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Sex versus Greed

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche (March, 2008)


This page presents a political story of great significance. It is a story in which the natural dimension is reversed to justify the looting processes of empire. It is also a story about overturning that reversal.

The simple fact is that sex is one of the intelligent 'inventions' of the Principle of Life, without which we would not exist. The sex process is an expression of universal Intelligence that is reflected in the natural world. The sex process is a profound process that assures the richest possible genetic diversity, which in turn is an essential factor in the development and maintenance of life on earth. We find it expressed in all the higher forms of life on this planet, and more so in mankind as the most highly developed species. We simply would not exist without it.

Greed, on the hand, is something that we can do without. In fact, it is a detrimental force that is immensely destructive to civilization. Greed is a cultured insanity that we ultimately cannot live with and survive. It destroys all that is human, as the present collapse of the world financial and economic system illustrates. 

The destructive nature of greed is best illustrated by the current energy pricing process. For example, oil costs Saudi Arabia $3 per barrel to produce, while society is demanded to pay $109 per barrel for it in what is called the "Private Public Partnership" (the fascist PPP). The $106 difference is gobbled up by greed, the greed that builds empires -- the most destructive force in the world, a force that is locked in a warfare against mankind and its very existence. The bottom line is that mankind ultimately cannot survive in the shadow of greed.

In order to justify the processes of greed the masters of empire have created a type of "Enlightenment" empiricists sophistry that classifies greed as a built-in aspect of human nature, such as sex, even to the point of promoting the idea that lust for sex (another aspect of greed), is intrinsically human. Oh, indeed, much of mankind has fallen into this trap of the "Enlightenment" dished out by the 'angels' of empire. In the shadow of it the idea of finding wealth for human living from the proceeds of physical production is long gone with the wind. It had been replaced with the  greed of stealing one's living from others by forms of slavery and financial speculation in the gambling casinos, the financial markets that have become giant private casinos. Oh the glory of Private Public Partnership! How poor we have all become!

In order to rescue civilization from its impending total collapse under the weight of greed it becomes necessary to undo the "Enlightenment" that has been dished out by empire. This requires separating sex from greed, the first to be recognized as a valuable aspect of our humanity with the other to be relegated to oblivion as an 'alien invasion' that has no place in the human dimension.


The Game of "The Enlightenment" 

"The Enlightenment" came out of the Golden Renaissance of the 15th Century, but it was created as its opposite. It was invented by the Venetian Empire as a tool to destroy the Golden Renaissance. It remains a tool of empire to the present day for the same purpose.

The Golden Renaissance in Europe was essentially a spiritual renaissance that had raised the value of the human being to unprecedented height as a profound being with creative and productive powers and scientific cognition unequalled by anything in the world, even as the perceived reflection of God. Only one dark spot had remained in Europe at the time, the Empire of Venice, the slave trader and greedy financier. Thus an alliance was formed by Renaissance kingdoms together with the Pope, to rid the world of its dark spot of empire, to purge the 'stench' of oligarchism, the 'stench of greed.' The alliance (the League of Cambrai) nearly succeeded in wiping oligarchism off the map once and for all. In the last moments, however, the alliance failed when the Pope was persuaded by Venice to betray it. Having thus been saved by a hair, Venice fought back. It set up the Reformation and then the Counterreformation that together started a religious war that lasted nearly a century, ending with the Thirty Years War in which a third of population of Europe perished. Somewhere in this mess in which the leaders of the Renaissance became systematically wiped out, Paolo Sarpi (1552-1623) a son of the Empire suggested that killing the opposition to empire is an inefficient way to protect the empire. The idea was put on the table that all the empire really needs to do is to pervert science and truth as a means for destroying society's humanity, which the Renaissance had been built on. The very name, "The Enlightenment" that has been launched for this purpose is therefore a lie by intention. It was created as a strategic 'bomb' to impose cultural darkness. In the war of empire against mankind this 'bombing' was necessary to justify and maintain the processes of looting that every form of empire is built on. Thus the "Enlightenment" continues to the present day.

Greed is a Curse

"No," says Adam Smith, "greed is not a curse but makes society rich, it brings out the base impulses that served mankind well for its survival." The evidence makes him a liar. 

A friend of the author recently (in 2008) asked the owner of a Seattle bakery why the price of his cookies was constantly creeping up. The answer was simple. He was told by the baker that the same bag of flower that he had bought a year ago for $9 had recently cost him a whopping $31, and that he was warned by his supplier that the next bag would likely cost $50. 

