An invitation to consider an adventure in art

Universal Love versus Chaos

a living art garden of the invisible shapes 
that shape us in the landscape of love

free online, from North Vancouver, Canada, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - free e-books


Mankind has stood on the moon and sent probes to the stars, but one frontier remains, that of reaching our hands across the table heart to heart -- not to take from each other, but to enrich one another; not to reach out with a fist, but with love; and not just towards friends, but towards all. 

The upcoming success or failure the we will have at this frontier of a wider sense of love will determine our future individually and collectively. It is found in the discovery of its color, its texture, its shapes. But who can see them? -- They can be 'seen' through art.

What is offered here is an online literary art project, a free public service: an 'living garden' where explore and nurture all those largely invisible shapes that shape us in the wide landscape of universal love. The 'garden' is painted in vistas of stories that altogether make up a series of 12 novels exploring the challenging scenery of the Principle of Universal Love. The complete text of the novels is presented online for free with love, together with two more novels in the "portal." There is also a grape wine found at a "chatter station," and a "science basement" below the gallery, and at an "upper loft" for history, economics and politics.

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If you feel your readers might have an interest in this rather unique free art project produced over the space of a quarter century to brighten our world, the work by an individual free-lance writer and researcher, you are invited to consider the next page of the invitation.

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Thank you for your consideration - Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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