Five Forms of Deadly Global Pollution
Rolf A. F. Witzsche - April 2, 2008

All that we need for living -- air, water, earth, spirit, and 'fire' -- have been globally polluted posing an existential challenge for mankind in every one of these areas. The existential challenge from the expanding world-pollution is so great in each one of the five areas that few if anyone might survive the outcome, let alone the outcome of all five together, unless we, society as a whole, wage an emergency war against our smallness in thinking, and win that war. 

The following is a brief overview of the five critical forms of pollution with web-links added to each category to more detailed studies.

1. The pollution of the global air.

The critical factor here is radioactive pollution of the global air with vaporized uranium particles so small in size that light is to 'coarse' for them be visible. Still they remain radioactive with a half-life of 4.5 billion years. No natural equivalent to these invisible deadly gas-like particles exist from natural sources or has existed since the earth was formed.

The deadly gas-like particles that keep on killing forever are a part of the modern gas-warfare regime that began with the mass-use of uranium bombs and munitions. The nuclear waste disposal problem has been given a new and inexpensive solution, the DU solution. The world's nuclear-waste pile, under the sanitized name of "depleted uranium," has been loaded into bombs. It has been said in defense of the DU warfare that the intention of weapons of war is to kill people. The DU weapons do this effectively. In addition the collateral side-effect is global, which corresponds with the long-term goal of empire to cause massive depopulation as 'silently' as possible. That this what we see happening. Since the DU wars began lung cancers have increased 6-fold in the USA, and so has diabetes worldwide, from 30 million cases to 250 million cases. The bird and insect population has correspondingly declined in this timeframe. A die-off of frogs has been noted. New diseases have emerged, from the avian flu to the Morgellons fiber disease.

To date (officially) app. 3 million kilograms of uranium has been vaporized with the use of DU weapons - the uranium equivalent of hundreds of thousands of atoms bombs. Much of it is now spread across the world. This gas-type pollution of the global air cannot be cleaned up. It remains in the environment indefinitely where it is destined to take its toll, possibly for as long as there is life on our planet. However, it is definitely possible to prevent the further increase of the pollution. A vast increase has already been prepared for -- a potential 100-fold increase. There are presently 65 million kilograms of DU contained in ordnance pre-positioned at the three USAF bases in South Korea (the uranium equivalent of 10 million atom bombs). The numerous USAF basis in Eastern Europe and the Southwest Asia would likely report ten times that amount being pre-positioned for the next big war, if reports were published. It is hard to imagine how empty the world would become after a 100-fold increase of the already massively deadly uranium pollution of the global air.

Right now society's love for one another is so minuscule that the most deadly air-pollution challenge barely elicits a few raised eyebrows, if indeed it does so. If the Principle of Universal love is deemed so vastly impractical that the protection of life on our planet doesn't rank high enough to be an issue, then what remains that is deemed a practical issue? In the current vacuum of any practical sense of a universal love for humanity, universal death remains on the agendas as the only practical issue on the agenda. That's not a practical way to go. 

Universal love is the only truly practical issue on the global scale at this point, as nothing less will suffice to safeguard human existence, and life itself on our precious planet.

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2. The pollution of the oceans

The oceans have become a garbage dump littered with plastics that are not bio-degradable. The plastics merely break up into pellets that are ingested by fish and sea birds that eventually die of plastics congestion.  But can we live without fish and without sea birds? May fish and birds are already dying of this pollution. Do we really know where the point of no return lies in maintaining the complex life cycles in the oceans?

The current pollution is said to be enormous. Some say the floating garbage piles are huge -- twice the size as the State of Texas we are told, visible from space. I have seen no images of it, but neither have I seen denials that large scale plastics pollution of the oceans is a reality. While the cleanup is still possible to some degree -- 100% recovery is unlikely even with the massive effort that might involve salvaging machines that are tens of miles wide operating possibly for decades -- the still achievable cleanup likely won't be implemented for some time. 

