part of a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of
the invisible shapes
that shape

the death-wish society

Love countering 
the death-wish madness

A monolithic society
marching on command
with its hands folded behind its back
can we become a love-bound society 
displacing the modern death-wish society?


The modern hate campaign against human life began in Venice two centuries ago

It began  with a scientific fraud by the Venetian monk Giammaria Ortes (1713-1790) who conjured up the image of a dying world caused by overpopulation. In the last year of his life, Ortes published a raving attack on the human population under the gentle sounding title, Reflections on the Population of Nations in Relation to National Economy. In this attack on humanity the fraudulent notion of the earth's "carrying capacity" was put on the table, for which he set up an an absolute maximum of 3 billion people.

It was a fraudulent notion even then, because it was well demonstrated during the Golden Renaissance and onward that the development of mankind was not a function of the good graces of the Earth, which were rather meagre, but was a function of the creative power of the human being, reflecting scientific and technological progress. 

Obviously it was not known at his time that the world population growth from about 5 million people at the end of the last Ice Age to about 800 million that existed in his time was not the result of improved breeding habits, but resulted from improved technologies in food production. However it was known that the ability of mankind to sustain itself in ever greater numbers was the result of advances in culture, science, technology, and economic development. The Golden Renaissance was an age of love, beauty, and of a profound humanism, which the Venetian Empire had made great efforts to destroy, because had brought about the greatest advances in human culture, science, technology, and economic development in all of human history up to this time. Ortis' lie that human development is its own poison must be seen in the context of the Empire's continued war against the renaissance spirit of mankind.

Yes, the Venetian Empire had succeeded in the destroying the Golden Renaissance shortly after the Renaissance had threatened the Empire with extinction for its looting and slave trading practices. In order to save its decadent oligarchic power the Venetian oligarchy organized a perversion of religion on two competing fronts simultainiously, from which a century of religious war resulted and the murdering of a third of the population of Europe. However, during the worst of these wars, the Thirty Years War, the still lingering renaissance spirit was rebuilt. The rebuilding created a new renaissance, beginning with the Treaty of Westphalia that had re-established peace and had enabled a second round of profound advances in culture, science, technology, and economic development. Some of the greatest geniuses in all of these fields came out of this second period of renaissance, including the great musical geniuses Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Joseph Haydn, Amadeus Mozart, Ludvig van Beethoven, and later Johannes Brahms, whose profound contributions to human culture are still celebrated today. 

Naturally the old Venetian Empire was again in danger of loosing it all by the power of the unfolding new renaissance. At this point the Venetians had infiltrated the Netherlands and England and had rebuilt their empire under the old tradition but with a new face, the face of the British Colonial Empire. It was this Empire that was in serious trouble in the late 1700s when the new renaissance spirit spread from Europe into the British colonies in North America that with the help of leadership from Europe declared their independence and fought for it and won. The old empire with a new name now faced the undeniable fact that the newly emerging renaissance pioneers had built the first nation state republic in human history, a republic that stood sovereign and independent, proud and free, amidst a worldwide sea of empires. With this event a light was born that became a light for the world an a new hope for a new era for all mankind and the greatest threat the Empire has ever faced.

 The timing here tells a significant story

The American Independence was declared in 1776. In 1783 the British Empire's war was lost that it fought in a desperate attempt to recapture its colonies. The military defeat suffered by the Empire was officially acknowledged in 1784 with the Treaty of Paris, which acknowledged the existence of the USA as an independent nation.  By 1789 the USA had established itself internally as a brand new country with a new constitution. The old Congress, operating under the Articles of Confederation, had voted for its termination and adjourned near the end of 1788.

It was this timeframe in which revolutionary changes swept the world and the curtain was fast falling on the Empire, that the Empire began to retaliate through the back door in typical Venetian fashion. It is in this context that Ortes' attack on mankind must be seen, that started with his publication in 1790 of his 'carrying capacity' hoax that implies a 'natural' mandate given to all imperial rulers to impose population control measures, the very measures that cut deep into the heart of any renaissance and its future potential. With the publication of this scientific fraud a new phase had been ushered in, in the war of empire versus civilization.

