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Healing the Collapsing Heart
freeing the world of oligarchism

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche (March. 1, 2008)


This article is made up of four parts, because the function of the heart of our humanity, not unlike the physical organ, is not as openly apparent. Nevertheless we can feel its pulse, though we are rarely aware of numerous influences that affect it. These can be grouped into four parts. 

Some confess about their humanity that they can't feel anything at all. The world calls them fascists, oligarchs, tyrants, dictators, and so on. Society puts the heartless into a dark corner in their mind, but not out of mind. It sees their inhumanity. It tries to deal with it as though it was a human quality. It keeps its mind open to inhumanity, to people living without a human pulse. It thereby allows its heart to become polluted with the ever-growing ado of insanity that flows forth from oligarchism.

But what really is oligarchism? The best definition for the term, better than what can found in any dictionary, I found contained in a February 25, 2008 statement by the world-renowned American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche, contained in an article with the title: "The British Empire's Stranglehold Over Petroleum Kills." He noted, "The Saudis get only $3 per barrel for their oil at the wellhead. The other $100 is skimmed by the British Empire." 
See Appendix Part 1 - source:

The brutal faces behind this oligarchism may remain forever hidden in the secrecy of things that are kept purposely out of sight and without names attached. However, the rush of madness that flows in those hidden channels in the sewers called oligarchism, has an effect that floods the world with a spine-shuddering shockwave unfolding for many into death. Thereby the horrid face of oligarchism is not really unknown by anyone living on this planet.

The mental pollution that causes society to accept this insanity as a normal way of living needs to be blocked, and the human heart needs to be healed of it by cleansing it in the waters of the Sublime nature of our spiritual humanity.  This healing is always a 2-part process. But to be cleansed away, the mental pollution first needs to be identified as an agent that is destroying the heart. Ultimately, our dealing with the problem of mental pollution is the key-step to resolving all physical environmental issues, including issues of global pollution and those actual climate issues that are built into the nature of the universe, like the Ice Age cycles. The pollution-focus on the mental 'environment' comprises Part 1.

The second part focuses on the soft poisons that create a wall of hopelessness around the heart so that people  simply give up. The soft poisons are poisons which induce people to do the things they hate themselves for, but do anyway, as no other options seem to exist or are available to them. The soft poisons are hard to detect, and hard to fend against. Still we cannot escape the struggles of a poisoned heart. It needs to be healed. We sense an uncertainty in the pulse of the heart. This scares us. Things get even more scary when we find many such things rummaging around in the heart that we would not want to have anyone else see. If this scares us we are lucky. We are half-way home to the healing. Fortunately, for the as yet unseen cases there are some gross examples available that illustrate the pattern, thereby the hidden impositions become more visible.

The third part deals with the healing process, the science of the cleansing waters; the science of the Sublime nature of our spiritual humanity. 

The healing focus deals with the vast complexity of the spiritual dimension of the heart, the deep inner issues pertaining to what we are, or are not, or would be. The science-aspect that is presented in this part comprises a collection of highly developed structures that Mary Baker Eddy, America's great pioneer of divine Science, has provided the building blocks for already a hundred years ago. I have put several types of these structures together in the early 1990s, arranged by their structural similarity. It started as an exercise just to see what would happen, and to explore the interrelationships that would unfold. I see them not as doctrine, but as a platform on which one is alone in clearing the waters for cleansing the heart.

The fourth part deals with issues of power by spiritual reflection -- not personal power, but the spiritual power of the universe being channeled into the dark places on Earth where healing is needed in times of crisis, even in the political dimension -- and why not in the political dimension? Spiritual healing goes to the core of the corrective process, for the power of it isn't our own. It reflects the principles of the universe. Scientific spiritual healing, as an efficient process, can be likened to industrial production where advanced processes, built on scientific discoveries, furnish an environment in which the creative and productive power of human labor is multiplied enormously, all they way into the realm of the miraculous. Modern civilization is to a large degree the product of industrial production. According to actual experiences the same science-applied potential exists also in the spiritual and metaphysical realm. While the spiritual science is still new, the footsteps uncertain, and the absolute of Spirit is but feebly expressed, it offers nevertheless to those who care to do the work, a portal into a new world with freedoms for mankind that no political process to date has achieved, the world's total freedom from oligarchism, the freedom of a spiritual renaissance.

History tells us that the periods in which society made some progress towards reaching this goal were also the most-spiritual periods, of which there were far too few. Thus, as today's world gets evermore deeply mired in oligarchism, even to the heart's despair or the very death of it, the time appears to have come to get serious with the long-avoided task of lifting the heart out of the sewer of impotence to a higher level of perception and power where oligarchism, as just another disease, can find no place on this planet any longer or any lodging in the heart.



Part 1 - The polluted environment of the heart

Our planet is presently reeling in the shadow of three major issues of pollution. These are so vast in their effect that they pose existential challenges to the whole of mankind. All other environmental issues, imagined, threatened, or real, are subsequent to these three core issues. Any attempt to address them outside of the context of these three main issues is utter hypocrisy, or foolishness at the very best.

The three issues of pollution are: 1 - Oligarchism; 2 - Radioactive pollution; 3 - Astrophysical 'pollution' that results in ice ages.

Of the three major issues of pollution, one is so monumental in scope that the other two existential challenges are actually created by it, which would be non-issues otherwise. This Number One issue is oligarchism, a poisonous mental pollution with devastating physical consequences. I blackens the global mental environment with the pollutant of impotence; hopelessness; small-mindedness; self-denial; inhumanity; greed; hate; irrationalism leading to poverty, economic destruction, starvation, war, and ultimately depopulation.

Oligarchism is so ancient that it is hard to tell how it began. It might have begun when society's need for leadership was first betrayed for profit. Or it might have begun when money was invented, which gave the money-grabbers power over the rest of society. It might also have begun when land was first claimed as property.

The dictionary defines oligarchism as the rule of society by a privileged class, based on self-assumed privileges tolerated by society, often at its greatest peril. Oligarchism was a major issue in biblical history as it robbed a people of their soul and turned them into underlings and slaves. It became a spiritual issue almost throughout the whole of biblical history, and an issue of general cultural history in terms of society's struggle to gain its freedom from that oppression.

 The successes were few. The early Greek Classical Culture can be seen as possibly the first major attempt by society to free itself of its enslavement to oligarchism. The early Greek Classical Culture raised a beacon-light, but the ruling oligarchy rose to the challenge and crushed it to restore the dark age of oligarchism. The Peloponnesian War accomplished that treachery. Socrates and Plato tried to bring the light back, to raise the lost culture out of its 'ashes.' They succeeded  marvellously to the point that they have become regarded as the precursor of Christianity, establishing a scientific platform for the spiritual dimension of our humanity. But Rome, the empire of oligarchism, hiding behind the form of democracy, rose to the challenge in its time and crushed the new hope. Thus the dark ages resumed.

The founding of Islam might be seen as the next attempt by society to break the yoke of oligarchism. Islam put the combination of scientific and spiritual development onto the front burner. It created a period of renaissance, the Islamic Renaissance, in which the works of Plato were collected and republished together with many of the other scientific works of the old world. In doing so, perhaps by design, Islam established itself on a platform that included the two most-deadly challenges against the oligarchical system, the twin-pillars of scientific and spiritual development. This might have been out of necessity, because there is no humanist renaissance possible without the twin-pillars of scientific and spiritual development. The Islamic Renaissance might also not have been intentionally launched as a challenge to oligarchism, which is merely the invariable outcome of scientific and spiritual development.

 If Islam was launched in part as an attempt to break the yoke of oligarchism, it didn't succeed. Still it may have helped in launching the Golden Renaissance in Europe where the revival of Plato played a significant role. It was discovered that certain young boys who were engaged in the monasteries to copy the works of Plato, became independent scientific thinkers in the process. The process was recognized and immediately expanded into a form of formal education from which the leaders of the Golden Renaissance emerged.

The Golden Renaissance didn't actually break the yoke of oligarchism. The oligarchic system had collapsed under its own weight in 1345, by the lack of a foundation to stand on that is rooted in universal spiritual or divine Principle. The oligarchic system, in the form of the looting operations of the Lombard private financier monetarism, had boosted itself up in claiming to be an economic power -- an illusion that all of Europe had accepted and became indebted to. Of course a claim doesn't make reality. The reality was that the oligarchical system, which is centered on looting (a clever form of stealing) is inherently self-destructive and destructive to everything that is aligned with it. 

Society should have known this even then, that it is physically impossible for a people to prosper on the basis of stealing from one another. Since oligarchism is by its very nature built on this impossible platform, it is doomed from the outset by its very design. It was doomed then for this reason, and still is.

The Golden Renaissance came into being not as a scientific and spiritual victory over oligarchism. It unfolded in the shadow of its collapse and prevented the rebuilding of it. The Golden Renaissance became nevertheless a marvellous period of great scientific, spiritual, and cultural achievements, perhaps the greatest of its kind of all times. The revolutionary achievements of this brief period, especially the economic achievements that were wrought, still stand today as an example for mankind for all times to come, demonstrating the vast development potential of the human spirit when it is free to develop.

The Golden Renaissance, of course, was crushed as soon as oligarchism found a way to re-assert itself. It did it with its age-old method of creating issues for division and then inducing society to kill one-other across the dividing lines. It took the Venetian oligarchy a hundred years on this path to crush the Golden Renaissance, but even in its ashes a spark of the Renaissance had remained alive. This spark had been carefully nurtured and was gradually turned back into a great flame, the flame of the Treaty of Westphalia (1648) built on the universal principle of "the advantage of the other." 

With the raising up of this principle society acted for the first time in modern history to apply the axe at the root of oligarchism. The principle of the Treaty of Westphalia became the foundation for modern civilization expressed by the universal commitment in society to a world of sovereign nation-states cooperating for the interest of each other.

The USA was established on this foundation of society claiming its freedom from oligarchism. The American Declaration of Independence is a declaration by a people of their right and their power to claim their freedom from oligarchic rule. In the case of America's freedom, the colonies simply stepped away from the British oligarchism that was looting much of the world. The immortal words of the reulting 1776 Declaration of a people of their freedom from oligarchism still stand tall today.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. 

It took the masters of oligarchism 137 years to annul the above Declaration by the American people to themselves, and for them to re-establish in America oligarchism as the prime power over society. This turnaround happened on Dec. 23, 1913 with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act that re-enslaved the nation to oligarchism from this time on. 

While the term oligarchism is carefully avoided in modern speech, it remains the ruling force behind the private monetarism that has polluted the mental landscape around the world with ever greater forms of insanity in an effort to keep itself alive. Over the years the masters of oligarchism have added many new facets of oligarchic rule that barely resemble the old core concepts, facets like Nazism, Corporatism, Globalism, Fabianism, and so forth. However, the oligarchic goal remains the same, and always will. 

