The World Food Crisis
Rolf A. F. Witzsche - April 2, 2008

The war of empire against mankind is a creeping war, a sometimes silent, a war that is also sometimes raging with terror and violence, but regardless of its many faces it is always genocidal in its objectives. The goal has been stated variously, to eliminate up to five billion people in to to create an impotent and weak world, compliant to the rule of empire as in the golden age of feudalism. Food, of the elimination of food, has been chosen as one of the weapons that can eradicate five-thousand million people almost silently without even raising the spectre of war. It is done by 'burning' food in vast quantities as biofuels, creating artificial scarcity, which is then used as an excuse for doubling and tripling the food price, forcing the poor countries that have been coerced to sacrifice their food-self-sufficiency at the feet of the globalized market, to die of starvation. The war of empire against mankind is a crime against humanity. But then, war has always been that.

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