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Sublime Science

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche (Feb. 1, 2008)


In 1866 Mary Baker Eddy discovered from the context of her struggling with a near fatal personal tragedy what she termed the divine Principle of scientific mental healing, which she later named Christian Science. Being incapacitated by a severe injury from a fall on an icy street, while laying in what was deemed to be her death-bed, she struggled with the realization that the great healing miracles performed by Christ Jesus in ancient days could not have been miracles, because miracles don't happen in real world. She reasoned that they must have resulted from the effect of a recognized principle, which like any principle is valid for all times and all situations. On this platform of a deep searching reasoning she found herself suddenly well and stepped down from her deathbed and opened to the door the clergyman who had come to bury her. With that healing a period of discovery began, of the science involved. This included practicing her science by healing others, and of course to document its principles and to teach them to others, and to make to make her science accessible to future ages. 

In the course of the following 44 years she established the Massachusetts Metaphysical Institute where she was teaching others her science of metaphysical healing. She also she wrote the textbook of her science, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and later founded a church to advance her science of scientific metaphysics. And finally in her 86th year she founded an international newspaper, the Christian Science Monitor with the mission to "bless all mankind and to injure none."

All of these major aspects of her 44 years of achievements are still known generally and acknowledged to some degree, but her greatest achievement remains obscured. It is rarely even recognized to exist. It is not even recognized, in her church, because this greatest of her achievements is not a doctrine, but is a platform for the scientific discovery and further development of our spiritual dimension. It is a pedagogical platform of science that she has extensively outlined, but then left wide open for the process of discovery itself to unfold its substance. Her science was the result of a discovery. It's continuing unfolding would have to proceed from the same basis. In order to facilitate its mission she created all of her major works in structural conformity with this all-encompassing pedagogical platform and its structure. Her discovered science, Christian Science, its textbook, her church, and Church itself, even divine Science, are all but constituent elements of her platform of pedagogical science. The clearest term that comes to light for it to describe its nature is "Sublime Science."

The following article is designed to present an overview of the outlined pedagogical structure and to present certain discoveries made within its context by following her outline as closely as possible. The article is designed to presented an example of the pedagogical structure in its nature as an open door to endless discoveries. It is presented, not as a dictum of an institution, but as an individual researcher's invitation to anyone to ponder the vast scope of what she has laid before us.

The outlined pedagogical structure

On the surface there is nothing there to be seen, though the outline is not hidden. It is right in the open, where it had remained for a hundred years for the process of discovery to open the door to its unfolding. The first footsteps of breaking the ice were taken in the 1940s by a teacher of Christian Science in England, named John Doorly who was promptly excommunicated for his daring to pen the door to discovery beyond doctrine, to something that could no longer be owned by anyone. The resulting suppression stopped the process of discovery whereby John Doorley's work remained standing as a new doctrine, and remains so to this day. The next steps in breaking the ice were taken around the early 1980s by Howard Meredith, a professional educator and Christian Scientist of North Vancouver, Canada. This time the door to discovery remained open. With it a rich period of discoveries began, with individual work being carried out by probably quite a few people by now. What is presented here is an individual outcome of this unfolding. At the leading edge of science one always stands alone and sovereign. In this case only Mary Baker Eddy's outline for her structure remains fixed, but not so its unfolding. As modern mathematics demonstrates, there is no limit to the unfolding of an idea. For example, the Pythagorean Theorem is a single profound idea of absolute Truth, for which over the centuries several hundred patterns of geometric principles and interrelationships have been discovered, each of which illustrates absolutely that the theorem is correct and adds individually to the fuller appreciation of the rich diversity of geometric ideas. Mary Baker Eddy's fundamentally outlined pedagogical structure opens up the same wide horizon.

Her basic outline is simple 
but it includes all of her major works

In the last pages of the last chapter of her textbook, The Apocalypse, she speaks of the biblical city foursquare. A foursquare structure has 16 elements. It is amazing that it took a hundred years to discover that all of her major works are divided into 16 segments or multiples thereof, which relates them all to this one central structure and its definitions. 