In order for the masters of oligarchism, the masters of empire, to maintain their ability to loot the world,  they continue to crush all forms of scientific and spiritual development and to destroy any nation and culture that has the potential to create a new renaissance. The USA had demonstrated this potential in a profound way that made it the richest and freest country in the world. This success also made it the Number One enemy of the masters of oligarchism who promptly sent out their agents and stooges to destroy the USA from within, just as the masters of Venice had done in the 1500s to destroy the Renaissance. The project worked well then, and is working well now. The USA has been driven to the brink of its existence. With traitors working from within, from the highest places, the USA has been turned into a wreck on all fronts simultaneously. It lost its industries, its financial foundation, its culture of science and freedom, its farming to a large degree, and its social stability. It became a rust-bucket riddled with unemployment, homelessness, hunger, and now its is being hit in addition with the foreclosure tsunami that evicted millions of families out of their home, which is soon to be followed with an equal wave of banking failures and on the political side with the rise of a fascist emperor over the nation with the return of the age of the concentration camps on the horizon. 600 concentration camps apparently have already been built in the USA. Rumours have it that many more exists across Europe. Likewise exists the policy of intention to depopulate the world below the one-billion mark. 

See: and

Today oligarchism rules much of the western world. But just as in the days of old, the oligarchy cannot avoid reality. The simple reality remains that its platform of empire has no foundation in universal principles on which it can stand.  No amount of cheating, lying, threatening, or plain fascist control measures, can hide the unavoidable fact that a society cannot prosper by stealing from one-another or killing one-another, which is the platform that oligarchism is built on. Nor can oligarchism overturn the fact that a society's prosperity, its real wealth, is never reflective of anything else but its own creative and productive power: the spiritual powers of its humanity expressed in science, technologies, culture, and the worlds upon worlds of freedom and prosperity that these terms signify.

Oligarchism is a disease of mental blindness, a mental pollution that has infected not only the entire oligarchical class with an insanity they cannot escape from, but has infected society as well with the same disease.  The masters of oligarchism cannot escape the fact that whatever they touch turns to dust. Nor can society escape the fact that by its bowing to oligarchism it turns its own future into dust as well.

While the masters of oligarchism were able to launch conspiracies to get the Federal Reserve Act passed and were able the bankrupt the USA with it into the biggest 'dust-bowl' of a depression that has ever been seen, both society and its masters couldn't escape the susequent fact they didn't really profit from this massive destruction. Oligarchism is a paradox in itself to all concerned. While its masters aim to secure their looting existence by waging war against the development potential of society that they see as a threat to them,  in doing that very thing they invariably threaten the foundation that they themselves physically depend on as oligarchism has no foundation of its own. The unavoidable fact remains that by the same token society becomes self-destroyed in the environment of this madness in which it bows to and hails oligarchy as the bringer of progress. 

There has never been a moment in history when fascism, which is an instrument of oligarchism, has been anything but destructive to society. This hasn't changed to present day and never will. Nor is it intended to change, but escalate into the most horrific depopulation ever witnessed on the planet. The consequences tend to become bigger still in then extreme times as we are now entering, when the oligarchical system has exhausted the resources of the whole world in its looting practices. The masters of the oligarchical system have become so desperate that they are now leashing out to steal the nation's highways and other economic infrastructures, to squeeze the last possible drops of profits out of them in a final attempt save their dying empire. Since their attempt cannot succeed, but tends to accelerate the collapse, the old oligarchical game is played evermore openly now. The goal of oligarchism is no longer hidden behind the screen of secrecy. It is now openly stated that the goal is to eradicate the competing institution to empire, the institution of the nation-state; to wipe it off the map altogether and to impose new government at the hands of private world-corporations, operating for profit and in the service of empire. The infamous Lisbon Treaty has been designed as a gateway in that direction, as a step back into feudalism. This goal to get back to "the golden age of feudalism" akin to the 13th and 14th Century, is now openly stated by the architects of the Lisbon Treaty. The treaty is constructed with the intention to eliminate all the principles that modern civilization is built on from the Treaty of Westphalia onward. It is designed to force society back to the hell of the Hobbesian world of the rule of raw power, a world in which the very notion of love is banned, 

The Lisbon Treaty is a clever trick of course, a work of art by the masters of deception. One has to admit that much. It demands that all the nations of the European Union collectively surrender their sovereign control over themselves into the hands of a sovereign master, a President and agent of oligarchism, the enforcer of his masters' will. Of course this imperial demand is somewhat hidden behind the sophistry of the supposed democratic consensus that would be giving Europe a stronger voice. In real terms those twisted words tell us that we have replay here before us of the ancient biblical days in which the Israelites demanded of Samuel that he should set up a king over them to rule and to judge them, and to fight their battles for them. Samuel had warned the people in the strongest language that he could muster, saying:

This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run before his chariots. And he will appoint him captains over thousands, and captains over fifties; and will set them to ear his ground, and to reap his harvest, and to make his instruments of war, and instruments of his chariots. And he will take your daughters to be confectionaries, and to be cooks, and to be bakers. And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your oliveyards, even the best of them, and give them to his servants. And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of your vineyards, and give to his officers, and to his servants. And he will take your menservants, and your maidservants, and your goodliest young men, and your asses, and put them to his work. He will take the tenth of your sheep: and ye shall be his servants.... 

Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel; and they said, Nay; but we will have a king over us. (I Samual 8)

That's the face of oligarchism still. The Lisbon Treaty has been engineered to set up a king over the European Union, a President by title, an enforcer by design of the will of the masters of oligarchism. The U.S. Presidency is being redesigned for the same task. The founder's task for the U.S. President was to uphold the principles of the nation's constitution. This function has already been scrapped in America. The Lisbon Treaty doesn't even pretend to establish such a function. Its openly-stated purpose is to establish a full-fledged dictator over the member-nations, governing all military and foreign policy, and also the rule of law and the death penalty. 

The Lisbon Treaty, if it becomes accepted, would place all the European-Union nations into the hands of the masters of oligarchism, a Super-Hitler who would be in control of the combined military of Europe, who would be free to attack Iran, or Russia, or China, or India, at will. He would rule in the name of all of Europe and possibly also the USA. The European President is designed to be set up as a Super-Hitler. The oligarchy's own Tony Blair is already 'appointed' to be put into the post in Europe, with Michael Bloomberg, the $40 billion mayor of New York, having been 'appointed' to become his American twin ruling the USA. 

With this super-dictatorship in place, WW III becomes almost inevitable. If attacked Russia will defend itself. It has never been defeated since the Mongols. At which point the drive to WW III becomes irreversible cannot be determined. Most likely, it won't be a nuclear war of the type that was threatened during the Cold War era. While nuclear bombing might still have its uses for 911-type terror operation, like eradicating a U.S. city for the purpose of staging martial law throughout the world, on the larger scale nuclear war appears to be deemed inefficient as more destructive methods have been devised since the Cold War. As Bertrand Russell of the British oligarchy had lamented as far back as 1951, saying that even the big wars are disappointing in that they don't kill enough people in terms of depopulating the planet. In this sense nuclear war appears to be deemed inefficient also, since more efficient methods have been devised for depopulation with the introduction of the uranium bomb (the DU-bomb and munitions). DU, vaporized into the air, keep on killing forever. DU (depleted uranium) is radioactive nuclear waste. Instead of being buried for safe disposal it is put into bombs were it is vaporised on impact into particles smaller than the wavelength of light that become a part of the atmosphere forever. The killing potential of DU-ordnance has been extensively tested in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Of the three-quarter million veterans who had served in these theatres, half a million are classified a permanently disabled, with many suffering a slow death. The local population is worse of as it cannot escape these polluted theatres where their lives are increasingly decimated with cancers, birth-defects, and with the still unknown consequences of long-term genetic degeneration. With the radioactive component of the airborne uranium pollution that has already spread across the world having a half-life of 4.5 billion years, its killing potential remains permanent.

DU is a deadly poison. While the acronym stands for "depleted uranium," there is nothing depleted about it in terms of its deadly radioactivity. DU is basically uranium that has the fissional isotope U235 removed, while it remains otherwise radioactive as any form of uranium is. It emits alpha radiation that is considered low-level radiation. Under normal circumstances low-level radiation is quite harmless, because the alpha nucleonic clusters are large and are quickly stopped. A piece of paper can stop them. But when the uranium becomes vaporized into tiny spheres smaller in diameter than the wavelength of light, they become invisible and airborne like a gas and thereby become a part of the very air that we all breathe. They get into the lungs and into the blood stream, and into the smallest cells. There, their radiating nucleonic clusters won't have to go very far to cause major damage, setting off a vast variety of symptoms (over 90 and counting) depending on where the damage in the body is done. The most visible form of the damage is found in birth defects, many of which defy description.

So far (officially) 2.5 million kilograms of DU have been used in bombs and ordnance in the wars against Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Officially over 500,000 veterans have been classified as permanently disabled. The numbers may appear small on the global scale, but if one looks worldwide, they become significantly larger. With the radiating particles having become globally extended, we now see the most typical symptoms increasing globally. CNN had reported in 2006 a six-fold increase in long cancers. (see: )

 A similar increase occurred in diabetes II, from 30 million cases worldwide (1987) to 250 million cases (2007). We have also seen new types of diseases emerging in the aftermath of the DU-Wars that have never existed before, like the Morgellons Fiber Disease and the deadly H5N1 Avian Flu. It is not unreasonable to assume that the same radioactive poison that is already wrecking human DNA on a vast scale is not also in the background altering viral DNA, and that of bacteria. It stands to reason that the birds are especially exposed to the airborne radioactive poison. We have also seen a dramatic die-off of insects, bees, birds, even frogs. Those massive mysterious biological phenomena cannot really be explained, except by their timely coincidences with the big DU-Wars and their global radioactive pollution. Of course what we see today is but a small-scale preview of what is really intended. 

There is enough uranium contained in the already pre-positioned weaponry to assure a 100-fold increase of the radioactive pollution of the world, the approximate radioactive content of 100 million atom bombs. The USA has an estimated 65 million Kg contained in weapons stockpiled in South Korea alone, with many times more likely propositioned at the over 20 USAF bases surrounding Iran. A potential 100-fold increase may be a conservative estimate. Like a slow virus the wave of killing by the spreading vaporized uranium tends to unfold quietly and gradually so as not to cause a political uproar. This appears to be the manner is which the war against Russia, China, and India may be staged to unfold, by means of ultra-massive conventional bombing injecting vast amounts of radioactive uranium vapor in the atmosphere. Within days the poison will spread, starting regionally, reaching farther and farther, and then reaching globally.

Just take a map and draw a 1500 mile circle around North Korea (which is still on the political radar screen) and take a look at what results. You will note that the circle encompasses all of Korea,  all of Japan, and the most populous reign of China and so forth. What is set up for North Korea obviously has nothing to do with North Korea itself. Korea is set up to be essentially a back-door staging ground for a DU-War to destroy China as a functioning nation. That is what the neo-feudal ideology of oligarchic rule has on the agenda. The oligarchic long-term goal has suddenly become 'achievable' in the dawning new age of the DU-Wars. Of course, Japan and Korea would both fall as 'collateral damage' on the global chess board, like so many pawns in the past have, to be sacrificed. The same fate would in time also await the American population, which is also a major target of the oligarchy, the masters of empire, as is the rest of the world. 

Most people live with the hope that it won't come to that, while they take no action to prevent the already prepared-for fate. The weapons for it are presently on the ground, and the resolve to use them has been amply demonstrated. The 911 event in 2001 opened the trap door for America, and America fell into the trap. The next 911 event appears to be designed to spring the trap shut. The policy of intention for America to fall into the trap might have already been announced by the President:

"Good morning. At this moment, somewhere in the world, terrorists are planning new attacks on our country. Their goal is to bring destruction to our shores that will make September the 11th pale by comparison." -- George W. Bush, Feb. 13, 2008 *4

In the shadow of what appears to be intended, as announced in a form that might be a policy statement, the remaining two major environmental issues suddenly are being pushed into the foreground as they are thereby given a new dimension of meaning. 

