Brochure #6 at the Chatter Station 

versus the sexual hate campaigns

part of a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of
the invisible shapes
that shape

Insanity is hate!
Sexual hate is gross insanity
looming as a deadly shadow over
both men and women  


The hate campaign against sodomy
and the hate campaign against those who criticize sodomy.

The term sodomy is a modern term, serving a hate campaign that Christianity became drawn into under the old doctrine of divide and conquer. The King James translation of Christianity's holy scriptures, the King James Bible, does not use the term. Presumably the term is referring to the ancient cities if of Sodom and Gomorrah, the salt capitals of the ancient world, of which it was aid that "the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners... exceedingly." 

Nothing is mentioned in these texts that link their legendary wickedness and sin with homosexual practices. That inference was added later to fuel a hate campaign. 

The "wickedness" that ancient texts referred to was most likely of an economic nature as is typical in any imperial environment that is rampant with slavery, extortions, looting, and inhumanity of all other sorts. Nor does the original Decalogue of Moses include a special mention of homosexual sex practices or homosexual love. (see, Exodus: 20) All of that was added a long time later when the politicized version of the Decalogue was created, written by the priests for the purposes of gaining control over society. (see, Leviticus: 20) In this perverted text a large array of forbidden love was introduced, imposing restrictions that were enforced with the terror of the death penalty. The terror campaign of 9/11 seems to follow in the footprints laid out in ancient times, which had evidently been rather successful in keeping society humbly pliable to the rulers' demands. 

It would be surprising if the imperials rulers of today would not dredge up the ancient smut and apply it to their own "divide and conquer" campaign. The cleverly created concept of sodomy comes to light against this background as a perfect weapon of treachery in the pursuit of a campaign to isolate and divide society at innermost self-perception. The modern hate campaign even reflects the treacherous Venetian model under which the oligarchic Empire of Venice had created the religious Reformation in Europe, and the Counterreformation at the same time, which together unleashed a century of religious war for the purpose of destroying the Golden Renaissance that had threatened Venice back in 1508. 

We are now back to that again. Christianity has been drawn into a hate campaign against itself using homosexual love as a battering ram under the heading of sodomy, while the legal system has started its own hate campaign against those who have become trapped into the original hate campaign. We now see the spectacle of a hate campaign and a counter hate campaign, all happening at the same time.  Isn't that a classical case of insanity?

The healing, of course, has to rest of truth. Insanity is not a healing agent. It is an agent of hate. But what is the truth? What harmonizing principles are reflected in homosexual practices, of a type that human existence depends on or has depended on during its long past? Are there such principles evident? Here medical research comes to our aid in conjunction with archaeology.

 The medical background

The much hated male homosexual practices that are tearing at the soul of modern society might have been a life saver in earlier ages, reflecting the uniqe nature of the male sexual system. Modern medical research tells us that sex 'helps' a man's prostrate. The prostrate gland performs the vital task of providing the seminal fluid that supplies nutrients for a man's sperm and a transport medium when the sperm is forced out of the body through the penis during ejaculation and sent on its way to reach a woman's egg cell.   In order to perform this dual function the prostrate collects all the special materials that its task requires. It collects especially zinc, citric acid and potassium, all drawn from the blood. It then concentrates the 'heavy' mix 600 times. Any carcinogens that are found in the blood are likewise captured and concentrated. So it is wise not to let this potentially dangerous mix hang around for too long, causing trouble. Sex gives men the means to flush out the system. The only means men have available to do this with is located in intentional sexual activity.

 The archaeological background

The development of mankind occurred over a long space of time, spanning 2.5 million years or more. Much of that (app. 2 million years) occurred during the Pleistocene Epoch of geologic time, the modern Ice Age Epoch that unfolded as an endless cycle of glaciation lasting 90-100,000 years, interspersed with interglacial warm periods lasting 10-12,000 years. Thus over 80% of mankind's self-development occurred during the deep-freeze environment of the glaciation cycles. The extend of the deep freeze is illustrated by the huge ice sheet that covered much of the North American continent reaching as far south as the State of Wisconsin. The ice sheet is believed to have been several thousand feet thick and may have carved out the Great Lakes in its flow. The English Channel is also deemed to have been carved out of the ground by a similar huge ice mass.

