From a literary art project exploring the invisible shapes that shape us in wide the landscape of love

Born into the Nazi fascist world:

I was there

...Science, healing the world of fascism

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Prologue: Love and Politics

   "LOVE:   What a word!  I am in awe before it.  Over what worlds on worlds it hath range and is sovereign! the underived, the incomparable, the infinite All of good, the alone God, is Love....
   "Love is not something put upon a shelf, to be taken down on rare occasions with sugar-tongs and laid on a rose-leaf.  I make strong demands on love, call for active witnesses to prove it, and noble sacrifices and grand achievements as its results.  Unless these appear, I cast aside the word as a sham and counterfeit, having no ring of the true metal.  Love cannot be a mere abstraction, or goodness without activity and power.  As a human quality, the glorious significance of affection is more than words: it is the tender, unselfish deed done in secret; the silent, ceaseless prayer; the self-forgetful heart that overflows; the veiled form stealing on an errand of mercy, out of a side door; the little feet tripping along the sidewalk; the gentle hand opening the door that turns toward want and woe, sickness and sorrow, and thus lighting the dark places of earth. " (Mary Baker Eddy - Miscellaneous Writings p. 249)

Two spheres come to mind where love is most needed in today's world. One is politics. The other is our self-perception. 

Love in politics is critical for many reasons. For one, the policies that are enacted in politics affect human living more deeply and more widely than any other factor in our daily living.. When there is no love in politics (or in business), fascism fills the void and the Earth becomes a living hell. Inversely, when a rich love is at the center and becomes the guiding light, society finds its world a rich place, itself protected and sovereign, and the principle of the general welfare and the advantage of the other, raised like stars in a sparkling renaissance. 

Since we are far from that, and are in many ways mired already quite deeply in the sewers of fascism and empire, even to the critical point that our civilization and our very existence are at stake, the healing focus must be placed where the darkness is the densest. We must do this above all in the much-despised world of politics. The universal test in politics, as well as in finance and economics, should be: Do we love one-another better and more fully as the result of a certain policy or law? If the answer is yes, our actions will reflect that. If the answer is no, Hitler's hell hole will seem like paradise in comparison with the then coming love-devoid world. 

If there is the slightest temptation to answer no, our response must be to love at least ourselves enough so that we will take whatever actions are needed to close the door to fascism that no human being should ever have to taste. In this case our answer of love must be: Never Again!


I was there in the midst of it

I was born in Germany. My earliest recollection is from a time of great fear. I remember a certain visit with a friend of our family to the barracks of the German Army, to see her husband off, going to war. The event probably occurred in the early 1940s.

I was a small boy in those days, and as boys are, I was more fascinated with toys and childish games than anything else. One of the games that we had loved as children involved soaking tiny transfer posters in water so that they could be transferred onto the appropriate pages in a game book. We called them pull-off pictures. 

I remember the day when we entered the parade square of the Army Base, looking for our friend's husband. The square was surrounded by buildings several stories tall.  High up on the center wall of one of the buildings, facing the courtyard, hung an enormously large portrait of Adolf Hitler, the "great Fuerer." In my boyish enthusiasm I drew attention to it in a loud voice and exclaimed that that this was the biggest pull-off I had ever seen. 

I cannot remember the exact words that I used, but I do remember that what I had said had caused an enormous fear in the woman whose hand I was holding. I was immediately silenced and scolded. I had been scolded before, but this time it was different

What I remember most strongly, looking back, was the bewildering sense of horror that I had done something unspeakably terrible that had put our friend and all the rest of the family in great danger for reasons that I could not understand.  I believe we left the Army grounds immediately without seeing our friend's husband this one last time, a man whom I had admired for his amazing skills in making wooden kegs. We never saw the man again. We received a death notice soon thereafter, which for years we had hoped was sent in error.

We saw pictures of the war itself only in movie theatres. They were evidently meaningless as I remembered nothing of them. But I do remember those little round black posters that were pasted up seemingly everywhere, with three letters on them, PST, meaning, hush up! The subscript on the poster said, "The enemy is listening!" We had evidently been fast learners, and had learned to live in silence. 

As far as I can remember nobody spoke much about the war. We went to school; it wasn't a topic there. We heard nothing about the ongoing holocaust, the concentration camps, the forced labor camps, the extermination camps, the ghettos and the killing fields, and the slaughters at battle. The airwaves were filled primarily with Hitler's voice. As far as I can remember, nobody listened to that either. Everybody had a radio, of course. The most popular radio was a cheap brown box, the Volks-receiver that was just powerful enough to receive the local station.

Fascism as I remember it, had created a world of fear and silence. The fascist force itself had been kept carefully out of sight, but not its policies. My younger sister, a cute little girl, had the misfortune to suffer from a headache. My family took her to the city hospital. What a mistake that was! We brought her home dead. One of the doctors informed my dad that the girl has had a brain tissue infection that might have future consequences, and that in such cases the policy was to 'close the case.' The doctor said that they did something to the spinal cord or fluid to put her gently to sleep, which was likely a lie. We buried the girl in a graveyard not far from home, and paid frequent visits to it, but we never spoke of what caused her death just like most victims of rape usually remain silent. Perhaps my parents didn't understand what stood behind the tragedy, or were too ashamed to have let it happen while being too busy with their little lives of baking bread at the time the monster was rising and was being groomed, though he was still in range of being stopped.

Fascism is a cultural disease that causes fear, silence, ignorance, lies, and death, and like any disease it knows no borders. The cultural barriers become too easily eroded. And with the disease come its consequences.

One of the consequences that I couldn't get out of my mind was a tragedy that was felt most heavily by my circle of friends and schoolmates. It was natural to expect that their fathers would be off to war while the war was in progress. But after the war ended, nothing changed. Their fathers didn't return.  Again, only a few were willing to talk about it or didn't know how their father died. In the same manner, when the realization took hold that there had been concentration camps operating in which millions of people were worked to death or otherwise killed, or were killed before they even got there, a sense of unreality overshadowed this unimaginable horror. 

The horrors of the concentration camps all seemed so unrelated to normal living, just as the modern network of 600 mass detention centers appear today that are scattered across the American landscape, with an average holding capacity for 20,000 to 30,000 people each, all with full rail access, guard towers, and triple-layer fences surrounding them in some cases, and with the biggest of them having a holding capacity of 2 million people, located in Alaska. Apparently the laws are all firmly in place to populate them. (see: )

What appears to be missing in this huge equation is the logistical support structure for the expected mass-relocation and mass-imprisonment of 20 million people for which the physical capacity has been built. Providing food, sanitation, medical services almost instantly on such a vast scale, for which the infrastructures likely don't exist, and to set them up in an environment of chaos, is truly unthinkable. And so we get back to Hitler's world that was likely no different in which an headache can become a terminal 'case.' Just populating and maintaining the 2 million people detention center in far off Alaska can't be anything but an unspeakable nightmare that only a few will likely survive. And maybe the intention is that they don't survive. That's the face of fascism with another new age of fascism dawning.

