In the War of Empire vs. Mankind

The Swine Flu Vaccine of 2009
Is it a Savior?
Is it a Trap?

Rolf A. F. Witzsche - July 30, 2009

Is the swine flue of 2009 an act of terrorism through and through? Many suggest that it is. While it has long been rumored that the swine flu pandemic has been artificially created, which really doesn't matter at this stage since it is now here, it is beyond rumor, however, that the now globally produced vaccine has never been tested in clinical trials, and that it contains the adjuvant, squalene, that has never been approved in the U.S.A. by the F.D.A. for its use in any form in a vaccine. It is also beyond rumor that squalene  has been the adjuvant of the anthrax vaccine that was given to the Gulf War military, and that it had been this adjuvant that has been conclusively determined (100% in all cases), to have been the cause of the massive disabilities of the soldiers, which became summarily known as the Gulf War Syndrome. This is the stuff that is about to be injected into possibly 75 million children in the USA, and possibly also into a wide range of adults. So far no assurances exist that squalene, or any other adjuvant, won't be a part of the American vaccination protocol, and that the protocol can even be proved to be save. A lot of speeches have been made, with promises given that the new vaccines will be safe, while the opposite has actually been demonstrated by extending to the pharmaceutical companies immunity from prosecution for damages being caused to people.

The key evidence that should inspire extreme caution is three-fold. One factor is that squalene, a synthetic oil-in-water molecule, when used as a vaccine adjuvant for the purpose of forcing the immune system to become hyperactive so that less vaccine is required, causes the immune system to create and maintain antibodies that destroy also the naturally occurring squalene molecules that the human body gets through the food chain, and which are vital for the functioning of the nervous system, the brain, and the immune system itself. The squalene adjuvant is known to have had the affect to literally causes the immune system to fight against itself, which historically has become evident in the form of 90+ different types of diseases. In all the gulf-disabled soldiers, whether they have been in active combat or not, anti-squalene antibodies have been found in their system, consitently, in 100% of all cases.

Another aspect of notable evidence is that the vaccine that is now being manufactured, which contains the scalene, has been patented in November 2005, long before the March/April 2009 timeframe, when the virus had first been detected in the public. Something is strangely alarming about this too.

The third key evidence that something foul is happening, is located in the timing of the pandemic and the follow-up vaccine that has the potential to disable 70% of its victims as seen in the Gulf War experience. The 2009 swine-flu pandemic erupted so precisely timed to coincide with the long expected collapse of the world-financial and economic system, that it appears to have been intentionally staged, considering that the result may be, especially if the vaccine becomes a weapon, that any form of post-crash recovery of the nation or nations will not physically possible against the background of a largely disabled population, and a disabled future generation. The hyper-intense push by the Obama cabal to get their t4 plan implemented in time for the flu season, enabling the facilitation of some form of disabling mass vaccination, makes suddenly a lot of sense, and ominously so.

To date the LaRouche Political Action Committee is silent on all of these questions and is referring to the mass vaccination agenda as if it were a save and certain preventative measure, even though the vaccines that are presently manufactured have not been tested and have an extremely high potential for dangerous consequences to the nation and civilization as a whole, while long proven, simple public natural defense measures are ignored that are scientifically sound and statistically more effective against the flu than any other defense measure, especially the vaccines that have never really been proven to be effective? The silence remains a puzzle that is evidently reflective of the vast flow of conspiracy theories that have erupted in the wake of the 9/11 terror project in the USA, creating an environment in which the truth is hard to tell, end even more difficult to prove. The practice of the LaRouche Political Action Committee has been to remain silent on issues for which no 'smoking-gun' evidence can be presented. This silence, however does not rule out the potential that these issues do exist, yet to be resolved. Also it does no remove the responsibilty from the individual of society to govern its life according to the prevailing patterns of evidence and to choose the appropriate actions, and to fight for the universal welfare of society, individually, based on the available evidence. In fact, the issue, that is potentially a life and death issue, is too critical for the individual, for it to be left in the hands of any elite or committee, or authority, or institution of any kind.

This issue is an enormously critical one.

It is evidently not sufficient to focus only on the world-financial collapse, and on the restoration of it through the necessary global bankruptcy reorganization, as the LaRouche Political Action Committee is proposing as the only option to protect civilization. Nor is it sufficient to focus in addition onto the economic collapse across the world, and the needed rebuilding of the world with the credit-society principle that the LaRouche Political Action Committee is also correctly proposing as the only available option for rebuilding the world on a platform of fundamental natural principle. None of these huge and essential efforts by themselves will mean anything in a world in which the population has become biologically disabled by a clever 'poison' vaccine, which is now potentially set up to be unleashed. The fight against empire must bring the vaccine factor into the open as the potentially universally disabling factor that it is, in order to bring the honest truth into the open. The protection of the physical well being of society in a trustworthy and efficient manner is evidently an extremely critical element of creating a new renaissance world. If we fail in this, all may be lost. And time is running out. The next school year starts in September, four weeks from now. That is the time when the mass-vaccination, that has already been promised, is set to begin. My perception is that no person alive today can afford to disassociate this factor from their living, nether can any honest society omit this factor, including the institutions fighting for a new and secure world, such as the LaRouche Political Action Committee that is already doing tremendously valuable work. By omitting this larger factor, it would bring its work to naught even if you was to succeed, as it must.


