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Discovering Infinity

The Science Basement of the literary art project, Lovescapes, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche.

It is the supporting structure of the living art garden of the invisible shapes
 that shape us in the wide landscape of love

Room 1:


 as seen by the pilgrim



Volume 1a: 


The Disintegration 
of the World's Financial System



When the 'giant' becomes an empty shell,
The inevitable happens.
But the hell inside this shell can be a place for discovery,
In time we'll find an exit from this hell -
Though the light is dim. 


Research by Rolf Witzsche, exploring the fallacies in modern economics. 

Yes, the ‘giant’ has become an empty shell; the world’s financial system has been in a state of gradual disintegration for decades towards the inevitable catastrophe that now many fear, few dare to acknowledge, and fewer still might survive the consequences of that are already looming on the horizon. We are rushing towards a New Dark Age of which unemployment, homelessness, slavery, and war are but a few early tell-tale ‘ripples.’ While the world-financial system cannot be saved in its present form, mankind can still be saved if the deeply fundamental mistakes are reversed in time in its financial foundation that supports the world’s economies, some of which are failures by intent.

The book presented here, The Disintegration of the World’s Financial System, is Volume 1A of the research series, Discovering Infinity. The book is based on works by Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.. and others.

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Volume 1b: 


Crimes Against Humanity


When Saturn is devouring one of his sons
he does so not with 'greed' to nourish him
but out of fear.
The giant cowers in fear of the poet and reacts in rage. 

Research by Rolf A. F. Witzsche. 

In the Saturn legend the mythological god devours his sons out of fear of a prophesy that one will overthrow him.. The Spanish painter Francisco Goya pained the scene in the background of similar tragedies in his world unleashed by Napoleon and the bestial Spanish Inquisition. What he saw continues to be the tragedy of our modern world. The research book presented here explores our tragedies under imperial policies that echo Goya's painting, imposed by a dying system aiming to maintain empires that have no right to exist and exist only at a huge cost in human lives that society is sacrificed to bear. The research book probes a variety of modern issues of the is type that are rarely seen in the context with Saturn's savagery, but are striking representatives of it, metaphorically.

The book was written during the 1990s, based in part on works by Mary Baker Eddy and by Lyndon LaRouche, with an introduction added in September 2005. It is Volume 1B of the series, Discovering Infinity. The series was created over 15 years beginning in the late-1980s, based on the work of Mary Baker Eddy and Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.. 

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