The only time that I personally came close to seeing the face of fascism in a grossly graphic manner happened shortly after the war. I had accompanied someone of our family to the city of Dresden. We had heard that there had been a big bombing there and were looking for someone whom we knew lived in that city. When we got to the address there was nothing there but a sea of crumbling ruins, all burnt white, with a few workers attempting to salvage whatever bricks were still useful to start the rebuilding. 

What I didn't know then, was that the eerie scene was the result of s single 14-hour air strike that killed half a million people in an orgy of fire on the last day of the war. The city that had no military importance and had been chock full with refugees of people fleeing the approaching war-front. The Russian and American forces were just a few of kilometers away when the bombing happened. There was no military reason ever cited for eradicating the city, killing twice as many people in one act as were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. The killing was said later to have been done for political reasons to impress upon Stalin the resolve and the power of the western empire to rule the postwar world. 

That is the grossest face of the fascism that I saw. Even though I saw but a tiny bit of it, its image will always remain with me.

I didn't realize than as a boy of eight that nobody had really won the Second World War, that the war had merely ground to a halt. It had been a contest between two killing machines, which ended when the greater of the two had destroyed the resources of the other. But nobody had won a victory over fascism. Sure, one fascist emperor lay defeated. "The great Fuerer, "Adolf Hitler, had killed himself at the end before the war stopped. But fascism hadn't been defeated. Like a virus, it became stronger and spread across the world.

The first thing that I saw of this new face of fascism was the destruction of our leading-edge industries. We had a large aircraft plant located nearby where we lived. It had remained undamaged by the war. One day, quite early after the war, I watched with a strange sense of disbelief its machinery being loaded into box cars to be shipped to Russia for reparation. I could understand the concept of reparation, though it didn't make any sense since most of the machinery was likely useless outside the context in which it was used. A man who had watched the event with me had told me that a factory is like a living thing. All parts work together, machines, the skilled workers, buildings, supplies, etc.. Machines by themselves don't make a product. But that was all they took, the machines. They left the factory empty. The buildings remained intact. 

In the early postwar period when the food supply was almost non-existent the factory's large facilities were utilized to serve us kids a hot meal, an elegant for of of school lunches, possibly the only hot meal that any of them ever got. I marvelled also at the fine facilities we were allowed into. Our school looked crappy in comparison. Unfortunately, the program was short lived. The next thing we knew was that the factory buildings were being dynamited. The key central pillars in many a building were blown up so that the rest of the building collapsed and became useless, or the walls were blown out. The goal of fascism is always to destroy the productive infrastructures of a society and divert labor into useless pursuits. 

The ruins remained standing until there was enough of an economy rebuilt in the country that could muster the resources to clean up the mess. It took years of demolition work afterwards to eradicate the entire factory, but it was accomplished. Farming was restarted on the same site were the aircraft plat had stood. Eventually a new plant was built on the same spot to produce farming equipment. 

Not all of the industries were destroyed that way, but apparently the best of them were. I couldn't understand as a young boy why anyone would heap revenge on an empty building, which could serve as a great place for building new things in it, since the world war rebuilding. Sure they had their excuses for doing this, to deprive a people of the potential to rebuild their lives. I didn't understand this reason until I saw the same happening in the USA with the steel industry and then the automobile industry. The openly stated goal of the big American automakers was not to produce anything at all in the USA anymore, but to import their products from cheap-labor countries under their original label as though they were made at home. The automaker's machines were thus auctioned off; much it going for scrap. The skilled workers were diverted to useless low-paying jobs.

That's when I was beginning to realize what the man had told me back then when I watched with him the machinery from the aircraft plant being loaded onto box cars. They weren't meant to be reused at all, but were prevented from being used for productive purposes once again. 

Fascism is the face of the war of empire against mankind that is waged for destroying civilization. Just as the man had said that the machines, the buildings, the engineers and workers, and all the infrastructures in support of the complex are all parts of a larger living thing, I realized that in like measure an entire nation was suddenly coming to light as a living unit. The man has said that by taking one link out of the chain, the whole chain becomes useless. When I heard of the physical destruction of the U.S. auto industry with the stroke of the pen of the financiers, the industrial chain of the nation was being broken. Fascism had gained a financial sword to break the physical economy. Now the sword is being sharpened again to claim all the remaining infrastructures as well, such a roads, bridges, ports, airports, even food. Food is now on the fast track of being patented as an intellectual property. Another New Age of fascism has begun that leaves little room for human living. And still the war of empire against mankind, the war of fascism, is continuing.

We are at the point today where I was over sixty years ago standing at the railway tracks watching with a stranger at my side the loading of the production equipment and machinery that might have been converted to making street cars. Our street cars were ancient relics. The man might have been a worker at the plant once who understood vaguely what we saw. He might have cried at what he saw. A large crane had been set up inside the plant at its fence that lifted the equipment over the fence and into a long train of open box cars. He appeared to have sensed that a tragedy was in the making. Of course the masters of empire understood the tragedy far better, who had imposed it and still do. 

I wonder what the man's response would be today on seeing the millions of sub-prime mortgage foreclosures happening, with millions of families being thrown out of their home. Would he be wise enough today to say that what we see now is the same as what we had seen 60 years ago? Would he say that it is the same fascist process with the same goal to break apart one more link in the chain of civilization? Being a wise man, as he evidently was, he might add that fascism wears different masks at different times, but that its face underneath is always the same. He might also add that fascism is but an element of the war of empire versus mankind, and will always be an element of it whenever any organizational system which has no natural basis to exist, such as empire, tries to maintain its illegitimate structure by force. Fascism becomes its tool then, because its goal can only be accomplished by force. And society will always be its target, because a developing society will always become able to eventually recognize the truth. Thus the war against fascism has not yet ended and won't likely end for some time, certainly not until the cultural failure from which fascism flows has been corrected. The man might also say that cultural failures result whenever there is something spiritually lacking in society.