The following is designed to provide more details for the key aspects, for individual decision making.

Evidence has come to the surface about one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, Novartis Pharmaceuticals of Basel, Switzerland. It is alleged that elements of this company may have conspired with corrupt scientists from the U.S. Army Institute of Pathology at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, to create a 'weaponized' influenza virus by means of reverse engineering the deadly 1918 killer strain, and that this weapon was maliciously and surreptitiously released upon the world early this year for the primary purpose of creating a panic-driven, world-wide demand for a counter vaccine produced by the same company that had created the virus, which is evident by the fact that the vaccine against the virus had been patented several years before the virus had actually been found in the population. How can one create a vaccine against a virus, and patent the vaccine, for a virus that doesn't actually exist, and might exist in future years? That's only possible if one has the virus already on the shelf.

Evidence suggests that the novel virus-weapon is intended to serve the dual purpose of causing the massive and sudden die-out of the earth's human population, which the oracles of empire have been demanding for over half a century already, and that this designed orgy of death is timed to coincide with the final collapse of the world financial system as a cover under which the world can be reorganized in a manner that protects empire for a long time to come.

The closer one looks at the game, its true color becomes evermore evident. Just look at the history of the company. The company began as a component of the infamous I.G. Farben chemical combine that became an element of the German/Austrian Third Reich that was built on the corpses of a vast sea of a murdered humanity. Not all of the Nazi's eugenics and genocidal maniacs had been executed at the Nuremberg war-crimes trials. For those that slipped through the net, perhaps intentionally, the masters of the rising postwar empire provided lucrative opportunities that enabled them to advance their craft, and opportunities to pass on their skills, as these matched the skills required for the empire's often stated final solution for mankind, which the prince of empire had defined numerously, as eradicating over 80% of the people on our planet.

The new flu 'weapon,' deceptively called 'the swine flu pandemic,' is evidently designed for the purposes of a scare tactic. The so-called modern 'swine flu' is in reality a apart of a cleverly created split-influenza recombinant virus, consisting of the bird flu H5N1, and the swine flu H1N1, with the addition of multiple strains of the common human flu mixed in.

By itself the now unfolding so-called pandemic is too mild to deserve the fuzz that's made over it. However, the fuzz is by design for a different purpose, because far more dangerous than the virus itself will ever be, appears to be the patented vaccine that is supposed to ward it off. According to the available evidence the vaccine is designed to actually create the full-blown recombinant split virus that apparently stands at the core of the design of a genocidal weapon of choice that involves this two-fold process of a pandemic followed by a deadly vaccine. In this process the pandemic becomes the teaser that opens the door to the mass vaccination of society with the actual weapon for its large-scale destruction. This now fully apparent teaser-to-weapon relationship makes the already prepared mass-vaccination terribly scary to contemplate, considering that the vaccine-weapon comes from the same 'brewery' that brewed up the virus-weapon in the first place. The fact that the vaccine that is to be applied across the world, universally, had been patented years before the virus was unleashed, suggests that the virus had existed already then, ready made, sitting on the shelf, waiting for the process to begin.

History tells us many tragic stories of accounts of vaccines having distributed deadly diseases, such as that of the AIDS virus, and also the more novel disease-agent that stands behind the Gulf War Syndrome that is traced to mandatory anthrax vaccinations of the troops in the Gulf War. The vaccine had contained a synthetic oil-in-water adjuvant, named squalene, that causes the human immune system to attack itself. The very same adjuvant is also included in the vaccine-weapon that is about to be unleashed. It is hailed as the weapon's corner stone, together with fragments of attenuated live viruses that it also contains, that are essentially live pathogens existing in the vaccine medium, ready to be activated. This is what society will be injected with all over the world, unless the process is stopped here and now.