If the Lisbon Treaty were succeed (which might succeed only in the shadow of the super-terror-wave resulting from the promised super-sized 911) then the DU-pollution issue would suddenly become an extremely ominous issue as the bombing campaigns would begin in earnest. 

The only other major environmental danger that mankind would then be facing is the impending return of the Ice Age. The return of the Ice Age is a factor that we cannot avoid by any means. However, mankind still has the scientific, technological, and economic resources within its grasp to protect itself and its food production in large scale indoor facilities, by which the coming Ice Age, whenever it comes, becomes a non-event. This path, however, appears evermore blocked by oligarchism, together with every other path towards protecting society against the Dark Ages of economic collapse, financial collapse, cultural collapse, and social collapse, which are currently the running features in the theatre of oligarchism. 

The financial collapse is currently the big one that will likely overshadow all others. Its effect is global and bigger than any of its type in history. Oligarchism, if it remains unchecked, becomes a devastating monster by its arrogant dynamics. The financial collapse, orchestrated by oligarchism, will likely take the whole world down, unless society decides to rescue itself in the last moments, and the chance for that to happen gets slimmer by the day. Nevertheless, the potential for a breakout exists. The potential is rather powerful should society take steps to rediscover its Sublime humanity. If this doesn't happen oligarchism becomes the dictator and endless global war will be the outcome as has already been announced, with DU-ordnance becoming massively utilized to the point that very few people will likely survive.

We have now entered the boundary zone of this end-game that portends either the end of oligarchism or the end of civilization. In the shadow of over 80% of mankind becoming wiped out in the process (according to the current oligarchic doctrine) civilization might not become recoverable until after the end of the next Ice Age some 100,000 years from now.  

Ironically the key factor in all of this mountain of madness is not the oligarchy of the world, but is society who finds so little value in itself that it allows the madness free passage, literally handing the axe to its executioner. The time for the needed awakening is now. If it happens the future is bright, brighter than anything imaginable. If it doesn't happen, mankind might not have a future at all. We are presently the eights human species. The previous seven have all become extinct. One way or another, oligarchism will end. The only open question is, will society survive? That question will be answered by how determined we are to have it end in our favor before all is lost.

Here is how a French Law Professor looks at the way the Lisbon Treaty was pushed through the French Parliament by President Sarkozy. (Source LPAC)

PARIS, March 11, 2008 (Nouvelle Solidarité) -- "High Treason," was the headline of a column published in Marianne on Oct. 18, 2007 attacking the way the Lisbon Treaty was imposed on the French people. The column was written by prominent French law professor Anne-Marie Le Pourhiet, a specialist in constitutional law. In practice, she says, it would have been simpler to maintain the original text and just erase those passages that have been abandoned. As her article appeared in English in the Oct. 24, 2007 online issue of WorldPoliticsReview, she wrote: "It is not hard to understand, however, why this option was rejected, since it would have made the contempt shown for the will of the French and Dutch peoples -- who rejected the latter treaty in referendums in the summer of 2005 -- too flagrantly obvious."

The authors of the new treaty decided to present everything upside down. "The trick involved appears particularly clear with regards to the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which, unlike in the case of the Constitutional Treaty, is no longer included as an integral part, but appears instead in Article 6 of the new text as follows: "The Union recognizes the rights, freedoms and principles set out in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of 7 December 2000, which shall have the same legal value as the Treaties.

"We have here, then, an 'amending' treaty that thus affirms that a charter that is not part of it has the same legal force as the very treaties that it serves to modify! A more contorted legal procedure has never been seen."

As have many others who tried to read the treaty when adopted, she noted that the governments wanted the parliaments to ratify a part of a treaty, whose initial totality had already been rejected. "But this gives rise to a fundamental question: Inasmuch as the French people have rejected the whole treaty in a legally binding act, how can the President of the Republic alone decide to have the majority of its provisions ratified by the Parliament? President Sarkozy has defended this decision on the grounds that the provisions in question 'were not the object of contestation.'"

Everybody involved in the numerous debates building up to the May 29, 2005 election day remembers that criticisms and opposition were so far-ranging that no one really can say what parts were rejected and what parts were not in the final vote. Le Pourhiet then continues: " The procedure of the President of the Republic in claiming to be able to interpret by himself the will of the French people is completely arbitrary and borders on dictatorship. The constitution of the state of California lays down that a norm that has been adopted by referendum cannot be abrogated or modified except by another referendum. The Italian Constitutional Court has recognized the same principle. In light of such examples, one cannot help but be distressed by the sort of coup d'état that is occurring in France. If the President is convinced that the provisions that remain in the Amending Treaty have been implicitly approved by the French, then he has only to confirm this by organizing a new referendum in order to obtain their explicit agreement.

"How is one, then, to characterize and to sanction such a coup d'état? The text of the highly popular French constitution of 1793 hardly showed a light hand in such matters. Its Article 27 lays down that 'any individual who usurps sovereignty should be immediately put to death by free men.' But we should undoubtedly respect the provisions of our current French constitution, which prohibits capital punishment, and turn instead to Article 35 of the 1793 text. The latter solemnly affirms that 'when government violates the rights of the people, insurrection is for the people and all its parts the most sacred right and the most indispensable obligation.' The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen of 1789 [elaborated by Lazare Carnot--ed.], which is integrated into the preamble of the current French constitution, likewise includes the resistance to oppression among the natural and inalienable rights of man."

The French Constitution, she says, states that the Republic is the "'government of the people by the people and for the people'" and that the President is in charge of defending that principle. Therefore "the expression that comes to mind to designate presidential contempt for the popular will is obviously that of `high treason.'" The term was recently replaced by "'failure to fulfill his obligations manifestly incompatible with the exercise of his office.'" She then stressed, that at the time the French MPs were in the process of evaluating whether they would ratify the treaty or not, the MPs "rather than themselves violating the public trust by ratifying a treaty that has already been rejected by their constituents, they form a High Court to punish the guilty party."

Her conclusion: "In the absence of either an insurrection or impeachment, we will be left with nothing more to do than to shed tears over our voluntary servitude, realizing that our elected representatives represent very well what we have in fact ourselves become: doormats."


Part 2 - The way towards healing the heart

The one man who consistently offered the revolutionary solution to the problem, the world-renowned American statesman and economist, said emphatically in one of his webcasts "we don't fight against something, we fight for something." One simply cannot fight against insanity. One can only fight for sanity. Sanity is intelligence, the substance of the universe, the universal cause, the creative intellect, the productive animus, the heart of our humanity. Insanity is a negation. It is self-denial and the denial of the principle of the universe. It is a darkness that is nothing more than the absence of light. One cannot fight darkness, but one can fight for bringing light back into the world.

Let me illustrate this with an example. Darkness results when the light goes out. The thief hides in the shadow, breaks in at the midnight hour, robs people while they are asleep or are weary. The oligarch creates darkness artificially. It steals the 'sun,' the light of our humanity, spreading the sophistry of insanity, the sophistication of lies. The oligarch lives in the hell-holes of secret societies with many different names: the Masionic Lodges, the Bilderburgers, the Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, the Fondi, the Neocons, the New World Order; the satanic cults of countless varieties -- but they all have one characteristic in common, they depend on the darkness of secrecy, the rule of lies, the brutality of fascism, and so on. They depend on the darkness of secrecy because the light of human reason and cultural development would expose their lies and their emptiness and the darkness of their empty hearts. The light of humanity would thus eradicate their precarious empire built on insanity.

Healing the value of money

Of course the darkness of oligarchy as a system is all centered on money, which the system of darkness defines as a personal estate, a 'property' that can be horded and be used as a power as if money had any intrinsic value. But it doesn't have an intrinsic value. The more money is stolen from society and horded, the more valueless it becomes, because it has no value in itself but merely reflects the value of society's productive and creative action. Outside of this context money has no value. Money is a part of the creative and productive process that builds a civilization. It is but a link in a long chain that contains many links. It is a part of a living process that enables human labor to become more productive. The living process includes machines as tools, industries that utilize the tools to create products that society needs, and infrastructures that make the process functional. The living process includes power systems, water systems, transportation systems, housing, farming, clothing, health care, scientific education, uplifting culture such as we find reflected in art and music and literature. If a single link is destroyed the chain becomes dysfunctional. Thereby every part looses its value, including money. And that is where we are now.

America is a perfect example. It allowed every single physical link to break down, beginning with basic industries, such as its machine tool industry, all the way to its very heart of culture, with everything in-between. It is all being diminished and extensively destroyed in the most vital cases. It is insanity to assume that money has any value in this environment, and that civilization can be maintained in it. However, the oligarchy in its infinite lack of wisdom, lurking in its secret dens of insanity, insists that money has value by itself and aims to maintain this illusion by force.

That is why we see such insanity as we see it in the oil prices today where a barrel of oil that costs $3.00 to produce is sold for $103.00. The difference is pocketed by the masters of empire feeding the oligarchy. They are literally stealing the world, and they are shouting, "the world is not enough." They are asking for more, and to get it they aim to set the world on fire with wars to get total control over everything in order to maximize their looting. They want your blood, your life, and everyone else's too. They are now reaching out to grab Iran, but with their eyes set on destroying Russia, India, and China in order to get their hands on these country's resources. 

The USA and Europe have already largely been destroyed. According to their own ranting they want to be rulers over a devastated and depopulated world run by the looting forces of private corporations, or a single world corporation, all ruled by them, in order that they can dictate the value of money. But it won't work. 

Their plan can't work, because money has no intrinsic value of its own, but merely reflects the value of society's productive and creative action. The irony that the oligarchy cannot escape from, or anyone for that matter, is that for every dollar increase in the price of oil that increases the looting society, their action reduces the productive capacity of society and thereby universally reduces the value of money. Likewise with every single industry that is being destroyed or diminished in their greed for universal power, the value of their money becomes diminished. 

The world is presently awash with a vast network of so-called hedge funds that are destroying the productive capacity of society in a wholesale fashion, in a process of draining society's equity into non-productive coffers. The resulting looting has been so intense that in a few short years of this destructive insanity the entire world financial system is collapsing as the value of money is disintegrating. Trillions of once deemed valuable assets suddenly can no longer be sold for even pennies on the dollar. The value of the assets simply vanished as their physical equivalent has been destroyed.

The collapse-cycle is self-feeding. With every once productive human being that is forced into the unemployment line and eventually into homelessness, another hole is torn into value-facade of money. With every soldier who is killed in war, or family member who dies for lack of health care or food, the value of money becomes shredded further and further. For every acre of farmland that is planted for biofuel, for burning food in cars, the shredded tangles become extended to the point that nothing in the financial world represents anything of value anymore. 

The illustrated interrelationship applies to all aspects of civilization, and the collapse of it. For example, for every single step in the take-down of truth in education, science, and culture, the value of money becomes further and further torn into tatters as the creative and productive power of society becomes thereby diminished and torn to the ground. 