These long cycles of extreme glaciation are evidently not conducive to the massive plant-growth that is typically necessary to support large animal populations. Mankind's food resources were therefore largely derived from the sea during the glaciation cycles, with a few exceptions of course. Supporting evidence is found in ruins of ancient villages that are presently several hundred feet under water, but which would have been located on the coast line during the Ice Age when enormous volumes of water were stacked up on land in the form of ice. The villages appear to have been fishing villages. It is not unreasonable to assume then that the fishery in the cold times was also rather meagre so that the men 'hunting' the fish might have been away from their villages for long periods of time in the likely necessary process of searching for the ever-moving fish stocks. Thus, being alone with themselves and with their built-in biological requirement for regularly flushing out their sexual system, homosexual interaction would most likely have occurred. 

The human biological system appears to be well designed, and typically functions by its own imperatives in such a manner that its essential requirements are met, no matter what the circumstances might be. It is highly probable therefore that the resulting homosexual interaction, under such circumstances, might have been responsible for preserving the human species from extinction during some of its most critical times. Even now, in spite of all modern remedies, prostrate cancer remains the number-one cancer-threat for men. It is possible that some of the resulting tragedy has its roots in the many inhibiting stigmas that have been attached to the male sexuality in the course of various 'hate' campaigns.

Women might have had a similar social requirement for their own homosexual (same sex) sex. A woman's cyclical renewal of the uterine lining is often painful, which involves the shedding of blood and tissues that are 'flushed' out of the body through the vagina during menstruation periods. The biological system appears to have created a built-in remedy for the pain. It is not unreasonable to assume that this remedy had been discovered already in early times. We are told by medical researchers that during the build-up towards orgasm, the body levels of the hormone oxytocin increase up to five-fold. Then, as the hormones build up, the body releases more endorphins that alleviate the pain of everything from headache to arthritis, including even migraine and menstrual pain. Sex is also known to boost the production of estrogen in women of a type that specifically reduces postmenstrual pain. In a primitive society in which the task of the women were many and with children around often urgent, sexual interaction between women themselves might have been a critical necessity at times, and maybe more often than one might surmise, though less frequent than it might have been required for men. 

While the woman's menstruation cycle covers a 20-30 day period, the men's ejaculation cycle is very much shorter. The difference between the two might explain the phenomenon that research surveys have uncovered, according to which men are tens of times more frequently thinking about sex then woman are, while women are tens of times more inclined to chatter, primarily with one-another, which researchers found, also reduces stress in women.

  The biological need for sexual diversity

Another factor that is a part of the modern sex-hate campaign, but which might have had a life-preserving power in distant times, is the tendency to seek out multiple sex partners that would likely have been natural in the larger family or tribal bonds of early times. Today we attach hate-filled stigma to those very same impulses that were apparently designed to assure our survival. In the natural world the sex principle exists for the singular purpose of assuring genetic diversity in procreation. Without this constantly maintained genetic diversity none of the higher life forms on this planet would likely exist. The pattern also suggests that the more complex the advancing forms of life become, the more critical will be the role of the genetic diversity that the sex principle and its processes assure.

In the thinly populated world of earlier ages it might have been a virtual death sentence for society to restrict its heterosexual partnerships to pairs of only two people, as this would have dramatically narrowed the genetic diversity. It would have counter-acted against the key element for which the sexual process exists in the first place and has proven itself to be vital in the intelligently developed natural order. 

It appears that only with the beginning of the imperial doctrine that began with the age of 'civilization' has mankind's natural order been reversed and the sexual diversity been throttled down to low levels. Of course we will never know what effect this in-growing of society has had in the course of thousands of generations following that practice. In the long run, this practice seems to have made us rather stupid in many ways. The evidence lies in the fact that society has remained locked into endless seeming battles of empire versus humanity that have been going on for the past four millennia with no end yet in sight and with consequences so huge in the age of nuclear bombs and biological warfare that the extinction of mankind has become a technological possibility. 

It is certainly known that a dramatic lack of genetic diversity causes a regression in many vital aspects of human development. We know that this effect is dramatic in 'closed-off' families, even in the short term of a few generations. But we don't know what the accumulative effect might have been on the wider scale over the long time frame of thousands of years. I don't think we'll ever know. Thus so we still forge ahead blindly. There might also be an intention behind the madness.

