2007) with references to The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago


Our modern world is increasingly torn apart by countless issues that go so deep that one can hardly see any light on the horizon. We are isolated by politics, military might, economic power, social status, ethnic background, nationality identity, and at the individual level by wealth, fame, religion, ideology, profession, association, culture, and a whole lot more. We are especially divided by our sex by which the whole of mankind is split into two isolated camps. Our sexual isolation and division has roots that go deep, and we find that these roots are being nourished right where we live on our home ground.

While political policies greatly effect the way we live as a society, we are more deeply effected by the way we regard one-another socially, especially when sex becomes the center of it. Rather than addressing our far-flung isolation there, by going down to the roots of it, society has devised policies for contact that merely regulate life in this complex world of our near-universal isolation that in many ways had led to deep and violent divisions. Instead of bridging our division and dissolving the isolation we find ourselves on the fast track going in the opposite direction. We have already reached the point that our civilization is in danger of collapsing, and our society with it. We are rushing into a New Dark Age that some have already threatened they will commence with a "Hundred Years War" laced with unprecedented terror, poverty, and diseases, which too, are all already unfolding.

I'm not overstating the case. I wish I was. However, the failure can be healed. There exists one thread that ties together the whole of human fabric, a thread that threads through all history, the thread of Spirit that defines our 'third sex' that is slowly coming to light, rendering the universe and all life as a spiritual expression, and the human being with an identity that is fully anchored in Spirit as the highest expression of the intelligent harmonizing principles that have created the universe. If this thread is broken we loose civilization that is built on it. We will then become caught up in a whirlwind of interacting failures on many fronts coming together for which solutions seem almost impossible, which indeed they are when sought on the same platform on which the failures are located. However, solutions can be found when we step up to the higher platform, the platform of Spirit where our humanity is defined. A few footsteps have been taken in that direction in modern times, but more are needed as outlined by the great pioneers exploring the universe of Spirit.

A Diamond that Fell into the Mud
Remains a Diamond Still

A poem comes to mind from the early school days. The poem sets in verse a dialog between the four great winds, the North-Wind, East-Wind, South-Wind, and West-Wind. The stanzas of the poem describe their discussing among themselves where they might come together for their next  'joyous' dance. They decide to meet at the center span of the great bridge across the canyon, and to join there in dance at the midnight hour as the last train is crossing. 

"Oh, what a wild dance it will be," they agree as they celebrate their decision. It will be a whirl-dance filled with fire and shrieking voices and sounds of breaking steel! And so, as they had planned it comes about in the poem while the four winds are coming together for their furious dance from all four directions at simultaneously. 

The poet was evidently thinking of a bridge that was sturdy enough to withstand the strongest storm under the worst condition, but not four of them coming together at once. Unfortunately that is the kind of situation that we find ourselves in globally, today, in which our civilization is threatened. The four winds are eerily real.

One of the four winds that is threatening civilization today is the already onrushing global financial and economic collapse. Many great and shiny bubbles of 'hot air' that are celebrated for their 'beauty' are stretched to the breaking point. They are ready to pop just like a soap bubble pops into a spray of fine mist that blows away with the wind, which no one can put back together again.

Another one of the four winds is the growing threat of nuclear war. We had 65,000 nukes deployed globally in the mid-1980s of which only 20,000 remain, with probably an equal stock-pile kept in reserve. However, the deterrent that kept them at bay is wearing thin. The nukes are on the table again, ready to be used. In the mid-1980s we said to ourselves that nobody would be that crazy to actually throw them around. We trusted our existence to the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction. Now we have many people in power that qualify for the description to be "that crazy." Our mutual destruction is thereby almost assured.

The third onrushing wind is fascism. Society fought World War II to defeat fascism. But that war was never really won, was it? Fascism remained.  World War II had been a contest between killing machines. The contest ended when one killing machine had exhausted the resources for the other. But the fascism that stood behind the killing machines was never defeated. It spread into the Americas. It infested the USA. It swept across Europe into Russia, into Asia, South and Central America, and had swept even into China to some degree. In today's world, wherever it has not been routed out, fascism has become a monster of terror, torture, inhumanity, genocide, usually financed covertly from high places and from within many hidden empires that need to sow division and destruction to protect the precarious foundation for their existence. The USA appears to be presently set up to be destroyed for this purpose, by its own hands, driven by the rise of fascism from within, to vanish from the map of the future as a sovereign nation state, as the very idea of the sovereign nation state is set up to be eradicated globally. Nor is the USA alone under attack. South Africa is collapsing into chaos and economic self-destruction together with many of the central African nations and South American nations (as originally targeted in 1974 in NSSM200 policy). At the start of 2008 no less than 26 major destabilizations *1 were in progress around the world.

The fourth onrushing wind, ironically, is not global warming*1.1 but the return of the Ice Age*2. For nearly two million years the earth has been in a massive deep-freeze environment called the Pleistocene Epoch that is periodically interrupted with interglacial warm climates of short duration, such as we are in today, which is ending in the near future. The time of the transition is uncertain. We may be already in the boundary zone, or it might yet be a hundred years away, or a thousand, but it illogical to assume that the galactic conditions that persisted for two million years have ended for our convenience so that we won't have to bother to secure our food supply with global indoor agriculture. The end of the present interglacial warm climate spells the end for traditional agriculture that is largely keyed to the interglacial warm climate. 

Mankind has existed for over two million years, much of it in an Ice Age World, but in spite of its long period of development spanning 2.5 million years only 1-10 million people inhabited our planet when the last glaciation cycle ended slightly over 10,000 years ago. That minuscule population was all that mankind had been able sustain without agriculture. Now we have 6 billion people living on the earth, going on to 10 billion. The coming Ice Age will most certainly wipe us out unless we can create the technological infrastructures for indoor agriculture that would sustain us through the coming 100,000 years of the soon-to-be-upon-us Ice Age conditions. 

While the construction of these infrastructures is totally possible, even on a global scale, we might be heading for disaster, because it will take a hundred years to build them, while one sees no commitment towards such a beginning. Credible scientists suggest that we might have those needed hundred years left before the next transition to glaciation begins, but with the world fast asleep in dreams of global warming as the result of politically motivated scientific fraud, who will rescue us from our isolation from reality. Many credible scientists suggest that the dogma of manmade global warming is a fraudulent imperial deception that is designed to prevent society from developing the kind of social and economic renaissance that is necessary for creating the enormously large infrastructures that would assure mankind's future existence, even while it would spell the end of all empires.