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Society is being pushed into blindly accepting a mass vaccination program that will inject it with a weaponized, reverse engineered, virus, contained in a vaccine that is known to contain not only living fragments of the virus itself, but is also known to contain the same immune suppressing agent that doctors have determined as the cause of the over ninety different types of diseases that were found in the half-million victims of the Gulf War veterans who came home with the Gulf War Syndrome. While radioactive dust from DU bombs used in the theatre of war had obviously attributed to the syndrome, the majority blame is now laid onto the vaccine. It is thereby admitted that the vaccine disabled over half a million Gulf War soldiers. That's the kind of stuff that might soon be ‘forcibly’ injected into school children, since children generally lack the means to refuse the authorities. In addition the imposed vaccine-weapon, that is already being produced, contains those living fragments of the virus itself that recombine into a disease causing virus that promises to be many times more potent and lethal than any flu had been in the past. Once the virus grows in the children, it is readily transmittable to the adults within the homes of the vaccinated children. When such a program begins, which may have already been planned in secret, no one would likely have the power to abstain from it, especially school children. The children would likely come home one day with a note from school that the vaccination has been carried out. By then it will be too late to avoid what might have been a mandatory death-injection. When a private board rules supreme over healthcare policy and treatment option, without congressional oversight, and beyond the law, all sorts of things become possible, as had been the case in Hitler’s Germany.

What we have coming to the surface here puts a different twist onto the phrase, 'Save the Children.' The phrase, 'save the children' is about to mean, 'save the children from the mandatory vaccination programs.' Many parents are already alarmed over the prospect of having to hand over their children to a mass vaccination program that will disable them for life with a fast tacked vaccine that has never been tested, that is known to contain an adjuvant that has never been approved by the Federal Drug Administration, and is known to have caused a host of debilitating autoimmune diseases of the Golf War Syndrome type in two thirds of the soldiers that were vaccinated with it in the Gulf Wars. And the parents should be alarmed, because our Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, has designated the school children as the first target for mass swine flu vaccinations when school starts in the fall. That's an act of terrorism, and rape to the extreme. Children are easily 'raped,' because they lack the power to fight back.

If this rape isn't terrorism, what would qualify for the term? In Australia, where the winter season is in progress, the Federal Health Minister has reassured parents that the current swine flu is no more dangerous than regular seasonal flu, as indeed that most people, including children, experience only mild symptoms and recover naturally without medical intervention. Indications suggest that at the very worst the fatality rate might be twice that of the regular flu, an increase from 5 to 10 averaged for the year. Back home in the U.S. less than 100 children die of the seasonal flu, which might increase to 200 at the very most, with the current swine flu added. For this small increase we are about to inject 75 million children with a fast tracked vaccine that contains the extremely dangerous adjuvant squalene. To inject this stuff into children is not only a reckless, dangerous plan, but is extreme terrorism, because the dangerous effects take many months to manifest themselves, as the now disabled Gulf War soldiers have experienced, which effects will never go away and can never be healed.

What makes squalene so dangerous is related to the way the human immune system recognizes it as an oil molecule, which is actually native to the human body. Squalene is found naturally throughout the nervous system and in the brain. A person routinely consumes squalene in olive oil, for example. As it is thereby coming through the food-intake channels, the immune system recognize it as 'good' squalene. In addition a person also reaps the benefits of its antioxidant properties. However, as it enters the body via an injection in the form of an adjuvant that puts the immune system on steroids so to speak, the immune system becomes incited to attack it as a foreign substance, which then in the course of its conditioned functioning attacks all the squalene in your body and not just the vaccine adjuvant that it cannot tell apart. Once this is set in motion the immune system begins to destroy the squalene molecule wherever it finds one, including in the places where it occurs naturally, and where it is vital to the health of your nervous system, and to the immune system itself. The evidence is found in the Gulf War Syndrome. A full 100% of the disabled golf war soldiers had the squalene antibodies in their system, and this whether they had been deployed at war or not. The only common factor in this entire sad affair that researchers could find is the squalene adjuvant that was carried in the vaccine that was universally injected into the soldiers and disabled over 500,000 of them for life, out of approximately 750,000. We are about to subject 75 million children to the same tragedy in a mandatory fashion with no exceptions allowed, and we might do the same with the rest of the population if the proposed Nazi healthcare legislation isn't defeated, that still lingers on the horizon. In fact even now, the brainwashed population that has been scared to death over the swine flu pandemic, would presently line up in droves to become the first to be injected. My point is that America is set up to destroy itself biologically at the same time that its financial and economic system is also collapsing, so that a future recovery will never be possible, at least not until the end of the next Ice Age, 100,000 years from now. We in America are standing at the edge of the most dangerous precipice ever, with our eyes and minds blindfolded, dancing to the tune of empire, singing, 'My Money! My Money! My Precious!' I am sure, the same song is sung all over the world. And so the world is set to go to hell. But remember, we don't have to go to hell. The human society is a society of naturally sovereign people. Remember, there exists only one type of vaccine against the swine flu pandemic in the world today, and that's the deadly one, manufactured under license by a number of different companies, which have all been given starter kits with the patented ingredients, provided for a fee by the original architect of the virus that is now pandemic. This makes the solution simple. Scrap all the swine flu vaccines regardless of the manufacturer.

