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Discovering Infinity

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Volume 3a

2008 Edition

Universal Divine Science:
Spiritual Pedagogicals

The Science of the Sublime -
of Peace, Joy, Power, and Healing

A vast pedagogical structure for discovery and scientific and spiritual development was created in the late 1800s that had remained largely hidden for over 100 years. Its author, Mary Baker Eddy, named the science involved, Divine Science. She 'poured' all of her major works into this single structure as constituent elements of it, but always kept the form of it merely outlined to be brought to light in future ages by the process of discovery itself -- a kind of "excelsior extension" of which she said, "its crowning ultimate rises to a mental monument, a superstructure high above the work of men's hands, even the outcome of their hearts, giving to the material a spiritual significance... love catching a glimpse of glory." 

Mary Baker Eddy spoke those words in 1906 in her dedication message for the dedication of the great Christian Science temple in Boston Massachusetts. In real terms she might have been speaking about something far greater that stands poised today to uplift mankind, namely her pedagogical structure that is truly the crowning ultimate that rises to a mental monument,  a superstructure high above the work of men's hands, even the outcome of their hearts. 

Her pedagogical structure has been created to be discovered, having been presented by her only in outlined form. What unfolds in the course of this discovery is so vast and so majestic that it took it took this researcher almost a quarter century to explore is its numerous dimensions. Mary Baker Eddy pointed out that what began with the cross has its excelsior extensions in the crown, and pointed out that its crowning ultimate rises to a mental monument,  a superstructure high above the work of men's hands, even the outcome of their hearts, giving to the material a spiritual significance... love catching a glimpse of glory. Those were daring words, and they were all justified. 

Well over a hundred years ago an idea was born that the age of Christ-healing hadn't ended with the crucifixion of Jesus. It all began with  the discovery of the divine Principle of scientific mental healing. Mary Baker Eddy literally stepped off the deathbed with such a healing, and determined to make the science of her healing available to all mankind. 

She succeeded and named the outcome Christian Science. But this is only half of the story. Unknown to the world, she created another scientific monument in the form of a vast pedagogical structure for the advance of universal Divine Science that Christian science is but a part of together with all of her major achievements, including her textbook and the structure of the church that she created. She poured ten major structures into this one pedagogical structure and created a seal from the most intricate aspects thereof, which she placed on the cover of her books. In other words, she is saying to the world with this gesture that her merely outlined pedagogical structure that comes to light only through the process of discovery, is her crowning achievement. It mandates the very process by which she made her own discoveries.

The research book presented here documents the research work of researcher Rolf A. F. Witzsche, since the early 1980s. It is presented in honor of Mary Baker Eddy, the creator of the pedagogical structure between the years 1866 and 1910. The book is also presented in honor of John Doorly who made the first faint discoveries of the existence of the pedagogical structure in 1940s, and in honor of Howard Meredith who made the breakthrough discoveries in the 1980 of the full structure resulting from painstaking work, keen insight, attention to details, prayer, watching, going the extra mile, and sharing the discoveries with scientific honesty and integrity.

The research book documents what came to light by the work of an individual researcher. It does not represent a specific dogma, or the perception of a group, a church, an institution or elite authority, or the perception of other researchers, individually or collectively.

The book, Universal Divine Science: Spiritual Pedagogicals, is Volume 3A of the research series, Discovering Infinity.

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Volume 3b

2008 Edition

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
 in Divine Science


Mary Baker Eddy's book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, was first published in 1875. It documents her understanding of what she termed, "the final revelation of the divine Principle of scientific mental healing." She called the science of it, discovered in 1866, Christian Science. 

Since it's first publication the book served as its textbook. Many have found healing by merely reading it. But the textbook is also by its design a part of a vast pedagogical structure for discovery and scientific and spiritual development in divine Science that Christian Science is but a part of. For this reason a special Divine Science Research Edition of the textbook is presented here. 

Since the discovered 'pedagogical structure' is vast and all-encompassing, it is reasonable to assume that her textbook is designed to be a part of this pedagogical structure, as its designed structure indicates. The special Divine Science research edition is needed, which renders her book as a part of that larger pedagogical structure that Mary Baker Eddy suggests, may be termed, Divine Science. This special focus makes the research presentation in this book unique in the world. The Divine Science research presentation of Mary Baker Eddy's book brings her book closer to the vast pedagogical structure that all of her major works are evidently designed to be a part of. The special focus makes the presented edition unique in the world. 

The book presented here is Volume 3B of the research series Discovering Infinity. The book is dedicated to the advance of scientific and spiritual development in Universal Divine Science. As she said herself in the preface of her book: "The time for thinkers has come."

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Volume 3c

2008 Edition


Bible Lessons in Divine Science: 1898

This book presents a collection of 26 Bible lessons -- one per week for half a year -- each one fully printed for about 45 minutes of reading. They were designed as Lesson-Sermons to be read during church services and for individual study. 

The lessons presented here are from 1898. The biblical texts are interspersed throughout the lessons with corresponding brief elements from Mary Baker Eddy's book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. While this book is widely referred to as the textbook on Christian Science, it is also a part of a much larger pedagogical structure that Mary Baker Eddy had created for discovery, and for scientific and spiritual development in Divine Science. 

In this special edition both textbook and the pedagogical are deeply interlinked with the Bible lesson presentation. The topics for the Bible lesson are themselves a part of that pedagogical structure for Divine Science. 

The historic lessons are presented in this book in the Divine Science context and are therefore uniquely formatted for this larger dimension. They are also combined with an extensive scientific overview of what the pedagogical structure encompasses that both the textbook and the Bible lessons are a part of. 

The purpose of this presentation is to take the historic sample lessons, which came from a rich period in history, and move them beyond their specific role as a one-time Lesson-Sermon into the wider sphere of scientific exploration in universal Divine Science.

The book is Volume 3C of the research series, Discovering Infinity.

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Volume 3d


Living in the Sublime


The book is comprehensive research work on the science of spiritual power, both to defeat fascism and the smallness in thinking that enables it. No task is greater, no endeavour more exciting, and no victory more rewarding. To fail is unthinkable.

The research begins with a look into the fascist world of the Nazi empire based on the author's personal experience while living there. But its focus is Love, with a link to nuclear physics and prehistoric times unfolding into an exploration of sex and its higher dimension, our third sex and a link leading to it in Judy Chicago's famous sex-focused art installation "The Dinner Party" that stood as a healing spiritual project among beginning stages of some of the worst fascist projects in modern history.

From there the research project takes the subject of sex into the spiritual realm as platform for freedom and sequences on from there to provide an overview of what might be the world's most extensive scientific pedagogical structure designed and outlined in the late 1800s by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer of the divine Principle of scientific metaphysical healing. The research ends with a comprehensive look at Mary Baker Eddy platform for natural government and self-government on a scientifically spiritual basis, that nothing in operation today comes even close to.

The book is presented as Volume 3D of the series of research books, ^Discovering Infinity.^ It focuses extensively on discoveries that came to light gradually over the last 25 years. 

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