Right now the entire money-value system is reduced to but tatters blowing in the wind. The entire global value system is hanging precariously by a few thin threads that are getting weaker under the strain of increasing poverty and crimes, including State-crimes, all committed for the sake of money. The next increase will be war-crimes that will likely break these threads when the productive capacity of mankind becomes further and further destroyed. 

Ironically, this inevitable collapse of society is what the advance of fascism is aiming for in the form of the Bloomberg presidential campaign that is presently still hiding in the shadows, and likewise the Lisbon Treaty that promises for Europe a Dictator President over all the nations of the European Union, a King-Stooge of the oligarchy with total war-powers. And even as it demands this treaty to be ratified the oligarchy cries that Europe is not enough. It wants more. It wants the entire world. But as the value of money now diminishes evermore the oligarchy already cries out "the world is not enough." It wants the naked earth with a dehumanized enslaved mankind grovelling in the dirt as in the 'golden' days of feudalism. That is what the author of the Lisbon Treaty is openly idealizing. He raves about the 'virtues' of reducing civilization to the sate of raw feudalism unfolding in a New Dark Age of a largely depopulated Earth. NATO is already in the process to be reformed into a force to accomplish this task that the oligarchy demands to be carried out.

This is what is presently on the table for society to give its consent to: the 'ideal' of a world of utter poverty; a sparsely populated world ruled by money estates and the fascism of universal corporatism; a world devoid of national sovereignty, individual sovereignty, even thought-sovereignty. All of these forms of sovereignty that are so vital to civilization are already being diminished, opening the door to the ever grosser forms of dehumanization that the masters of empire idealize as a platform for their continued existence.

However, none of the presently staged collapse into insanity need to happen. Corporatism, fascism, monetarism, and the oligarchy mastering the game that is destroying civilization, can all be denied. The human nature that is inherent in all mankind universally is the reflection of the Intelligence of the universe that is expressed in all that is real and natural. It is foremost expressed in the humanity of mankind. Our exit from hell is through this always open door, the door of sanity.

Our exit-door from hell is always visible on the horizon, ready to be opened should society care to let go of the insanity of seeking its value in money instead of in its productive and creative potential and human beings. Once society decides to rebuild the chain of its civilization in which alone money gains value, reflecting the value of civilization, then society will recognize as a first step that money isn't a natural resource that one digs out of the ground, which therefore one can own or society can run out of. Money will then be recognized as nothing more than the expressed reflection of the productive power of society. On this platform there in no reason that one could cite why the world should ever run out of money. Nor is there any reason that one can rationally cite why society could not get back to the natural value system that reflects the entire chain of civilization functioning as an integrated process. 

Once society heals its heart of the snake-oil poison of oligarchy, there is no reason why society cannot re-establish the natural expression of its humanity. Right now society hold on to the snake-oil poison like a monkey does to a nut placed into the Malaysian monkey trap. The trap has a hole large enough for the monkey to get his hand in, but small enough to prevent the monkey to get its hand back out holding a nut. Thus the monkey remains trapped by its greed, doomed to become a delicacy on some dinner table. Nevertheless the path to freedom is always open for the monkey. It remains open to the last moment. The monkey only has to let go of the nut. But it won't. It thinks the nut is valuable. It's my nut! It won't let go. 

Fortunately mankind is not a monkey. Mankind has the intelligence that is needed for it to let go of the snake-oil poison of its oligarchy that is presently latched onto. Mankind has the capacity to declare the oligarchy bankrupt and put its collapsing value system through a bankruptcy reorganization in order to save what remains that is of real value, such as the productive power of society, and to let the rest go.

That is what LaRouche is proposing with his Homeowner and Bank Protection Act. And he is right, of course, because there is no other approach possible. If oligarchism is not a power in itself in real terms, but derives whatever power it claims to have from the consent of society, what point is there in fighting it? The real task thus is to let it go. It becomes becomes evident from this that the essential fight is a fight of mankind with itself, an inner fight for the truth, a fight for society's self-development as human beings with the sovereign power to step away from the much heralded status of mankind as helpless underlings, impotent slaves, or as "doormats." Sure, that's not an easy thing to do in the political and social environment of a world of underlings, but it definitely possible for society to step out of this self-strangulation environment. 

Allow me to illustrate the challenge with an example.

I lived in the East Sector of Germany after WW II, the Russian sector that was set up to operate as a communist state. We proudly called it a democratic state, the Deutsche Democratic Republic (DDR). We had a unique form of democracy. Since the state was officially governed by the people for the people, we only needed one political party, the Unity Party of the people. The set-up made the elections rather simple. We had two choices during elections, to vote either YES or NO, approving or disapproving the government. And since every citizens was also a patriot, and a patriot has nothing to hide, provisions were made for everyone marking the ballot openly in front of the scrutineers. Thus, nobody entered the voting booth, and nobody voted NO. Nobody would dare. 

Of course the people who were incapacitated had the ballot box brought to them. It became the duty of all young people to provide this service. We were sent out in teams of three so that nobody would cheat. Here the same options applied to vote openly in support of the government. With three people watching their every stroke of the pencil, would anyone say NO? Of course not. Thus we achieved a 98% turnout with total support registered for the government. We were all underlings to the system, through and through, ruled by fear.

Of course in modern America the election process has been advanced one step further with electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail, which can be programmed to report any result desired. While the modern election fraud has become so far-reaching that it has become a generally acknowledged joke, only a few people care to empower themselves re-establish honesty in the electoral process. Of course society's universal surrendering of the sovereign nature of its humanity in the face of the cultural perversion to insanity and a sense of impotence that results, creates the very underlings the masters of empire desire. 

Where money rules society, the natural sovereignty of society falls by the wayside. A herd of underlings is thereby created. We find this herd not only in society generally, but also in the U.S. Congress and Senate, all the way to the highest post. The masters of empire have worked diligently for decades to shape mankind into a herd of underlings, which is definitely in their favor, but which is killing society. This sense of impotence in society needs to be healed. The heart needs to be healed.

Part 3: The spiritual process for healing the heart

The healing of the world of oligarchism necessarily begins NOT with the 'gun.' Nobody can win a war against war, with war. The freedom of society can only be won by healing the heart, by society healing itself of the disease that allows it to become underlings. This done by letting go of that which has no value, that which is false and detrimental. 

What this healing process involves may be best illustrated with an analogy in physics. The physical universe exists in four distinct states depending on the intensity of the energy brought to its environment. When there is no energy in the system everything is frozen. In the case of water the frozen state is ice. When the environment becomes more energetic, the ice melts and water takes on a liquid state that is totally different from ice. As this progressing continues, at a more intense energetic environment the liquid water turns into steam and becomes a gas. When the temperature of the environment increases still further, into the range of millions of degrees, the atoms themselves that make up the water molecules become a type of 'gas' as they loose their atomic cohesion and dissolve into a 'soup,' called  a plasma. The plasma is made up of the atomic constituent particles in free flowing form. 

The process of healing can be seen in correlative terms. It can be seen to reflect the characteristics of the four physical states. When the mental environment is cold the thought processes are frozen. No movement happens. Like a piece of ice society easily gets tossed around by whatever forces act on it. This describes society 'living' in the current private monetarist environment. The current environment is a frozen environment; a fascist environment; an environment most desired by the masters of empire, the ruling oligarchy who regards society as its playthings; its impotent slaves to be exploited; its toys to be tossed to and fro and to be trampled on and trashed at will.

When the mental environment gets warmer, of course, society takes on a cultural state that reflects certain fundamental spiritual values. It is no longer just a piece of ice that can be tossed around. The heart becomes less rigid when the mental environment gets warmer, more loving, more forgiving, more generous, more fluid in the spiritual sense. Society become more self-aware. It discovers something of its humanity. It calls this sunrise the unfolding of "moral values." It creates a totally different landscape than we find in the frozen world.

The fluid state may be deemed a beginning in terms of building civilization. In this beginning we see the emergence of various types of spiritual constitutions. The Decalogue of Moses can be seen as an early example of a spiritual constitution. The Decalogue lays down the basic aspects without which civilization cannot exist, such as: thou shat not kill, steal, and covet property, and so on. In today's world this constitution is seen as but a worthless "piece of paper" just as President Bush has described the Constitution of the USA. And so it, the U.S. Constitutions, together with the spiritual constitution, are both being torn to shreds, portending a once-again transition to the frozen state. 

This sad conditions that we find all over the world today reflects the current freezing up of the heart of society as it recognizes no spiritual dimension in its humanity, which is to say that it finds no value in itself whereby it allows itself, as well as other nations, to become the playthings of an oligarchy. Society becomes the tragic figure in this play. It has the power to rescue itself, but it won't let go of its self-denial. Today's politics is largely focused on killing people, and on stealing and amassing property, instead of on living, creating, building, and advancing the well-being of society. Currently society gets the lowest failing mark in the sphere of the moral ground.

When the mental 'temperature' increases far above the state of the moral ground, which happens all too rarely, so that society becomes intensely scientific in nature, it then looses all its so-called inertia reflected in rigid traditions, inhuman dogmas, perception of impotence, subjection to limitations. It becomes like a gas. The heart begins to dance in the sunshine of its discovered spiritual ideas. It begins to live at the leading edge of spiritual science with which it combats the final mental challenge, the sense of limitation that is lodged in the mortal sense of life. This 'gaseous' or 'dancing' metal state is expressed in evermore creative forms of scientific metaphysics. It superseding physics. It opens the gate wide to the native sphere of humanity's spiritual living. This is the Sublime state of living where divine ideas come to light and are expressed in physical terms, such as in the metaphysical healing of disease and in creating a cultural renaissance with a brightness in creativity and productivity as has never been seen before. Mary Baker Eddy, who might be seen as the Kepler of her time, in the field of spiritual science, has provided a vast pedagogical structure for this science that she termed "divine Science." She provided a grounding platform that can furnish the foundation for the badly needed spiritual renaissance in the world. 

Considering the current 'frozen' mental state of society one would expect that her spiritual or divine Science isn't even recognized to even exist. This happens to be the case. Society happens to be in the general state of denial of anything that exists outside the frozen state. But her spiritual science and its pedagogical structures does exist. They are readily available to be utilized to melt the frozen state that predominates on the world's mental horizon. 

While Mary Baker Eddy was as much a pioneer entering the realm of discoveries as Kepler was, both brining to light universal principles that seemed incredible to general perception, one aspect of her work differs from that of Kepler. Kepler explains in great detail not only his discoveries, but also the path to them. Mary Baker Eddy goes one step further in her pedagogical work. She explains nothing. She has set up an extensive framework and supplied the building blocks for it, and then stepped  away, leaving the scene open for individual discovery aiding the process of individual self-development by learning the process of making discoveries. It is like she was saying to society a hundred years go: You are human beings. I don't have to teach you anything. You are fully capable of making the needed discoveries that can bring you into a new world, into a renaissance-world in the world that you can have right where you live. If you don't learn the process of making discoveries, how would you supersede me? -- And that is really the challenge, isn't it, to move beyond the leading edge and to redefine the frontier.

When the mental 'temperature' increases beyond that considerable 'heat' that takes us to the leading edge of Science, we are beginning to touch the Truth and discover evermore of its constituent elements. We touch the divine, the native air of all being, and with it the impossibility of any counter-elements. The infinite Intelligence or infinite Mind that is expressed in the universe cannot contain elements of error, or of falsities, or counter-spirits. If it did, the universe would fall into chaos and vanish, and not exist. Stepping into the native air of Truth is a step beyond Science. We demonstrate absolute concepts. We express them. We live them.  Or more precisely, we touch upon the impossibility of anything that doesn't measure up to the standard of the divine, the standard of Truth, the standard of the all-harmonizing universal Principle that is reflected in the smallest aspect of the smallest atom all the way to the tallest form of life as expressed in the intelligence of mankind. 