The 10 major works of Mary Baker Eddy that are shown to be structurally associated with the foursquare structure are the following:

  1. Her textbook on Christian Science, made up of 16 chapters.
  2. Her presentation of the Lord's Prayer, divided into 16 stanzas.
  3. Her illustrated poem, Christ and Christmas, a book of 16 verses and associated paintings.
  4. Her Church Manual, structured into 16 segments.
  5. Her Platform of Christian Science, made up of 32 statements (2x16).
  6. Her glossary definition for the term, Mortal Mind, divided into 16 parts.
  7. Her textbook-chapter, Recapitulation, made up of 24 questions and answers (1 1/2x16).
  8. Her 26 standard topics for the Bible Lessons (which she defined for the church services repeated twice a year - 26 weeks). The chapter, Recapitulation, serves as an interface to them.
  9. Her 26-part definition for the term, Adam. Her chapter, Recapitulation, again serves as an interface to them.
  10. In addition her entire Glossary of the textbook can be seen as a structure of 144 definitions of terms (9x16=144). 

By this association every major work that Mary Baker Eddy created has evidently been designed to function as a constituent of that central foursquare structure reflecting the city foursquare from Revelation 21, which thereby becomes a pedagogical structure.

She didn't actually dictate how the foursquare structure is to be defined in itself, but she did provide a number of 4-part sequences that can be used to define the foursquare structure in terms of four rows and in terms of four columns. 

Definition for the Rows

In terms of four horizontal rows each of the rows can be seen to pertain to a specific cardinal point, of which she defines a set of four:

Its four cardinal points are: 

first, the Word of Life, Truth, and Love;

second, the Christ, the spiritual idea of God;

third, Christianity, which is the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history;

fourth, Christian Science, which to-day and forever interprets this great example and the great Exemplar. (S&H p.577)

She also defines the four types of mental focus in thinking, put into the scientifically spiritual context, as follows:

1. The divine focus: God, divine synonyms; Man, divine image; Idea, divine reflection.

2. The spiritual focus: Reality, understanding.

3. The moral focus: Transitional qualities, evil believes disappearing.

4. The physical focus: Unreality, depravity. (S&H p.115)

She also presented a number of other related concepts in groups of four that pertain to levels of perception and experience, and their corresponding aspects of divine reflection as defined by their glossary terms.

1. Heaven, Day.

2. Kingdom of heaven, Morning.

3. Earth, Evening.

4. Hell, Night.

And still there is one more set of four terms found in the glossary that relate here. These are four characteristics of God, presented by Mary Baker Eddy, defining God as "good." The four terms are, in their original sequence:

1. omnipotence.

2. omniscience.

3. omnipresence.

4. omni action.

Definition for the columns

When the foursquare matrix is seen as four columns, other sets of four definitions each can be seen to apply as definitions for the columns in terms of four rivers of distinct developmental flows, or flows of unfolding.

Two of these sets of definitions are directly located in her description of the city foursquare. They describe the city in terms of four sides with four geographic orientations (with four rivers flowing out in the four directions.) She writes:

The four 'sides' of our 'city' are:

  1. the Word,

  2. Christ,

  3. Christianity

  4. and divine Science.

She describes the 'city 'further on that same page, related to its 'sides'.

  1. Northward, its gates open to the North Star, the Word, the polar magnet of Revelation; 

  2. Eastward, to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient, who followed it to the manger of Jesus;

  3. Southward, to the genial tropics, with the Southern Cross in the skies, - the Cross of Calvary, which binds human society into solemn union; 

  4. Westward, to the grand realization of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony. 

(see: S&H p.575 - numerics added)

Note: The sequence of the orientation reflects the sequence of the cycle of the sun through a day, repeated every day.

  1. Northward begins the dawn, 

  2. Eastward the sunrise, 

  3. Southward the heat of the day is felt, 

  4. Westward the golden sunset unfolds.

In the Recapitulation question, "What is God?" (S&H p.465) Mary Baker Eddy gives us more definitions that are applicable to the four columns. These are countered by the four definitions for the name, Adam, respective of God.

  1. God is incorporeal.
    Here the name Adam counters the truth with the false supposition that Life is not eternal, but has beginning and end.

  2. God is divine.
    Here the name Adam counters the truth with the false supposition that intelligence passes into non-intelligence, and that Soul dwells in material sense.

  3. God is supreme.
    Here the name Adam counters the truth with the false supposition that immortal Mind results in matter, and matter in mortal mind. 

  4. God is infinite.
    Here the name Adam counters the truth with the false supposition that the one God and creator entered what He created, and then disappeared in the atheism of matter.