This lack was certainly evident in us kids back in 1946/7, just as things began to function again. A strange phenomenon was occurring all over the city. It didn't last long, but it was happening. The demolished aircraft plants had stocks of explosive aluminums rivets remaining in them that went off with a loud bang when put onto the street car tracks or into camp fires. When the rivets were used up some of the older kids with chemical know how made their own explosives by mixing a certain week killer with a fumigating compound and stuffed the mix into aluminums tubes that had remained in the rubble of the aircraft plants. Those home-made devices became rather large fire crackers. All kinds of horror stories kept soon surfacing from all over town. One kid had lost his hand while squeezing an aluminium tube closed. In another case someone had put one of the larger ones under a street car and blown off a wheel. It is hard to imagine now that such a thing would be happening after years of a horrible war. But for some reason, blowing things up seemed to have become a cultural background that had lingered on. No one living in this city could not have escaped seeing big huge buildings on fire near the end of the war or feeling bombs going off when the war came back home to Germany. 

I believe the strange phenomenon of insanity ended when social programs for the youth were set up that began to rebuilt the cultural base. Fascism seems to flourish in a culturally empty society. It also breeds further emptiness. But this emptiness apparently an be corrected. One of the early rebuilding projects in the city, as far as I can remember, were the gleaming new buildings of a new opera house and new symphony hall. And for us kids many cultural centers were established, centers for dancing, sports, and so on. Mostly they were attached to factories, those that hadn't been destroyed.

The destruction of the U.S. automobile industry and the ongoing destruction of aero-space and machine tool industry set the cultural stage in the opposite direction, towards the next step in breaking the nation, link by link, which is unfolding now. This new step was staged to unfold closer to home. The target became the home itself. Homelessness, unemployment, cultural pessimism and cultural insanity have for a long time become a western standard that the foreclosure wave is now merely adding to, towards a social catastrophe that has no real limit in the sewer.  Nor can anyone foresee the full extend of all the interlocking social, political, and economic consequences as another link of the living chain is being broken. The scope of the unfolding destruction in the world-financial system, all by itself, is so large that it will likely cause the total collapse of the system that is already technically bankrupt. Considering the kinds of games that are played on the chessboards of empire, the collapse process that is wrecking the living processes of civilization might have been intended.

What we are seeing here is similar to the face of fascism that I saw when I saw the ruins of Dresden. Frankly, I didn't know what I was seeing then. I was too young for that and too ignorant. I don't think that anybody else who saw the ruins recognized what it was that they were seeing. what stood behind that sea of ruins that seemed to have no end. Even now only few recognize that. The ruins have been cleared away long ago. The city has been rebuilt. The night has been forgotten that started with such hope and ended in tragedy. Children had been dancing in the streets that night, celebrating the impending end of a war they had successfully escaped from. The allied forces were just a few kilometres away from the city, which would liberate the city from the Nazi machine. The history books tell us that a makeshift circus had been set up to get a few smiles back onto the faces of people. All of that ended a few hours before midnight when an armada of over 300 bombers arrived, the first of three successive waves. The airmen would likely have heard the voices of their screams had not the drone of their 1200 Merlin engines downed them out. It is being said that the smoke from the firestorms that were hotter than steel furnaces was seen as far away as London, 600 km away, where the command had been given to "do it."

The burning of the city made no sense to me then, nor for the years and decades that followed, or did it likely make sense to anyone else who saw the aftermath, because it made no sense as a military raid. The only part of the city could have been remotely of military value was the railway yard, but that was left intact. It made no sense as a military raid for any military reason. It took me a long time to recognize that it wasn't a military raid at all, but a political raid. It was the 911 of 1945. If the atomic bomb had been ready, the atomic bomb would have been used. The 911 of 1945 had been staged to scare the hell out of Russia, to signal that raw fascism was the New World Order and London was the center of that world: "Resistance is futile!"

I do not know if Russia feared the fascist New World Order as deeply as the German society had feared the old fascist order of Hitler. It appears they did fear it and had ample reasons to do so, which became reflected throughout the communist world. When the Russian sector of the postwar occupation in Germany, in which I lived, became an isolated Communist State, it became a repressive state once again, and intensely fearful of of the West. The age of the Franklin Roosevelt New Deal for society had ended. The principle of the general welfare lay buried under the rubble of Dresden. The rule of empire resumed.

America's 911 of 2001 was but a 'mild' replay. Of course the purpose was the same, to break another link in the living fabric of society. to bury the American System of Constitutional government and everything that was built on it under a blanket of fear that would soon become global. America's 911 was cleverly executed, and probably directed from the same command center, but poorly hidden as being an 'inside' job. Nor was it likely intended to remain hidden as such. While it served as a perfect tool to stage the "War on Terror" that became a terror storm that spread war all across South Asia from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean Sea, its secret purpose was evidently also to spread fear at home, the same kind of fear that I had encountered as a small boy referring to Hitler as a giant pull-off. 

The hidden purpose of America's 911, for which it was only slightly concealed,  evidently was to spread fear across America of the rising police state of empire, The 911-Truth movement served this fear well, and still does. It gets people to face the fact that the new empire has no morality or humanity as it doesn't hesitate to execute the symbol of American prosperity and industry, which the two World Trade Center towers stood for, if an objective of empire is thereby served. It gets people to face the fact that if their own government, having become fascist in nature as a servant of empire, doesn't hesitate to execute over 3000 people for a political objective, then there is no security left for anyone in the unfolding new police state. The effect that the 911 Truth movement had was and still is of this nature, to induce people to cower in fear. And that they do. The depth of this fear is evident in the total control that the masters of empire have over the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Senate, the White House, and the electoral process, even to some degree over the institutions as well. The 911 Truth movement has thereby effectively helped to cement the chokehold of empire.

The real target this time, for which the masters of empire become evermore fascist in their operations, are Russia, China, and India, the three remaining stable nations in the world. Russia, China, and India are targeted because they are the only nations left in the world that have the power to oppose the rule of empire and end its existence, provided they are joined in such an effort by the USA, should the USA free itself from the choke-hold of empire once again. That is essentially what America's 911 was about, to tighten the choke-hold and to set the stage to defeat the rest of the world.

The fear that I had felt so intensely as a small boy that it had remained a vivid memory for over 60 years was evidently but a foretaste of something much larger that is unfolding at the present time, a force of silent terror that inspires total impotence and a growing sense of apartheid for the individual.