For this task, relative to the 'plasma' state, the larger concepts dissolve into ideas so that the 'muddy riverbeds' can be cleansed, Mary Baker Eddy presents us with a unique type of pedagogical structure where some of the vital core concepts expand into the constituent thoughts inherent in them, some to be nullified like the oligarchical concepts, and some to be advanced as they are reflecting the divine concepts to become demonstrable in practice as they have already been exemplified by the leading-edge pioneers in the field, people like Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy, and others.

The challenge of healing the heart

One of the greatest challenges that we all face is the challenge of healing the heart. Almost the whole of  civilization hangs on this thread. If we fail, civilization is lost. Mary Baker Eddy defined the term, Heart, in the Glossary of the textbook, as follows:

Heart. Mortal feelings, motives, affections, joys, and sorrows.

Healing the heart, and this includes the mortal and spiritual dimension of it, implies that we learn the science for living in heaven of earth; that we establish the kingdom of heaven right where we live. That's not impossible.

Old theology speaks of a distant heaven in an afterlife of uncertain obtainability. All cultures include such mythological features. Ironically, these mythologies take the focus off the reality of our present spiritual being and the demonstrability of it, even the attainability of heaven in the here and now. 

Nicholas of Cusa, one of the greatest scientific geniuses of the Golden Renaissance made a profound statement in illustrating this point, which may indeed have helped change the world and shape the Golden Renaissance. He pointed out that it is possible for one to take a square (A) and add more sides to it (B), like extending it to an octagon (C), and to extend this process to infinity whereby the resulting shape would appear to be a circle (D). However, Cusanus, as he is also called, emphasised that a polygon can never be a circle, because a circle is a singularity that is whole, while a polygon is a construct of strung together discontinuities. He suggested that society seems to be locked into process of trying to improve the polygon, thus to make itself appear more like a circle, which is God. He warned that by pursuing this path, society is moving backwards and is loosing itself instead of coming closer to the truth, because the process of extending the polygon to approximate the circle is taking the focus off the real task, which is to find its spiritual nature that is represented by the circle, a single unified whole.



Mary Baker Eddy said to society that it has the power to live in heaven on earth. Whatever our perceived limitations are that we have attached to our humanity, they are not a real hindrance in the development of science. She says that in the environment of Science we have the power to reach beyond the limits we have attached to ourselves and live up to the divine design of ourselves, which is to be Sublime, to be spiritual beings reflecting the quality of God. She says this in her own unique way, utilizing the scientific tool of the dual definition. By defining a certain concept in numerous ways she creates threads of interrelationships between the constituent elements and other related elements. We find this most prominently expressed is the case of her definition of the biblical river, Euphrates, the last of the four rivers of Genesis 2. The following is her definition of the term Euphrates as it appears in the glossary of her textbook.

Euphrates (river). Divine Science encompassing the universe and man; the true idea of God; a type of the glory which is to come; metaphysics taking the place of physics; the reign of righteousness. The atmosphere of human belief before it accepts sin, sickness, or death; a state of mortal thought, the only error of which is limitation; finity; the opposite of infinity.

Note: the definition is made up of two parts. The first part represents the idea of the 'circle' as Cusa likened the quality of God. The second part lists all the objections we put into our path of implementing the 'circle.' We say that as human beings we don't that the capacity for spiritual perception. We assume that we don't have the scientific depth to recognize the truth. But Mary Baker Eddy answers: Your only error is limitation, your self-limitation. Your only stumbling block is your own sense of finity. Your only hurtle is that you believe in the opposite of infinity and try to live in it as a reality.

Each of the two parts of Mary Baker Eddy definition of Euphrates is made up of four elements, which were evidently designed to mesh. This process of interrelating them links the two parts into one. Let me illustrate what results from it.

Title: - Divine Science encompassing the universe and man. 

1 - The true idea of God.
5 - (breaking the ice) The atmosphere of human belief {even} before it accepts sin, sickness, or death.

2 - A type of the glory which is to come. 
6 - (objection) A state of mortal thought, the only error of which is limitation.

3 - Metaphysics taking the place of physics; 
7 - (sense of smallness) Finity.

4 - The reign of righteousness. 
8 - (self-denial) The opposite of infinity.

As you can see, the above four dual-parts can not only be interrelated, but in doing so they have a story to tell, a story of an awakening from the bottom up. Of course, the above form of interrelating the concepts is not the only possible correlation of the 9 elements that can be created from this complex definition with which Mary Baker Eddy is telling us that we all have the power to live as Sublime beings. No miracles are needed. The path is free and practical.

Another method of looking at the interrelationship of the imbedded concepts in the same terms is the method of the symmetric application. The method is shown in Appendix G4a. The specifics depend on whether one deals with an odd or even number of concepts defined in a term. In the symmetric application, the above concepts would then be interrelated the following shape:


7 - (sense of smallness) Finity.

5 - (breaking the ice) The atmosphere of human belief before it accepts sin, sickness, or death.

3 - Metaphysics taking the place of physics; 

1 - The true idea of God.

Title: - Divine Science encompassing the universe and man. 

2 - A type of the glory which is to come. 

4 - The reign of righteousness. 

6 - (objection) A state of mortal thought, the only error of which is limitation.

8 - (self-denial)  The opposite of infinity.

Note: in this symmetric arrangement there is a progressive flow apparent from the top and the bottom towards the center. As one lets go of an assumed sense of smallness (of finity), one is breaking the ice (the ice-clod atmosphere of even the best human belief). From there the path unfolds into metaphysics and the advanced demonstration of the true idea of God.

If one applies this method ofcorrelation, it can be further expanded by bringing similar structures into relationship with it. What comes to light in this case is in Appendix G6. We see the two mirrored developmental paths coming to light here in the structure of Euphrates. Both are converging towards the center, towards the full implementation of divine Science. Since the two paths are mirrored, each element in the upper path has a corresponding element in the lower path. Then the whole is related to a totally opposite mirrored structure of the same type.

Since the definition of Euphrates is not the only one that is provided as a structure of 9 elements, with the definition for the term "Devil" being another one, the two can be brought together as opposites. Since the concept of a devil is symbolically opposite to what Euphrates represents, the two are put together side by side in Appendix G6. In this case the two development paths that converge towards the "evil" that the concept of "Devil" represents, are actually healing paths. The paths move from the grosser elements of Devil towards the fundamental elements, such as it being merely a lie or an error, creating a path by which the evil looses its reality. In this sense the elements of the two structures are horizontally interlinked, which means that we cannot deal with only a mirrored structure in isolation, while ignoring the other, because it is the same scientific process that eradicates evil which also brings to light the true face of mankind as the Sublime being made in the image of God. God can have no knowledge of evil as there is no failure possible in divine Mind. For the same reason can mankind have no authority to know or experience evil in any form, be it sickness, or fascism, or a sense of limitation and finity. Science brings the two together.

What Mary Baker Eddy is telling us with these healing paths that move towards a center, is that the real healing in every case is never a physical one, but is a healing of the heart, a healing of ones perception of oneself. While we all live as mortal beings in a physical universe, our real life is in the realm of Spirit and Truth and infinite Mind, Love, Soul, unfolding the divine Life. The healing process therfore is a process of the discovery that we are Sublime beings.

Symmetric structures and their interrelationship

It might be for this higher demand that Mary Baker Eddy created a number of examples of the symmetric type of pedagogical structure, which are summarized in Appendix G4a. They are provided in various sizes, and can be related to each other by size, grouped into four major groups. But they are all structures that deal with basic concepts that are universally applicable, like the concept of Serpent (sophistry), and Matter (materialism, monetarism, property values, etc.), and Hell (fascism, corporatism, insanity, etc.) and Devil (call it oligarchy - the oligarchy prides itself to be Satanist in nature, proudly displaying the hand symbol of the horned beast in public, the symbol of satanic clubs and satanic rites. Most of the oligarchy's stooges today display this hand-symbol openly, a display of satanic believes and intentions. Those who do this include President Bush). 

Another term that Mary Baker Eddy has created as a symmetric definition for is a term that she created herself.  The term is 'Mortal Mind' which denotes a state of mentality that focuses onto life as mortal, reflected in a sense of mankind as an impotent, helpless, inconsequential mortal being. The term "Mortal Mind' defines a state of mentality that denies culture, that denies creativity, that denies productivity, science, and whatever other spiritual power mankind has that renders us in our divine nature as immortal beings.  

The Devil and Euphrates (re. Appendix G6)

The appendix is only available in printed or PDF form. See: Living in the Sublime

The smallest group is shown in Figure 4. It is bringing together the Glossary definition of the terms Devil and Euphrates by which the leading edge of Science counters an aspect of old doctrinal mythology. Both terms are made up of nine definition. The logical sequence of applying the individual elements of the defined terms is shown in Appendix G4b as has already been stated. Since the terms Devil and Euphrates are made up of nine elements, an odd number, the sequence applies where the first element becomes the center. The end result is shown in Appendix G6. Note: In both structures the flow is from the outside towards the center. In the case of Euphrates the entire structure flows towards "Divine Science encompassing the universe and man" whereas in the case of Devil it all boils down to it being simply "evil" as the applicable summary concept. In the case of Euphrates we are facing the final challenge in science, which is to overcome the mortal sense of finity. In the case of the concept of Devil, the final challenge is to overcome the mortal (corporeal) sense of life. In the confrontational sense the various elements of Devil that boil down to simply "evil" can de dealt with by recognizing them as being but a false imposition in the light of the scientific reality represented by the challenge posed in Euphrates. It is also interesting to note the symmetry that is maintained vertically in which the symmetric elements augment each other, and horizontally in which they confront each other. 

What comes to light here extends the range of thought and ideas that are inherent in both structures. What the individual correlations signify and bring to light is evidently something worth pondering. The purpose of this presentation here is merely to open the door to this pondering. Mary Baker Eddy has provided the two symmetric 9-element structures, I have merely done the logistical work of bringing the structures together to make their correlation more easily accessible. The rest is up to the individual to explore, should the brining together of the two major concepts be deemed useful.

The structures of Serpent, Matter, and Hell (re. Appendix G5)

The next larger group brings together three symmetric structures, those of  the Glossary definitions for the terms Serpent, Matter, and Hell - see Appendix G5. While the definition for Serpent is made up of 11 parts, the other two are made up of 13 parts. It appears that the two additional elements in the 13-part structures can be seen as titles to define the specific flow towards the center. Here again the vertical symmetry and horizontal correlation gives one a lot to ponder.

The "Christian Science Platform" and "Mortal Mind,"
 in relationship with the "Church Manual," and the textbook chapters,
 and also the Lord's Prayer (re. Appendix G7)

The next larger group of symmetric structures brings together the 16 elements of the Glossary definition of "Mortal Mind" with the 32 elements of "The Platform of Christian Science" from the textbook chapter "Science of Being." 