Ortes' hoax was certainly a clever fraud. He compared the 'human heard' with a herd of cattle that is limited in size by the size of its pasture so that the herd must be culled in order to protect the pasture form being overgrazed. With this fraud on the table, the Empire gave itself the mandate to do the culling of mankind. The worst atrocities, of which there were many, now were said to serve a benign purpose.

Of course the fraud remained a fraud. If Ortes  had been correct in saying that the "carrying capacity" of the Earth was a function of the quality of the Earth, like a heard of wild cattle is dependent on the quality of the land that an animal herd cannot improve with its own resources, then mankind would have lived in a totally different world than the one in which Ortes lived. If Ortes had been correct the human world population would would have remained limited to the level of just a few million people that 'grazed' the Earth 8-10,000 years ago, because the Earth itself hadn't changed in those 10,000 years, nor had the sun changed. However, mankind had changed. Mankind had developed the technology of agriculture, irrigation, land cultivation, fertilization, and evermore energy-intensive agricultural methods. By Ortes' time mankind had developed the means to support a world population of 800 million. That's a far cry away from the 5 million population that the Earth by itself had been able to support before.

In the 200 years following Ortes' ranting against human development, mankind's continuing scientific and technological progress had enabled society to grow and support itself as a body of well over five billion people. And it was all done on the same planet that supported only five million people, ten thousand years earlier. Also, those five billion were enjoying a higher standard of living than the meagre population of five million had enjoyed before. The exception to the rule were those pockets of society were imperial impositions have deeply interfered with human development and depressed the standard of living to the miserable conditions that have became the hallmark of the touch of empire that blackens civilization. 

  In real terms mankind's demonstrated capacity to support ever larger populations with advanced technologies and power-intensive infrastructures, has no inherent limits.

Whatever limits are encountered have been imposed by insanity, and much of that has been intentionally created for the protection of empires since empires have no place to exist in a normally developing world. Thus, the entire "carrying capacity" notion is a cleverly perpetrated fraud foisted onto the minds of mankind to curtail mankind's self-development.

Unfortunately the fraud has been surprisingly successful. The fraud created a world in which society has been 'educated' to hate its own development, to even curse itself as a cancer on the earth, and to slavishly follow their demoralizing leaders like so many  sheep lined up to the slaughter. 

Ortes evidently knew that his carrying capacity song was a fraud, and so did all the Empire's stooges and all the Empire's so-called geniuses' who tirelessly continued singing this fraudulent song. The British Empire's infamous pimp, Parson Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834), the author of the Essay on the Principle of Population (published in 1798) extensively plagiarized Ortes and invited the whole of society to his depopulation whorehouses, the infamous workhouses tha used people up. All of Malthus' arguments for depopulation, especially the depopulation of the poor, were already contained  in the writings of Ortes. Scholars point out that the entire school of the ensuing British Philosophical Radicalism from Malthus onward regurgitates Ortis. This trend of philosophical plagiarism includes the 'works' of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1732), James Mill (1773-1836) and John Stuart Mill (1806-1873). Thus, the most honored British empiricists (possibly by their lack of freedom to speak the truth) saw themselves forced to slavishly plagiarize the ranting of a decadent defrocked 'Venetian' monk who might therefore be recognized as the original master of all modern 'scientific' liars. 

  To the present day, the monk's fraud continues to darken the world of reason, as many now sing: "In Lies we Trust!" 

This is how it came to be that the terrible lie of the so-called "carrying capacity" of the Earth is still being dragged before mankind for it to swallow as a poison. And a poison it is! It is a poison that is served up today by some of the most noble and respected institutions, including the U.N.,, whose learder in their service for the Empire have prostituted themselves to singing Ortes' fraudulent song. And they do their job well, since society now cheerfully dances to the tune played by the well-paid pipers.