Since we live presently isolated from our humanity and under the spell of the money of the empires, the return of the Ice Age might overwhelm us, especially now that this existential challenge is joined by the other three winds. An escape from this trap is not likely possible unless we can reverse our deeply moving self-isolation from our humanity that presently keeps the horizons open for the four winds to blow in, just as the imperials desire, who master the blowing winds that threaten our civilization and our existence.

The individual issues that are involved here, that drive the four winds, are far too complex in themselves to be dealt with in a quick discussion in the context of this article, especially since these issues are all too deeply overlaid with layers upon layers of lies. 'In Lies we Trust!'

Also the four winds that are threatening our civilization today as never before have been a long way in coming. Empires, and their wars and inhumanity, have been a part of the human scene for at least four millennia already, and have been despised from the beginning for their gushing gore to the point of them being labeled, the "Whore of Babylon." 

For 4000 years society has fought against that whore with few successes along the way. As far back as 3700 years ago the famous reformer Hammurabi had struggled to put some curbs on the excesses of the whore and its barbarism. He won a few small battles, but nobody has ever really won the war of empire versus civilization and secured a victory for mankind. 

A little light was seen during the Greek Classical Period of Homer, Solon, and the Pythagorean Society and so on, but this dawning light was quickly crushed by the sophistry of Pericles and the seventy years of destruction of the Peloponnesian War. Plato and Socrates worked to restore what was lost of the classical culture of Greece and to extend it further. While their effort created a bright era in their time, which some say became the precursor for the Christian era, no real victory was ever won by either development. Instead a new darkness descended across the world towards an endless seeming night that became the Dark Ages, spearheaded by the Roman Empire and a whole string of other 'whorehouses' that followed in its wake.

The long period of the unfolding Dark Ages was first interrupted by the Islamic Renaissance near the end of the first millennium, and then again in the 14th Century in Europe by the Golden Renaissance, and after that once more by the second European Renaissance of the 17th Century that was centered on the Peace of Westphalia, the spark of light in which the USA was founded as the first nation state republic on the planet existing outside the sphere of empire. 

Apart from these few bright periods that are all too rare, mankind has been on a loosing streak. We are presently entrenched in this loosing streak as never before. In the onrushing tragedies that are now converging on us the few victories that mankind has achieved over the ages in its periods of renaissance stand out as important sparks that inspire hope for us, a hope that we may yet win our victory over the whore and its wars that has evaded humanity's grasp for 4000 years. 

Those bright sparks from our historic periods of renaissance that should inspire us today, are all sparks that have a common universal principle, which is evidently still valid today. But what is a universal principle?

The discovery of universal principles has been slow in coming. For example, a long period of scientific development lies between the casual recognition that all objects fall to the ground and the discovery of the Principle of Universal Gravitation. 

No, it wasn't Newton who discovered the Principle of Universal Gravitation, though he was hit on the head by a falling apple. The Principle of Universal Gravitation was discovered by Johannes Kepler long before Newton was even born. The principles that Kepler discovered now enables us to land on the moon, as we did in 1969, and to get there with such an accuracy in planning that we could touch down on the lunar surface confidently with only 30 seconds worth of fuel left in the landing vehicle, as was the case in 1969. That amazing technological and scientific achievement resulted from the power of discovered universal principles.

The discovery of the underlying principles of civilization that combine every bright period of history has a similarly long unfolding. Also these principles came to light with an equally profound promise. The brightest of these discoveries of principles came to light in connection with the Treaty of Westphalia that ended the Thirty Years War in 1648. This profound treaty was built the recognition of a principle that might be called the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. Apparently the warring factions asked their opponents what is the biggest thing that you want? The answer obviously was, peace. So they guaranteed each other peace, as they all wanted it. It seems that someone discovered a principle in that, namely that it is to the advantage of everyone to promote what is to the advantage of the other. On this platform a new constitution for civilization was born. The warring factions not only guaranteed each other peace, but also guaranteed each other's sovereignty, forgave each other's war atrocities, and even forgave each others war debts.

This discovered principle created not only a period of peace. It also created the foundation for modern civilization. The Westphalia principle became reflected in the founding principle of the U.S.A., which became laid down in its Federal Constitution and might be termed in summary as the Principle of the General Welfare. 

In this manner, if one looks at all the bright periods of renaissance in a wide overview fashion, a still deeper underlying principle comes to light that might be called the Principle of Universal Love.

"Oops," you might say, "that's impossible! Universal love is regarded as treason in the social world, especially in the realm of marriages."

Indeed, the challenge that the Principle of Universal Love puts on the table is wide and enormous, but if one looks deeper there exists a natural foundation for it that reflects the simple fact that we are all spiritual human beings together, universally, with a common humanity and a common universal divine Soul reflected in us. The more one peels away the extraneous layers that isolate us from one-another, which are all artificial in nature, the more the universality of our humanity is coming to light. 

The scientific process of discovery along this line naturally involves great challenges, especially social challenges, but it also promises breakthroughs in the protection and advance of civilization that appear to be totally impossible on any other platform.

The great depth of this challenge came to light when I began to explore the dimension of the Principle of Universal Love in writing a novel to see how it might unfold in the social sphere, especially at the grassroots level, including in the sexual domain. 

It is a fact of history that every period of renaissance has ended at some point when its achievements were crushed again. After that discontinuity things became worse for a while. The evident reason for that failure is that the profound principles that these periods of renaissance were built on weren't accepted deeply enough. They weren't deemed relevant at the grassroots level of society's social and even sexual relationships. With this background in mind the resulting exploration of the Principle of Universal Love in my novel turned out to be so surprisingly wide and profound that my discovery project, which started as a single novel, became a series of twelve novels that I gave the overall title, The Lodging for the Rose.*3 

The idea for this literary effort came to me in the mid-1980s when the Cold War doomsday clock stood at but minutes to midnight. The unfolding project to explore the path of discovery of the Principle of Universal Love became like a 'dance.' The 'dance' might have been inspired in part by a similar kind of 'dance' in the visual arts where a strong focus was placed on rolling back the isolation of woman in society that had been built up over many centuries. Obviously, this rolling back of a built-up isolation applies also to the isolation of society from its own humanity, its spiritual dimension.

The Dinner Party

In this context, rather than speaking of my own work, I would like to pay tribute to the world-renowned artist, Judy Chicago, who has almost single-handed uplifted society to some degree with her unique kind of 'dance' in the arts, a visual project that raised an awareness of women's achievements through the ages, which was fading, and with it raised an awareness of the hypocrisy in society's sexual isolation, its isolation from women, their worth, their power, honor, beauty, and quality, and thereby society's own isolation from itself. By raising that awareness, Judi Chicago highlighted society's isolation from itself and its own humanity in the universal sense. 

I believe a tribute to her contribution to the advance of civilization is essential.