For as long as the #1 pollution issue (the most deadly) which can be easily addressed (prevented) in physical terms, remains off the table, the enormous physical efforts to clean up the oceans to preserve life in the waters won't even be deemed possible, much less put on the agenda. In fact it is deemed "too expensive" at the present time to even halt the increase of the pollution. 

Yes, universal love is deemed too expensive, too impractical. Death is deemed more practical. But is it?

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3. The pollution of the land

The global land-area is under attack. The most massive assault of all times on the planet's botanic sphere is presently under way in the form of biologically engineered food crops, especially those utilizing the patented terminator-seed technology. Genetic engineering has introduced genetic mutations into makeup of plant species that prevent their seeds from germinating, preventing the natural basis for new crops. Another diabolical genetic mutation that has been 'achieved' is one that can be selectively inserted into species of corn, which makes the resulting food germicidal in people as a means to impose involuntary birth control. The genocidal potential is huge, since corn is one of the main food crops of mankind. Nor is it known to what extend this genocide is already (silently) being used by the respective private corporations controlled by the masters of empire. This is a part of the modern face of the war of empire against mankind.

It is well known that genetic engineered characteristics inserted into food plants do cross-pollinate with neighbouring natural plant species, which is causing the engineered mutations to migrate. At the present time nobody knows for certain to what extend the mutations of the patented terminator-seed technology might have already migrated into the natural biota, and likewise the germicidal technology. Nevertheless the potential is there that this boundary has already been crossed in a gig way. In fact that potential has already been acknowledged. The potential is apparently so great that an enormously large seed bank has recently been created in the high arctic to house all of the world's three million varieties of natural seeds as a back-up option to recover the world from the presently engineered, potential genetic holocaust.

Can this insanity be stopped? Right now this possibility is far from being considered. Instead huge efforts are made globally to increase the insanity and intensify its global penetration. Nor will we likely see any change in this patterns for as long as there is no interest in society to respond to the more deadly #1 and #2 type pollution. Universal love simply isn't on the agenda in the world of greed and the pursuit of power. Love isn't deemed a power. Universal love remains locked away as impractical. Killing is deemed practical. 

And the poor are being killed in vast numbers by policies with genocidal intentions, such as by deliberate policies for doubling the food price for the destitute to drive them from subsistence 'existence' to death through starvation. It's genocide in the name of profit. In order to justify the price increases and to make food artificially scarce vast quantities to food are being set on fire, not in the fields, but in cars in the form of ethanol by which food has become a motor fuel. Biofuels are a hoax. The production increases the carbon pollution; the burning of it adds its own type of pollution on top of that; it is also expensive to produce, less efficient than gasoline; and it is highly corrosive, damaging the fuel systems of cars. But it is highly efficient in causing genocide by starving people to death. That is what many nations around the world are now 'forced' by huge political pressure to participate in. 

What kind of people do this senseless cruelty to one another? The answer is simple, people who have become servants of empire, stooges to an an oligarchy that despises humanity, that cries for depopulation.

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4. The pollution of spirit

Even the spirit of mankind has been massively polluted. It has been polluted with the sophistry of empire in the war of empire against mankind. 

The chief pollution here is greed. Greed is expressed in looting society. It is not expressed in building a richer civilization for a better life for humanity. It is expressed in the looting of society for the better life of a few. But looting as an economic process doesn't work in the real world no matter how strongly the wholly owned press (obedient to the rule of empire) tries to hide this undeniable fact. In the real world the looting process is collapsing society's creative and productive potential as it destroys the physical economy, eradicates industries, cripples farming, turns cities into slums of poverty, homelessness, and crime, portending the creeping death of nations. On this path the entire financial-value system, including the value of money, disintegrates. Then in the shadow of the resulting disintegration the masters of empire reach out to grab ever greater fascist powers to impose war and depopulation with the hidden intention to reshape the world into a zoo of impotent  caged-in and forced-into-compliance people, a people without humanity remaining.