I felt a faint sense of this apartheid even then, in the postwar Communist regime of East Germany. After trade school I had applied to enter the country's "technicum" for electronics, an advanced technological 'college' that I was well qualified for. However, in applying I went there as the son of the owner of a bakery. I went there with a friend whose father owned a radio repair shop. "Why do you bother coming here?" he were both greeted by the registrar of the college. "This is a school for the sons of workers, not for the sons of the exploiters of workers." Obviously we didn't get accepted.  We had half expected the judgment. Little did we realize that the apartheid that was reflected in it was a facet of the New Fascism that would in time determine the fate of the world.

Those words with which we were greeted, "Why do you bother coming here?" were likely also spoken to the American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche who entered the American political arena as a declared enemy of empire, fighting on the historic platform of the American System of Political Economy, the platform of Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Mathew Carey, Henry Clay, Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, the platform that President Kenney tried to get back to, who was assassinated for it by the assassins of empire. LaRouche also stood on the great scientific tradition that every empire feared, the tradition of Cusa, Kepler, Leibniz, Riemann, Gauss, and others. He was fighting for a new age of honesty in science in America. LaRouche also stood on the foundation of classical culture in art, architecture, music, and education, an impediment to empire. With his his tall standing in all of these areas he stood up for election to the presidency of the USA to help the nation to get out of the swamp of fascism that had been dragged into. But he stood isolated. The entire political system, which was by then totally owned by the monetarist fascism of empire that had become the New World Order, was doing everything possible to keep LaRouche isolated. Countless times he was likely told in as many different ways, "Why do you bother coming here?" He ran for the office of the President eight times, mostly on the Democratic ticket, the old FDR ticket, and constantly he was told, "Why do you bother? We are in control now." 

LaRouche bothered, because it is necessary to fight for civilization, to save the nation, to break through the mantle of fascism and bring life back into the dying world. He fought, because FDR had fought and had succeeded. In 1913 a bunch of traitors in the USA had sold out the nation to the London Bankers and their American stooges with the founding of the Federal Reserve as private central bank, who had promptly bankrupted the nation. FDR had fought to get the nation back and give it a chance to rebuild itself, which he did and had thereby enabled the USA build itself up into the richest and most powerful economic force on the planet. As soon as FDR was in the grave, however, that citadel of freedom and prosperity was being wrecked again. And the wrecking ball again was fascism.

It was fascism that brought the house down in 1913, and it was fascism that was enabled the same to be done again 1945. The founding of the Federal reserve in 1913 was a fascist operation that had enabled the British financial empire to bankrupt the USA in less than 20 years. FDR took over the bankrupted wreck and rebuild the nation. But is it really true that the 1913 financial coup was staged on the platform of fascism? 

A well-reasoned theory is that the sinking of the Titanic was the first 911 event and the most profitable of them all. The stakes were immensely huge. What has at stake was nothing less than the private takeover of the entire financial system of the USA. The project was so threatening to the nation that number of the most powerful men of the U.S. business elite were staunchly opposed to it, and would have spared no effort to stop it. Among those opposed were the well known industrialist Benjamin Guggenheim; the owner of Macy's department store Isidor Straus, and also John Jacob Astor the builder of a number of great New York hotels (including the Astoria), who also served on the board of several major U.S. corporations.  These people could sense what was happening and what would result from the effective handover of America to the British Empire. They were among the richest men in the world and stood totally opposed to the enslavement of America by the British.  They would have used their wealth and influence to oppose the Federal Reserve project by all means possible, and would also have opposed the launching of the empire's World War I project as well.  Thus, standing in the way of the objectives of empire the three men were quietly coaxed to board the floating palace of the Titanic on its maiden voyage. The rest is history. None survived.

As a mere conspiracy story the sinking of the Titanic makes no sense. But as a fascist story it bears all the hallmarks of the face of fascism that would be mirrored again and again in many ways to the present time and will continue so for as long as fascism rules. Once the three man were on the ship and the ship was sunk, the only viable opposition to the enslavement of America to the private imperial monetarism of empire and America's subsequent bankruptcy was thereby removed. The imperial takeover of America became a reality a year and a half later, on Christmas day in 1913. The actual sinking of the ship was a technicality that could have been easily arranged. It could have been arranged with the appropriate falsification of iceberg reports, the intentional staging of a race through ice-infested waters, the hype of an unsinkable ship, and so on. Some theories have it that Captain Smith was ensnared in a religious spider web of the old Jesuit fashion (the Soldiers of God who had originally been set up by the Venetian Empire to break the Golden Renaissance with religious war that ended in the Thirty Years War). It is believed that Captain Smith, a Jesuit, was ordered in this context to sink the ship as a service to God. As a North Atlantic mariner for 26 years, the captain would not have charged into ice infested waters at full speed in a moonless light. But with religion serving imperial fascism for a span of time that goes back to the 1500s, the unlikely seeming becomes imminently possible, which would be reflected again and again in various ways in all the big 911 events.

Also, in case anybody didn't get it yet that it is futile to oppose the Empire, the Titanic was sunk on the historic anniversary date of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Both events happed on April 14th. 

The probability for all of these things to be coinciding so precisely as they have, purely by chance, is infinitesimal. The anniversary date of April 14th was likely chosen to drive the point home that resistance is not tolerated, especially considering that Abraham Lincoln had won the Civil War on the basis of the American System of Political Economy that the private Federal Reserve system was intended to wreck. 

This is the background that FDR stood against and overturned, and what Lyndon LaRouche has been fighting to repeat in modern terms to save the world from further fascist intentions. The age of the 911s cannot be considered closed until the day when the fight against empire is won. We have seen many 911s since the night of the Titanic, in which one way or another all still standing opposition to the steam roller of empire was put out of the way, such as the Assassination in Sarajevo in 1914 that opened the door to WW I; the Reichstag fire in 1933 that opened the path for Hitler to become the Nazi dictator, in order to assure WW II; the assassination of President Kennedy that opened the gate to the Indo-China wars, and the Gulf of Tonkin event that ignited it. Then came 2001 and the modern 911. When will the next 911 take place? Will it take out an entire city as on the night that Dresden was burnt, or on the day when Hiroshima was murdered, or Nagasaki likewise? When fascism rules and the stakes are large for the world of empire, the means are always justified by the goals, no matter how ugly they become.

In comparison with the masters of empire whose craft in arranging the flow of world goes back in history to the crusades and beyond, the little corporal that become the emperor of the Nazi Empire, Adolf Hitler, remained what he was, a little man, a mere amateur fascist, a useful fool who in his fumbling stepped outside of bounds set up for him, who had to be reigned in. Fifty million people paid the price with their life for reigning him in. An entire continent was ruined in the process. Germany, Europe's pearl of culture, science, and engineering lay in ashes. But the Empire was saved. We children had played among the ashes of that war, among the ruins of the demolished aircraft plant near where I grew up. Gardeners had planted gardens among the ruins of the once great industrial enterprise. I remember one garden that had been surrounded by a fence made of a few dozen aircraft antenna posts.