For her art project Judy Chicago brought together a team of over 20 researchers that probed the pages of history for 999 women of achievement. From these 39 were selected as guests for Judy Chicago's art installation in form of a 'dinner party.'*4 

Judy Chicago created a triangular table for her 'dinner party' to represent the three distinct periods in society's relationship with its women. Each side of the triangular table represents one of these periods. The first side represents the very early period beginning at pre-history and ending with the Greek Classical period. Throughout this era women were revered, some as goddesses. Then came the dark era extending onward from the start of the Christian era into the Dark Age of religious wars, crusades, genocide, terror, and persecution. The second side (the back side) of the triangular table represents those dark ages in which the status of women was trashed along with everything else that is human. The third side represents the modern period from the 17th Century on, in which countless women struggled to reverse the isolating trend that had forced all the women of society into the background, which had been devastating to women and to society as a whole.

The 39 women that are thereby brought together as guests for The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago to share a common table as we celebrate their achievements and the achievements of women in general. However, this symbolic 'Dinner Party' is also a party that society as a whole is invited to. Judy Chicago has created a unique place setting for each of the 39 women, all lavishly laid out on the large dinner table. Each place setting is meticulously highlighted with an uniquely painted porcelain plate that bares a symbolic image that represents the nature of the individual woman that is thereby honored, both in terms of her achievement and in terms of her being a woman. The resulting installation presents in this manner an invitation to society to 'eat' from each one of the women's plate and thereby to 'nourish' itself with the substance of her achievement and her contribution to the larger development of mankind and civilization.

Putting the vulva on the plate

Judy Chicago becomes 'deliciously' daring with Dinner Party project. The images that she painted on the woman's plates represent symbolically Each plate features an image based on the butterfly, symbolic of a vaginal central core, a symbolic image of a woman's vulva. She put the vulva on society's plate. She puts it into the foreground for society to deal with. The complexity of this symbolism evolves throughout the series of plates, plate by plate, and side by side. It begins with a simple soft vulva-image to represent the primordial goddess of prehistory. The series of plates ends 38 images later with the most deeply sculpted and most anatomically expressive image of the vulva in the series. This final place setting represents Geogia O'Keeffe, an outspoken artist of the 20th Century in the fight for the universal recognition of the equality of women as human beings across the whole front of our humanity.

In this sense Judy Chicago invites society not only to 'nourish' itself with the profound achievements wrought by the women represented at the table, and by proxy the achievements of all women, but she invites society further to 'eat' of their vulva, of their womanhood. In so doing Judi Chicago invites society to acknowledge to itself that it already does the very thing in real terms in its sexual practice. She thereby invites society to acknowledge that the entire sexual isolation that has isolated the woman in society and pushed her into the background for centuries, is a myth, something artificial, something without a real foundation.

 Judy Chicago forcefully demonstrates that the sexual isolation that relegates women into the background is a myth by the simple fact that countless people throughout society lovingly and joyously 'eat' off their vulva, both men and women. This fact has been confirmed in surveys. A large number of sexually active women that answered a survey*5 indicated that 'eating' off a woman's vulva is (in their experience) the most enjoyable sexual interaction they know and is (statistically) also the most widely practiced.

In other words, the self-isolation of society that has been engineered over many centuries, which resulted in the most deeply cutting sexual division of society that one can imagine, is a myth. The myth also renders every other form of isolation in society likewise a myth, including our political, ethnic, and religious isolation and the resulting violent divisions. These prevailing divisions belie the fact that we are all human beings together, spiritual beings of the one Spirit that we see reflected throughout the universe (as nuclear physics informs us). By this we are sharing universally a common humanity and a common universal Soul, a universal sense of identity and mission. Judy Chicago demonstrates with her work, and with a 'delicious' irony, that society's countless forms of isolation and division, no matter how time-honored they may be, are basically nothing more than just hypocrisy.

I saying with this reference to The Dinner Party. But I am not saying that it takes an honest woman to teach us men that we are hypocrites. No, I'm not saying that at all. It appears that Judi Chicago is challenging the whole of society together, because everybody, woman as well as men, fell into the trap of a self-isolation that has led to ever-deeper divisions throughout the world, many of which have been carefully cultivated. 

A project to counter society's self-isolation

It is now deemed socially normal for human beings to live in isolation, and to practice this isolation especially politically and ethnically, and so on. In her unique way, Judy Chicago is challenging the entire self-isolation of mankind, even while much of it is rooted in imperial motivation that until now only a few have dared to recognize. Nevertheless, her project, The Dinner Party, started a cultural uplifting in society that might be more extensive than what appears of it on the surface, and not just for women. Also, her work unfolded at a time when it was most needed, both politically and culturally.

Judy Chicago's determination to do something profound to reverse the isolation of women, and possibly also the isolation of society from itself, began to unfold in her thoughts as far back as 1971. This was also the time when great banner headlines were strung across the world that proclaimed that "the Earth has cancer and that this cancer is mankind."

The image of the human being was being violently trashed at this time, as never before. The year 1971 was also the year in which the Bretton-Woods world-finical system was wrecked by imperial demands in order that the nation's national currencies could be used as private gambling chips by an imperial oligarchy that subsequently squeezed enormous profits out of the nations' currencies, causing social consequences that are not easily repaired. The world became looted to the bone in this manner while the image of mankind was being trashed simultaneously. 

Judy Chicago might not have been consciously aware of this trend that began in parallel with her unfolding idea for uncovering the growing isolation of mankind from its humanity. Nevertheless her idea unfolded against this historic background that became a trend that is now wrecking our civilization.

The physical work for her The Dinner Party project began in 1974. The project took 5 years to complete. Those years were a time of intense creativity for her with the glow of an unfolding universal love that is evident throughout the project. Sadly, however, this same timeframe also brought to light a number of political movements that are totally opposite in nature and effect.

One of these political projects that Judy Chicago's efforts stood against, perhaps not intentionally, and might have counteracted to some degree, was a three-pronged depopulation policy that came to light simultaneously in the year the Dinner Party project was started.  One prong of this 'devil fork' was the first-ever world conference on population (read depopulation) held in Bucharest in 1974. The second prong was America's NSSM-200 policy that likewise began in 1974, which defined Third World population growth as national security threat to the USA. The third prong was the "manmade global warming" doctrine that likewise had its beginning 1974 and is now shutting down and curtailing economic development in many parts of the world. For example recently China decommissioned over 500 coal fired power plants in response to political demands built on a so-called global warming cries.

