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The Modern Face of Treason

Corporatism, Fascism

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Modern Treason: 
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The following article was published  at LPAC (LaRouche Political Action Comittee) website.


Corporatism: A Fascist Bloomberg World

January 11, 2008 (LPAC)

Corporatism, which reigned in Europe in the earlier part of the Century under Mussolini and Hitler and is rising again under such as fascist Mayor Bloomberg and Nazi Arnie Schwarnegger, was thought to be the first step toward a greater world state by the British Empire’s boy, H.G. Wells: “I am asking for liberal Fascisti, for enlightened Nazis.” (From a public speech delivered by Herbert George Wells at Oxford in 1932)

Corporatism, in its form, was argued necessary from the assumed truth of Malthus’ argument of a limited population growth, an argument bolstered by genocidalist Al Gore along with others today. Malthus’ lie allowed for the necessity of a world government, conceived of by Wells, as a means of managing the resources of the planet, coping with over population, and insuring the continued innovations in technology. In the famous doctrine of Wells, ‘The Open Conspiracy’, he explained the structure of this world government: 

“Let us make clear what sort of government we are trying to substitute for the patchwork of to-day. It will be a new sort of direction with a new psychology. The method of direction of such a world commonweal is not likely to imitate the methods of existing sovereign states. It will be something new and altogether different. 

“This point is not yet generally realized. It is too often assumed that the world commonweal will be, as it were, just the one heir and survivor of existing states, and that it will be a sort of megatherium of the same form and anatomy as its predecessors. 

“But a little reflection will show that this is a mistake. Existing states are primarily militant states, and a world state cannot be militant. There will be little need for president or king to lead the marshalled hosts of humanity, for where there is no war there is no need of any leader to lead hosts anywhere, and in a polyglot world a parliament of mankind or any sort of council that meets and talks is an inconceivable instrument of government. The voice will cease to be a suitable vehicle. World government, like scientific process, will be conducted by statement, criticism, and publication that will be capable of efficient translation. 

“The fundamental organization of contemporary states is plainly still military, and that is exactly what a world organization cannot be. Flags, uniforms, national anthems, patriotism sedulously cultivated in church and school, the brag, blare, and bluster of our competing sovereignties, belong to the phase of development the Open Conspiracy will supersede. We have to get clear of that clutter. The reasonable desire of all of us is that we should have the collective affairs of the world managed by suitably equipped groups of the most interested, intelligent, and devoted people, and that their activities should be subjected to a free, open, watchful criticism, restrained from making spasmodic interruptions but powerful enough to modify or supersede without haste or delay whatever is weakening or unsatisfactory in the general direction. 

“A number of readers will be disposed to say that this is a very vague, undefined, and complicated conception of world government. But indeed it is a simplification. Not only are the present governments of the world a fragmentary competitive confusion, but none of them is as simple as it appears. They seem to be simple because they have formal heads and definite forms, councils, voting assemblies, and so forth, for arriving at decisions. But the formal heads, the kings, presidents, and so forth, are really not the directive heads. They are merely the figure heads. They do not decide. They merely make gestures of potent and dignified acquiescence when decisions are put to them. They are complicating shams. Nor do the councils and assemblies really decide. They record, often very imperfectly and exasperatingly, the accumulating purpose of outer forces. These outer really directive forces are no doubt very intricate in their operation; they depend finally on religious and educational forms and upon waves of gregarious feeling, but it does not in the least simplify the process of collective human activity to pretend that it is simple and to set up symbols and dummies in the guise of rulers and dictators to embody that pretence. To recognize the incurable intricacy of collective action is a mental simplification; to remain satisfied with the pretensions of existing governmental institutions, and to bring in all the problems of their procedure and interaction is to complicate the question. 

“The present rudimentary development of collective psychology obliges us to be vague and provisional about the way in which the collective mind may best define its will for the purpose of administrative action…” 

“…This unified world towards which the Open Conspiracy would direct its activities cannot be pictured for the reader as any static and stereotyped spectacle of happiness.” 

- Mussolini Fascism: Corporatism is Born - 

The British puppet Mussolini and his fellow traveler to hell Adolf Hitler, were in varying degrees agreeable to Wells, who says further into The Open Conspiracy, that a military force will be needed to destroy all militaristic Patriotism. Out of the two puppets, Mussolini, got the award for the best Wellsian, as was reflected in his 1932 tome, entitled, ‘The Doctrine of Fascism’: 

“Fascism ... does not believe in the possibility of ‘happiness’ on earth as conceived by the economistic literature of the 18th Century.... 

“Fascism denies the materialistic conception of happiness as a possibility, and abandons it to the economists of the mid-eighteenth century. This means that Fascism denies the equation: well-being = happiness, which sees in men mere animals, content when they can feed and fatten, thus reducing them to a vegetative existence pure and simple.... 

“...The Fascist State is ... a unique and original creation. It is not reactionary but revolutionary, for it anticipates the solution of certain universal problems which have been raised elsewhere, in the political field by the splitting up of parties, the usurpation of power by parliaments, the irresponsibility of assemblies; in the economic field by the increasingly numerous and important functions discharged by trade unions and trade associations with their disputes and ententes, affecting both capital and labor; in the ethical field by the need felt for order, discipline, obedience to the moral dictates of patriotism. 

“...The Fascist State lays claim to rule in the economic field no less than in others; it makes its action felt throughout the length and breadth of the country by means of its corporative, social, and educational institutions, and all the political, economic, and spiritual forces of the nation, organized in their respective associations, circulate within the State. A State based on millions of individuals who recognize its authority, feel its action, and are ready to serve its ends is not the tyrannical state of a medieval lordling....” 

LaRouche: "Bloomberg Equals Fascism"

LaRouche:"Bloomberg es igual a Fascismo"

January 8, 2008 (LPAC) - 

Lyndon LaRouche, on being briefed on the Oklahoma meeting promoting Michael Bloomberg's independent, "bipartisan" candidacy, and the talk-show presentations today by Sen. David Boren and others promoting the campaign, declared:

Bloomberg equals fascism - it's time to say it; stop the bull shit: This is fascism. That's what is being promoted as the Bloomberg 'national unity' operation. This is what Hillary Clinton is facing in New Hampshire. Obama is a tool for this fascist operation. Bloomberg himself is a tool of it.

Those who can remember fascism will recognize it today. Another name for it in the 1900s was corporativism. Most people who fought it are dead now. The Baby Boomers don't remember it. But what is being proposed on behalf of the Bloomberg opertion is fascism. Let them deny it!

Look at the history books. In the 1920s and 1930s in Italy, it was called, 'corporativism.' Later, it was called fascism. In the 1930s in Germany it was called Nazism.

Today, we are seeing pure, outright fascism in what is being proposed. It is no different from before. The Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg operations are what we once knew as fascism in the 1920s and 1930s. It was also called Schachtianism in Germany, but it came first in Italy as corporatism and fascism. And it was Made-in-London.

Hitler was a London creation. Once he came to threaten the British Empire, London worked with FDR against him, but London created him. London created Mussolini. And it's the same today. This is what Boren, Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg are pushing - "nonpartisan" corporatism, fascism.

Ask Bloomberg about his $11 billions. Did he make it honestly?! Is he going to give it back to the people he stole it from? He and the other scumbags who robbed the country blind? They're fakers. They're a pack of fakers.

We're working for the constituencies of these fakers, the local constituencies. That's who we represent. We are working on the emergency solutions--the HBPA and recovery.

The only question to ask of any Bloom(berg)ing Idiot is: Why are you kissing his $11 billion ass?

The reader can continue to stay tuned to the Updated Package LPAC has on this British tool.


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