During the 1994 United Nations' International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo, which was a depopulation conference by intention, the ghost of Ortes was seen on the horizon again in a big way, together with the ghost of Malthus and that of the others. The Malthusian genocidal bureaucrats of the U.N. were parading Ortes' "carrying capacity" song before the whole world in order to condition governments and public opinion to accept compulsory depopulation and the rather unpleasant means to implement it, such as abortion, sterilization, euthanasia and other grisly projects of that kind. There was talk about limiting world population growth to a maximum of lightly over seven billion by the year 2050, which implies reducing the mankind's reproduction rate by half - an unachievable target by natural means and even by the extreme fascist means that would make Hitler's nazi holocaust appear mild in comparison . What was carefully kept out of the equation in Cairo, however, was the obvious fact that the major population growth occurred in the old imperial playgrounds where a large population growth was essential for society to maintain itself against the ever-increasing pressures from imperial looting and slavery. Africa, India, and China have long been the key looting grounds, which were also cited as the major targets for depopulation. 

Of course the looting of these targeted people has increased since then, though slightly hidden under the rubric of (imperial) globalization, and with this increased intensity in looting came the necessary increase in population growth. How else could a family exist on an income of a single dollar a day, or two? It obviously takes the combination of many such 'incomes' to sustain a bare-bones existence. 

Ortes' was right only in the context of the imperial world where human development is driven backwards, resulting into a considerable demographic crises.

The obvious answer, thus, isn't to kill the poor people of the world as the U.N. and its oligarchical supporters suggest as necessary, but to cause the liberating universal development of mankind that eradicates poverty, slavery, exploitation and stagnation and opens up new resources for living in conjunction with a more satisfying cultural dimension. The more advanced counties along this road have had traditionally a correspondingly low rate of demographic expansion. The critical factor in the population equation is therefore a question of love, not a question of physical resources. Mankind hasn't even begun to develop the resources within its reach, such as large-scale indoor agriculture, industrialized, and nuclear powered, on which its future existence will depend absolutely when the transition to the next Ice Age begins. The current interglacial warm period, which has enabled outdoor agriculture for the last 10,000 years is nearing its end in the shadow of galactic forces that have locked the Earth into a repetitive series of ice age cycles for the last two million years. We need to develop indoor agriculture, and we need to begin the development of it now, And for this we need to develop the creative and productive potential of all the people on our planet as fast and as extensively as possible. We certainly don't need to kill the populations on a massive scale as the ruling empire advocates. We need to eradicate the Empire instead, and all empires, and develop and protect mankind and develop the depth and breadth of universal love that makes the necessary achievement possible. The Earth has become too small a place only for one 'species' the in-grown species of oligarch that inhabit empires. There is no place in the world where empires can be tolerated any longer without dire consequences for the whole of mankind. The "carrying capacity" of the planet for empires is ZERO and always has been that in real terms.

So let's not kill people by the song of those who advocate evermore exotic means to effectively exterminate what the imperials define as the offending population groups that dare to live in excess of their allowed limit. In real terms the human being is the greatest asset the planet has, and which we too have. We need to develop that asset, not waste it. We don't even know yet how great a challenge the next Ice Age will present and what our role will be in preserving the vast biological heritage of our present interglacial world that would ideally be cared for by mankind and by 'mothered' through the long deep freeze to enable future worlds to benefit thereby and survive and prosper.

If we succumb to the current empire's demand for depopulation, let us be clear that what they intend in the same breath is much wider holocaust that includes also the extermination of all of its traditional enemies - the traditional renaissance societies such as the USA had been, that has been a thorn in the eyes of the Empire ever since it was formed. The Empire's cry for depopulation is not by any means a cry inspired by demographic concerns, but is a cry inspired by desperate rulers who seek to prop up their dying system a bit longer that has no natural basis for its existence and its survival. Their growing desperation is reflected in the increasingly irrational and exotic methods the imperials conjure up for exterminating great masses of mankind.