The masters of this every greater war (soon to be World War III) cry out for depopulation as they always have. They are demanding poverty and universal impotence in society, the big killers of mankind. They demand the imposition of this mass-genocide in order to maintain their illegitimate existence, and nations obediently comply. They have cried this tune for centuries. Now they are screaming it. We hear the same sophistry again that Hitler was screaming from the podium, only louder this time, with more poisonous words being used. While the world is increasingly starving as the result of decades of deindustrialization and prevented development, the masters of empire now demand the massive burning of food under the cover of the flimsiest lies. And again society complies.

The resulting ghastly scene is orchestrated from behind a wall of obscuring secrecy, from behind a front of many names and many operations.  They are called collectively the New World Order. Historically they've been called the Illuminati, a vast network of proudly antihuman Satanist cults and their derivatives that still include, and foremost, the private banking empires, investment (speculation) empires, and ideological cults that control the policies of nations from Neoconism to the Zionism, with every inhuman fascist thing in-between (Zion equals "Emptiness; unfaithfullness; desolation" - by Mary Baker Eddy, 1875).

Mankind has fought this kind of spirit-pollution for over four millennia already, with just a few brief successes along the way that were in every case quickly overturned by the forces of empire. Thus the whole of mankind became more isolated from one another in the shadow of this spirit-pollution, and more hateful of one another, and more murderous in its intentions. None of that is natural. The masters of empire have no power, but they do have a long standing tradition to control the thinking of society by all means possible, thereby controlling public opinions, public reactions, the instigation of conflicts, chaos, terror. Thus the masters of empire control the political scene, the resources of nations, the military machines, the leaders and dictators, all driving towards world domination, even depopulation.

Now with evermore devastating wars on the horizon that no one might ultimately survive, it is becoming imperative for mankind to stop the creeping insanity that is destroying its humanity from within, and with it the means for its physical existence. But how to do this?

Evidently the task of cleaning up the currently awesome and deep reaching pollution of society's spirit won't likely be happening until the kind of love for one another becomes established that raises the #1, #2, and #3 pollution issues to the level of imperative issues that inspire society's commitments to have a future, and the love for one another that assures this.

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5. The pollution of 'fire'

The real 'fire' of mankind is science, and that includes integrity and honesty to the point that the face of truth actually matters. Mankind's 'fire' has been polluted with lies. "In Lies We Trust!" has become the great watchword in politics as well as in science. The lies have become weapons in the service of the objectives of empire. Every war of empire against mankind has been started with the 'fire' of lies, not the 'fire' of truth. And so it will continue until society values the truth, politically, economically, and also scientifically. Of course in the shadow of the satanic cults of the rulers of empires the lies have become increasingly murderous in their effect. That is what the evermore blatant lies that we now see coming to the surface are needed for, especially those comming from the sciences.

For example, the world has been induced by the 'lies of science' to sing the tune of "manmade global warming." The tune has been composed for many objectives, One is to hide the cyclical return of the Ice Age that we are already in the boundary zone in, towards it. In today's scientific age we've become like the flat-earth society of the past once was, indoctrinated to believe anything but the truth. The examples are endless.

Vast webs of lies are now woven into webs for genocide in the service if empires. The USA was founded on the principle of scientific and industrial development to increase the power of human labor to sustain ever richer forms of civilization. When the ink was  barely dry on the founding document the empire's stooge Giammaria Ortes was put to the task to concoct his famous theory on population, the carrying capacity hoax. From that day on the rulers of empire have been harping the tune that the world is too full, that vast segments of the population have to be wiped out. As a consequence vast segments have indeed been murdered at the hands of empire, in order to weaken society and to make it dumb and pliable. Bertrand Russell had lamented in the 1950s that wars are disappointing, even big wars, in that they don't kill enough people. He was hoping for a new black death hitting mankind once in every generation. In 1974 Henry Kissinger issued the requisite policy in his historic National Security Memorandum 200 (NSSM200)  to the U.S. government that mandated as a policy the depopulation of Third World nations in order that their raw materials be preserved  for the future needs of the empire. Five years after NSSM200 Aids exploded across the planet.