The Bucharest conference had been built on the notion that the human population is a cancer that must be contained. The American NSSM-200 policy went one step further and defined Third World population growth as a security thereat to the USA on the premise that the developing nations would be using up their natural resources for themselves, which the masters of empire demand must be preserved for the future of the empire. Under this policy Africa became one of the first major targets for controlled depopulation with the result that AIDS erupted in Africa a few years after NSSM200 in the shadow of this policy. While it is impossible to determine if and to what extend Judy Chicago's efforts to counteract the isolation of society from its humanity had an effect on thwarting the depopulation travesty, it is nevertheless interesting to note that her 'healing' effort coincided with the emergence of this extremely dangerous period in political trends that has not ended to the present day. 

Had her efforts been 100% successful to the fullest possible extend the NSSM-200 policy for the destruction of the population of Africa might have been avoided, whereby the more than 25-million AIDS deaths that have occurred might not have occurred, including the future deaths that are yet to come until the disease is arrested. 

But can we say that her efforts had no effect at all? I don't think we can say this either. They might have had a major effect in spite of it all. Whatever counteracts the isolation of society from its humanity, even to some degree, does have an uplifting effect on civilization.

That the war of empire versus mankind has not been won by a long shot is evident in the still escalating promotion of the global warming hype. The doctrine of "manmade global warming" was born in 1974 against the background of a growing number of scientists becoming concerned about the potential impact the next Ice Age Cycle in terms of its devastating global consequences for agriculture. In order to arrest this concern, which would have opened the door to a new scientific, technological, and cultural renaissance, which the Empire would not have survived, the global warming lie was created and turned into a global scare project in 1975/76 with a hype that continues to escalate. The hype continues even while the global warming that began with the end of the last Little Ice Age in the 1700s had begun to reverse into a cooling trend in 1998 corresponding with a weakening of the 11-year solar cycles (there has been essentially no sunspot activity throughout January 2008, a rare occurrence trending towards a possible repeat on the Mauder minimum that coincided with the last little Ice Age in the 1600s.) Nevertheless the global warming hype continues unabated in spite of 400 opposing voices *1.1 from scientists around the world who issued detailed statements in 2007 to the U.S. Senate explaining their scientific opposition. The global warming hype is evidently a political project, being unrelated to anything real, which targets the world's carbon based energy production without which civilization would collapse and the world population would collapse with it as the masters of empire desire according to their own statements. The manmade global warming doctrine is evidently intended to unfolds as a genocide project of vast proportions as it already functions as such to some degree in more ways than one, with the poor countries being the hardest hit.

The historic timeframe in which Judy Chicago's "Dinner Party" was created also covered the period in which the DDT ban was unleashed. That DDT ban was imposed for purely political reasons and had no scientific imperative at all. But it had a political agenda that matched the imperial agenda. The ban allowed malaria to come back which was soon killing more than a million people a year in Africa alone, one ever twenty seconds, most of them children. DDT had been a 'God-sent' to control the malaria carrying mosquitoes. With the aid of DDT malaria was nearly eradicated. Soon it was back with a horrendous death toll. After 35 years of killing people in a wave of death that far superseded the Nazi holocaust. the USA recently relented and partially lifted the DDT ban to combat malaria once again. 

The man might have been lifted, because the genocidal effect of the manmade-global-warming hoax promises to be far more deadly than malaria and AIDS combined.  The manmade-global-warming hoax promises a horror show beyond anything we've ever seen or imagined if it is allowed to play itself out as proposed. Poverty is the most potent killer that has even been unleashed. The global warming project is evidently designed towards this end and in the long run to prevent the needed new renaissance from emerging that would enable society to seriously prepare itself for the next Ice Age that looms like a dark shadow over its near future.

And so, perhaps without being aware of it, Judy Chicago has put her art on the line in a powerful manner to help roll back the increasing isolation of society from its humanity that would normally be deeply reflected in all of these areas. Judi Chicago now stands before us with a monumental challenge. She has been almost 'shrieking' through her work, to the blinded eyes and the deafened ears of society, saying, "You fools, can't you see your hypocrisy!"

Well, maybe a few people saw what she had laid before society. Evidently some people did see something, but far too few have. And so, because of society's general lack in its response to her outcry, the collapse of civilization that began in the days of her "Dinner Party" continues unabated and is accelerating. Judy Chicago had invited mankind to 'dance' with her in celebration of our humanity, but far too few have heeded her invitation. Thus society remains increasingly isolated from its humanity, which makes the resulting divisions in our present world evermore severe. This is ill-boding for our future.

The current world-financial system is presently completely bankrupt and is hanging by the finest thread. It can be likened to the collapse of the World Trade Center towers in New York. From the moment on when the nuclear demolition charges were set off in the basement, as evidence suggests, there was no way possible to save the towers and the people in them. Even though the towers remained standing for a brief period of a few seconds while the disintegration was unfolding, their doom was cast. We are close to that today in the world financial arena of private monetarism overloaded with debt while the dice rolls in the biggest gambling orgy of all times generating vastly more debt in what is called the market. In real terms the debt can never be repaid as it stands as a liability against bankrupt economies that no longer produce much of anything, but have become a liability themselves depending on 'slave' labor products for their survival.

We need a global bankruptcy reorganization before the house falls down. We need to replace the imperial system with a human system in order to keep people alive, pensions paid, wages protected, industries operating, and to give ourselves the needed credits to rebuild the lost industries that society must have back in order to get itself on its feet again with universally affordable housing, transportation, clothing, food, and so on. Unfortunately nothing of the sort is happening, is it? And it won't be happening for as long as society remains isolated from its humanity as human beings.

Even the threat of war is more severe now than it has ever been throughout all history. We face worse consequences today than those that we feared from a nuclear war. For example, on December 23, 2005, The Korea Times*6 published a few figures from a US dossier of August 2003 respecting the number of dirty uranium bombs that were pre-positioned at this time at three U.S. Air Force bases in Korea. The Korea Times listed 2.7 million DU bombs located in South Korea, plus 300,000 located in Japan, for a total of 3 million DU bombs. (The current estimate of radioactive material contained in stockpiled weapons in Korea alone is said to be the equivalent of more than half a million Hiroshima type bombs.)

Chances are that the published figures are inflated. One would hope that they are. Most likely, though, the opposite is the case as many more DU bombs would surely have been added over the years since the dossier's date of the publication. Also, considering that Korea is a small place compared to the Middle East, it stands to reason that many times more DU bombs would also have been pre-positioned at the over twenty U.S. Air Force bases in the Middle East, with the number of uranium bombs probably ranging upwards into the tens of millions. The likelihood for such large stockpiles is probably extremely high since DU bombs are inexpensive to produce.