Mary Baker Eddy also gives us four terms in the Glossary that define the four biblical rivers from Genesis 2. She defined them by, name but in a spiritual scientific context that relates to the four columns applied in the original biblical sequence. The rivers are:

  1. Pison (river). The love of the good and beautiful, and their immortality.

  2. Gihon (river). The rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially.

  3. Hiddekel (river). Divine Science understood and acknowledged.

  4. Euphrates (river). Divine Science encompassing the universe and man; the true idea of God; a type of the glory which is to come; metaphysics taking the place of physics; the reign of righteousness. The atmosphere of human belief before it accepts sin, sickness, or death; a state of mortal thought, the only error of which is limitation; finity; the opposite of infinity.

Note: The term, woman, in the second river stood originally in context with the phrase "woman is the highest term for man," (1884 edition) defined under the glossary term "Man" (generic man). The definition of the term was later restructured with the bulk of it shifted into the chapter Recapitulation, with the phrase removed. At some later point, after 1901, the context may have reappeared under the question, What is man? Part of the answer, became: "Man is idea, the image, of Love; he is not physique."

With the rows and columns thereby defined, it becomes useful to apply all the associated structures to the foursquare structure. There are two types of them. The development type and the platform type.

Applying associated development-type structures

The sequence of applying development-type structures logically begins at the lowest element in the first column and end with the highest element in the last column. 

Mary Baker Eddy provided three primary development-type structures. These are:

  1. The 16 metaphors in Christ and Christmas,  

  2. The 16 textbook chapters

  3. The 16 stanzas of the Lord's prayer, with the spiritual sense added, (S&H p.16-17)

The three associated structures are shown below, associated element by element in their respective sequence, with the textbook chapter standing in the middle. The primary utility for all of this is, that when textbook citations appear in the Bible Lessons, the textbook citations can thereby be located by its relationship to the scientific development structure, both in terms of their 'cardinal point' and in terms of the logical river they belong to, which greatly enhances their meaning. In addition the applicable stanza of the Lord's Prayer is thereby also associated with the citation, and likewise the applicable metaphor from Christ and Christmas, both visually and by verse. With the addition of these backgrounds, the meaning of the textbook citations are thereby greatly enhanced.


The Word

northward - dawn
North Star - Polar magnet of Revelation


eastward - sunrise
seen by Wisemen


southward - heat of day
the Southern Cross

Divine Science

westward - sunset
peace and harmony

The Word  
of Life, Truth and Love

The Divine focus omnipotence

Seeking and Finding

CHAPTER 4 - Christian Science versus Spiritualism

Adorable One

Christian Science Healing (part 1)

CHAPTER 8 - Footsteps of Truth

Enable us to know, - as in heaven, so on earth, - God is omnipotent, supreme

Christian Unity (part 1)

CHAPTER 12 - Christian Science Practice

And Love is reflected in love

(...the Morning Star)

CHAPTER 16 - The Apocalypse

For God is infinite, all-power, all Life, Truth, Love, over
all, and All

the spiritual idea of God
  Kingdom of Heaven

The Spiritual focus

Christ Healing
(part 2)

CHAPTER 3 - Marriage

Hallowed be Thy name.

Pison (river)

Christmas Morn

CHAPTER 7 - Physiology

Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Gihon (river)

Treating the Sick

CHAPTER 11 - Some Objections Answered

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
Hiddekel (river)

The Way

CHAPTER 15 - Genesis

For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the
glory, forever.
Euphrates: (river)

Christianity, the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ idea in Christian history

Moral (transitional)

Christ Healing
(part 1)

CHAPTER 2 - Atonement and Eucharist

Our Father-Mother God, all-harmonious,

Christmas Eve
(part 2)

CHAPTER 6 - Science, Theology, Medicine

Thy kingdom is come; Thou art ever-present

I thank thee O Father..

 Science of Being

Give us grace for to-day; feed the famished affections;

Truth versus Error

CHAPTER 14 - Recapitulation

And God leadeth us not into temptation, but delivereth us from sin, disease, and death

Christian Science,  
which today and forever interprets this great example and the great Exemplar

The Physical focus
omni action

Star of Bethlehem

CHAPTER 1 - Prayer

Our Father which art in heaven,

Christmas Eve
(part 1)

CHAPTER 5 - Animal Magnetism Unmasked

Thy kingdom come.

Christian Science Healing (part 2)

CHAPTER 9 - Creation

Give us this day our daily bread;

Christian Unity (part 2)

CHAPTER 13 - Teaching Christian Science

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil;

Please click on the underlined painting title to view the painting.