The aircraft plant also had a tall chimney that was a part of the plant's power system. Both had remained undamaged by the initial demolition, and likewise a large office building that stood beside it. The three structures had remained standing intact amidst the rubble and remained so for some years while the ruins of rest of the plant served as a playground for whoever dared to enter. I remember well how I had admired the ingenious brickwork of the chimney that had enabled the tall chimney to be free-standing, proudly reaching to sky, holding his own against the storm and ice and whatever the weather would bring. It stood like a monument of the kind of skilled workmanship and humanity that was fast fading away. Of course for us kids it stood mainly as but a challenge in climbing its iron ladder on the inside wall which nobody had the courage to take more than just a few step up.

One day a huge explosion could be heard that rattled the windows far and wide and broke quite a few of them. The explosion brought the chimney down. I felt sad for the loss of it, but little did I realize that it was but symbolic of a vastly larger explosion inspired by the mentality of fascism that continuously escalates its creeping disdain of everything that is spiritually human. The explosion that brought the chimney down was echoed in the same general time frame in the cultural explosion of 1951 that was designed to tear the world down from within. It was called the Congress for Cultural Freedom, or freedom from culture as it should have been called, since culture is freedom. 

The chimney was not rebuilt when a new plant was built on the site some years later. The old chimney would have served the new plant well, since soft coal was the major energy source for East Germany. The chimney wasn't rebuilt, perhaps because the skills for building such a marvel of craftsmanship no longer existed. This pattern of a cultural ratcheting down would be repeated many times. It was repeated when the American Apollo Moon Exploration project was terminated by the Vietnam War. It was repeated again in France when the Super Phoenix nuclear breeder rector project was shut down under that fascism of monetarism. It was repeated again when the Fast Flux Test Facility was wrecked in the State of Washington for the same reason. It was echoed in 1974 in an enormously big way when truth in science itself was put onto the chopping block with a project to enable the monumental hoax of manmade global warming that inspired a form of economic fascism that probably has already killed more people than Adolf Hitler had killed in the entirety of his fascist holocaust.

The point is that fascism is a disease, which when left untreated, inevitably destroys all what is human. What I saw as a child was merely a spark of its horror, nor have we seen the end of it yet. In fact we haven't seen anything yet. The terminal stage is still unfolding. What none of us could have imagined sixty years ago is now on the agenda. The already ongoing total global financial collapse is even now unimaginable, except by a few, and some of those a speaking out with dire warnings.

LaRouche is no longer the only one warning about it. The retired head of the largest hedge fund in the world is warning of a social Armageddon, for reasons of the financial system being so globally bankrupt that even he can see it. He is complaining that there is nothing remaining in the world that has any form of true value left to be looted. He should know that it is so. He was the world's foremost expert in finding whatever remained that is of value, and was then taking it out. But even he doesn't go as far as aiming to save the dying system by stealing society's highways. When the economic system is dead, those are worthless too. He predicts fifty million home foreclosures being served and fifty million of the poorest together with the dissidents ending up in concentration camps, a twenty-fold increase over Hitler. 

We once said "Never again?" Those words have been long forgotten.

One thing that happens in a fascist society is that whatever sense of a future there might have been, becomes quickly lost. When the Nazi State collapsed, the future collapsed with it for many people. As rotten as the fascist State had been, when it collapsed many people died with it as its infrastructures stopped functioning. Money had no longer any value. Without money no business was possible. The stores remained closed. The entire food supply chain simply fell apart. There was hunger and starvation in the streets, and nobody knows how many deaths have resulted from this breakdown of what was left of civilization. 

Our family was fortunate at this time. Our era came initially under American occupation. The U.S. forces needed bread. Our family had a bakeshop. A cooperative partnership was established. We were able, as a part of this deal, to get some food for ourselves and also got all the kitchen scraps and left-over food from the Army canteen. All the scraps were piled into a big barrel that was destined to feed our pig, the pig the family had always kept in the garden. It became my task in those days to transport the barrel every day on a little hand cart from the U.S. Amy base, which our school had become, to our house, the distance of a city block. This brief transport was a Shangri-La for all the kids that knew about it. The barrel stopped and stopped again many times along the way while the kids fished through the soup for scraps of sausage or meat or whatever they could get their hands on. And those were the lucky ones. As I found out later, others were far worse of. I heard years later from a friend who had lived in another city in Germany. He said that they had so little to eat that he scraped charcoal from the wood of burned out buildings just to get something into his empty stomach, though there was no food-value in it.

As the supply system was rebuilt within a few weeks, with American help, even in the worst-hit areas, no one could have imagined then that the same kind of hunger that had been endured would eventually become a growing feature in America itself, in the richest country on earth, unfolding together with the new phenomenon of homelessness. Even in our bombed-out cities there was no homelessness after the war that I was aware of. Homelessness is a feature of a new kind of fascism that is increasingly sweeping the world, a financial kind of fascism that is stealing from the poorest of the poor.

There remains still one more factor from the postwar period to be noted here, which is likewise related to this new kind of fascism. This factor has two dimensions. I was touched by both of the dimensions in different ways, and they both seemed to be interlinked.

When looking back now at the end of World War II, the end seems like paradise now. The killing ended abruptly when the guns fell silent. This no longer happens. The killing goes on, silently and powerfully, possibly forever.  Also the end of the war brought a revival of a strong spiritual interest, which is almost totally dead now.

When the war ended, we celebrated. In today's world the killing goes on, invisibly, indiscriminately. In today's wars large quantities of uranium are contained in the bombs, shells, and bullets that are used. The official name is "depleted uranium" (a nuclear waste that was once expensive to bury). Like all uranium, DU is radioactive. It radiates alpha particles that are considered low-level radiation. Under normal circumstances low-level radiation is quite harmless. The alpha particles are large nucleonic clusters similar to a helium nucleus. Being large, almost anything standing in their way will stop them. A heavy piece of paper can block them. But when the uranium is built into bombs and bullets, when the uranium impacts, it heats up, ignites, and explodes with an intense heat of 2000-3000 degrees C. that instantly vaporizes the uranium into tiny spheres smaller in size than the wavelength of light. They become a part of the air, which thereby becomes a poisonous radioactive gas. The particles get into the lungs with every breath, and into the blood stream, and even into the cells. It doesn't matter then that the radiation doesn't travel far. In the intimacy of the cells everything is close. The radiating particles wreck the DNA chains and upset the delicate electric and chemical balances. Roughly 90 different diseases have been traced to this effect, which summarily became known as the Gulf-War Syndrome. To date app. 500,000 veterans of the wars were DU weapons were used are classified as permanently disabled. In the highly polluted areas civilian cancer rates have increased 20 to 50 fold, and so have the birth defects. 