The DU bombs -- bombs made from depleted uranium -- utilize the now readily available uranium residue from spent nuclear reactor fuel or from nuclear waste remaining after fuel reprocessing and atom bomb production. In the past these waste product were expensive to store. Now they are simply consumed as a cheap resource for making bombs. 

When the DU bombs are used, the uranium in them is vaporized into sub-microscopic spheres with the vast majority being smaller than the wavelength of light. Being so small, vast numbers of them fill the air. Most of them end up suspended in the air for long periods where they are transported around the world with the global air currents. Nevertheless, no matter how small the particles are, they remain radioactive with a life span that far exceeds the several billions or years that our planet is expected to remain inhabitable. Since the minuscule radioactive particles are a part of the air now that we all inhale, we invariable inhale a number of these radioactive particles with every breath. As the particles accumulate in the body a few of them tend to get inside our body's living cells and upset the delicate chemical balances there and inflict damage to the DNA chains. The result of this radiation attack is a long list of cancers and diseases that contains 90 different types of cancer (the infamous Gulf War syndromes that have disabled 700,000 of the Golf-War vets). In addition the DU-gas-warfare strategy has caused horrendous birth defects that are too horrible to describe. The big question from expecting parents in the highly polluted regions, to their doctors , is no longer will the baby be a boy or a girl, but will it be normal. In some areas the birth defects have increased 10 to 20-fold and cancers 20 to 50-fold. Even in the USA, which is located far away from the theaters of war, the lung cancer rate has increased 6-fold, as reported by CNN in March 2006 (pertaining to the first two months of that year, compared to previous years). Diabetes is also exploding with similar increases since the timeframe when DU weapons have been in used, increasing from 30 million cases worldwide to 230 million cases. While no smoking-gun-evidence is possible to link the increase in diabetics to DU, because of the minuscule sizes of the particles that are almost impossible to track, the coincidence in timing suggest however that such a link exists.

Since the worldwide radiation from the relatively small-scale DU bombing to date cannot be rolled back, mankind simply has to cope with the consequences for ages to come, though they have already caused unspeakable tragedies. The radiation we've put into the environment is there to stay, and we'll have to live with it since we can't leave this planet and get away from it. There simply is no place in the universe that we could escape to in order to get away from the results of our present folly. And even with all of that considered, today's society has allowed itself to become so insanely isolated from its innate humanity that it is prepared to let the already pre-positioned potentially 100-fold increase in DU weapons-pollution of the world happen.

While the imperial goal might be to keep the planned DU radiation focused on Russia, China, and India, which are the old historic imperial targets, it needs to be considered the now prepared-for wave of DU killing has the potential to be of an intensity that no one might survive in the long run anywhere on the planet. And that is just another part of the ever-increasing real danger in our present age, which has become an age of creeping insanity. We truly have become isolated from our humanity into dream worlds filled with fantasies that have nothing to do with any facet of down to earth human living.

As things stand today we won't likely see any reversal of the DU danger happening for as long as we remain so deeply isolated from our humanity that the already prepared for possible extinction of our own kind raises barely few eyebrows. There should be a powerful commitment forthcoming to eradicate the DU danger and other such dangers in a crash-program type fashion. Unfortunately this reversal won't happen until our current isolation from our humanity is resolved with some rich measure of truth and universal love.

Whether we get out of our present collective trap alive is beyond anybody's ability to forecast. The critical choices are clear. They have been clear for centuries, and have been ignored for centuries. They are still being ignored. The fascism of empire reigns supreme, and has become more ugly than ever. Instead of society building affordable housing for its habitation, more and more houses are being bulldozed to the ground in military atrocities, or are bombed to smithereens while society looks on, or housing is priced out of the affordable range altogether so that people are forced to live under bridges or in the open, etc.. Also, we still make evermore wars today and wage them with ever-more giant engines for mass destruction while we can't spare a dime to prevent hunger in the world.

It's the same age-old story, isn't it? It's the same song that has been played over and over like a broken record by almost the whole society of mankind? We allow the looting of nations in the name of freedom. We profit from the enslavement of the poor in the name of greed. We kill, torture, terrorize, destroy and imprison one-another in the name of what we call, security. We human beings alone do all of this, to one-another. The horrors in our world are not inflicted on us by alien beings from other worlds. We do this to ourselves and call the travesty a civilization. We are miles off course today from where we should be as a society of human beings. It appears that we have even convinced ourselves that we are not really human.

The tragic delusion that we suffer from today is the outcome of society's self-isolation from its humanity that has been practiced for millennia, which we now find hard to reverse. It is a cultural failure, not a spiritual failure, when we loose sight of our humanity by discounting our 'third sex' to zero. Nevertheless, the task remains before us to get our humanity back and to do it quickly before time runs out. This critical task has been put onto our plate and remains there for us to master in the bit of time that we have left before all is lost.

Judy Chicago and the dimension of our 'third sex.'

It is possible perhaps, though no confirmation is evident, that Judy Chicago's intention behind her Dinner Party art work might have included the promotion of a general awareness of the danger of dehumanizing trends, especially of those trends that have been long practiced against women, that has been practised both in the form of social isolation and in the still grosser form of sexual mutilation of women. The latter, civilly called circumcision, involves a variety of genital mutilation ranging from the splitting or removal of the clitoral hood, to the complete cutting away of the clitoris, extending from there all the way to the near total removal of the woman's external genitalia, including all of the labia minora and the inside of the labia majora, with the labia majora becoming stitched together, or being held together using thorns, leaving just enough of an opening for urination and the passing of menstrual blood. While the most extreme process is only 15% prevalent, it is still a major tragedy as a 130 million women worldwide are effected by sexual mutilation, with 2 million women being sexually mutilated annually for a variety of counter-cultural traditions that go far back in time, predating both Islam and Christianity. While the sexual mutilation of women is increasingly prohibited by law and is prosecuted in some countries, the weight of tradition is strong, which forces the continuation of the tragedy. Judy Chicago's Dinner Party can be seen against this background as a daring healing attempt that puts the vulva symbolically on each of the womens' plate in the beautiful form of an intricate work of art, with the woman standing behind it in like manner as a beautiful work of 'art' herself, of the harmonizing Spirit that constitutes the universe. Here we come closer to the dimension of our third sex that is rooted entirely in Spirit and is immortal in its cultural expression. 

Judy Chicago appears to have attempted to set a direction to establish a recognition in society of the cultural equality of men and woman, and to highlight society's hypocrisy in not recognizing that equality. With putting the vulva on the plate for the whole of society, she bids society to accept its already expressed sexual unity that is undeniably prevalent in its intimate practices involving the vulva, but which society denies and thereby denies itself socially, civilly, and morally. It is interesting to note that the shape of the Dinner Table matches the shape of a woman's pubic crotch, and that the most outspoken of modern women in the arts, and the most reveres in ancient times, are facing each other at the table and at a position of it relative to the crotch that coincides with the 'deepest' position in the vulva (see the above poster).