In the same timeframe, around 1974, a whole lot of genocidal projects were started with the diabolical backing of so-called science, such as the DDT ban, the CFC ban, and the global warming doctrine. All were based on lies. Science was perverted to support lies, lies concocted for political purposes, including the lies that hide the real pollution issues. 

As the result of these 'scientific lies' lies vast numbers of human beings have been 'murdered,' and continue to be put to death. So many people were put to death on this road that the Nazi Holocaust now appears minuscule in comparison. The DDT ban all by itself, that brought malaria back, has killed hundreds of millions of people. In Africa, every 45 seconds a child died of malaria because of the ban. The genocidal effect of the ban was known and was evidently enforced for this very effect under the cover of hysteria whipped up on the background of perverted science, and rammed through under political pressure. Rachel Carson's book "Silent Spring" conjured up a world without birds (death by DDT). A worldwide protest network was organized on the hyped up fear of a dead world, demanding the ban of DDT. An honest opponent pointed out that he opposed DDT because it enabled "too many people to live." In 1972 DDT was put on trial by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Seven months of hearings were held, producing 9000 pages of transcripts of testimonies. Evaluating all the arguments and counter-arguments and scientific proofs, the agency's own examiner, Edmund Sweeney, evaluating the issues presented at the hearing, issued a 113 page report in which he presented several pages of compelling reasons why DDT should NOT be banned. In spite of it all, DDT was banned on June 14, 1972, by the agency's administrator William Ruckelhaus for what he later revealed to have been "political reasons." (See 21st Century Science and Technology - note the Sweeney recommendation, p.21-26 why DDT should not be banned )

This example shows how genocide can be unleashed by an oligarchy that has no direct physical of political power, but has become masters over the years in controlling public opinion with whatever barrage of sophisticated lies may be required to achieve its end. On this road hundreds of millions of people were put to death silently by deliberate intention. They were murdered. Causing death by intention is murder. They were murdered by a compliant society. Now, after 30 years of this heartless and senseless murdering, the ban has been slightly lifted.

The worst abuse of science, and the most murderous of course, is the global warming hoax. It was conjured up three years after the DDT ban by essentially the same method and evidently for the same purpose, to extend the genocide. (See: Where the Global Warming Hoax Was Born, by Marjorie Mazel Hecht - 21st Century Science and Technology)

Not a thread of science supports the manmade global warming hoax. Tens of thousands of scientists from across the world  have put their name on record in opposition to this genocidal hoax. The primary thrust of the hoax is to destroy the economies of nations, to force deindustrialization, and as though the resulting genocide didn't expand fast enough to satisfy the masters of empire, the biofuel swindle has been added that urges the nations to burn a large portion of the world's food supplies in cars and trucks as motor-fuel. Evidently, the mass-burning of food has powerful genocidal effects, especially in the poor countries that are squeezed into submitting to genocide by the resulting artificial price increases. Of course the biofuel swindle too has not a shred of science standing behind it.

Officially biofuels are mandated by law in many countries as a means for reducing CO2 emissions, for reasons that CO2 is deemed a dangerous greenhouse gas, which it isn't. But even if CO2 were a dangerous greenhouse gas, the (scientific) liars don't bother to mention that the production of biofuels requires are larger amount (up to 30% more) in CO2 producing carbon energy input than the resulting biofuel gives back by burning the biofuels. The bottom line is that the biofuels actually increase the CO2 pollution, rather than reduce it, and then add their own alcohol related toxic pollution on top of it. Also, the ethanol that is blended with gasoline reduces the power output of an engine, and in addition the fuel is corrosive and may damage the fuel system. It is said to be so corrosive that it cannot be shipped in standard pipelines. Of course, the ethanol diluted gasoline costs substantially more to produce. Thus it becomes evident that entire biofuel swindle is a project of lies concocted for the purpose of destroying the nations' economies and to cause massive genocide by setting the world's food resources on 'fire' (burning them in cars.) 