Complete index of Christ and Christmas

Complete index of the textbook

The 16 stanzas of the Lord's prayer
also see their grouping by column


Applying associated platform-type structures

The platform type of associated structures begins with the highest element and sequences down row by row to the lowest element as shown.

Mary Baker Eddy provided two major platform structures in the textbook: 

One platform is made up of the entire chapter RECAPITULATION, provided in the form 24 questions and answers, which when grouped into groups of two, will cover the top 12 elements as shown above. With these we have the 26 Bible lessons topics associated in the same manner. Two of the recapitulation questions address a double topic, whereby the two extra lesson topics can be associated with this platform. In addition Mary Baker Eddy provided a corresponding 26-part counter-platform in the glossary definition for the term ADAM. These correspond with both the lesson topics and Recapitulation.

The second platform provided in the textbook is 32-part "Christian Science Platform" in the chapter SCIENCE OF BEING. This platform, when divided into groups of two, covers all 16 elements in the manner shown above. Associated with these is the 16 part glossary definition of the term, "Mortal Mind," and also the 16 part structure of the 16 segments of the Church Manual (for a total of 32). Since the Church Manual is provided in a progressive sequence, its elements unfold in the sequence of a progression, shown below.

The Glossary Structure

There remains one more associated structure, and this one is huge. It is the Glossary structure. 

The Glossary of Mary Baker Eddy's textbook of Christian Science contains a large list of terms with definitions provided by her, which when they become associated with her foursquare pedagogical structure encourage the pondering of vastly significant concepts that otherwise would not come into view. Naturally, like every other major work by Mary Baker Eddy the Glossary is structurally directly related to her foursquare pedagogical structure. Since the structure itself is related to the biblical city foursquare from Revelation 21 which speaks of a measure for it in Chapter 17, of 144 (cubits), one would expect that the Glossary reflects this metaphor. At first glance this is not the case. (See the appendix for the list of Glossary terms and their definition)

However, the metaphor can be seen to be reflected in the Glossary if one recognizes that the Glossary contains multiple definitions for some terms, giving a term diverse meanings in respect to the context in which it is used. Various types of multiple definitions can be recognized. In most cases they are presented as two separate sentences in the same paragraph. In few cases they are presented in separate paragraphs, indicating the existence of different types for different purposes. One type uses a linguistic association of concepts. In another type spiritual factors supersede that apparent physical factors as this is common in the metaphysics of Christian Science.

With all of these factors considered the Glossary can come to light as a structure of 144 terms, for a possible nine terms per element (9x16=144) extended uniformly throughout the entire structure. This uniformity can be seen to reflect a principle that is manifest throughout the structure, just as God, Principle, is reflected in all aspects throughout the universe and mankind. It appears to be important that the basic form of the structure for exploring divine Science reflects the singularity of Principle throughout the structure.

Such a configuration can be obtained. The 9x16 form allows for the perception in each element of four 'horizontal' terms (in the sense of the rows) and four vertical terms (in the sense of the columns), with a central term that the surrounding ideas 'flow towards' and reflect.

The pattern shown here can be seen woven into the carpet in the painting Truth versus Error. The 9x16 dimension is also incorporated into the symbolism of the crown in the painting The Way in Christ and Christmas.

The crown (enlarged above) shows 9 jewels in frontal view, which can be seen to represent the nine elements of the substructure above. When this pattern is extended all around, the same crown comes to view as containing 16 jewels.

The frontal view also shows a five-pointed crown.  In order to obtain 144 definitions from the Glossary as noted earlier it needs to be recognized that the various multiple definitions can be grouped into 5 types, or five unique aspects of the principle pertaining to the duality of expression. One can recognize five different types of concepts that all come with unique characteristics attached. These are the 5 types possible in the world for recognizing the duality of concepts for a specific term. Mary Baker Eddy's glossary for her textbook includes all 5 types.

Mary Baker Eddy also provided a corresponding set of 5 terms describing God in her glossary definition for the terms, "God." These terms define God as:

1 - all-knowing, 

2 - all-seeing, 

3 - all-acting, 

4 - all-wise, 

5 - all-loving, 

These can be seen to correspond with the five types of dual definitions as suggested below.