But Judy Chicago didn't take the process far enough. There is nothing found in her work related to the Dinner Party that specifically opens society's horizon to the universe of Spirit in which all life is anchored and is an expression of it. If such a link is intended, it is merely implied as indicated above. But this doesn't mean that we can't go the extra mile ourselves, individually, in honesty with ourselves. In doing so the universe itself is coming to light as being totally spiritual, with humanity as the highest expression of it coming to the foreground with a 'third sex' that is not physically defined in terms of male and female, which is expressed in ideas, principles, beauty, art, music, and whatever is immortal and not specific to the male of female duality, but which nevertheless includes these biological aspects as constituent elements of something far greater, of something that takes us deeper into the world of Spirit, beyond the physical elements of the' mortal coil' to the immortal sphere of ideas and discoveries of universal principles and our understanding of them and their expression through human culture. Here in the immortality of cultural achievements our 'third sex' unfolds in expressions of great art, beauty, harmony, music, literature, science, technologies, economics, creativity, productivity, which are neither male nor female, but are dimensions of culture where mere physics is raised to metaphysics, the physical expression of profound spiritual ideas. 

Without actually saying so, Judy Chicago put our 'third sex' onto the map by drawing a distinction between the mortal sphere and the immortal. She put the vulva on the table, saying that a woman is a complete human being. She didn't hide it under the fig leaf, or pretend that a woman isn't a complete person unless she is wearing the pant-suite. She scuttled the notion that a woman isn't complete unless she is with a man, and by the same token that a man is incomplete unless he is with a woman. She put the inherent homosexual identity of the human being on the table, openly, proudly. She cut through the medley of heterosexuality, saying that a man is a man, and a woman a woman, and that both are complete, but that we can meet in celebration of our individual completeness and bring it to the table. She put the vulva on the plate for society to celebrate, and with it to celebrate its own completeness. On this basis she put the sovereign achievement of the individual historic woman on the table wrapped in the same completeness, for the same celebration. Without that basis there would be something spiritually lacking. The equality of men and woman can only stand on the basis of the recognition of individual completeness (the homosexual identity in sexual terms) and the full acceptance of it, by which the human union becomes enriched. The moment when the human union of men embracing women is built on a lesser basis as a meting of beggars, begging from each other, there is something spiritually lacking there and the scene falls apart into division and isolation. Only on the platform of individual completeness in inner spiritual riches can unite in celebration and stage a union without division, isolation, and self-isolation.

 Behind each of the woman at the dinner table stands a large group of women, each of whom had brought their significant achievements to the table in their self-discovery as complete human beings and their struggle for society's acceptance of it, and also of their own self-acceptance of it. Judy Chicago lists all of their names, 1038 of them, and lists their contributions to the advance of human culture. 

With that Judy Chicago puts our 'third sex' sex onto the table, that which reflects the immortal dimension of the human being. All of the historic women who are brought together have lost their mortal coil. Even their names are now largely unrecognized, but they live on in the immortality of their achievements, their struggles, and their determination to raise the dignity of humanity by uplifting the dignity of woman in a society that had become dominated by far too many little minds, torn by division and smothered by isolation and self-isolation. In their immortality we find an example for our own immortality, an example for our 'third sex.' We need the same kind of recognition of ourselves as they have achieved, a recognition that as the tallest spiritual expression on Earth the human being is for more than what the mortal coil can define. Our 'third sex' defines us not as men or woman but as immortal beings, as creators, discoverers, artists, musicians, educators, scientists, technologists, and so on. What we achieve here is of quality that is enduring, that is defined in culture and civilization and whatever enriches human society for all times to come.

The Dinner Party as a work of art was itself the product of a large team of artists, workers, researchers, and contributors of themselves. In its new home at Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum,*4.1 Brooklyn, NY. their achievement will remain as an enduring record of their devotion to the advancement of a profound spiritual idea, an idea of Truth.

Our 'third sex' unfolds with the expression of Mind; the mission of Soul; and the acknowledgment of Truth that is unseen by the senses, but is knowable in the 'sexuality' of the Mind unfolding with the joy of discovery flowing from it. The expressions of our 'third sex' truly transform the earth and uplift the quality of living, and might ultimately enrich the universe itself. That is is where our 'third sex' unfolds. It is not defined by mortal aspects, but by those aspects that define our immortality, which in turn give the mortal aspects a more profound significance with the recognition of their (nevertheless) spiritual essence.

Here an excursion into nuclear physics might be useful as a hint of what is involved in the dimension of our 'third sex.' Nuclear Physics tell us that an atom is a 'miracle.' An atom is understood as empty space in which a 'miracle' unfolds. At the very center of this empty space a grouping of infinitesimally small 'particles' is located that is surrounded by an orbiting 'swarm' of even smaller particles with their movement being so fast that they appear to be everywhere at once, creating the appearance of a solid sphere. And that's just the beginning of the miracle. The so-called particles don't exist either as solid entities, but are themselves constructs of various types of what the physicists call quarks, which are defined as but fast moving points of energy.

Thus, nuclear physics tells us that the entire universe contains not a single speck of matter, but is the construct of energy and intelligently arranged forces that interact in a complex array of harmonizing principles without which the universe simply would not exist. Thus, everything that we see hear or touch, even the world we live in, is but the construct of patterns of energy organized by harmonizing principles that altogether reveal an underlying arrangement of an incredible intelligence. If even one of the harmonizing principles was missing, or be antagonistic to the whole, the universe would have no coherent foundation to exist, and so it wouldn't exist. But it does exist. It exists as the product of an incredible Intelligence and its harmonizing Spirit that might be termed Love. Thus all that exists in the universe is the product of this all-embracing Intelligence and its harmonizing Spirit that might be termed Love. And that is what we are part of. It is reflected in us and expressed by us. Our 'third sex' becomes the highest expression of it.

It is impossible to think of the physical universe in terms of evolution when a vast array of harmonizing principles must exist together for the universe to be possible. Thus the most basic element in the universe is the intelligence that created it. It is irrational to assume that the creative process of this all-embracing intelligence has stopped at some point. Indeed, it has expanded. The biosphere of life is full of its own 'miracles,' even greater ones, unfolding into a vast complexity of interacting harmonizing principles, even to the point that life is purely a reflection of the dimension of this all-embracing intelligence and its self-directing unfolding. 