While we will hopefully never see the days come upon us which they idealize in their dark dreams, one should take their crying as a warning that society's universal love is woefully underdeveloped to counter the challenge they impose for as long as their depopulation song continues to be sung with ever louder voices. Some rather respected academics have now joined the bandwagon and demand a world-population reduction to levels below the 2 billion mark, and in some cases far below even that.  For example, in early 2006 the respected biology professor, Eric Pianka, raved in a 45 minute lecture at the University of Texas that the Earth would be better off with ninety percent of its human population dead. He predicts (hoping perhaps) that this wave of death will come about in recompense to what he refers to as humanity's ecological plunders, suggesting that nature or mankind itself, will exterminate all but a few people living today.

While many doomsday soothsayers warn of apocalyptic dangers ahead, Dr. Pianka stands out among them as a leader who actively embraces the notion of a massive collapse of humanity. That makes him somwhate a leader of the insane, and as that he is not without a large following. It is reported that Pianka received a standing ovation after he spewed forth his doomsday insanity. He suggests with a smile that a new emerging airborne version of the Ebola virus would be highly effective in that it would find mankind a perfect substrate for a massive devastation. 

Perhaps the insane Doctor of Death is secretly advocating that someone in the over 200 biological engineering labs in the USA that are engaged in biological warfare development, might oblige him with such an exotic creation for which no cure exists or is likely possible.

As insane as the death-wish advocates are, the academic Doctors of Death and his followers in kind are certainly not standing alone, They are joined by the currently huge crowd of the Armageddon seekers that formed a large mainstream line of death-wish disciples, numbering in the tens of millions. 

The irony is that tens of millions of Americans, in a country that is among the riches in the world and in history, find themselves driven with fantasies that they will get a quick pass to paradise as they are “ruptured” into heaven when the end-times descend onto mankind. Gone are the notion that good deeds are necessary to be selected for heaven. Not even a judgement day awaits them according to the new theology. Gone are all the old mythological promises for the 'good people' and the heroes that die heroically in battle to enter Valhalla, which the Vikings were once led to believe in. Heaven is mow free, as promised to the modern end-time Armageddon lovers, or seekers. They only need to die in the collective horrors of an Armageddon to be ruptured in to heaven.

They call the end-times, God's plan, which they personally strife to bring about. Some researchers put their numbers as high as 20 million in America alone, all of them bound to a fanatical belief in the mystical ecstasy that lies in their experiencing the cleansing power of apocalyptic violence.

On the still larger scene those 20 million Armageddon seekers are actually a minority. Researchers found that more than 30% of all Americans (well over 60 million) now believe that the world is soon coming to an end, and who say with a smile on their face that "all that is breakable will be broken" as it has been predicted in Scriptures. 

Nobody knows for certain how far mankind has already drifted on this road of intention towards religiously inspired mass-genocide of apocalyptic proportions for which technological means exist to bring it about. The imperial oligarchy that once stood like a lone voice crying in the wilderness for depopulation has cultured itself a living pawn that stands ready and eager to carry out their wildest dreams and take much of the world with them.

In 1951, the infamous 'pacifist' Bertrand Russell wrote that "war has been disappointing" in that it never killed enough people, even the big wars didn't, so that a major plague would be needed to make up for that deficiency. This insane pacifist of 'the peace of the grave' would no doubt celebrate with joy if he could hear today's end-timers' dreaming, or could listen to the learned advocates of death conveying their hopes for an emerging biological global genocide delivered at the hands of those who have means to make their dreams come true.

 How did we get to this terrible stage?

For 2.5 million years mankind has struggled to survive, facing near unimaginable challenges during its journey across more than twenty ice age cycles. Everything in mankind's biological past was apparently focused on developing improved means for survival. By what insanity then do we now face the total reversal of what brought us to the pinnacle where we now stand? Not even the imperial oligarchy would survive the consequences of its death-dreams with which it has 'inspired' mankind. In the case of the 90% collapse in the world population that the Doctor of Death idealizes, we would find 270 million rotten corpses littering the land in the USA alone, amounting to 27 billion pounds of stinking flesh that would cause secondary epidemics among the remaining few. The likely outcome would be that none would survive, and if anyone did, the wildlife population feeding on the corpses would devour the rest. 