My point is that society is turning its back on its build-in uniqueness that is reflected in a variety of sexual processes of a kind that are not only natural, but appear to have been as essential for the survival of the human species as is vaginal sex, and might have been of equal importance for it. We literally have turned on a hate campaign against some of the most intelligently created harmonizing principles that we find reflected in our humanity, which have been essential elements of the survival of our species, and which will likely continue to be vital in ways that we are not aware of yet. Isn't the current sexual hate campaign therefore a campaign of insanity?

  That the current sexual hate campaign is insanity is clearly evident in a unique dance form that was developed in response to the strong forces that move mankind on the sexual scene. 

There was a time during the boom-years in Argentina when large immigrant populations arrived, most of which were men, and for most of whom the brothel offered the only avenue to have access to female sex. It appears that the supply was limited on this scene and competition was stiff. We are told that men had to apply for the privilege of the brothel by dancing several times with their chosen lady of the night, and in the dancing would have to demonstrate their worthiness. With the competition being tough, men could be seen dancing in the streets, practicing their steps and develop the most erotic postures they could immagine, always testing the boundary between the daring and the unacceptable. From this background the tango was born. 

The power behind this process wasn't immorality, or depravity, but a human need with a long built-in history that the biological system requires to be met by whatever means are available and with the most beautiful elements of the process. None of that was for procreation, of course. Evidently the heterosexual scene was deemed the most beautiful scene to fulfill that deep seated need brought to the surface by strong forces, though there might have been other scenes as well, with other means happening in the background that we'll probably never know about as they were forced into secrecy and largely prohibited by the hate campaigns. And none of that was focused on reproduction. 

The evidence suggests that beyond sex for reproduction and genetic diversity a third principle is threaded into the sex process that makes equally as powerful demands on human beings as all the other aspects of sex do.

In recent times society has become a bit more open to a lot of what has been kept in secrecy and prohibited during the dark ages. Some of that is peculating to the surface now in spite of the still strong labelling of it by society, as depravity. Perhaps this is so, because society is getting tired of yielding to imposed 'sanctions' and the lies that they stand on. Maybe the age is ending in which we sing the song: In Lies we Trust! And perhaps this daring to wake up to what is actually true, is healthy. 

Of course we might never know what has already been lost over the ages by the countless imposed sanctions. The great composer, Tchaikovsky, for example, is said to have been a homosexual and thereby in constant turmoil with himself for the stigma the sanctions had attached. It is said that he committed suicide in order to end the turmoil. Thus we'll never have the chance to hear the music that he most certainly would have continued to compose had he lived, that we have been deprived of by his early death caused by a hate campaign.

In real terms, the 'modern' period that we generally regard as the period of civilization, covering the last 5 millennia, is just a blip on the long horizon of mankind's past that covers 2,500 millennia. It is unreasonable therefore to expect that what has developed as an essential aspect for our survival over that very long period will suddenly vanish from the nature of our humanity. And why should it vanish? In our learned blindness, induced by imperial demands, we have never really opened our eyes sufficiently to discover all of the essential benefits that those long-established practices hold, which indeed might in the future become essential once more as the next Ice Age cycle is already on the horizon with the current interglacial period fast approaching its end.

In mankind's long history, we, the species of homosapien, are the ninth major human species and the shortest lived so far. of about 130,000 years in age. All other previous species have survived for much longer periods, like homo erectus. But they all became extinct. Homo erectus became extinct after 1.5 million years of its existence. Maybe homo erectus too, became in-grown, monolithic, loveless, and brittle.

We don't know what caused the extinction of the early species. Environmental factors evidently played a major role. But equally evident is the possibility that the way people responded in adopting themselves to one another might have been just as crucial a factor than anything else, if not a stronger factor. It is not unreasonable to assume that sexual responses played a major role in in the self-development of mankind. It is even possible that deficiencies in society's responses in the sexual sphere has played a key role in the extinction of the early species. We certainly will never know what specifically happened in those distant times, but we do know that we came out of the last Ice Age as a biologically highly developed people with a sexual background that is amazingly wide, deep reaching, and profound in its potential for the development of universal love - all of which are elements of the foundation on which human life unfolds.

Thus, in very real terms, love is life,
and the landscape of love is immensely wide.

From Circumcision
to Homosexuality and Lesbianism
to Infibulations

Love also is peace.

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