Scrap also the notion of controlled testing. We plan to test the vaccine on 12,000 children in America, if they come through it OK, we plan to open the flood gates. These quick and superficial tests are meaningless, since it can take several months for the syndrome of the squalene destruction to develop. The tests are planned to be short in duration. If the syndrome had developed fast, the infamous golf war vaccination program of the soldiers would have been stopped in its tracks.

Also lets not forget that flu vaccines are actually not needed. There are far more potent ways for a person to protect itself. That's accomplished with the optimization of vitamin D, the king of all the vitamins. A doctor reported that in his hospital all the wards had become infected during a major flu outbreak, except his, which was the only ward where the patients, under his care, were provided with 2,000 units of vitamin D each day. Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that responds to the genome and turns protein production on and off, as the body requires it, and thereby regulates genetic expression in hundreds of tissues throughout your body, including in the immune system. The doctor told me that under 'normal' circumstances the body produces its own vitamin D with the effect of sunlight on the skin. A single, twenty-minute, full body exposure to summer sun will trigger the delivery of 20,000 units of vitamin D into the circulation of most people within 48 hours. Twenty thousand units, that's the single most important factor about vitamin D when combating the flu. The doctor pointed out that this is the reason why the flu is a seasonal disease. It erupts with people's diminishing sunlight exposure. That's why Russia had developed special UV lamps that were used in the northern regions to stimulate the natural vitamin D production in the dark winter months. It had only recently been discovered how vitamin D has such profound effects on human immunity, by increasing production of a broad-spectrum of antimicrobial peptides that quickly destroy the influenza virus and simultaneously prevent the immune system from releasing too many inflammatory cells into infected lung tissue to counteract pneumonia. When medical scientists did autopsies on some of the fifty million people who died during the 1918 flu pandemic, they were amazed to find destroyed respiratory tracts. In some cases the inflammatory cells, called cytokines, had triggered the complete destruction of the normal epithelial cells that are lining the respiratory tract. It appeared in those cases as if the flu victims had been attacked and killed by their own immune system, rather than the virus. This is the severe inflammatory reaction that vitamin D has recently been found to prevent.

According to current estimates 50 million to 100 million people were killed worldwide in this single 1918 pandemic that may have been the greatest holocaust in history and may have killed more people than the Black Death plague, and that the vast majority of those who perished, had perished in the vitamin-D-lean season, between October and January. The recombinant virus itself, a combination of swine flu, burd flu, and human flu, had been triggered by the vast economic destruction caused by the war, but it didn't explode until three months later when the vitamin-D-lean season began. With all this considered, it seems wise therefore, to scrap the deadly vaccine that is now being brewed up, and to optimize the body's vitamin D levels to the natural 20,000 units per day range, by whatever methods will achieve this.

Of course, scrapping the potentially deadly vaccine isn't on the agenda, is it? Far from it! The already projected tragedy arising from the disease appears to be deemed not devastating enough. The latest empire-imposed Nazi-style American healthcare program has been designed to create a private board with powers far above the law to rule on all medical treatment options and related issues. Legislation for this program has been heavily pushed. It had been intended to become law just in time before the flu season starts. If it becomes law, it would then become a tool to enforce the mandatory vaccination of every single person of the country, right across the land. This law, if it became implemented, would open the door to an American version of Hitler's 'final solution,' meaning,' kill them all.' This means that the empire's endgame has begun, that few people will be allowed to survive. The game is here, it's already on. That is what the swine flu hoopla is all about. It starts with an artificially created pandemic that opens the door to the real killer that is delivered with the vaccine. That's what's on the agenda. So, let's stop this agenda and live.

If we don't stop it here, the end-game agenda will likely succeed, seeing that virtually nobody stands against it, to stop it. As everybody already knows, the potentially deadly vaccine is being mass-produced while we speak. It is produced without clinical trials and without animal testing. I know of only one test case in which squalene has bee injected into rats, and believe me, you don't want to hear what the result was. If the mass-vaccination project goes as planned, 10% of all children who will thereby be vaccinated, with our without the Nazi law, will likely die. Of the remaining, the majority will likely get horribly ill and become disabled for life, like the Gulf War Syndrome soldiers had become, together with most of the adult population that is presently eager to volunteer for the same treatment. In this end-game, the empire's final solution appears to be timed to coincide with the total breakdown of the global monetary and economic system, so that with a disabled population, and a disabled future generation, the recovery of the nation won't be physically possible.

