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An amazing love-story of a different kind

Brochure #3 at the Chatter Station 

of a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of
the invisible shapes
that shape

It happened in the summer of 2006 at a lookout point (similar to the one above) in a park near a town called Horseshoe Bay in British Columbia, Canada. The view draws many tourists during the vacation season. The scenery also provides a quiet atmosphere for just talking. I and my sister from Germany had come to this place and had enjoyed a long conversation there, covering just about everything that one can talk about. In time we turned back and returned to my brother's place where she stayed, near Deep Cove, a good twenty minutes by car to get there. As we closed the car doors behind us two words flowed from her lips, MY PURSE! 

Were is my purse? We left it there! I've got my passport in it! I've got my airplane ticket in it! I've got all the money in it that I have!

As the shock wore off we jumped back into the car and returned to the spot in the park. At this time the driving was slower. Rush hour had just begun.  Nearly an hour must have passed before we got back to the lookout point and the bench where we had been. As we approached it was plain to see that we had come in vain. People had come and gone. No purse was visible anywhere. We glanced under the bench from behind, but found nothing. As we looked at each other and the sickening feeling became stronger that all was lost. At this moment a young man spoke up who was sitting at the bench. "You are looking for a purse, aren't you?" he said. "You are looking for a light grey one, right?" He reached into his backpack and handed it to my sister. "I have been waiting here for what seemed like hours, hoping that you would return."

The joy that brought tears to our eyes that day wasn't just for the fact that a major personal tragedy had been avoided, but was also for the profound evidence that in spite of all the horrors in the world that one hears about there is still far more than merely a spark of love left in mankind, but a love that is a great light that had shone bright enough for that man to have waited a whole hour in order to be able to give back something that was evidently precious, which had been lost.

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