The DU poison also travels globally. Seven days after the shock and awe bombing in Iraq began, the DU particles were detected in far away England. Their reach truly is global. DU particles have also been found in far off Hawaii. In the U.S.A. lung cancer rates have increased six-fold since the DU-wars began, though the DU connection cannot be proven. Some types of Diabetes have likewise increased enormously, from 30 million cases worldwide to 230 million cases. In India, which is located near one of the big DU bombing grounds, diabetes has become a near epidemic.  So far, the U.S. military admits that 2.5 million Kg of DU has been expended in the Gulf and Afghan wars. The real figure is likely higher. But those figures are all small in comparison with the vastly larger amounts of DU contained in ordnance that are presently pre-positioned for ready use. In South Korea, at the three U.S. airbases, ordnance containing 67 million kg of DU (the equivalent of 10 million atom bombs) are stockpiled, evidently intended for the Asian theatre of war. Obviously many times more of the same has been pre-positioned at the over 20 U.S. airbases surrounding Iran. When those are used, we are looking at a potentially 100-fold increase in the radioactive poisoning of the world, beyond what is already killing people massively. 

Uranium waste is used in bombs and ordnance because it is a powerful penetrator of armor and concrete, more powerful than the conventional tungsten steel. It is also dirt cheap. It used to be expensive to store the nuclear waste material. This problem has been solved. It is now loaded into bombs and into every kind of ordnance that is used in war. A third reason using DU ordnance might be that its killing potential never stops, but spreads quietly far and wide. This feature makes the DU-weapon a perfect weapon for depopulation, which is the permanent objective of empire reflected for example in America's NSSM200 policy that targets 13 nations for massive population reduction in order to preserve their raw materials for the future needs of empire. The upcoming DU-war appears to have a larger objective, however. It is centered primarily in southwest Asia, covering the Arab oil fields, parts of Africa, southern Russia, India, China, Korea, and Japan. It appears that Russia is prepared to intervene to prevent this new type of war from fully unfolding, and so is China, which might mean for them taking out the USA with a nuclear strike in order to shut the DU-war down before the several hundred million kilograms of DU become vaporized that are presently stockpiled. 

Yes, we had ample cause to celebrate the end of WW II in Germany, and more so than we could imagine. WW II turned out to have been the only major war in modern history that ended cleanly. This might never happen again. For as long as fascism reigns supreme the creeping genocidal nature of war will continue and will become the mayor feature of it. This ugly fascist feature is no longer hidden. The first targets that are now destroyed in the modern massive bombing campaigns are always the civilian infrastructures, the power system, water supply systems, transportation systems, and sanitation. This kind of destruction has the most deadly effect in war, but causes no international outcry.

Fascism creates a world of 'games' without a single element of the human dimension in it, except to eradicate the human elements when the games are served thereby. Almost the entire video game industry presently serves this kind of fascism. The focus is either directly violent, or intensely competitive, or is an obstacle course, which normal living has increasingly become. I have yet to see one game designed to advance the creative spirit that is native to mankind, and to develop it in a cooperative environment of advancing the general welfare, the advantage of the other, or even universal love. Except then we would no longer be playing games, but would begin to live in the real world.

When the war ended something else happened back then that didn't seem extraordinary at the time, but seems so now. In the window of freedom between the collapse of a the Nazi fascism and the rise of the Communist fascism a renewal of the spiritual focus happened. It wasn't that the churches were filled. It was the spiritual focus on healing happened again. My mother had a deep wound on one of her legs in those days that simply wouldn't heal. The medical profession, such as it was, wasn't of any help. The war had probably consumed the best people. Alternate methods didn't help either. Then someone said that this can be healed spiritually by a scientific method discovered in America more than half a century earlier by a woman named Mary Baker Eddy, a scientific platform for spiritual healing which she had called Christian Science. 

The church meetings that we went to with my mother was large. The gathering filled a large theatre to the last seat, so it seemed. The essence of the message was simple. If God is the author of man, then there is no imperfection in the system, and that whatever imperfection manifests itself is but an error in perception which can be reversed on the principle of the fundamental unity between God and man that mandates power, freedom, completeness, and perfection, because God, cannot be perceived in any other context. It was a healing religion as far as I could tell with no ceremonies or dogmas attached, but was built on underlying, demonstrable principles. It didn't take long for my mother's wound to heal and other healings to follow.

Little did I know at time that what I was witnessing was part of a process that may have shaped the world far more deeply than we can imagine even now. The period of Mary Baker Eddy's healing activity, from 1866 to 1910, which had brought to light remarkable capabilities in individuals, had also been a remarkable period of peace and prosperity for society. The tall image of mankind as a profoundly spiritual and Sublime being that includes all the qualities of God, seems to have had the secondary effect of halting the march of empire and its fascism. I seemed as if the train of horrors had suddenly come to a halt, in general terms. The Opium Wars against China had just ended, The Spanish Inquisition had terminated jus a few years earlier. The Civil War was over.  While the masters of empire and fascism remained bent on revenge for their stooges having lost the Civil War, their rampages in various parts of the world didn't profit them anything. Against the unfolding tall spiritual image of mankind that came evermore to the foreground through Mary Baker Eddy's work, the rule of empire and its fascism seemed to be contained. After her death in 1910 the whole process reversed. It took only three years to get the train of horrors moving again, which hasn't stopped rolling to the present day.

While no empiric evidence will ever be possible to prove for a link between the two, the historic coincidence of a highly spiritual self-perception in society and the blocking of fascism suggests that such a connection exist, which also points to a platform for healing the world of the disease of fascism.

Of course, as soon as the new Communist fascism in East Germany was fully established the healing religion was banned. It was banned officially because of its link to America. More likely though it was banned, because it was not conducive to the breeding of underlings that fascism depends on. Still, that brief window into a spiritual dimension, between two forms of fascism, had left an impression on me.