That is the face of greed, the face of the Private Public Partnership (PPP). It makes the greedy rich, but kills society in the process. The entire world-financial system has been restructured by the agents of empire, many of them in high places of government, to facilitate this murderous looting action of greed. And it is truly killing people, especially in the poor countries whose indigenous agriculture has been wrecked with globalism and free-trade impositions, who cannot afford the huge price increases and who have also lost the physical capacity for food-self-sufficiency. 

In addition the biofuel insanity enters the clown act of the Private Public Partnership. Empire means private rule over nations and the world. Empire, through its stooges demands the bio-fuels, but not for environmental reasons or to provide an oil substitute. Bio fuel require more carbon-based energy as input than the fuel gives back. Thus it acts as an energy drain, which increases pollution and which adds alcohol related pollutants on to top of it. In addition, ethanol is corrosive to the equipment that uses it. However, it is highly efficient in destroying the world food supply, which is its primary objective in the war of empire against mankind. Killing the poor has always been an objective of empire. This now includes entire nations. The burning of a large portion of the world food supply as a motor fuel accomplishes this genocide 'efficiently,' a genocide by starvation. The food-riots have already begun in many of the poor countries. Of course genocide has long been an integral part of the Private Public Partnership of empire. Only the extend of it is now vastly increasing. The death-march of this partnership began in the early 1960s with the DDT scare and subsequent ban that unleashed a genocide that has put many tens of millions of people to death with malaria. The masters of empire hail genocide. They say it is good for the environment as the dead produce no carbon pollution which reduces the human impact of global warming. That is the hidden face of the Private Public Partnership demanded by the masters of empire, by which they aim weaken the nations in order to gain total control over the world for total looting.

Yes, greed kills! That's the bottom line. 

Greed kills in more ways than one. For example, greed has destroyed almost every vital industry that the USA has once been world-famous for, from textiles to steel. Even the auto industry, the signature industry of the nation, is virtually gone. The goal of the big automakers is to produce nothing anymore -- to outsource 100% of the automobile production to slave-wage countries and to maintain only their headquarters in the U.S.A.. Thus greed wrecks society with unemployment and the resulting homelessness, and homelessness kills. Homelessness is not a lifestyle that many survive in the long run. Homelessness is another face of the Private Public Partnership.

Greed also causes war. Every war in history has been caused by greed, the greed of empire, the greed for power. Not a single war has ever been caused by mutual cooperation among sovereign nations supporting each other's industrial, technological, and cultural self-development. It is greed that demands war, war to destroy the sovereign self-development on nations in order to weaken them, to make them more controllable for looting. 

But there is one face of the Private Public Partnership that is worth than all all the others combined. It is the face of indifference and disdain. We are presently facing the most deep reaching financial and economic collapse since the 14th Century, if not for all times. When money looses its value the food supply becomes blocked, imposing consequences in the range of the unimaginable. Instead of cooperating in a human manner to protect the living of society and whatever is left of civilization, the masters of empire go the opposite way and sink the knife deeper into the public's back. If society cannot rescue itself, the outcome will likely be a human catastrophe in which few will survive. That's the horizon of greed and its Private Public Partnership. It is the most devastating factor ever invented.

There is nothing intrinsically human about greed. To lump greed together with sex, as though we needed greed as we do sex, is a tragedy.

Tarnishing sex with greed is a criminal tragedy

We see many related tragedies. Being touched by greed, sex turns to rape, a hidden kind of looting. In this context lust must be deemed a type of greed exploding into rape of many forms. We see the same lust-induced rape happening economically when entire industries are wiped off the national map in the surge for profits with no consideration for the workers, the communities, and the national economy. That is the shocking face of the Private Public Partnership, the 'partnership' of lust-induced rape while the "Enlightenment-machine" grinds out its gilded lies that this brutal economic destruction is good for society, that it enriches society, 

Yes, that is what the new "Enlightenment" has now become, and worse that that it has become the chosen platform of empire that is demanded to become the platform for the 2008 U.S. election. The election is to become society's endorsement of the Private Public Partnership rape, its endorsement in principle of the dirty lust-induced economic rape that is killing society from within.

How is it possible that society has been so deeply "Enlightened" to freely accept the definition of rape as a form of "Private Public Partnership?"

The natural private public partnership that supports civilization as an element of real economics is a partnership of cooperation, guided by the policy of intention to uplift the universal welfare of society and mankind as a whole with more efficient production and products. It is a partnership of intention to maximize the public good; to aid the self-development and security of society; to increase the efficient use of society's productive and creative power in order to secure society's sufficiency in housing, healthcare, food, and energy; in short, to express the Principle of Universal Love.

