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Universal Love versus Chaos
A living art garden in the wide landscape of universal love:

a free online literary art project that your readers might find enriching
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche, North Vancouver, Canada


Of all the forces that shape our civilization there is one force that shapes us more than all the others, and that one force, ironically, is invisible except for the patterns that unfold while it shapes our lives and our world. That force is love, a force that stands against chaos.

While our love for one another as human beings has become smaller instead of deeper, and more confined instead of more expansive and universal, the horizon of love is inherently wide and unconfined, offering bright vistas and great potentials. But how does an artist 'paint' those living vistas of the largely invisible shapes, shapes of freedom unfolding from love, or even the freedom to love? 

For this task an artist is restricted to a medium that fits into the domain of the mind where the invisible is rooted. Here the artist chooses the canvas of words, creating vistas in stories, poetry, novels, even science. The landscape is necessarily unconventional. It is not a landscape of conflicts, of good fighting evil. Love and fighting are contradictions like staging war for peace. 

In the landscape of love the struggle is with oneself. As an element of the Sublime, love simply is. The challenge is to acknowledge it in celebration as in a great temple, the temple of Life.



What is the project's mission?

The project has no mission. Love is its own mission, its own light, its own practical animus. But in a world of busy days and struggles to make ends meet, overlaid with petty issues, high finance, political tyranny, violence, threats, and terror, love tends to drift into the background and becomes small, its scope narrow, and its mission an impractical abstraction. 

And so our world becomes smaller, darker, and people become isolated, tucked away in sprawling suburbs, tiny families, small marriages, mundane jobs, all of which are deemed practical. But love seems to have a different mission, a strangely more practical mission, a wider role. 

When children get shot by military simpers in far off lands, as this happens week after week, or when families loose their homes as they can't keep up with the money lenders' increasing greed, society tends to look away from the crisis as the threads of love have gown too thin and the victims too distant. And so the world becomes darker. But love has a mission to bring light to the dim before the night unfolds. It has a mission, to kindle the light within, to set up a light to oneself, a light that is not small, but one that can shine and brighten the world. 

Maybe such a far ranging project does seem a bit impractical, but is it?

The project was started in the early 1980s when the doomsday clock of an impending nuclear holocaust stood at just minutes before midnight. There was a need felt in the world then to deal with this insanity? It was evident even in those days that this danger that had covered the earth wasn't primarily a military madness, or a political madness, but was primarily a cultural failure of society. We had 65,000 nukes in the mid-1980s. But those hadn't been picked off trees like apples and cherries. Each one of them had been fashioned by people for the annihilation of one another. Something had been spiritually lacking. Our love had been too small, too narrow, too confined, too esoteric to be practical.

With that in mind I started a project to explore the hidden dimensions of love, its wider mission, its unseen shapes and colors. 

In today's world it appears that this project is still needed, and perhaps more so than ever. We find the same old games of war and terror still being played on a wide front amd with many new games of the same sort added. Thus the project that had began to unfold in the 1980s is still unfolding. Over the space of the last year the project has been consolidated into an art garden to explore what is deemed impractical, to paint what is invisible, to put up a light against the challenge that is still being evaded. 

Here a word of caution is needed, the mission of universal love is not without its own great challenges. Fortunately universal love has deep roots that are anchored in our humanity, which is ultimately great and enduring. Empires have come and gone, but love remains. Kings and Emperors have risen and fallen, but the universal sense of love has grown brighter. Vast political systems have been built and have been torn down and become dust, the dust of history, but love is still here and its mission continues. 

Love in the wider universal sense is something that it still worth looking at. And maybe as one does so, one might find in it the precious sparkle that has been kept out of sight for ages, which is a part of it.

Link to the project's website: Lovescapenovels


Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Author of novels, research works, 
articles on economics, politics, finance, and civilization; 
publisher, and software designer.
over 25 years of research


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