The simplest of the five types of dual definitions is the contrasting type, where two opposites concepts of the same term are defined. Mary Baker Eddy's convention became that the two opposite concepts are defined in separate sentences, but in the same paragraph.

Note: This convention was introduced quite late, after 1901. In 1901 all the opposites were presented in a single sentence, with the principle of separation to be determined by the researcher. In very early times, in 1884, the dual concepts were expressed in multiple sentences.  The clearer convention might have been introduced in conjunction with her addition of the term Night (darkness; doubt; fear), which was not a part of the Glossary in 1901, as if she was saying by adding the term Night, "Is your thinking so limited that I have to spell things out for you?"


There are two groups of this type of terms in the Glossary with eight terms in each group (2 terms from each group per column, reflecting the universality of Principle). 

The two groups are distinguished by their total or somewhat softer contrast respectively. The duality of terms with a total contrast, presenting complete opposites, evidently are designed to be represented on opposite rows in the same column, while the terms with the softer contrast appear to be designed to be represented in two adjacent rows in the same column. 

The oppositely-separated group of terms contains the terms: Jerusalem, Rock, Son, Sword, Wine, Wind, Zeal, Zion. (See Zion as an example:)

"Zion. Spiritual foundation and superstructure; inspiration; spiritual strength. Emptiness; unfaithfulness; desolation."

The softly-contrasting group contains the terms: Believing, Benjamin, Children, Jacob, Lord, Tithe, Wilderness, and Will. 

Note: For two terms in the soft contrasting group, for the terms "Benjamin" and "Children," the duality is presented in separate paragraphs, suggesting the existence of a special interrelationship between the two.

For both cases of the vertically separated type, may I suggest that the definition for God as "all-acting" can be applied, because God is the acting power on all perceivable levels where we may find our experience and struggles located.

Another of the five types of dual-definitions is the horizontal dual-definition. Here no contrast is shown, but in every case the dual concepts are presented by Mary Baker Eddy separated into two  different paragraphs. (The separation into separate paragraphs can be seen to indicates their standing side by side). 

Three dual-definitions belong to this unique type. These are the definitions for the terms: Adam, Ark, and Church.

May I suggest that the definition for God as "all-seeing" can be applied, because the horizontal separation of the term widens the view. It lets us see a wider horizon.

A third type can be recognized in which the vertical duality is superimposed with a shared modifying characteristic.

Only a single term, the term, "Son, "has been given such a dual definition, defined below, in which the modifier is "Son of a year."

Son. The Son of God, the Messiah or Christ. The son of man, the offspring of the flesh. "Son of a year."

Mary Baker Eddy defines the concept "Son of a year" saying: "In the Hebrew text, the word 'son' is defined variously; a month is called the son of a year.  This term, as applied to man, is used in both a material and a spiritual sense." (Miscellaneous Writings p.180)

I would like to suggest that the definition for God as "all-knowing" can be applied here, because God is infinite Intelligence, an intelligence of great depth.

Another unique type of the 5 types of dual definition is the undividable type. 

These are a type of dual definition where two distinct aspects are defined, but which depend on one another or else the spiritual sense is lost. The physical evidence suggests that the dual parts should be separated, while the spiritual evidence suggests that they must be kept together. In these cases the spiritual evidence can be deemed to supersede the physical evidence, such as is typical in the healing processes of the metaphysics of divine Science. 

The terms that are so defined are, Burial, Devil, and Euphrates. The definition for Euphrates is especially enigmatic in this respect. Its first part of the definition of this river speaks of "divine Science encompassing the universe and man." The second part speaks of the highest strata in human thinking, "The atmosphere of human belief before it accepts sin, sickness, or death; a state of mortal thought, the only error of which is limitation; finity; the opposite of infinity." What she puts on the table here for mankind to ponder is the simple fact that Science is a divine reflection in mankind. It is the renaissance that unfolds in the atmosphere of human belief and uplifts it to the apprehension of divine ideas. It unfolds in mortal thought that is encumbered with a sense of finity and limitation and takes it out of its encumberment into the boundless realm of spiritual reality, the realm of the Sublime. What I hear Mary Baker Eddy saying here is that divine Science is the key that opens the limited human realm and mortal sense to the divine sense of the limitless spiritual reality. This link cannot be broken or else the divine realm remains closed.

Here I would like to suggest that the definition for God as "all-wise" can be applied, because God is invariably recognizing spiritual evidence as the only valid factor, something that we need to do likewise if we would be wise. 