Today, all of these pillars are destroyed by the rape of the lust for looting. The pillars have been torn down from the family farm to the family business, including the factories that were once proud to serve the nation. Indeed, the rape of society by the Corporatist Private Public Partnership has become a globalized fascist phenomenon. It's rape, now only thinly veiled behind the screen of "Enlightenment" (In lies we trust!), is a rape of mankind by slavery and the use of numerous forms of force to enforce slavery. "If you are not with us on this program, you are against us," has become the threatening watchword. We are seeing this process carried to such extremes that the corporatist President of Mexico recently offered his country's population as a cheap slave-labor resource for international corporatist looting. The raping of society has become something akin to a glorified sport for the masters of empire and their now countless stooges. 

And so it is being said evermore loudly that rape is indeed a form of Private Public Partnership.

In order for society to get back to what supports civilization, society has to scrape the scum away that tarnishes its universal humanity. That applies to sex too that has been tragically abused in the "Enlightenment" game to justify looting.

Sex as a high-level aspect of biological life is essentially a beautiful thing with impelling aspects that assure that the sexual process happens efficiently and with the widest possible genetic proliferation. We casually call the process love, but it is biologically a far more important factor. Ingrown families degenerate and collapse into diseases. The sexual process has been arranged to assure that this degeneration won't happen. For this assurance certain natural impulses have been built into the sex process that facilitate what is necessary. Many of these impulses have been designed in the natural system for bringing people together and to form unions in which the sexual needs, which come attached to the process, are satisfied. Lust isn't a part of this process. The resulting unions are inherently bastions of cooperation, supplying one another's needs in which framework all the individual needs are fulfilled. The sexual union thereby ideally becomes the basic model for economics, for fulfilling one-another's needs in the most efficient and enriching manner possible. Greed doesn't enter this equation, but generosity, care, love, joy, and fulfillment do. Only when these pillars are torn down will sex fall into the pit of lust. Religion has often been sadly abused as a wrecking factor, opening the wrecked scene to lust, and with it to the justification of greed.

Right now the wrecking factor has intersected society with numerous lines of division and categorical isolation; all in the name of "Enlightenment." That is the crap that needs to be peeled away, and most of that crap consists of wrecking factors that tear down the beauty of our humanity or push it far into the background, and with it the spiritual beauty that gives us a 'third sex' above the male and female identity -- that gives us a spiritual identity as discoverers, creators, producers, and scientifically cognisant beings. Here, at this higher level of our spiritual humanity we touch upon Truth and our identity that is anchored in the Sublime. It is our spiritual identity that defines us as discoverers, creators, producers, and scientifically cognisant beings with an identity that is expressed in universal love as a step beyond mere private love.  With this process of recognizing its higher identity the human society has the power to put an end to the "Enlightenment" (lies) of the war of empire against its humanity and its physical existence.

Ideally we unite as male and female beings in a type of celebration of the fullness of our individuality, rather than as beggars, begging from each other. And as we do this, and more so as we unite under the third sex of our spiritual identity as discoverers, creators, producers, and scientifically cognisant beings, we unite in a dimension that makes us immortal in the cultural contributions derived from our individual achievements. Somehow it appears that this higher dimension, if it is fully acknowledged, also uplifts, enriches, and protects the lower physical dimension of our sexual identity as individual men and women. The beauty that we find in the spiritual realm as discoverers, producers, creators, and scientifically cognizant beings, tends to uplift also our sense of beauty in the physical realm and uplifts love, generosity, sovereignty, care, and so on with it. This inner renaissance process takes us farther and father away from the empire's greed and its emptiness. Only then, when we get there, when we get to this natural Sublime state, can we say that greed has no place in the human dimension. 

There is a vast difference between this advanced recognition and saying to ourselves that greed is bad. It is irrelevant that greed is bad. The fact is, it has no place at all in the human dimension and should not be tolerated. Once it is fully detached from all that is human, it falls into oblivion and the victory is won. And of course, more than this we do not need.

The path to get there, however, is not an easy one. I wrote a series of 12 novels (see below) to explore it. It is a path mapped out by the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that sparked the Renaissance and the Peace of Westphalia, and also the founding of the USA as a nation-state republic founded far from the forces of empire, built on the platform of the general welfare. The Principle of Universal Love is also the very principle which the "Enlightenment" of Hobbes had tried to outlaw, and has outlawed it for a season as a means for wrecking the renaissance spirit from within. 

The Principle of Universal Love is the principle of all that is human and Sublime. It ennobles the sexes, unites mankind, and raises up our third 'sex,' our spiritual identity as discoverers, creators, producers, and scientifically cognisant beings. The Principle of Universal Love is of course the Principle of the universe, without which we and the universe would not exist. Herein unfolds the true Private Public Partnership.

12 novels exploring the Principle of Universal Love
(free access online at:

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8, Coffee Sex and Biscuits
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10, Angels of Sex in Queensland
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