Since both structures contain an even number of elements their application follows the pattern shown Appendix G4b, Figure 5. However, since the platform structure applies two layers when associated with the foursquare pedagogical structure (as shown in the Appendix:  "The Christian Science Platform Group"), the symmetric application creates two parallel symmetric structures (the first one representing the first layer 1,2,3,4, and second one representing the second layer starting with 5,6,7,8, then alternating in four steps according to the progression through the layers). The end result is shown in Appendix G7a. 

In the Appendix:  "The Christian Science Platform Group" the first layer has been associated with the Glossary definition for 'Mortal Mind' and the second with the 16 segments of the Church Manual. This association has been chosen arbitrarily. As one ponders the interrelationships one needs to determine for oneself which of the layers (that is, which part of the symmetric structure of the Platform) applies most directly with the structure of "Mortal Mind" and which with the structure of the segments of the "Church Manual". 

Note: Appendix G7a has been expanded and is logically continued in Appendix G7b in order to bring the 16 segments of the Church Manual into correlation with it. (For the Church Manual segments see the previous chapter "Natural Government") Since the Church Manual is arranged as a development type structure, and the textbook chapters and the Lord's Prayer are of the same type, both can be correspondingly applied as symmetric structures, and explored side by side with the Church Manual (see Appendix A and B, and Appendix G7b). Furthermore, the same interrelationship also applies to the metaphors that find in Mary Baker Eddy's illustrated poem Christ and Christmas. The result of that has been included in Appendix G7c. Thus all three parts (Appendix G7a, b, and c) are functionally one

Since the resulting interrelationships are extremely complex, both vertically and horizontally, I won't attempt here to present an interpretation of it. This has to unfold in individual pondering. However I can point out that by bringing these evidently related structures together in their symmetric form, some amazing new concepts come to light that are not evident otherwise.

The Bible Lesson topics, Recapitulation, and ADAM (re. Appendix G8)

The largest group that Mary Baker Eddy has provided, as shown in Appendix G4a, is the group (Figure 5) that combines the Bible Lesson topics, the topics from the textbook chapter Recapitulation, and the vast structure that she provided in the first definition for the term ADAM in the Glossary of her textbook. Each of the three structures contains 26 elements. They are listed in sequence in the Appendix "The Recapitulation and Bible Lesson Group."

Note: The chapter Recapitulation is made up of 24 parts, which enables this structure to be applied to the first three rows of the foursquare structure. However, two of these parts cover two topics at once, for a total of 26 topics. The dual topics are shown shaded in Appendix G8. Again, a vast range of new concepts is coming to light by the vertical and horizontal interrelationships of their symmetric application, opening the horizon to some far-reaching pondering, combining interrelated elements. The work opens up vast new dimensions of meaning for each of them.

Confronting Matter, Devil, and Hell, with Euphrates for a liberation (Re. Appendix G12)

An attempt is made in Appendix G12 to bring together several symmetric structures that are not directly related to each other by size. The outcome is interesting, so I included the result of it as an example for what can be created from drawing things together accross apparent relationship boundaries. It appears that the more one steps across apparent boundaries the wider the perceptual vision becomes, so that the perceived boundaries are not real boundaries at all, but are merely ordering markers that set up another open gate for exploration that can be further expanded.

Part 4: The greatest challenge in the world,
 healing the heart of oligarchism

This healing has not been accomplished for over four millennia. The failure to do so has led to consequences that have become increasingly more devastating. When Rome was allowed to become an empire the advance of science was held back at least fifteen centuries. When the Venetian Empire was allowed to remain standing against the light of the Renaissance, a trail of destruction followed that included the worst wars in history, while the disease of oligarchism that stood behind it all and still does, has not been healed to the present day. In fact the disease has become globalized with an ongoing force of destruction that mankind might not survive, which civilization definitely will not survive unless the disease is healed quickly. 

We face a crippling world-financial collapse, and simultaneously the renewed threats of nuclear war. We also face the collapse of the global food supply system and simultaneously the energy supply system, all forced by the hands of empire. If that collapse into a new dark age can't be stopped, it will take many generations to rebuilt the world out of the resulting hell while we might also be facing the impending return of the cyclical Ice Age that we simply don't have the power to avoid regardless of the political hoopla over the (non-existing) manmade global warming.

Thus healing the world of its disease called oligarchism, a cancer that is eating mankind alive, becomes society's most critical task at this time since civilization began. Healing the heart of oligarchism became in recent years an existential challenge of the highest order, because the healing now has to occur before the disease becomes unstoppable. We are already in the boundary zone. 

Healing the heart, and that includes each ones heart, is vital in order to regain the sovereign power that we inherently have as human beings, with which to give our humanity free reign to assert its freedom. The freedom and survival of the human world rests on society's own self-discovery as human beings in every aspect imaginable, leading to corresponding collective action. For this we must utilize the most powerful tools that have been developed for such a purpose.

 We need a total makeover of our self-perception, from that of willing slaves to that of a free human beings standing as expressions of the Intelligence that is reflected in all aspects of the universe and in the spiritual nature of ourselves. One should not ignore the fact that every bright period of renaissance in history was also a highly spiritual period for society built on a platform of spiritual science. The Golden Renaissance was built on the Christ-principle of Agape and the development of a scientific platform in support of it as this was exemplified by Nicolas of Cusa. The Peace of Westphalia was built on it and raised the bar still higher towards the Principle of Universal Love. There has never been a period of renaissance in the world that did not have a spiritual foundation. Mary Baker Eddy's work and healing achievements between 1866 and 1910 can be seen as a similar and natural step forward on the same platform in this line of light as it is coinciding with the greatest period of peace in modern history. The healing processes of her scientific metaphysics established the brightest image of mankind to date. While much of that has become lost again in the pollution of oligarchism, the spiritual dimension that has been lost sight of can be brought to light again as and be demonstrated as a world-uplifting power.

Has spiritual scientific activity a reflection in the world?

This question is hard to answer empirically, and even historically. It is impossible for example to determine empirically what the the state of the world would be if certain events that happened, hadn't happened. We can only look for patterns of coincidences in the timeline. 

One of these coincidences is linked with the historic turnaround in the Cold War. The turnaround happened in parallel with the unfolding of some rather extensive spiritual exploratory actions in the discovery process of Mary Baker Eddy's foursquare pedagogical structure. History tells us that in 1986 the global stockpile of deployed nuclear weapons contained 65,000 nukes. Their numbers had been getting larger in spite of the Strategic Arms Limitations Agreements - SALT I and SALT II (1972-1979). But after 1986 their numbers suddenly began to shrink. By 1993 the global total dropped from 65,000 to slightly over 33,000. The USA had eliminated over 12,000 nukes in this seven-year timeframe, and the USSR over 19,000 of them. During this timeframe an intensive scientific spiritual development effort had been underway to explore the vast dimensions of Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure that had come to light just a few years earlier. The work for it had been far reaching in its spiritual scope, and so intense that it supplanted almost everything else for the people involved. Did this intense scientific spiritual work have an affect on world affairs? Did it cause the tide to be turned in this critical period? No one will ever know the answer. We only know that the political turnaround that had made the world a safer place had occurred at the same time as the spiritual development effort was happening.

Another, much smaller incidence happened in 2007. This was the year when I needed to rebuild the roof of the family house. The project was large. Still, the work started nicely. Good progress was made at first. But as the time passed and June turned into July the work began to be blocked by evermore impeding factors. I began to feel sick about the whole affair as this was happening, especially in the mornings. The work dragged on. Also it turned out to be harder and more extensive than anticipated, I said to my wife, "the roof is killing me." To combat the sick feeling I began to work spiritually each morning, which gradually had an effect. But then other things happened. The building inspectors went on strike, the weather turned sour, and finally in the middle of July I injured my back. I had a giant tarp covering half the house, with only a quarter of the work having been done the warm season was more than half way over. The commercial contractors that I contacted couldn't help. From A-Z they were all booked for the year. That's when I took even more time out from the building time for spiritual work. In the light of this turnaround things began to improve. A small contractor came by and said I can finish this part for you. The first part was quickly completed, and the second part soon thereafter. Even the strike suddenly ended and the inspectors were working again just in time before the approval was needed. My back recovered well. The third and final part of the project was coming together shortly thereafter with the completion happening in late-September. 

The progress of the project seemed to correspond with the intensity of the spiritual work. What I didn't know at the time that also two major critical things were happening on the world scene in the exact same timeframe. In July, the months when I felt prompted to work spiritually in the shadow of a perceived sense of crisis, the world financial system was beginning to unravel with the emerging mortgage crisis. The American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche had warned in the middle of July that the mushrooming financial breakdown would lead to a strategic crisis. On August 22, he proposed a legislative solution to the crisis in the form of a firewall (the Homeowner and Bank Protection Act - HBPA) to protect the chartered banks from collapsing and the homeowners from being evicted, with provisions for rebuilding the world-financial system with a bankruptcy reorganization of the entire collapsing world-financial system. Of course, the oligarchy who owns the U.S. Congress, Senate, and the White House didn't allow as much as a discussion of the proposal or even the HBPA being mentioned in the halls of government. Thus the strategic crisis promptly unfolded just as LaRouche had warned it would.

On August 28, President Bush signalled an escalation of tensions with Iran. He gave a raving speech before the American Legion Convention in Kansas where he warned that the Middle East now lay in the shadow of a "nuclear holocaust" because of the Iranian nuclear program. The threat against Iran was announced in spite of the fact that international atomic inspection agency had unearthed nothing that could be construed as an atomic bomb making capability, or the development of that capability. What the President had signalled in his speech that day was therefore not a response to a strategic fact, but a veiled announcement of a policy of intention to cause the very holocaust that he prophesied. That policy of intention began to take shape in concrete form on the very next day.

On Wednesday, August 29, a group of U.S. Air Force personnel mounted twelve state of the art stealth cruise missiles, type AGM-129, under the wings of a B-52-H intercontinental strategic bomber at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, six of them fully armed, each with a W80-1 nuclear warhead. It has been reported that the loading process was slow. It took 8 hours to do the job as evidently nobody had experience in attaching the fully armed heavy stealth cruise missiles onto the wing mounts of a B-52. The W80-1 type of warhead delivers an adjustable yield of between 5 and 150 kilotons of TNT or the equivalent of 5,000 to 150,000 tons of dynamite in explosive force. The Hiroshima bomb, in comparison, had a yield of slight over 10 kilotons of explosive force.

On August 30, 2007, the rogue B-52, with its six deadly armed nuclear cruise missiles, made a 3.5 hour flight across the USA to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana, the Number Two U.S. headquarters for nuclear war-fighting, second only to Offutt AFB in Nebraska. The Barksdale Base has been used during the Shock and Awe bombing campaign against Iraq in the spring of 2003. Most of the destruction in southern Iraq is said (and proudly so) to have been caused by the massive B-52 bombing runs from Barksdale Base. That is where the nuclear armed B-52 was sent to on August 30.

Between the late afternoon of that day when the rogue B-52 and its cargo (with a destructive force of 90 Hiroshimas) come to a halt in Barksdale, and the day when the official public announcement of the incident occurred on the afternoon of September 5, six days passed -- a kind of "grey period" for which the details will likely remain forever unknown.