The fifth type of dual-definition that can be identified is that in which a duality is defined in a single sentence (which cannot be separated) but which trends into opposite directions depending on external factors, such as ones perception, as in the case of the definition of Earth: "To material sense, earth is matter; to spiritual sense, it is a compound idea."

Four terms are defined in this manner. The terms are, Earth, Evening, River, and Temple. 

May I suggest that the definition for God as "all-loving" applies here, because no matter which way we drift and how deeply we fall into the mud, God is Love, and uplifting impetus in every situation. 

Four Glossary terms fit this category, one for each column. These specific terms fulfill the need for having a dividing line that spans across the moral domain (the "transitional" domain). With these four terms shared on the dividing line, the lower three rows can be logically divided into two halves of 56 definitions each (or 14 per column in each half -- seven to be seen to relate to Mary Baker Eddy's seven synonyms for God in the Glossary: "Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love" with the remaining seven becoming correlated with the seven days of creation from Genesis 1 (see Appendix for details).  

The division of the foursquare structure into three parts, shown above, is symbolically indicated in the tablet that we find in the woman's lap in the second half of the painting Christmas Eve found in Christ and Christmas. 

The tablet also indicates a major division down the center of the foursquare structure by which the right half can be deemed to pertain to Church, and the left half to Temple. Mary Baker Eddy refers to the Church-Temple distinction in her dedication address of the Extension of the Mother Church, which she refers to as a "temple." (Miscellany p.6)

Our 'Third Sex'

The division into Temple and Church, comprising two columns each, can be seen to have a significance for society's sexual self-perception which is generally focused on the male-female division. Wile this division exists in the mortal sphere in distinct sovereign forms of physical individuality, in the sphere of Spirit the two sexes become one singularity reflecting the all-inclusive singularity of Spirit, a third type of 'sex' that is neither male nor female, which is defined in the Temple with the quality of being "incorporeal" and "divine," with its quality defined in Church as "supreme" and "infinite." These qualities of our 'third sex' are qualities of God that are our qualities by reflection. We celebrate these respective qualitative dimensions in the Temple, and explore their respective dimension in the divine Science of Church. 

In the Temple the celebration of our 'third sex' -- the celebration of its dimension as being  "incorporeal" and "divine," -- unfolds in the channels of spiritual recognition and acceptance. 

In the divine Science of Church the discovery and exploration of our 'third sex' -- of its dimension as being "supreme" and "infinite," -- unfolds correlatively in the channels of spiritual understanding and acknowledgement.

In these channels (grouped as celebration in the Temple and scientific discovery in Church) the Sublime (the divine) nature of our humanity is being brought to light. These cannels are supported by all the associated structures and their added significance. Naturally this Sublime identity of mankind as rooted in divine Spirit also uplifts the physical sphere with various reflective spiritual qualities, such as individual completeness, harmony, health, beauty, sublimity, strength, and so on.

The symbol for completeness

The number 56 mentioned above (in reference to a dividing line across the moral domain) is a number that is likewise defined in symbolic metaphor. There are 56 rays of light shown surrounding the seven pointed star on the cover of Christ and Christmas. Mary Baker Eddy's modern symbolism of the crown brings the seven-pointed star to the crown that is deeply linked to this 56-part aspect.  The modern crown (part of the cross and seal) now shows the five-pointed crown being topped with seven-pointed stars, emphasising both the 5 and 7 dimensions.

The ordering of the 144 Glossary terms with the variously recognized parameters in mind is not a simple task. It demands one to dig deep into the science involved. The number of possible combinations, if one were to count them, would add up to a decimal number 250 digits long. That's infinity for all practical purposes. I have added an example of what can result on this basis of spiritually defined scientific ordering:

  Example of the completed 144 element matrix.

The practical application

The question to comes to mind from looking at this vast complexity: Why would one bother? The answer becomes evermore: Because it is necessary for our survival in the currently fast disintegrating world. The currently ongoing world-financial disintegration all by itself threatens to take the global house down. While policy options are possible to avert disaster, the needed policies are blocked with monumental force that society shows no interest in countering, but rather tends to support. This means that the future of society and its very existence to a large degree, is not fundamentally a technical issue, but is a spiritual issue. Recognizing that it is a spiritual issue should lead to profound cultural measures, even a cultural renewal of society. At the present moment we are far from that. If anything, society is working against itself. A recovery from this position requires a strong scientific approach in spiritual science, or divine Science, just to get us away from the precipice.