With the development of mankind begins another, higher stage in the unfolding of intelligence, which includes a profound cognition of our root in Spirit, and beyond that our conscious expression of it, our 'third sex.' 

At the biological level the dimension of immortality is carried forward in the genetic record. Here the development is slow, but has been immensely profound. At the human cultural level, however, above the biological level, the development has progressed with lightning speed, in comparison, and unfolded with a potential that suggests that until now we've barely touched the fringes of the profound. 

Christ Jesus gave us a faint sense of the infinite sphere of the profound or the Sublime, and so did Mary Baker Eddy in more modern times when she discovered what she termed the "divine Principle of scientific mental healing," which she named "Christian Science." Nor can we assume that the unfolding of universal intelligence ends at the human cultural stage where the mortal-biological expression of spiritual existence drifts into the background against the unfolding of mankind's immortal sphere expressed in cultural-spiritual existence that becomes the most direct expression of intelligence. And since the expression of Intelligence has no bounds, it is further possible to conceive of yet another higher platform of intelligence that is purely the manifest of Spirit without the faintest tint of mortal aspects. Of course what we might encounter there is of little significance to the here and now, except to perceive a direction in it for our continuous progression in the human spiritual sphere.

In real terms the human spiritual dimension is incredibly rich, with far greater potentials than we currently utilize. We have so far taken just a few steps forward. For example our higher spiritual unfolding that is expressed in human culture has given the biological sphere of our spiritual dimension greater endurance. It extended the boundaries that are inherent in the biological form, pushing back to some degree the biological mortality. In the order of intelligence the greater expression of the dimension of Spirit always protects and the enriches the lower. Whenever the mortal coil suffers diseases before its mission is completed, we tend to intervene intelligently and heal the diseases with processes that are inherently metaphysical, ranging from the gentle caring to the healing intervention with absolute metaphysics for scientific mental healing.

Judy Chicago fell somewhat short in placing the sexual dimension of our humanity into the dimension of Spirit that includes the vast cultural dimension of intelligence where our 'third sex' unfolds that uplifts, protects, and enriches our sense of the biological sexual dimension of our spiritual existence. What Judy Chicago had failed to reach up to, America's foremost scientist in spiritual exploration, Mary Baker Eddy (1826-1910) had put fully on the table, and this not in the form of a doctrine, but in the form of a pedagogical structure that lays the foundation for ones own self-discovery as a fully complete spiritual being in unity with God.

In the final painting that pertains to this pedagogical structure as a metaphor, which Mary Baker Eddy had commissioned for this purpose as a part of her illustrated poem, Christ and Christmas, she illustrates the unifying link in which our highest expression of the dimension of Spirit illumines and uplifts all the lower forms of it.

Without this link nothing will touch, uplift, and enrich the lower sphere, including the cultural failures that are associated with it that are increasing urgent to be healed by the truth becoming uplifted. The sexual division that Judy Chicago tried to heal, and mankind's isolation from itself that is reflected in this division, cannot really be healed while acknowledging that a division exist. It can only be healed with the recognition that no such division exist since our 'third sex' that is rooted in the universe of Spirit, honors all lower spiritual forms as complete, unites and uplifts and heals them in celebration of their completeness. It thereby obsoletes any sense of bipolar division (resolving the medley of sexual division into homosexual completeness) and with it obsoletes the mythological platform of a divided and isolated humanity in any shape or form -- healing the failing sense of humanity that is deemed isolated from itself and from its profound spiritual dimension.

The heterosexual sense of human identity that we celebrate as the ideal of morality is really a fallacy in itself that is built on a sense of an inherent bipolar division. It actually legitimizes division and and advances isolation including the emptiness that goes with it. In the dimension of our 'third sex' that is rooted in the universe of Spirit, and is thereby singular, the human being is by its indivisible singularity inherently homosexual by which all sexual unions become celebrations of the all-embracing individual fullness of Spirit instead of unions of sexual beggars seeking fulfillment from each other. This larger sense naturally includes all biological spiritual forms as well, which thereby gain a higher identity that lifts them out of the sphere of division into a more intelligent form of unity.

In real terms all reality is spiritual, even nuclear physics affirms that this is so. Nuclear physics no longer recognizes the existence of matter in any form, but recognizing all as the manifest of harmonizing principles and the motivating creative Intelligence that all physical phenomena reflect. Mary Baker Eddy puts it this way in her scientific statement of (all) being:

"There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual." (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 468)

The above statement is profound. Its arithmetic is simple. It says, if we take away matter, which doesn't actually exist, what remains is entirely a spiritual construct. And that literally includes all and this all is complete in itself in every aspect, so that there exists nothing that can really divide us, or ever has, or ever will, except in mythological belief. Mary Baker Eddy never suggested that the male or the female is an incomplete divine idea, though she did say that the "union of the masculine and feminine qualities constitutes completeness." (S&H p. 57) We don't have a paradox here if we consider that the union of the sexes is not a union creating completeness in quality, but is a union in cooperation, a celebration of the individual completeness of each human being uniting in a bond for the common good of the whole human family, just as sovereign nations unite in a cooperative community of principle for the common good of all mankind.

It appears that Judy Chicago had an inkling of that dimension of completeness. She opened the heart of society to the cultural achievements of women, but as far as can be determined, she did not to set women apart qualitatively. She accomplishes this to some degree, perhaps not by design, by cutting through the mythological division of sex as she symbolically displays the vulva on each woman's plate, because that is where society meets most intimately and most genuinely within the mortal realm. With this daring correlation she demonstrates the male/female division as a quality-factor to be a myth and thereby unites the biological sphere in celebration and opens the door to the immortal sphere where creativity and cultural achievements come to light, the sphere where no division is possible. Thus the male and female dimensions are superseded by the 'third sex' of mankind that is anchored profoundly in the higher dimension and singularity of infinite Spirit.

Sure, cultural failures are possible and we are up to our eyebrows stuck in such failures, which lead to the rule of empire, fascism, and its wars. Obviously, in order to deal with this mess we need to utilize the spiritual resources we have, our 'third sex' (our art, creativity, science, and so forth -- our real culture) to get us above this quagmire. 

Spirit is not a dictator. With the all-cognizant Mind reflected in man, come the freedom of choices and the power to learn from wrong choices. This too, is a part of human culture and of making discoveries. What good would it do to have a profound mind without the freedom to exercise it? However, with freedoms come responsibilities. The moment when we discovered our 'third sex' that no animal has, we have entered dimensions of freedom and power that no animal has either, freedoms and powers to create culture and civilization. In the ancient Greek play "Prometheus Bound" the god Prometheus who gave mankind the technology of fire is punished for his crime, but he prevails, because without fire (energy resources) there is no profound culture and civilization possible. Prometheus represents the recognition of mankind's 'third sex.'