Right in the middle of this "grey period" (on September 1) LaRouche made an "emergency radio broadcast to the nation." The broadcast was focused on the Home Owner and Bank Protection Act, not mentioning the unfolding strategic crisis that was still a secret at the time. LaRouche ended by saying, "...We're out to save the nation... If we don't do that, we may find a situation beyond recall. So, let's be patriots. Let's be neither Republicans nor Democrats at this moment. Let's be patriots--let's save our nation." 

Five days later the B-52 affair ended and was officially acknowledged. Some heroic efforts by apparently quite a few people had prevented the B-52's evidently intended appointment with Armageddon. 

Was this potential horror show really planned? We'll never know the answer. But we do know that within two weeks four airmen from Minot Base died of mysterious causes. When the stakes are high, the whistleblowers are usually dealt with so that the truth may never be know. We also know that on the day before President Bush 'announced' that "the Middle East now lays in the shadow of a nuclear holocaust," which he uttered on the very day before the B-52 was armed -- another raving war-cry had been published in Britain, evidently 'timed' with the President's message. 

The British war-cry was even more vile than that of the President. The British war cry was published in the form of an 80-page report, arguing that the United States has the military capability to destroy Iran's nuclear program, its industrial base, and its government infrastructure in a matter of days, if not hours, tby means of a massive bombing campaign that has already been set in place and could be activated at any moment by orders from President Bush.

That is the kind of catastrophe that had apparently been planned on both sides of the Atlantic, which had been avoided. (See: -- ) The official story, of course, was a big lie. "In Lies We Trust" has long become the political watchword, officially called "plausible deniability." Of course one would not expect the powers that be to announce to the world that they had planned another false flag operation, and that a few patriots had prevented it.

But was the catastrophe avoided by spiritual action? That is an important question. Evidently it was. Patriotism is a spiritual quality that becomes activated in numerous forms in times of crisis to which people responded in various ways with spiritual action, sometimes without them knowing why.

Spiritual action is a natural human response in such cases, if it is not blocked by polluting irrationality. Thus the need for society is to become more alert to the spiritual factors. 

Today, politically the great crisis of our time that nuclear war is just a small part of, is far from abating. The nuclear arms race itself, has resumed. More nukes are being built once again and new delivery systems are being devised and manufactured. While war-drive against Iran had been blocked for a season since the B-52 affair, the 'war-cry' has become 'unblocked' and activated again. On the political front too the trek to hell is moving forward, driven by all the oligarchy's stooges and hired slaves. The imperial policy drive is put into high gear to set up a Dictator President over all of Europe. The idea, which had been previously defeated by referendum, is now back on the 'front burner' in the form of a treaty obligation, the Lisbon Treaty, a kind of obligation that doesn't require a referendum by the people to be ratified, but which can be rammed through the various parliaments which enormous forces being applied towards this end. The extension of the imperial plan has also been announced, by which the new European Union Dictator Presidency (with total control over the military and foreign policy of all of Europe without veto options by the individual nations), will be integrated into NATO, another treaty organization (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.) A peep-reaching redesign of NATO is already actively in the planning stage. It aims to broaden the jurisdiction of the new NATO (with the U.S. and Canada already integrated) to extend the scope of this military treaty alliance to also include jurisdiction over population control (depopulation); the enforcement of climate policies (deindustrialization); to combat the "decline of reason" (political dissent); to advance the elimination of the nation-state (in favor of a globalized role the private world corporation); to combat "the dark side of globalization" such as the proliferation of international terrorism (anyone can then be named a terrorist), to combat organized crime (if you contribute financially to political dissent), to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction (except DU weapons that the empire has massively produced), to prevent the misuse of financial resources (for economic development). The new NATA is also planned to have jurisdiction over global energy control (to be controlled by the masters of empire exclusively), and control over the migration of people (as justified for purposes of 'slavery'), and control over policies for dealing with HIV/AIDS, and SARS (let them die).  
See Appendix Part 2 - source:

Please note, the comments inserted in brackets are already effective policy and carried out to some degree or are openly stated objectives. Speaking of the Lisbon Treaty that is key to the planned new imperial world, the American civil rights heroine and Vice Chairwoman of the Schiller Institute, Amelia Boynton Robinson, warned "This Could Be a Treaty of Death for Nations." Under this heading she addressed the citizens of the nations of Europe in an open letter on March 20, 2008, urging them to press for a referendum where it would surely be defeated as it was defeated before, calling the to be imposed Lisbon Treaty a "Treaty of the Death of Freedom." 
See Appendix Part 3 - source:

What we are seeing here in the making with the Lisbon Treaty and the announced follow up-steps is not merely a global military strike force becoming assembled and centrally controlled as a force to attack Iran, Russia, India, and China, as has been promised many times, but to control the whole of mankind down the very thoughts that people think and all their actions small or large. 

The evident goal is to eliminate the freedom of mankind and mankind's sovereign self-rule through its elected governments. This elimination of sovereignty is openly defined as a goal in the war of empire against mankind. It is another step in diminishing the recognized spiritual quality of mankind in society's self-perception. It is a Hobbesian process of outlawing love, only now reaching down to a deeper level. This inner destruction of society for the goals of empire cannot likely be reversed on a merely political platform as this platform has been perverted to advance the destruction. There remains only the platform of spiritual activity to rebuild on a scientific basis what has been politically destroyed, and what is presently set up to be further destroyed, almost totally.

The destruction of the human 'heart' is already far advanced. The inhumanity that is inflicted on Palestine, for example, is beyond comprehension, but nothing is effectively done to stop it. For sixty years the killing has been going on in an escalating holocaust of brutality and demoralization, home-destruction, farm-destruction, land-confiscation, imprisonment, wanton killings, terrorization, starvation, of a largely defenseless people. And nothing short of spiritual action can stop this accelerating madness. And it needs to stop. Every step in the diminishment of human value anywhere on the planet diminishes the recognized spiritual nature and quality of the human being universally and has its reflection globally. Thus the face of Palestine becomes the face of the human future, trampled into the ground by fascism. World War II was not won by any nation. The Nazi Machine was destroyed, but fascism wasn't. It became globalized breeding new and evermore powerful 'nazi' machines.

Only a spiritual renewal in society can end the rule of empire on this planet whose hands are reaching out to encompass the whole of mankind in order to subject the entire world to its looting and its fascism to enforce the looting.  A small example of this escalating fascism is the destruction of the world food supply by burning large portions of the world's food in cars which enables the masters of empire to make the remaining food increasingly unaffordable for more and more people. Here the new fascism unfolds as a silent, creeping genocide on a global scale, all silently imposed by universal policy, pushed by the same 'hand' that is devastating Palestine. But where are the spiritual efforts to stop it? 

We see the same thing happening on the global financial scene. The whole scene is collapsing into a chaos that promises a new dark age. But who moves heaven and earth to prevent it? A few do, like LaRouche and LPAC. But who is supporting them? Where are the spiritual processes that determine the actions of society to protect its existence and its future? Society has been traumatized into indifference towards the very forces that are destroying its civilization and are threatening its very existence. Society's humanity and its natural spiritual responses have become increasingly blocked by the pollution of irrationality. In a very real sense society's heart has been broken. 

But the broken heart can be healed in time? 

It appears that society's humanity and its spiritual activity can be restored.  Many examples have shown that. Every renaissance stands as an example of that potential. Only the time-factor remains an open question. With the clockwork precision of the universe the next long Ice Age cycle is due to begin in the near future. Thus the question remains, will mankind's spiritual self-perception be restored in time which is essential for building the necessary infrastructures for putting its agricultural production into indoor facilities to protect it against the rapid cooling of the world? With the broken heart as we have it today there is not even a thought given to this potential necessity, nor will the subject be allowed to come onto the agenda for as long as empire rules the thoughts of society, imposing dreams of global warming while the earth is already in the boundary zone to the next Ice Age cycle of the chain of such cycles that have persisted of the last two million years.

One thing is certain, mankind needs a scientific Golden Renaissance in which its spiritual dimension become the key element of its self-perception. With such a spiritual renaissance unfolding, the future promises to be bright, as bright as the Sublime that stands behind our humanity that is ready to be expressed. And that is how every renaissance in history has unfolded. It didn't unfold politically from the voting booth, but has always unfolded as a spiritual process. When this happens and the process uplifts society back onto its spiritual platform in which its creative and productive powers are rooted and its dedication to the general welfare of all mankind, then the coming Ice Age will be accommodated in stride. To fail in this renewed unfolding, especially in today's critical times, would bring a new dark age to the planet that no one can imagine, in which the coming Ice Age might overwhelm us. The universe affords mankind a brief 11,500-year window of opportunity for easy development that comes around app. every 111,000 years. The window is about to close again. Sadly, a large portion of it has been wasted with experiments of empire. It we don't stop this insanity at the current critical period and make extraordinary efforts to recover the lost ground, the window may close without us being ready for the 'deep-freeze' to come. Right now we live in paradise where food can be grown in open fields and literally grows on trees. During the last Little Ice Age that gave us a 1 degree drop in global temperature below the current level, the world experienced harvest failures and food shortages. A 9 to 20 degree drop is unimaginable. The current civilization can survive this with large scale technological infrastructures and indoor agriculture, but not otherwise. 

Thus our survival is a question of the heart. Do we have the heart to end the ravishing of empire and build the infrastructures for our survival? That is the most critical question of our time.

A crucial link on the bottom row:
Church Services and Board of Lectureship -
Devil and Red Dragon; the Illuminate and Oligarchism

Here a bit of history comes into play. In a study: The Illuminati and the House of Rothschild
(2005-08-23) by Johnny Silver Bear ( we are told that the "Illuminati" was a name used by a German sect that existed in the 15th century, practicing the occult, who "professed to possess the 'light' that Lucifer had retained when he became Satan." This dark secret society became the center of the world stage and remains that so to the present day. The writer provides some of the historic background:

"In 1743 a goldsmith named Amschel Moses Bauer opened a coin shop in Frankfurt, Germany. He hung above his door a sign depicting a Roman eagle on a red shield. The shop became known as the Red Shield firm. The German word for 'red shield' is Rothschild. Amschel Bauer had a son, Meyer Amschel Bauer. At a very early age Mayer showed that he possessed immense intellectual ability, and his father spent much of his time teaching him everything he could about the money lending business and in the basic dynamics of finance... Meyer Rothschild had five sons, Amschel, Salomon, Nathan, Karl and Jakob. Meyer spent the rest of his life instructing them all in the secret techniques of money creation and manipulation. As they came of age, he sent them to the major capitals of Europe to open branch offices of the family banking business. Amschel, stayed in Frankfurt, Salomon was sent to Vienna. Nathan was sent to London. Karl went to Naples, and Jakob went to Paris….. Meyer Rothschild began to realize that in order to attain the power necessary to influence and control the finances of the various monarchs in Europe, he would have to wrest this influence and power from the church, which would necessitate its destruction. To accomplish this, he enlisted the help of a Catholic priest, Adam Weishaupt, to assemble a secret Satanic order.... It is believed that, as a result of Voltaire's writings, Weishaupt formulated his ideas concerning the destruction of the Church. In 1775, when summoned by the House of Rothschild, he immediately defected and, at the behest of Meyer, began to organize the Illuminati.... As the name implies, those individuals who are members of the Illuminati possess the 'Light of Lucifer'. As far as they are concerned, only members of the human race who possess the 'Light of Lucifer' are truly enlightened and capable of governing. Denouncing God, Weishaupt and his followers considered themselves to be the cream of the intelligentsia - the only people with the mental capacity, the knowledge, the insight and understanding necessary to govern the world and bring it peace. Their avowed purpose and goal was the establishment of a "Novus Ordo Seclorum" - a New World Order, or One World Government" (the world of universal empire, private wealth, private finance, private power).
See: The Illuminati and the House of Rothschild at:  


Thus the coveted New World Order of private financial empire, advancing the ancient war of empire against mankind, which is already determining the fate of most nations on the planet, is fundamentally a satanic institution, created for destroying the institution of the church as the protector of society. The conjunction in the fourth column between "Euphrates" and "Devil" represents this bipolar question of civilization, the question of society's spiritual renaissance versus the genocidal darkness of the private power of the satanic Illuminati

The secret society of the Illuminati, sacrificing mankind to the mythical "Light of Lucifer," has become a world-controlling force with the stated goal to eradicate civilization by eradicating all spiritual, moral, social, and civil structures that support it. 