So what's the point? The point is that even for the oligarchy, there is no point in any of what they propose for mankind. Thus the question needs to be asked again, how did we sink that low? How could we have said back in the late 1960s already that the Earth has cancer and that cancer is man, so that the Earth needs to be cured by exterminating the cancer. 

That's the song that countless people have sung for decades already. How many people have said indeed, like an old lady once said to me in the late 1990s? "Our problem is that there are too many people in the world... its all a mess, because there are too many people." Of course she didn't take the lead in curing the problem. The advocates of depopulation never do, they expect other people to die.

 So, what could have caused so many of mankind to become passively suicidal?

Has the world gone truly mad? Are we really like lemmings racing towards the cliff? Maybe there is something that we did do, or failed to do, something by which we allowed our love for one-another to diminish so that human life is deemed to be something of little value.

In answering this question it may be wise to look at the principles of the universe, especially the principles that are reflected in mankind's long history that have made us a highly successful species. One of these essential fundamental principles, undeniably, is the principle of sex. All high-level forms of life on this planet are sexual in nature. Sex is evidently absolutely necessary in the biological world to assure a rich and vibrant genetic diversity for any species. When this diversity is missing, even for a short period, such as for a few generations, a degradation sets in. Many a kingdom has been lost on this basis when the ruling family intermarried within its small sphere. The royal bloodline then became a 'monolith. When this happens all kinds of problems set in, such as health problems, mental problems, cases of insanity, even political insanity.

Inversely, the principle of genetic diversity, for which sex exists in the first place, should logically open the door to a vibrant and rich civilization, provided that the sex process is as free and as widely open as possible. The effect that flows with it is the development of a love that is equally as wide and as free, and as universal as love should be. Unfortunately, this is the arena in which society has failed itself for the last four millennia. Society has built a tell fence around around its sexual dimension. It has made it as small as possible. It has restricted sex to a maximum of two people for a lifetime. It has restricted sex evermore until it became physically impossible to restrict it any further. 

However since living by restrictions that run contrary to its fundamental principles it is not a part of human nature, especially the principles of our humanity that are focused on maximum diversity, the imposed sexual restrictions had to be applied in the early ages with the death penalty attached. Shouldn't that tell us something about the insanity behinds these restrictions?  Anyone who in the early times was found violating the restrictions was immediately charged with "adultery" and was put to death under law at the hands of the entire community with everyone sharing the task of stoning the 'rebellious' person until the inflicted injuries would end that person's life. 

It is hard to image what deadening effect this 'ripping on the human soul' must have had on the sense of universal love in society. This was a war against humanity, carried out at the deepest level. Now I invite you to mentally extend this disabling effect forward across four millennia. Should one wonder then that extremely little remains of the Principle of Universal Love in the hearts of society, so that society has thereby become psychologically and genetically an ingrown society, a monolithic society. Sure, the death penalty has been lifted in later ages from what is still deemed "unauthorized sex," but little else has changed as the impediment and the stigma still remain attached.

Apparently it wasn't always like that. In the original Mosaic Decalogue (Exodus 20) the verse pertaining to adultery simply suggest in the German translation that one mustn't break the honourable bond that love has forged. Nothing is mentioned in this text that restricts the bond of love to the tiny sphere of only two people. Nor is anything mentioned in this text about the death penalty for excessive love. 

All of the gruesome and restrictive stuff appears like out of the blue in the next book about Moses, the book Leviticus, that contains a re-written politicised version of the old text. The new version was composed exclusively by the priests and seems to have appeared several hundred years later. It was used by 'imperial' cult priests for dominating a cultist society. The modern society that largely remains under imperial rule still lives to an astonishing degree by this ancient cult law that we find in the perverted Decalogue (verse 20), which seemed to be ideally suited for maintaining control in a religious empire and in empires in general.