I don't think we should allow this to happen. We should rip up this agenda by shutting down the entire global imperial system that has orchestrated this march to death. We can avoid this death. Without the vaccine we can survive this quite well. So, let's stop this thing in its tracks. Let's keep the killer vaccine on the shelf. Let's foil the game of the masters of empire, who have been crying for decades for the mass-depopulation of the planet. Let's deny them their fun.

Of course this now unfolding horror show has been carefully staged to also coincide with the collapse of the physical support base of society, the collapse of food production, finance, physical infrastructures, and the total collapse of the health care system in the USA and around the world, which all may yet happen in spite of the collapse that we have already seen. The genocide that is evidently intended to be caused by the vaccine, is expected to be so immense that the producers of the vaccine have demanded to be given total, across the world, immunity from prosecution under the law, which amounts to a pre-obtained absolution from the crime they intent to commit. Let's simply withdraw their license to operate, including the patents they hold. Let's do this as a part of a global bankruptcy reorganization, because without us shutting down this ever-growing terror all around the world, mankind won't have a chance to survive.

Yes, let's shut down terrorism in the extreme, because terrorism has become extreme. When one hears the top prince of the empire, that rules the world, saying to mankind that he wants 85% of mankind to vanish from the face of the earth in the name of correcting, what he calls 'overpopulation,' that's extreme terrorism, because he has the means to do this. If one sees him saying in his writings that he wishes to be 'reincarnated as a particular deadly virus' for this purpose, that's extreme terrorism too, because he has the political authority and the financial resources to have such a virus created for him and let loose in order to create a worldwide pandemic, which apparently has happened, and to have a killer vaccine created as an antidote, which apparently has happened too. The terrorism becomes even more extreme when one hears that the American President, on his return from meeting with the prince, begins to move heaven and earth to instigate a new healthcare law that sets up a private board with powers above the law and above the Congress, to regulate every facet of medical treatment and all public response measures to pandemic diseases, including the power to enforce the universal vaccination of society with an untested and potentially deadly vaccine that is loaded with fragments of life pathogens of a recombinant historic super-virus. A law that forces this potentially immensely deadly straightjacket onto society without a recourse in law or legislative interventions, is nothing less than extreme terrorism on steroids. And if one further sees immense pressure brought onto the legislator to have this terror law passed before the onset of the flu season, so that the forced mass-vaccination can begin, which is designed to slowly become a killer on a scale that would make even Hitler envious, one deals with utter and extreme terrorism by government against society on a scale that has never been seen in all the history of the world. If one adds to this caldron of absolute evil, the fact that the introduction of the virus was timed in such a manner that a pandemic would erupt precisely synchronized with the long anticipated global collapse of the world-financial system, and this happens at a time when the global banners become ever larger that say loud and clear, 'In Lies We Trust!' so that it becomes extremely difficult for society to determine what is actually real until the point of no return is crossed, then one can only say that the unfolding situation has drifted far beyond what would be termed 'extreme terrorism.' The only means that a society has then, to defend its existence, is to rip up the entire conglomeration of empire and put every single shred of it through bankruptcy reorganization. The super-extreme terrorism that we now face, requires super-extreme responses by society to save itself and protect its civilization and what still remains of the world's physical economic structures.

But nothing is allowed to happen on this front of ripping up the imperial agenda, is it? Mankind is kept in the dark and is spoon-fed a thick diet of lies for the express purpose that nobody will even think of ripping up the agenda that the masters of empire has prepared for mankind, their grand-killer agenda. The resulting mental genocide that flows from the bandwagon of lies is extreme terrorism too, isn't it, because it turns society into suicidal fools? Then add to this extreme terrorism, the already ongoing biofuel genocide, built on an environmental hoax, which now forces society by law to burn the agricultural resources that could feed almost sixty million people; and this burning of food happens in a world that has over a billion people living in a state of chronic starvation, of which tens of millions are dying each year of hunger. The fact that this is happening, is extreme terrorism against society of a kind that has already drawn it into a state of becoming willing participants of a crime against itself. Doesn't that scare you how easily society is already led to the slaughter, like so many dumb sheep, and complies without a whimper? That's terrorism that has progressed far beyond the tolerable, but where is the Army of the Patriots that would put a stop to it? The present gross indifference in society to the deepest dangers to its very existence, is what terrifies me the most, because if we don't draw the line to defend ourselves against this growing mass of evil, we are already essentially dead. The time has come to say, NO!