The Illuminati now have many names, many bloodlines, and many secret societies associated with them, but they are all built around the fundamental satanic ideology and its rituals, and antihuman practices. 
(See: The Satanic Bloodlines at

The interconnection between "Euphrates" and "Devil" in Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure (as shown in Appendix G6) is therefore a pivotable one for the future of mankind as a whole. Without the spiritual-development process facilitated by the institution of the Church, civilization has no foundation and society no future. Thus the "Light of Lucifer" is expressed in the darkness of the quest for large-scale worldwide depopulation as is demanded by the Illuminate as a means for maintaining their members' oligarchical way of life.

The destruction of the Church -- as the universal institution that is designed for spiritual (and by reflection economic) development -- is reflected in the "Temple" by Mary Baker Eddy's glossary definition of the term "Red Dragon." In Biblical scriptures a great red dragon arises, also called Satan and Devil, who is determined to devour the woman clothed with the sun and her child that was about to be delivered (Revelation 12). This is exactly what we see happening today in the temple of oligarchism; the temple of greed, power, insanity, lies, terror, war, fascism, and so on. Society has been made drunken with all of these satanic 'ideals' to the point that society now supports an orgy of its own destruction. Society has been told that greed is good, that mankind, in general, is a cancer on the earth that must be cleansed (depopulated) by greed as it is endangering the planet (the oligarchic way of life), etc.. And so, society is singing the composed satanic song and is destroying its own industries with vigour, even the industries that its physical existence depends on. It is by the same song destroying its health-support system (such as by the DDT ban that caused the death death of hundreds of millions), all the way to the point that society is now duped into burning its food in the rising shadow of a worldwide mass starvation via the biofuel hoax. We will never know how many millions will be forced to die quietly in this shadow under the weight of the biofuel hoax. However, the entire temple of the "Red Dragon" is a hoax in itself, a perversion of Truth.

The red dragon of the Apocalypse has many heads and many crowns on its heads -- it demands many forms of satanic sacrifices, sacrifices of humanity. And we see it happening evermore openly now and widely practiced. The current mortgage crisis is evidently one of the forms of the satanic sacrifices. When families are thrown out of their home and onto the street at a rate of 50,000 to 100,000 a months in the USA alone, for the simple reason that they cannot afford to pay the voracious arbitrary rate-increases that the financial Illuminati demand, then what we see happening here is nothing less than a 'satanic ritual' in progress, a ritual of human sacrificing. The homeless (now over a million in the USA), when living on the street, live a harsh life that tends to be rather short in duration.

Another one of the heads of the red dragon demands genocide by starvation, a massive human sacrifice indeed. It is massive already, though it has barely begun. In 33 countries already, hunger-driven food riots have broken out. Haiti is one of them. The people cained a new expression for hunger. They liken it to a festival of eating bleach, because hunger burns in the stomach as ingesting bleach would. This satanic sacrifice is demanded on a vast horizon. In order to get it the Illuminati demand the burning of food for biofuels, and massive food-price increases by the speculators so that the poor won't get any, and the wholesale slaughtering of breeding herds in order to drive the prices up further. And the Illuminati are getting it all. Nobody knows how many hundreds of millions are slated to be sacrificed that way at the altar of satanic rituals.

Entire countries are being demolished, either with terror, war, or from within by the destruction of its industries, enslavement of its governments, destruction of its culture, education, science, and its Church. The advertised goal in this ultimate satanic human sacrifice is to reduce the human population of this planet to a mere trifle of less than a billion people. This has been stated many times by the 'enlightened' agents of the Illuminati.

The above are just a few of the latest examples of the 'satanic orgies' of human sacrifice strung through modern history since the Illuminati became the world's first private empire. The opium wars that devastated China in the shadow of countless millions of deaths in human sacrifices is just one of many of such early examples, which are far too many to be even listed. In most cases huge financial profits (looting) were 'delivered' in the end as the devil's reward. 

I know, all of this sounds insane. And it is insane. It is insane, because the entire process of human sacrifice, whether it be for profit or power, is built on insanity. Satanism is insanity. The masters of the Illuminati are insane in this context. And so is the majority of society that stands idly by and allows it all to happen, or even plays along. The fact is, insanity takes one far from the Truth. "In Lies We Trust!" That's the definition for insanity, isn't it?

The perversion of Truth goes back in time a long way into history. 

The term Lucifer is a Latin word, "the bringer of light" with the combined dual meaning of light (lucis) and to bring (ferre). In early times the name Lucifer had become the poetic name for the "morning star" (Venus) the "bringer of dawn." But when its 'light' became equated with the pomp of oligarchic 'power,' in the unfolding the war of empire against mankind, the concept of the dawning light was cast to the ground as it is stated in Isaiah  14:12: 

"How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High."

And so the concept of the fallen angel emerged that was given the name "Satan" (perhaps meaning forsaken; as in having forsaken God, Truth; as 'In Lies we Trust') and the name "Devil" (perhaps 'the evil one,' or 'the one evil').

Mary Baker Eddy unwinds this entire history of error and takes us back to the concept of light as reflected in spiritual ideas, the recognition of Truth and the power of divine Principle. In the last verse of her poem Christ and Christmas, she stepped away from herself to the great light-bearer of the ages, Christ Jesus, and adds these words from Revelation 2:26, 28, which she attributes to Christ Jesus, speaking to the churches:

And he that overcometh, and keepeth
my works unto the end, to him will
I give power over the nations: 

And I will give him the MORNING STAR. 

This power is the power of divine Principle; power to uplift the nations; power to enrich, protect, cherish, honor, love; the power of freedom. This is the power that was to some degree acknowledged with the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia, the greatest peace treaty of all times.

The great Red Dragon of modern time has launched a war against this universal power, against the best in human culture, against science, even against the very humanity of mankind, to the point that a vast holocaust has been routinely perpetrated for over sixty years already against the people of Palestine with the world standing idly by. While this is happening, perverted science has put the world in fear of global warming in order to keep society from facing the actually impending next Ice Age cycle that will totally destroy the world food supply if preparations aren't made for its continuance.

Mary Baker Eddy was evidently well aware of the nature of the modern form of the ancient "red dragon" that the Revelator had warned about in the Apocalypse. By its impact on mankind, today's great Red Dragon is the functional counterpart of today's Devil. Since Mary Baker Eddy defined the name "Devil" in a manner that is structurally correlative to her definition for "Euphrates," it is reasonable to assume that there is a similar correlation possible for the term "Red Dragon." Such a correlative is possible with the term "Burial." The following are her glossary definitions. 

Red Dragon. Error; fear; inflammation; sensuality; subtlety; animal magnetism; envy; revenge.

Burial. Corporeality and physical sense put out of sight and hearing; annihilation. Submergence in Spirit; immortality brought to light.

Note: both, Burial and Euphrates, are dual definitions that must be kept as one by a spiritual imperative. Being kept as one, the definition for "Burial" (which is made up of 4 parts) can be correlated with the definition for "Red Dragon" (made up of 8 parts - or 4 groups of 2 parts each). If the two structures are related symmetrically the following correlation comes to light.

3. subtlety; animal magnetism (their burial is accomplished by: "Submergence in Spirit").

1. error; fear (their burial is accomplished by: "Corporeality and physical sense put out of sight and hearing").

Red Dragon (Burial)

2. inflammation; sensuality (their burial is accomplished by: "Annihilation").

4. envy; revenge (their burial is accomplished by: "immortality brought to light").


The elements of Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure where this struggle plays itself out corresponds with the segment in the "Church Manual" pertaining to "Church Services," which is unfolding in the Temple-half of the structure. This corresponds with the correlative segment, "Board of Lectureship," in the Church-half of the same structure. In the Temple (in the segment "Church Services") the fight is for mankind's freedom from external domination (from the greed of oligarchism). Correspondingly in the Church (in the segment "Board of Lectureship") the fight if for mankind's freedom is for freedom from spiritual domination (from the Illuminati's satanic cultism and genocidal sacrifices).

It becomes plain in this view that Satanism and oligarchism are functionally identical, and distinct only by the environment that they operate in. Both are genocidal and fascist in nature. But by understanding their nature it is possible for society to step away from them. 

Note that one of the elements of "Red Dragon" is sensuality. In other words, all forms of oligarchism, such as greed, looting, inhumanity, war, terror, genocide, are aspects of sensuality. By dealing with this root, uprooting it, the outcome from it can become a liberating "annihilation" of the oppressor.

In conclusion

There are no inherent reasons visible on the horizon of science for which we should fail in re-building the quality of our humanity that we already had previously discovered and expressed in periods of great renaissance, and to move forward from these attainments. The universe has never failed in its own unfolding, or stopped developing or expanding and to becoming richer. Neither should we fail. This 'promise' is our heritage and our hallmark. In the Biblical text of Revelation (the Apocalypse) the great Read Dragon was cast out and his angels with him. This promise still stands. It stands not because of any prophesy, but because of the nature of God, the Intelligence of the universe and man, is an all-harmonizing universal Principle, Spirit, and Love, and is supreme in its eternal expression.

It also needs to be recognized that mankind has never failed to create itself a bright world when it applied the principles that underlay its humanity and its immortality, though the attempts to do this have been few and feeble. Nevertheless the principle for creating a bright world does not fade. It stands timeless with unyielding efficiency as principles do. And once discovered and demonstrated, it remains available for all times to be re-applied at any moment. For this reason it will likely be reapplied again and again and with ever greater vigor. 

The renaissance potential of mankind is a part of human culture. It defines us. We are clothed with this potential as with a garment of light, or as being "clothed with sun" as the Revelator has put it two millennia ago. He saw an Apocalypse that signified the end of all evil (not the end of mankind), and with it he saw a new humanity in the form of a "woman clothed with the sun, and on her head a crown of twelve stars" ("the stars in the crown of rejoicing," as Mary Baker Eddy has put it and has demonstrated it). And so the Revelator saw a city foursquare emerging -- the structure for a scientific humanity, the structure for discovery and self-discovery. More than this we do not need. Farther we cannot look. More than this we cannot have. But this we can have, and must have, as nothing less will do.

The result will be a New Word, a Renaissance World, a world of the Sublime, of peace, and joy, and power. This world is not only our future, but it is our present potential to have. Its power is the power of divine Principle. Its joy is divine Science. Its peace is the reflected divine Being. We have the potential to live in the Sublime now. Shouldn't we take the steps to realize that potential?


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