 The self-contained imperial crowd is an ingrown monolith too

Any closed off society inherently becomes brittle and lifeless from within and looses its vitality. Ingrown kingdoms become genetically 'empty' and their offspring increasingly insane. The modern imperial crowd is no exception. The fraud of Ortes in the form of the "carrying capacity" hoax should have been recognized as a fraud already back in the late 1700s when it was perpetrated, and it should have died right then as a bad joke. But that didn't happen. The fraud was continued, even expanded, possibly because the imperial sphere was already so empty within itself that it couldn't come up with a better fraud to excuse its call for the depopulation genocide that it wished to implement. Thomas Malthus, Charles Darwin and his cousin Francis Galton all sang the original insane song of Ortes. Each of then added his own twist of course, such as the Poor Laws, Social Darwinism, and the Eugenics theory that merged the theme of genocide with fascism and became Hitler's song for eradicating the unwanted "useless eaters," as he called them. 

Bertrand Russell too sang the old ingrown song that the Earth is too crowded and must therefore be depopulated. He sang this song as late as 1951. Evidently he too was too shallow to come up with a new, original lie to excuse the Empire's continuing cry for genocide. 

Ortes' "carrying capacity" fraud was further hailed by the Trilateral Commission in its "Global 2000" report, and in 1994 it was elevated by the U.N. Organization. A vast imperial chorus now sang this fraudulent song. They sang it so loudly that some of the leading academics gleefully joined the chorus and prostituted themselves to it as recently as 2006, some selling their soul for the jingles of the Empire.

Nevertheless as the same song was sung for over 200 years by then, its 'appeal' was gradually wearing thin. The appeal was fading especially when it became widely recognized that the entire world population could be housed within the borders of the state of Texas, and this probably with room to spare. One could hardly say then that the earth is over populated when of its 150 million sqkm of available land area, less than 1 million sqkm would suffice to house all the people of the world in one location. That can hardly be called overpopulation, can it?. And so the lie wears thin.

  New lies had to be thought up

In order to keep the imperial genocide project on the front burner, with the original lie fading, a new lie had to be thought up, and to be thought up quickly to confuse the issue before the truth became too apparent. Ah, but the Empire, being rather 'empty' within, did a poor job in creating the needed new lie. It created "manmade global warming" as its new excuse for genocide, and it didn't even dare to mention its built-in intentions to inflict genocide. 

The new doctrine is that in order to save the Earth, 85% of mankind's energy use must be eliminated, its industrialization be reversed, and its economic development be scrapped forever. It all seems like a bad utopian dream.

In real terms the "manmade global warming" doctrine had been dreamed up as a perfect recipe for genocide. Except the dream didn't get off the ground, to implementation. There was too much opposition against it in the world, of a kind that couldn't be muzzled into silence. More than 20,000 scientists from across the world spoke up against the imperial pack of lies that the doctrine was built on. Neither could the fact be hidden that the present interglacial period is nearing its end with the next Ice Age cycle looming on the horizon.

So it was that yet another lie had to be thought up, and be thought up quickly, and this time one that would appear more plausible. Of course, with the Empire being 'empty' within, good original ideas, even lies, were hard to come by.  As a consequence the Empire latched onto a pre-existing lie that could be harvested from religion. The Armageddon movement was quietly promoted for this purpose, which was added to the disciples of Empire. The Armageddon seekers were celebrating the idea of genocide as a holy act of God that would rapture them into heaven. However, so far only 20 million people have signed onto this special death-wish fantasy, and even that was slow in coming. A new brand of Evangelism had to be created for it. But in the end, the fantasy remained but a fantasy. The Armageddon movement's genocidal effect remained limited to supporting the imperial war cries and terror campaigns that have set the Middle East on fire. Apart from that, the Armageddon project turned out to be ineffective.