It is evidently not sufficient to focus only on the financial collapse and the restoration of a functioning financial system, and to focus on the economic collapse and the needed economic rebuilding, because these will both be meaningless when the population has been biologically disabled by a clever 'poison' vaccine. The fight against empire must bring the biological terrorism factor into the open as a critical element of a compressive fight towards a new renaissance, as it would open a vital flank for winning the war of empire on the side of mankind. If the fight for civilization is too narrow, all may be lost. On the biological terrorist front, time is running out. The next school year starts in September, four weeks from now, when the mass-vaccination that has been promised, might begin, while no assurance is forthcoming that can be trusted, that the vaccine itself isn't just another weapon. The banner remains in place, 'In lies we trust!' Consequently each person is on its own, until a new basis for trust, built of deeds that reflect the Principle of the General welfare in all things, is being established. And this appears to be still a long way off.

On this front I have a surprise for you. Let me tell you the name of the biggest terrorist in the world. The name is money. It terrifies you if you are deprived of it, because then you'll likely die. It also terrifies you if you have a lot of it, because then you have to devote your energies to keeping it, and to making it grow. And so, being terrorized from both ends, society goes to hell and civilization collapses. And that's no joke. We used to have an automobile industry in America. Its motto had been, 'autos for America.' Its success was once measured by how many people had their life enriched by the products and the creative processes of that industry that gave society an amazing expanded mobility and transportation capability, and a wide range of stable employment opportunities. But this measurement didn't last, did it? Adam Smith told society that an industry exists to make money. And so the automobile industry became converted into a money mill. The focus was no longer on meeting a universal need, but on meeting an increasingly narrow objective that became more and more isolated from the real needs of society. Success was suddenly measured by stock-value indexes. These indexes no longer measured a company's power to serve society, but instead measured a company's power in looting society, in the process of meeting its needs. The higher a company rated on the indexes, the more it became valued by society, even though the higher indexes merely measured its efficiency in clawing value out of the pockets of society. Money became the means by which the thieves became honored. It became a new form of terrorism. A person had in effect to sign its life away to afford anything. Even the education of children became a profit mill that indentured them for a large chunk of their life. Everything was measured by profit, rather than by value created for society. And this inverse process, misnamed economics, was celebrated. Every newspaper had a business section the celebrated the intensity of the stealing from society that was reflected in the indexes. The business pages thereby became the terrorist section of the newspaper. It reported on the efficiency of the thieves in grinding society into the dust. Are we surprised then that a pharmaceutical company creates a novel virus and a patented antidote for it, and then starts a pandemic to create the worldwide need for the antidote, by which it profits countless billions in an extortion racket called competitive pricing? The human suffering isn't a factor in these schemes. In fact this factor is hailed. It is hailed in the song about overpopulation. One of the princes of empire wrote, back in the 1950s, that wars are disappointing, even the big wars, in that they don't kill enough people to halt population growth, or induce mass depopulation which the empire deemed ideal for maintaining its control over the world. The man who had said this, had suggested that biological wars would be more effective. Wouldn't he welcome the upcoming, worldwide, vaccination war? And so, my friends, the outcome that you are about to suffer will largely be determined by which 'client' is being served by today's pharmaceutical industry. If the client is empire, the outcome will likely be mass depopulation. The industry and the political system in the world is now able to achieve this.

In contrast with what is now happening in the modern world, the 1918 pandemic was not intentionally caused. It was created by the biological havoc resulting from multiple mass vaccinations. Upwards to 25 vaccination shots were given to the soldiers. Can you imagine what this does to a person, being injected with attenuated live diseases so many times? And this was just the beginning, because the war didn't last long enough to use up all the supplies that had been produced. Thus the case was made to sell the remaining vaccine to the population, to protect it against the returning soldiers, which were of course sick with many injected diseases. The 1918 pandemic eventually erupted out of this background. The pandemic was created by a disease that was brought on by these many poison vaccines that had been injected into people, directly into the blood stream, in a vaccination spree that had never been experienced before. The new disease that had thereby been created seemed to have the symptoms of all the diseases they had injected into the people with the vaccines. Indeed the new disease became a combination of several viruses, combining the swine flu, bird flu, and several human flu viruses. The new recombinant virus seemed to thrive in the poisoned background of the 'immunized' society, and became explosive later on during the vitamin-D-lean season of the fall and winter, when the human immune system is naturally impaired by the vitamin D deficiency caused by reduced sunlight. The bottom line is, the 1918 flu pandemic was a tragedy created for profit. After all, the pharmaceutical companies were in business for profit, and still are. Since those days the vaccine production has become a death-producing racket with enormous profit potential. This means that the real terrorist is greed for money. In 1918 and 1919 upwards to a hundred million people paid for those profits with their life.

