"You can not heal what you have killed; 
You can not fix what you have already destroyed
Lyndon LaRouche

There is no turning back from defending civilization!

The Dogma of Manmade Global Warming:
A Dogma for Genocide.

presented by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


As has been stated many times: Contrary to the major myths, there is no such thing as manmade global warming, nor has there ever been a scientific consensus in support of the dogma but a worldwide opposition against it, and on top of all that, whatever natural warming there was has ended in 1998. These are physical facts. The following articles with links to numerous sources provide a rich background of details.

No Manmade Global Warming

The Electric Climate - Love versus Flat-Earth Science

The Coming Ice Age

Urgently Needed: An Ice Age Renaissance


While it is widely understood that the dogma of manmade global warming is a political hoax, it is less understood that the dogma is intentionally murderous as an element of the war of empire versus civilization. Nevertheless it would be surprising if it wasn't designed to kill on a wide front of genocide that has likely already claimed more victims than all the wars of the last century combined. The policy of staging genocide in the war of empire versus civilization was initiated in the same year in which the U.S. Constitution was established, by which the British Empire at the time felt itself threatened.

Love countering the death-wish society


The policy of genocide became promoted starting in the late 1960s as a 'necessity for the good of the planet' when it was said in the environmental movements around the world that "the earth has cancer, and that cancer is man." The dogma of manmade global warming became an extensions of this promotion of genocide. A clever scheme was hatched to link economic activity that is totally dependent on large-scale energy use to the carbon emission resulting from the current energy production that powers our civilization. All this was linked to global warming. What better way could any scoundrel find to inflict genocide than by choking off the foundation for civilization, mankind's industrial processes. The destruction of industries and the prevention of industrialization became a means for catering to the most potent killer that ever was, which is poverty. 

That genocide is the focus of the global warming doctrine is evident by the vehement opposition of the masters of the doctrine and their sentinels to the development of nuclear power and nuclear fusion power as the only viable alternative to gas, oil, and coal power. The American economist, Lyndon LaRouche has been fighting for decades for the large scame shift to nuclear power as the only viable energy resource for the future, but this fight was strongly opposed, and it was opposed by the same political forces that promote the global warming genocide project. Of course the imperial opposition to nuclear power cannot be compromised, as the slightest compromise would take the steam out of the global warming dogma for genocide. The dogma demands the shutdown of civilization. Nuclear power would takes us the other way, to a new renaissance. The potential of advanced nuclear power is so great that a new renaissance is virtually guaranteed as the natural outcome of it.

Thorium Nuclear Power - The Fuel Cycle

Nuclear Fusion Power

The other front in the global warming war of empire versus civilization is the destruction of mankind's food supply infrastructure by the destruction of farming. This happens in two ways, one, by placing the food supply into the hands of cartelised imperial food monopolies; and two, by taking vast tracts of agricultural land out of food production for the cultivation of bio-fuel crops as has been mandated under the global-warming doctrine. While the world is starving, food is distilled into ethanol under the excuse that ethanol (a form of alcohol) burns without producing carbon gases. This fraud is maintained even while it is known that the production of ethanol requires a greater amount of fossil fuel energy as input than the end product gives back an terms of usable energy. Of course the fraud has to be maintained with a powerful myth, because the slightest recognition of the vast resources of nuclear power that remain undeveloped, would make the genocidal dogma that is focused on destroying the world's food recourses a crime of the highest order. 

Energy Abundance vs The Ethanol Fraud

Ethanol Slavery


 The bottom like is, the genocide of the doctrine of global warming is carried out in the name of reducing carbon emission which the doctrine defines as the only way to save the world from global warming, which, as everybody now knows, or should know, doesn't exist except in the fairy tale world of imperial processes for genocide. The genocide is real. Everything else related to the doctrine isn't. 

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