Thus, once again, the Empire had to dream up still another new lie. However, being as 'empty' inside as ever, the Empire couldn't think of a good lie. It came up with the ethanol hoax that later became known as the biofuel hoax, a hoax so badly thought out that it would have invoked a lot of laughter had it not been a project for genocide. Ethanol requires more fossil energy for its production than it gives back in energy, and when it is finally mixed with gasoline, it actually reduces the power output of the gasoline. On this account, all by itself, it is a bad joke. But its genocidal effect is much worse. The biofuel production that is mandated now by law diverts vast tracks of farmland, water resources, and fertilizers, away from the world's essential food production to the production of fuel crops, such as corn that is distilled into 'corn liquor,' which ethanol essentially is. Billions of gallons of this 'corn liquor' are now being produced.

With all of that considered the bio-fuel project is nothing more than a thinly veiled project to wreck the world food supply for the purpose of inducing genocide. Fortunately there is a snag in the system. The ethanol cannot be transported in the traditional pipelines. It is too corrosive for that. It eats the pipes. It has to be shipped in special tanker-trucks and railways cars, which requirement now gridlocks the transportation of it.

While the biofuel project expanding nevertheless the underlying insanity is becoming evermore recognized. As if it were out of sheer desperation, therefore, the Empire pumped a lot of new wind into its old "manmade global warming" lie in order to give the old lie a new spirit and a new life. However, this desperately hyped-up project is fizzing out too. The "inconvenient truth" is that a lie is never true no matter how gold-plated it becomes.

In a sense, the in-gown Empire is bankrupt in more ways than one. It can't even hold together its looting world-financial system anymore, on which its very existence depends. Its entire worldwide spider web of private monetarism is bankrupt. It's blowing up at its seams, all the way to the big vulture funds that have eaten up the wealth of society. 

At the present time the housing bubble is popping with evictions by the millions and a corresponding price collapse. It has been reported that presently six million homes stand empty in the USA alone, mostly resulting from foreclosure evictions. The mortgage bubble, of course, is popping at the same time. Some packaged Mortgage Baked Securities have dropped below junk value, while the U.S. dollar itself is shrinking faster than the nation's industries had been shrinking in the past that have been exported abroad as scrap. Some say that this deeply cutting economic collapse is good, because as every imperial heart knows, deep poverty imposes deep cutting genocide. The ultimate outcome, fortunately is still uncertain. A New Dark Age, or something worse, might yet be avoided.

Some people also say that nuclear war is once again on the horizon as an ideal tool for mass-genocide, and that Iran is intended to serve as the fuse and Israel as the detonator. Fortunately for us all the Empire couldn't get this project implemented either, so far. A great many patriots have so far stood up and halted the insanity before it set the world on fire. Three cases have been reported during the past year in which nuclear armed aircraft were on their way "downtown," meaning Iran, which were turned back, some barely in time. Also there might have been a fourth case that didn't get fully off the ground.

Biological warfare might also be hanging in the balance. With over 200 bio-engineering labs developing new diseases for warfare application, the balance might be far more precarious than society dares to suspect. The point is that the Empire's emptiness within has grown to such a state of insanity that the most unthinkable is now on the agenda and is not even covered up anymore with lies in order to make the unthinkable appear acceptable. The Empire evidently lacks the capability for forging plausible lies. thus it simply forges ahead towards the implementation stage.

  The irony is, that society is likewise in-grown

Perhaps society is not as deeply in-grown as the Empire has become, but deep enough so that it fails to protect itself. Society isn't unintelligent in responding to the imperial threats. A great many people are aware of the lies, but they respond with indifference. Just as the Empire has become grossly indifferent to human life, society has grown indifferent itself to the threats against its very existence that the Empire's policies for depopulation and genocide present. Many people complain bitterly about the insanity in the political world, but they don't act to repair the damage. And why should they act? What power would drive society's actions? The people's universal love has been lost sight of and the little that still remains has been made extremely small.

One of the great life-giving principles in the biological world is the sex principle that assures the maximum possible genetic diversity. Everything that is built into the sexual system is therefore spearheaded towards enriching mankind's genetic diversity. I am not saying that human intelligence is influenced by genetic diversity in the short term, though it might be. But there are other factors that weigh heavy in the short term and which are factors of sexual diversity. While the second largest factor of human sexual diversity is the development of a strong sense of universal love in society, society has forced itself into the opposite direction. It has made its families small and its sex small. Society continues to limit its sexual interactions to primarily only two people. In doing so it moves in total defiance of the principle of sexual diversity, for which sex exists in the first place, which is evidently a vital element of mankind's historic survival and development. 