In today's world the death-for-profit game is put into high gear. What resulted from the vaccination spree leading up to the 1918 pandemic, is now achieved with the adjuvant, squalene, that's injected directly into the blood stream. Since squalene has been proved to be extremely dangerous, as it has evidently disabled 70% of the Gulf War veterans who had been injected with it, which is now being used again on a global scale, suggests to me that the prince's wished-for biological war against the whole of mankind, has indeed begun. The thereby ensuing biological war against mankind, which is easily escalated into a global war in the face of a pandemic, evidently serves many different 'clients' at once, within the ranks of empire and those attached to it. For the pharmaceutical companies the motive is profit. The addition of the dangerous squalene, for example, reduces the production cost, for which its use is justified. Hundreds of thousands of the Gulf War veterans had their life ruined by this cost-saving measure. Normally, the squalene would be banned, but it isn't in the case of the flu vaccine. It is instead globally applied. Obviously the motive is not always money. For the masters of empire that have stolen all the money, the primary motive is power, the power to control the world, which is easier to do in a largely disabled world.

Apart from this consideration a growing field of concerned medical researchers is raising an awareness in society that the entire concept of vaccination is an inherently dangerous one. It is now proven that we are all being harmed by vaccinations. And so the now imminent plan, to turn the schools across the world into mass-vaccination centers to inject children with experimental flu vaccine in a three-shot vaccination protocol, is at best insane, knowing what we now know about the process itself. In 1918 we did not know that we were causing vast damages with the vaccines -- now we know. For example if you burn your hand with a flame you will instantly feel an immense pain and see the damage, but what if you would not experience the pain and be able to see the burn, then you would not learn that placing your hand into a fire is harmful. And this is precisely what we basically all experience when vaccines are injected into the blood. They are causing 'burns' and we don't feel the pain, because the brain has no pain receptors. However, one can see with one's own eyes the resulting footprints of these 'burns,' sometimes immediately, and sometimes delayed, following each vaccination. One of the symptoms of the brain 'screaming in pain' is visible in impaired motor functions evident by the loss of symmetry in the alignment of the eyes. These gross symptoms often dissipate after a while, but not always. The effects are not predictable. Nevertheless, all vaccinations cause a common sequence of injuries which includes impaired blood flow, impaired oxygenation, impaired blood carrying capacity, and so on. Repeat vaccinations, of course, aggravate the problems. Once blood vessels and organs are damaged to a critical point, the pathological process can take on a self-perpetuating life of its own.

No, I am not dreaming this up. This comes from the mouth of a Medical & Neurobehavioral Therapies Director with the requisite professional degrees. He compares the flooding of an artery with syringe full of foreign substances to dumping a million rubber ducks at the mouth of the Mississippi river, of which few will ever get to sea. They become lodged in some places, creating a mess all along the river. The mess gets worse truckload after truckload. Of course, the comparison is a poor one, because in the blood flow, the 'river' is flowing upstream into ever smaller spaces, into capillary arteries. When these become congested so that insufficient oxygen and nutrients are reaching the cells lining the walls of capillaries, the capillaries will self-cauterize. They clamp shut, activating an emergency healing mechanism to prevent internal bleeding. The results accumulate with each vaccination causing a net loss of tissue by acute or slow strangulation. The diseases that emerge from this are far to numerous to be listed here, ranging from simple chronic fatigue, to paralysis, autism, palsy, and death, with a whole lot in between. And there is one factor that is rarely included in the range of symptoms, but which should be included, and this is the impact of the impairment of the brain tissues that results in impaired cognitive powers. We all have 60,000 miles of microscopic blood vessels in the form of large networks in our brain and body. When the oxygen delivery is impaired, the damage is evidently not restricted only to areas that affect the motor functions, and so on, but also extend to the cognitive regions where the damage is not easily recognized. The brain tissue can survive only four minutes in an absolute oxygen deprivation state. When the repetitive flooding with vaccines causes increased obstructions, the damages escalate, and the death of tissues that may not be immediate, may result after long periods, so that the resulting cognitive impairments may not even be recognized, and may be larger than we might imagine. Is it wise therefore to rush into these mass vaccination regimes? Indeed, can they be avoided? Considering that 43 million vaccinations are administered globally on any given day, a vast industry of pharmaceutical suppliers is intensely interested in increasing the need for these products, giving a hoot about the real human need, and the generating of diseases that the process creates in society. We have allowed a monster to develop that is gradually eating us, and which for a price can also be induced to serve the masters of empire who have often stated their desire to want to see mankind killed or otherwise impaired or disabled.