Sure we have played with fire and got our fingers burnt in the process, even the nuclear fire as in Hiroshima, but with those cultural failures, the burnt fingers, even gross cultural failures that all could have been avoided had society cared enough to do so, we also have the capacity to discover our humanity and thereby step up to higher ground where those failures become obsolete as they won't be repeated. Of course we might also fail the test and become victims of our folly, even when it becomes powerfully overwhelming. However, we can progress and pass the test with flying colors on the whole front with divine Science that opens the window to what we are in Truth. 

And were is the best place to begin the process of opening the door to the spiritual dimenion, but in the sexual sphere that is the closest to our home gate. What we heal there could easily ripple through the whole pyramid of related cultural failures and change the world more powerful that all the leaders of all the nations could by themselves.

Judy Chicago's Dinner Party project was not a roaring success. It was 5 years in the making and then it took her company another 27 years to find a permanent home for it. Over the years the project met with both rousing acclaim and hauls of rejections, but it left few indifferent. It stirred something on the inside in the hundreds of thousands who have seen the exhibits of it. It was many things to many people, but it might not have fulfilled the expectation of those who became involved with the project who had hoped for a revolution in thinking. This remains still on the horizon.

Perhaps society was too tied up into knots and tied to modes of smallness in thinking to see the potential for a revolution. Also the project didn't present the portal to the 'third sex' clearly enough that might have staged such a revolution. All of this needs yet to be done, and beyond that the stage needs to be built to protect the revolution, which is a revolutionary concept in itself in a world that is deeply mired in bipolar division. 

The divisional duality in human identity is always tragic and has been sadly exploited throughout history. It has been exploited because its mythology enables the notion fo a legitimate basis for the rule of empire, an external rule to override the self-rule of society. We see the pattern of this error unfolding throughout history. 

When Plato raised the cultural platform with the introduction of some advanced perceptions of the spiritual identity of mankind, Aristotle intervened and turned the spiritual reality upside down. He did so by defining mankind as basically slaves who are benefited by being slaves to (superior) masters whose virtue by their association with them, and guidance from them, ennobles the slave. This kind of antihuman sophistry is still music to the ears of the rulers of empire, large and small. The battle against slavery remains yet to be won. In fact it has become larger than ever.

When Christ Jesus raised the status of mankind still higher, all the rage and the fury of the Roman Empire was brought against him. While Rome did eventually fall and the spiritual sense of Christianity survived to some degree, the war of empire versus mankind is still raging on. Mankind has yet to win its freedom from empire collectively and individually.

When Mohammad raised the spiritual platform once again after the fall of Rome (in the late 6th Century) and created Islam, another counterforce was quickly launched to invert the new spiritual idea. This counterforce is still raging too. 

The Golden Renaissance of the 15th Century was countered is a similar manner. The intervention against it by the forces of empire resulted in a hundred-years-string of war that could only be stopped by uniting the feuding parties on the platform of a tall spiritual perception of the human being, which became the principle of the Treaty of Westphalia. This platform became the foundation for modern civilization, but it is severely challenged today. 

When in response to the new principle the pioneers of Europe inspired the building of a new nation in the post-Westphalian world, (which became the USA) built on the established higher platform, the forces of empire immediately unleashed a counter-organizing effort with the doctrine of Giammria Ortes who defined mankind as but an animal. Ortes launched an ideology that might best be described as the 'descend of man.' It was carried down to ever lower levels by Malthus, Darwin, and Galton and more so by a whole lot of modern followers, to the point that mankind is now defined a cancer on the Earth. To the very day this degenerating trend is far from being countered in any significant way, much less being stopped in the course of healing. And it won't likely be countered for as long as the masters of empire rule, leaning on their mythological staff of the right of kings, hailing the myth of a bipolar divided humanity, reflected in the war of empire versus mankind.

This utterly tragic perception of an inherently bipolar human nature will likely not be laid aside until the still deeper bipolar division in mankind's biological sexuality is laid aside. Nothing less will be sufficient for the supposed heterosexual identity to become resolved into the homosexuality of mankind's singular identity -- the unifying expression of Spirit --  in which we find our 'third sex' that unfolds in the immortal sphere and protects the biological mortal sphere. 

That a lot of healing and protection is needed in the biological sexual sphere is evident by the estimated 400,000 unwanted pregnancies that occur in the UK alone, not to mention the rest of the world. A high-level healing is needed, which evidently cannot be obtained on the platform that created the failure. And the same also holds true for all other aspects of the social, civil, political, and economic dimensions that become increasingly concentrated in the mortal arena. By society's focus becoming concentrated it the mortal arena society becomes focused away from the unifying expression of Spirit in which it finds its 'third sex' and its ultimate freedom.

So, what is the bottom line? Will we see a healing forthcoming? 

The needed breakthrough is inevitable. While the empires rage on and drag society deeper into the mud of their sewer, the empires are loosing their ground as nothing real supports their existence. We will therefore see them vanish, and we will joyously celebrate their disappearance, because the Spirit that upholds the universe including mankind is enduring and is forever expressed. From this platform it is offering us all a high-level identity that heals and supersedes all the other assumed identities.

Thus the final question shouldn't be whether we become human again, and whether will we blow ourselves up, or poison our world beyond repair, or perish in the coming Ice Age? This type of question is invalid when we have the potential at hand to succeed in breaking out of the mortal trap to the freedom of Spirit. 

The one thing that comes to light repeatedly in the pages of my series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose,*3 is that the demands of the Principle of Universal Love may be challenging in countless different ways and may be hard to deal with, but they come with the promise attached that beyond the challenge we will find in the unbounded spiritual nature of mankind the sparkle of a great gem that is precious for its own brilliance, which brings the real dimension of our humanity, our Sublime humanity, to light. And this promise, in what we may already realize of it, outshines all the challenges that lead up to its realization, even the realization of the Principle of Universal Love. 

In the brightness of that promise that flows from the Principle of Universal Love our hope remains. It remains, because the fact remains that a diamond that fell in to the mud remains a diamond still. It remains ready to shine and to enrich the world when the mud is rinsed away and the gem is placed into the sunshine. America is that diamond. Mankind is that diamond in every respect. We all are that diamond.

*1 Jan. 9, 2008 issue of the Executive Intelligence Review

*1.1 - No Manmade Global Warming

*2 - The Return of the Ice Age

*3 - The Lodging for the Rose - a series of novels exploring the Principle of Universal Love

*4 - The Dinner Party - an art installation by Judy Chicago

*4.1 - The Dinner Party at the Brooklyn Museum

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