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Love and Sex

part of a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Is Love Sex?


Is Sex Love?


The learned disciple says that sex is possession 

Indeed that's what it seems to have become. The songbird is captured and put in cage so that its song can be heard almost on demand. And so, the world has become a sea of cages, and we call this our most cherished ideal. Perhaps this ideal fits the current world where the ideal in life is to acquire property. Property has become the God that is almost universally adored, to which society has enslaved itself. But isn't life for living? Isn't civilization built on higher ground? It should be, shouldn't it? But what does sex become then?

Science defines human scene as a four-level world. 

The face of sex is different at each level.

The three lower levels of the four-level world represent the vertical world of confrontational diversity. 

The bottom level 

This level might be called "depravity." Here sex becomes rape. Nothing more needs to be said about that.

The center level 

The center level or middle ground might be called morality. This would be the level where sex might become recognized as an aspect of property and property issues. However, by living at this dead- center of the center level our civilization is not far from regressing into depravity. Property issues are often an open door to depravity. The logical implication is that we want to move away from that door that opens to depravity and do this as rapidly and resolutely as possible in order to create a more secure and brighter civilization. 

Morality is thus defines as but a transitional stage. However, what lies above it? Do we really know this higher ground? Do we understand it? Indeed, is it something that can be understood?

The third level

The developmental level above the moral domain would logically be the spiritual level. The German poet Friedrich Schiller termed it "the sublime." But is there such a thing as a sublime face of sex?

The moral sphere is useful, as it is in its highest sense the sphere of human living where the physical needs of humanity are met in the most harmonizing fashion. Since sex is a biological element of our humanity it comes with numerous biological "needs" attached that all must to be met in the most harmonizing fashion possible, and love is one of the great elements that enable us to meet those needs in that way. In this higher moral sense, sexual love supersedes sexual possession, but even that seems insufficient in itself to qualify for the term "the sublime." A higher sense of sex appears to be required for that.

What appears to qualify is a sense of sex that is rooted in the higher qualities of our humanity that take our identity far above the animal world, qualities such as intelligence, cognition, science, creativity, art, beauty, technology, technological power, and so forth. No animal has ever composed a symphony, written a novel, built a locomotive, created its own resources for living, and discovered the science to fly to the moon and developed the technologies for it. Only mankind has developed these qualities, but none of these qualities are specifically male or female in nature. In these a third face of sex comes to light that is either not sexual and purely spiritual, or it is a sexuality in which the male and female merge on higher ground there the animal aspects bear no weight and the sexual divisions vanish. I would like to suggest that the domain of the sublime, which is still developmental in nature, contains both aspects.

At the sublime level our love becomes evermore profound in proportion to the animal dimensions of our humanity yielding to the divine dimensions that evermore define our humanity. Here we enter the metaphysical universe, where metaphysics is taking the place of mere physics. We have developed incredible powers. We have even developed the capability to split the atom with the resources of the mind and thereby gain the power to transform the universe in which we live. And with this higher capability should also unfold a higher sense of love for one-another and a higher sense of respect for one-another as human beings in which sex is no longer a dividing factor (or uniting factor), but is simply a factor of joy that blends in with all aspects that are intrinsically human in the highest sense. While much of this scene is still blocked by denial and self-denial, the "sublime" domain is definitely the developmental future of mankind.

At the fourth level

Here something else comes to light. One might call this the level of truth. At this level the "confrontational" sphere of regression versus development, which is centered on the moral domain, has been left behind. Here the universe unfolds as a lateral universe, a universe of the absolute, a universe of intelligence and its all-embracing harmonizing principles. Here neither men nor God stand above the universe or one-another, but all that is real exists laterally, side by side, in an efficient harmonizing manner. 

In a very real sense, this is how the universe is designed. From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy all phenomena are the construct of harmonizing principles and forces that reflect an incredible underlying intelligence, without as ingle aspect of which, the universe would not exist. Here nothing is of greater or lesser importance. 

Can we say therefore that love combines all? Can we say that the "Spirit" of the universe is Love? I would say that this is the truth. If we can't say that, how else would we describe the universally harmonizing order without which nothing would exist at all?

Thus, in very real terms, love is our life,
sex unfolds with it,
and the landscape of love is immensely wide
as is the face of sex.

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