To bring the future to bear on the present

This is what Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical work is designed to enable. It is a work that documents the future. Divine Science, the science of Spirit, the science of all that is Sublime, documents the future. The scientific reality that it presents is the reality of Spirit, which defines the future and the present. This reality will unfold inevitably and determine the future, because the reality of Spirit is the only reality there is, reflected in the universe and man. The scientific understanding of this reality is inevitable. While the present understanding of it is far from being sufficient, society no longer stands hopeless in the shadow of the currently onrushing crisis that threatens to become the worst in recorded history. The option now exists to take what is inevitable in the future and bring it bear on the present by rapidly advancing the scientific process of our spiritual development, which thereby brings the future potentially into the present.

One of the tools that Mary Baker Eddy has designed for this process id the weekly Bible Lesson Sermon. Mary Baker Eddy has 'ordained' the Bible and her textbook as the pastor in all churches of Christ Scientists. The topics are predefined by her, and the citations for it are prepared by a central committee and published well in advance. The setup enables the topics to be studied prior to the Sunday service, which then becomes a celebration (in the Temple). The Church process unfolds throughout the week, individually, and in a far richer manner in terms of exploration than any sermon ever preached could possibly provide. How rich the exploration process can become is shown in the diagram below of the vast resources that are available as a background for any textbook citation, which gives the citation and the lesson a whole new and profound meaning. Also, what unfolds here doesn't come as brainwashing from a preacher's mouth. Whatever is discovered here, in Church, comes from ones own understanding and ones own acknowledgement of the reality of ones being which is forever spiritually defined.

Since every textbook citation belongs to a specific chapter, the specific location of the chapter on the foursquare structure determines the specific element of the applicable resource (the specific verse and painting from Christ and Christmas, and the specific stanza form the Lord's Prayer, etc.). The Bible Lesson has thereby a greatly enhanced potential for scientific and spiritual exploration.

 In addition to the above, the Church Manual can also be seen as a resource. Inversely, the above can also be seen as a resource for understanding the Church Manual in terms of its value for society's universal self-government.

An online version of the historic 1889 set of the Bible lessons is available that incorporates applicable elements from a number of the above-shown associated structures. The Online Bible Lessons can be found at: 


The resources that Mary Baker Eddy has provided for the Bible lessons appear to be inexhaustible. But will they be applied? On this question hangs the future, or doom, of mankind. The doom can be avoided so that mankind can have a future. The policies are simple. But will the spiritual steps be taken so that the policies become adapted and be implemented?

What are the challenges that we face?

The challenges are manifold, but they all come down to one factor, to define what a human being is. If the human being is defined spiritually as the divine idea of Spirit and Love, and is thus understood in Science as a complete idea (since God cannot be understood in any other sense as being fully complete) and this completeness is acknowledged as the reality of all being, so that mankind's individual completeness is fully recognized in universal daily living, and is accepted as such in celebration of it, the whole world would be pulled out of its hell. Mankind is literally living in a state of hell with everything collapsing all around it, globally, because of society's counter-cultural practice to seek its value outside of itself. Instead of finding value in itself, in its creative and productive capacity, society finds little value in itself, and thus it is reaching out for the Empire's gold which has no intrinsic value, to find value in it which it lacks. This cultural failure that is literally bringing the whole world to its knees, is a spiritual failure for which there  is no solution possible outside the realm of spiritual Science. When public policies are built on this platform, and their spiritual foundation is understood and acknowledged, then solutions become possible.

Franklin Delanor Roosevelt ended the Great Depression on such a spiritual platform: the principle of the general welfare, which acknowledged no only the worth and value of the individual, but also its creative and productive power. He said in essence, we don't need anything outside of ourselves. All the wealth in the world is located in us. He issued low-cost State credits for whatever project would most efficiently express the creative and productive power of society, from infrastructure building, farming support, to social protection, etc.. He said in essence, we are a rich people in potentials of everything that really counts. So let's be rich! That was the New deal. Society recognized its potential. It celebrated it. It accepted its riches. And it became the richest society the world has ever seen. But the foundation was spiritual. Without rebuilding that foundation re-instituting FDR's policies wouldn't accomplish anything, in fact they wouldn't be re-instituted. Which is one of the reasons why this hasn't happened in spite of three decades of efforts in that direction by thousands of dedicated political activists. In today's world the masters of empire easily rule society in their fascist war of looting it and destroying civilization for the sake of money. And this will not change for as long as society finds so little value in itself that it reaches out to the gold of empire and clings to it for its very life, thereby loosing its life.