Officially it is all done in the name of preventing global warming by means of reducing carbon emission. The truth doesn't seem to matter that carbon emissions are actually beneficial for the botanical world and have no measurable impact on the world's greenhouse effect (app. 0.06% versus 97% caused by water vapor, which is largely affected by cosmic ration and the intensity of solar cycles.) Nor does it seem to matter that the Earth has been in a cooling trend since 1998 with the winters getting colder, the summers dryer, and the Greenland Ice Sheet getting thicker.

There is a great need to clear-up the pollution of lies, especially in the domain of science. The urgency for that is great. We truly are in the boundary zone to a new Ice Age. It is only unknown how much time we have have still remaining in the interglacial warm period that we are presently in. We might have 50 years remaining, or 150 years. Or the transition might have already started as some evidence suggests. 

In facing the impending emergency we probably need scientific and technological progress on a scale never before seen on this planet, on a scale that enables us to put the global agriculture into indoor facilities. For this we need to utilize and develop the only true resource that mankind has on this planet, which is its own creative and productive and scientific potential, and develop this resource as we have never done before . This means we have to scrap unemployment, slum living, homelessness, war, looting, slavery, etc.. 

The required goals are all achievable. Technologies already exist for utilizing basalt as a building material, of which the earth has an infinite amount. With automated nuclear powered production processes, high quality housing can be mass produced in the form of cast-basalt shaped into snap-together modular units. Building houses with hammer and nails is archaic. Automated production can produce housing so inexpensively that the houses can be given away for free, and should be as a human development resource. Even in today's insane monetarist environment 10 million free houses could be produced for the price tag of a single one of the USAF's weapons systems, such as the B-2 bomber that has been built for massively killing people. Moreover, the technology that becomes thereby advanced in the process of building tens of millions of free homes, would lay the foundation for the vast structures that will be needed for indoor agriculture.

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A new Renaissance is achievable.

The point is we don't need anything more that what we already have in order to beat the coming Ice Age. We only need to win the ongoing silent war with ourselves, with our smallness in thinking, which is characterized in the pollution problems outlined above as #1 through #5. Obviously, if we fail to win this war against our smallness in thinking, then the #1 pollution issue won't be resolved and as a consequence very few people, as well as animals, birds, fish, and insects will likely survive the prepared-for long-term holocaust resulting from the radioactive DU-pollution of the global air.

Presently our compassion for the already suffering and dying victims of the DU air-pollution, not to mention our universal love for all mankind, is so minuscule that the millions of increased cancer cases and hundreds of millions of increased cases of diabetes since the DU-wars began, don't raise any eyebrows much less inspire meaningful actions to prevent the physically prepared-for 100-fold increase of this silent holocaust.

Fortunately, winning the war against society's perceived smallness involves no miracles. It involves merely the development of the one factor that is already native in every human being, the factor of love. Without the Principle of Universal Love we have no hope, but with it we'll have a future that promises to be the brightest ever. This promise is now beginning to dawn in some profound ways. Perhaps symbolic of this dawning is the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King (April 4, 2008) as Civil Rights Heroin Amelia Bonyton Robinson remembers the man: - What Kind of Man Is He? - In expressing the Principle of Universal Love, the process of universal love would mean a general letting go of the current fascist 'Zionism' that is reflected throughout the world.  This change in direction would signal the dawn of a new Zionism without a political face, which has been defined already a 130 years ago as, "Spiritual foundation and superstructure; inspiration; spiritual strength." (by Mary Baker Eddy - 1875) Dr. Martin Luther King stood on this 'mountain top.' He was killed for his daring, but the mountain still stands and beckons all mankind.

The challenge that the Principle of Universal Love poses is not a small one and is rarely even acknowledged. It forces one to look beyond the tip of one's nose, even beyond the small marriage bonds of society's small interests, thus to expand our bonds of love to embrace all mankind and thus to enrich the whole with the light of our own individual humanity. The same holds true for the nations. The goal must never be to break up the cultural family of any nation, but to nourish its individual light in order that it may shine as a light for all mankind to illumine the world.



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