Also by limiting sex to only two people for a lifetime, society has limited the scope of its love by forcing it into a small sphere. Even today, the sphere of our love and our concerns has become so small that when genocide looms on the horizon people regard themselves as not being touched by its threat. What a delusion! Our concerns have become so small and so in-grown that they don't reach far enough anymore to touch the universal domain. That is how we can say to ourselves that the Empire's intended genocide will pass us by. We become indifferent on this narrow path, and cold, lifeless, and 'brittle.' For more than half a century society has lived in the shadow of the atomic bomb and has become evermore indifferent to its threat. Today society is inclined to let it be as though it was absolved of the duty to eradicate the bombs and thereby protect mankind and beyond that future generations. 

  We are mankind 

Of course while living in the small sphere, we don't see ourselves as being an inherent part of mankind. Thus we miss the principle of the genetic diversity that implies a diversity in sexual interaction and a corresponding wider sphere of love, which together have a reflection in the social and political world and portent vast potential consequences when the vital principle is being ignored.

The irony is that society castigates the more honest people who dare to respond to the force of principle that is built into their humanity. Benjamin Franklin for example, one the key founders of the USA, is often denounced by historians for his "terrible" trait of character as being a person with a mistress. Little do the critics realize that it might have been this very trade of character that involves a wider sense of love, which gave him the power to fight for the republic and to build a platform of freedom for the entire nation and an example for mankind of what can be achieved. Perhaps we should wish that there were more people like Benjamin Franklin in the world with mistresses in their life, or some with an even wider sense of love that has not yet been developed.

While it is far to late to cry over lost opportunities, one wonders what kind of world we would have today if a wider active love had been the standard across the entire four millennia in the recent past, instead of the slightest bit of a wider love being targeted and eradicated except in a few isolated cases. The last four millennia might have been millennia of a great renaissance instead of millennia laced with dark ages of empires and wars. We might have stood on the moon a thousand years earlier and might have had supply centers operating there by now, supplying the world with the helium-3 isotope than can provide nuclear fusion power for the whole world for the next 100,000 years.

While everything that "flowed under the bridge" is history now and regrets won't alter the past and enrich the present, we can learn from history. We have the capability within us to focus more intensely on the Principle of Universal Love than we ever have done before, and perhaps in this way we can open our horizon of love a little bit wider, and perhaps wide enough to enable ourselves to survive the currently onrushing existential crisis. It would be wise for us to devote some major efforts to it. Failing that, we might all suffer the doom of a self-doomed society. In this case the coming Ice Age will likely overtake whatever portion of mankind might still remain after the Empire's still planned genocide for depopulation takes its course. Then in a 100,000 years or more, a new vibrant society might take our place on this planet and repopulate it in the kind of rich manner that we have the opportunity for today, but have turned our backs against with an iron-hard determination.

  The universe evidently is extremely patient. 

It took mankind 2.5 million years to get to were it is today. Compared with that long time span, one more ice age cycle would add merely another moment. The universe won't be cheated by this delay, of its ultimate success. Harmonious development is its principle. It won't be cheated by us or by the next Ice Age. Only we ourselves are affected by what we do. We are certainly in danger of cheating ourselves of the greatest price we could possibly win. We would be cheating ourselves by denying ourselves the treasures we have within us and thereby miss the joy to see them developed and becoming applied. 

So, ultimately, it's really all up to us how our world unfolds in which we have our being. If we let it go to hell, then hell is what we will reap. If we develop it into a renaissance world then the sky is the limit. So it's all a question of what we want to experience, isn't it, and what efforts we make in that direction.


Thus, in very real terms, love is life,
and the landscape of love is immense and wide.

Love also is peace.

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