We are facing an enormously serious crisis today on all fronts at once, financially, economically, politically, militarily, and socially. But by should one be surprised at this wide front since the cause is singular on the entire front, which is a deficient spiritual recognition. We don't face five different crises. We face five symptoms of a singular failure. Thus it is impossible to address any one of the five symptoms in isolation. 

For example, it has been proposed by the most leading economist and internationally renowned statesman Lyndon LaRouche that the entire world-financial system that is technically more than bankrupt, should be taken out of the hands of empire with a four-power agreement, combining Russia, China, India, and the USA on this issue, and that the governments put what is left of it, through a bankruptcy reorganization in order to keep society functioning. That would include an agreement to save what is still salvageable; to keep the banks operating; to assure that wages continue to be paid; that savings won't be lost; that businesses can continue to function; that pensions continue to be paid; and to assure that the mortgage foreclosures won't happen that are potentially threatening tens of millions of families with the loss of their home in the USA and worldwide. 

The irony is, that there is no support found in society for the measures required to save its existence, which appears to have little value in comparison with the empire's gold. On this platform, followed for several decades, society became progressively poorer and impotent in protecting itself. The trek away from spiritual reality has been the longest enduring in modern history, the deepest, and the most catastrophic in potential consequences. The inevitable outcome is beyond people's comprehension, if no intervention happens in which society rescues itself. LaRouche calls this outcome a new dark age that only a small portion of society will likely survive. An “old-timer”funds manager, Julian Robertson,  the “Never Been Wrong Robertson”, the former head of Tiger Management (once the largest hedge fund in the world), predicted in a Jan 11, 2008 interview, an “utter global collapse.... not just economic collapse… collapse of epic proportions. Collapse and disintegration of all infrastructure, including government,” probably including food production. (The collapse has already begun. see a few examples: 1 , 2,  3,  4, )

Julian Robertson predicted that the age of the concentration camps might be dawning again when society falls into financial ruin. (He failed to note that 600 camps already exist including the laws to populate them see: - Also noteworthy is the trend that the destitute and homeless have been increasingly regarded by society as scum, a sad response to a victimized people.)

Julian Robertson's solution? "In 10 years time, whoever is left will be effectively starting again," (probably starting with nothing much remaining).  He ended by saying that he hopes not to be alive to see this. “The lucky ones are the ones who are my age now,” he said. (see: interview

LaRouche's answer is: I give you critical choices to get back to the real world built on sound universal principles. There are no other solutions. He sounded the warning bell for 30 years already, and society said, no! 

The missing factor in all cases -- the decisive factor -- is the spiritual factor. Every cultural failure is a testament that there is something spiritually lacking in society.

Will Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure determine the future?

Most likely it will. She laid a wide range of critical choices before society with her pedagogical platform, unfolding with the process of working with the structure. The work that she accomplished is complete. It took a hundred years for it to be discovered. The process of working with the discovery has only begun. The process will determine the future, which will be determined by spiritual issues. On this front Mary Baker Eddy is still the world leader. No other path than divine Science will resolve the world's critical spiritual issues. She laid a foundation that society can build on, which itself was built on discovery and revelation. This work doesn't need to be redone, so it won't be redone. Any attempt to do so would be a denial of the process of unfolding of the divine Spirit reflected in man. The building can only go forward, and so it will. That much is certain. Only the speed with which it may happen remains yet to be determined, and that will determine the fate of society. For the time being there is little interest and almost no support for it, which has become a universal pattern of society having no interest in protecting and advancing its welfare, even its existence. It may well be that society has become so indifferent to itself that it allows itself to go to hell in the near term and that in a few centuries or after the next Ice Age in a 100,000 years, mankind will recover itself and proceed with what we have the capability to do right now. One way or another, the potential that exists will be realized. The difference is whether we will see it happening in our time and commence living in the sunshine of its unfolding. And that, of course, depends on what we all individually do to assure that what we want to see will happen.

Mary Baker Eddy saw the beginning stages of it. Her textbook all by itself has healed countless thousands. Now, we have infinitely more to work with than the people had at her time. I would say the future looks bright with a vast unrealized potential before us that beckons society to open the door to it.

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