Years later, after I walked away from the East (before the wall was built) my interest in the healing religion continued, but it wasn't until the early eighties at the height of the Cold War when the nuclear doomsday clock came ominously close to midnight that the thought kept emerging that it should be possible to heal the disease of fascism that stood behind the Cold War, as one might heal any other disease. It became evermore evident in those days that fascism was a disease, not a person or a nation or an ideology. I had seen too many facets of it, championed by many brutal leaders and being harboured in many nations. It came to light as a universal cultural failure, a spiritual void, a mental state in which there is something spiritually lacking with a corresponding lack in society. But what was lacking? The answer seemed to be related to division,  to putting a wedge between people that can be exploited, such as ethnic division; political division; economic division; sexual division; and more than that an isolating division of society against itself, against its spiritual nature in which its creative wealth and social power rests. Becoming divided against itself society becomes 'small' and impotent and fearful. The great fear that I had sensed when I was referring to the portrait of Hitler as a giant "pull-off" was the mark of a 'small' society, an 'empty' society, an impotent society that could only fear but not act in defense of its humanity. Every king ruled on this platform. Fascism becomes one of the tools for maintaining the division, especially the self-division of society against its own humanity that the infamous Joseph Maistre was a champion of in idealizing it. 

It appears now that the disease of fascism can only be healed by healing the spiritual lack that causes the self-division and isolation of society. Any other approach appears futile. The facets of fascism project so many kinds of symptoms that one can get lost in side-issues in trying address them all, without ever touching the core failure. This includes the issues of nuclear war; DU-war: pre-emptive war: 911 terror; financial looting; free trade; the raping of society with private monetarism and fascist corporatism; the destruction of industries; the global warming hoax; the dictatorial eradication of national sovereignty; the housing collapse; the banking collapse; the worldwide economic collapse; the collapse of currencies and infrastructures; and endlessly the list goes on. It is impossible to list all the facets of fascism, much less to counter them all without becoming lost oneself. Nor is it possible to fight all the empires stooges and all the empire's men who express the various faces of fascism. However, all the countless facets converge onto one issue, the self-division and self-isolation of society that fascism feeds on, which it creates when it doesn't already exist.

Franklin Delanor Roosevelt had empowered the "forgotten man." It appears however that in the face of the massive advances of fascism in modern times, more than that is needed. In the early 1980s Lyndon LaRouche created the strategic defense proposal that became Regan's SDI. Had it been accepted it would have gone a long way towards healing the division between nations, but society was too divided against itself to follow his leadership. The empire owned most of the relevant leaders and does so more today. The spiritual 'emptiness' in society goes so deep that the masters of empire have been given free reign to ride roughshod over the world to tyrannize it, just as Hitler had tyrannized Germany.

Around the time that LaRouche's 'SDI' idea was unfolding I started a project that went deeper to the core, which couldn't have been pursued on the political plain. I took the subject of the self-division and isolation of society right to the social grassroots level, to the very home gate, to the sexual division and isolation that every person is faced with almost on a daily basis. I raised the challenge there and raised the bar above agape, above the "advantage of the other," all the way to the foundational principle of the universe, the Principle of Universal Love. I took the project into the sphere of writing a novel to poke at the challenges to see what pops into view. Over the years this one novel became a series of twelve novels. They are all accessible online for free on the website:

In the context of writing the novels the healing religion came back into the foreground. If one is to work towards healing the worst disease of all time, the disease of fascism, then all the resources for it must be on the table. I wrote an article back in the early 1980s or slightly earlier, with the title: Principle and Law. I was thinking of natural law. I asked a friend to comment. He invited me to his house and said in essence: "You haven't seen anything yet, nor has anyone else." He reached Mary Baker Eddy's textbook to me and said, "count the chapters. How many are there?" "Sixteen?" "Right!" And so it went. Whatever he asked me to count added up to 16 or multiples of it, including the glossary that added up to 146. Then he pointed to the biblical metaphor from Revelation 21, the city foursquare coming down from God, related not to the end of mankind, but to the end of evil. He asked, "how many squares are in a foursquare city?" "16" "right!" "So the whole thing adds up to one gigantic structure of scientific interrelationships. However, it is now it is up to you," he said in essence, "to figure out the principles involved; to learn the process of discovery; to ponder the principles that the eye cannot see but which science can reveal."

This discovery work unfolded in the background to the writing of the novels and resulted into the research series, Discovering Infinity. with the spiritual science being focused on in the Volume 3 series of it. (see: What is contained there is not generally known, but is generally deemed not to exist. Almost the entire field of Christ Scientists is presently caught is a state of self-denial, just as society is itself in a state of self-denial to a very large degree.

The healing of the world of fascism is not really a political struggle therefore, just as the fight against slavery was not a political struggle. It was a fight for the identity of man, man's spiritual identity, man's universal humanity, man's image as the reflection of God. Fascism thus comes to light as a cultural cancer that denies the divine nature reflected in man, but which rests itself on the same denial individually throughout society. Fascism tends to grow on this emptiness until either this emptiness is overcome or the patient dies. A society that sets up a king over itself is an insecure and 'empty' society. 

The Maastricht Treaty, formally called the Treaty on European Union, is an example of an insecure society in which the nations gave away their sovereignty to a supranational agency that thereby had power over them. It collectively put each nation's financial foundation in the hands of empire, the private monetarism of imperial central banking. It strangled the nations by preventing sovereign credit creation. In this sense the European Central Bank was an echo in kind of the U.S. Federal Reserve, which in this case rapidly bankrupted all of Europe. The next step that is planed is to set up a dictator over all of Europe with the power to control all the military matters of the union as well without a veto for the individual governments, with the addition of the central power determining everyone's foreign policy, even to impose the death penalty on nations that don't have it. This is the essence of the Lisbon Treaty now in preparation. With it all the nations of Europe become slaves to a central king and dictator, theoretically called (fascist) consensus, with the original architect of the current Iraq war is being set up to become the administer of it as European President. 

In a richly self-respecting society of sovereign Sublime beings, both of these mutual enslavement pacts would not even be considered. Both would be deemed an insult. They would be deemed an open door to self-denial. They would stand as a declaration by the nations to themselves that they lack the ability to act like human beings on the platform of respect for the spiritual quality of their common humanity as a natural feature that unites all. A spiritually self-conscious people would see no need for a forced consensus when the spiritual platform of their Sublime humanity is reflected in a universal community of principle, which is the very foundation of the nation state and the foundation for modern civilization. This foundation, when it was built, had ended 80 years of war in 1648 with the Treaty of Westphalia and set a new direction for peace, a peace not built on dictatorial consensus, but on a foundation that so far has withstood all attempts at wrecking it.