So it's ultimately all about money as an instrument; first for looting society; second for gaining the power to maximize the efficiency of the looting process; and third, to protect empire itself as a structure that exists entirely by the proceeds of looting. This three-fold focus on looting started a wildly escalating trend. Money became the terrorist evermore openly. We saw the same in the food industry too. We saw a vicious environmental hoax launched to create an excuse for burning food in automobiles, which made food more scarce and therefore more profitable for the commodity traders. The fact that fifty million people were starving to death each year in the shadow of this game, didn't seem to bother anyone. After all, business is business! What has this got to do with people? Then came the carbon tax hoax, a facet of the environmental hoax. It put a steep tax on every head of cattle and sheep, based on the lie that their stomach gases add to global warming, regardless of the fact that global warming didn't exist. But it did create scarcities in the food market and huge profits for the commodity pirates. It didn't seem to matter to anyone that beef was priced off the dinner table for countless millions who found it increasingly expensive to eat. By its indifference to these destructive processes, even by hailing them, society has become a terrorist itself, and against itself, in the service of empire. If society wants to break the cycle of madness, it has to start at this point, at its home ground, and supplant the indifference with the renaissance song that has been long forgotten, the song that banishes empire, the song where the focus is on society enriching one-another's existence in the most efficient, inexpensive, and the most powerful and productive manner possible. This is how we begin to live as human beings, rather than as subjects to empire. We cannot win serving both empire and humanity, two opposites. But we can win against empire by serving humanity? Empire is not self-sustaining. We sustain it. This can be stopped. Empire succeeds for a period by falsely parading in the vestments of law, but the natural law and the principles of the universe are on our side. We have it within us to create a new renaissance. Let's not deny ourselves. Let's deny empire instead. Let's refuse its poison and live. 

Of course, that's easier said than done, isn't it? Let's just look at us in a mirror. The mirror puts us into a world in which we, in the USA, have had no problem with throwing hundreds of billions into the bailout trough to keep the private big banks from going under, which took the money and paid its managers tens of billions in bonuses, while in this squandering we couldn't spare a dime for the most needy of our own people. Altogether the American government gave away $24 trillion in less than one single year, in bailout payments and promises to the banks, while it, together with the entire world, couldn't even spare a measly $2 billion to help a billion people living in chronic starvation, of which 50 million typically starve to death each year. What kind of people have we become? We squandered trillions at the trough to feed the rich, while less than a crumb was devoted to helping the most desperately poor in the world that now encompass one sixth of the whole of humanity. We have become an inwardly starved people, maybe mortally so, a people without humanity. This is the image that I see staring back at us in the mirror. We have become closed-fisted terrorists. We need to heal ourselves. Let's begin the process of healing today. We have the capacity to do this; to be the salt of the earth; to be the tender rain in a parched land. Let's this arena for our healing become our training ground. Maybe when we succeed here, we might become qualified to tackle the larger issues, in which we ourselves likewise, are the target for destruction and death. To fail in this arena is not an option, as to fail would be synonymous with self-denial and ultimately self-murder. This means we must see ourselves as embarked on a mission, a critical mission of self-healing to become human again. In proportion as we do this, the old empire-hold on us gives way to a dawning sense of our 'divine' humanity, thereby every stain of empire becomes purged from the fabric of civilization, as if it had never been a legitimate part of it. Without empire the vaccination issue becomes a none-issue, because then the Principle of the General Welfare will rule the day, reflected in honest science. Then truth will be the arbiter of life and the constructor of efficient forms of powerful living."

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It does not need to be emphasized that London has been the traditional world capital for all types of organized terrorism, even the hidden forms of terror, with the latest notwithstanding, and with operations running from its hub that spread out into every dehumanizing effort that one can imagine. That is why the hub in London has long been recognized by a few nations that feel its pain, as the center of the global narcotics trade, weapons trade, even human trafficking, money-laundering, and all aspects of human genocide. Many nations that have already crossed the point of no return, have roused themselves in their pain and have noted that London had traditionally been creating wars for such purposes ever since it became an empire, operating through its numerous secret bureaus and its institutions. This pattern has evidently not changed to the present day, but has been intensified and been vastly extended to evermore destabilize the world towards the long-coveted mass-extinction of 80% to 90% of mankind.

The War of empire versus mankind is a creeping war, sometimes silent, sometimes raging with terror and violence, but it is always genocidal. The goal is the building of a world empire ruled by the financial oligarchy that grew out of the Venetian Empire that expanded and became the British Empire, which now demands the world and uses every trick it developed over the ages to get it, including creating divisions, conflicts, employing violence, terror, financial corruption, even depopulation, and this on a scale never seen before.

The empire wants the world, but cries the world is not enough. It wants the raw earth with few people in it, an unchallenged playground for its madness to play itself out. The move is already on for setting up World War III to eradicate India, Iran, China, and Russia as viable nation states, the last obstacles standing in the way of a private world governed by a tiny elite and its stolen, collapsing money. The USA has already been largely destroyed from within and turned into re-integrated colony, and so has Europe under EU Treaty with the proposed Lisbon Treaty reducing all of Europe into another imperial colony, the 'new Africa.'

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