In very ancient times in Hebrew history, before the time of Moses, this profound spiritual foundation was already understood to some degree. A custom had been established that whenever the high priest came before the face of God he had to wear two precious stones on his breast, the Urim and the Thummim. The Urim signified 'light,' a form of spiritual consciousness. In modern terms we might call it a scientific awareness and understanding of the Sublime nature of the human being reflecting the Divine Being. With that stone on his breast the priest wouldn't come as a beggar, but to celebrate a profound union. In like manner the Thummim is said to have signified Truth, or acknowledged perfection. Evidently, once a pries stood on this platform he was able to uplift the entire relationship of society as people facing each other man to man. Slavery or self-enslavement would not be possible on this platform, nor would the same be possible today if this platform was recreated. 

Indeed, why would society need the power of free trade agreements that are rarely equitable, but are an instrument of empire by its very design, from the very outcome? For countless millennia trade has been going on between people, tribes, and nations on an equitable basis. If the trading of goods didn't benefit all parties it didn't happen. The supranational political pacts therefore have only one single objective for which they are needed and put in place, which is to override the equitable basis of dealing with one another, for one-another's benefit reflecting the Westphalia principle of the "the advantage of the other." The Treaty of Westphalia was probably the only treaty in history that didn't impose anything on anymore, but became a common understanding with a commitment of the people to themselves to lay down their arms and become human beings again.

The treaties of empire are either traps or they impose some form of slavery. Slavery, of course, is but a symptom of fascism. It should have been eradicated with the founding of the USA as a more perfect union, a union based on 'light' and Truth. But slavery wasn't stopped (and still isn't), and so it became a monster that led to numerous wars in which countless millions perished and more will lay down their life for it in times to come until the world is healed of it, by society healing itself of its 'smallness.' If the proposed all-European dictatorship treaty known as, the Lisbon Treaty, becomes enacted, it would set up a new Hitler across all of Europe with an equivalent dictator of empire ruling on the American shore with the already in-progress Bloomberg campaign. 

What we see here is not a new escalation, but the continuing unfolding of the cancer in culture that has not been dealt with from the beginning. It is the result of a cultural failure that reflects the continuing lack of society's spiritual self-awareness as human beings. A self-respecting society would never put itself under the thumb of a dictator king. Unfortunately this is happening all over the place, and far too few are willing to claim their freedom.

For example, LaRouche's Home Owner and Bank Protection Act, that is designed to prevent the loss of millions of homes during the onrushing foreclosure crisis, together with the associated loss of the banks, society's savings, pensions, and businesses, should have been met with universal acclaim right across the board if society was interested in claiming its freedom from fascist oppression as sovereign human beings. LaRouche was saying to society, you have the power as human beings to protect yourself in this crisis from the mortgage vultures, to protect your homes, to protect your banks, your savings, your pensions, you businesses, to protect the very foundation of civilization. As a nation of sovereign human beings you have that power. But society said we cannot do this, the masters of empire won't allow this, we are their underlings, we are not human beings, we are slaves and are depended on our masters largess. The signers of the Maastrisht Treaty were saying the same thing. They were saying, we are not sovereign human beings. We have no value in ourselves, but must therefore subject ourselves to external dictums. 

The key-step therefore, in preventing the impending Lisbon and north American global dictatorship power grab is not to stand on the tracks before the onrushing train, or to derail the train, but to get the engineer to shut the engine off. Empire is not a power. It derives whatever power it wields from the willing consent of society. Instead of rallying around LaRouche's Home Owner and Bank Protection Act society effectively hands the executioner the axe and lays itself on the chopping block. That is the spectacle that we see right now in the American Congress on this issue, with all the people's representatives in Congress saying with one voice, "we are not human beings, we are little people, we are underlings." 

With this song on its lips universally, society will inariably 'sign' the Lisbon Dictatorship Treaty, and will make Mr. Bloomberg, the multibillionaire money-grabber, the ruling king over the rest of the world. And I truly mean the rest of the world. With Russia, India, China, and Japan, presently standing on the sidelines with serene indifference by not fighting for the renewal of the dignity and sovereignty of the human being, they become supporters of empire and thereby supporters of their own doom. No amount of nuclear weaponry can prevent that doom when the doom unfolds, because it is not a nuclear issue. This doom can only be prevented by supporting and elevating the universal humanity of mankind. This means that if there was an honest effort anywhere to prevent the impending doom, the LaRouche organization would be flooded with financial support from all over the world, as one of the few organization left in the world frightening for the sovereignty of mankind as human beings. 

The key here isn't that the fight is a fight against empire and its fascist war against mankind that is destroying civilization. When a cultural disease appears chronic, such a fascism appears to be at the present time, than we can assume that the disease has not been effectively countered for long periods. In this case we are dealing with a failure that is being repeated day by day. The masters of fascism, of empire, have no power to force mankind to its knees before them. When society does this repeatedly without end, it repeats its failure daily by its own volition and belittles itself and kneels. Unless society establishes its profound spiritual humanity as human being, it makes no difference whatsoever whether the Lisbon dictatorship treaty is prevented or not, for then the masters of fascism and empire will simply find another way to assert themselves, wearing society down in fighting it. 

In the latest hubbub over the final breakdown towards establishing a global fascist tyranny over the planet, we tend to forget that the monster has no power and that the same steps can stop it that could have stopped slavery in America when the USA was formed. Whether society will take this critical step before it allows itself to be devoured by the monster of empire is a matter of individual commitment to our spiritual humanity as human beings. The outcome of this fight, which hasn't really begun yet, is uncertain. The potential exists that the outcome could be a new Renaissance of universal humanity, creativity, cultural and technological progress. The potential exists also for a New Dark Age to blanket the planet, which is already unfolding, an intense kind of Dark Age that only a few living today will likely survive. Civilization is the outcome of the spiritual power of our humanity reflected in all that defines us as human. If we walk away from that we loose the platform for our existence, and loose it so deeply that Hitler's fascist empire will likely seem like paradise in comparison. Thus, choose wisely! There is only one option a valid one. Choose it!  

The good thing about the Lisbon (Dictatorship) Treaty that is presently being promoted, is that it might open people's eyes to the slavery that all of these kinds of treaties impose, and how they invite society's self-denial as sovereign human beings with a Sublime humanity that is common to all so that no treaty is required for it to be acknowledged universally in a community of principle. When this step is taken society will likely awake from is stupor and acknowledge with a sense of amazement that it doesn't need the fascist Maastricht Treaty either, for the same reason, and step away from it, thereby re-asserting its sovereignty as human beings. This single step could snowball into the total unravelling of the entire structure of empire and its war against mankind for world-domination and world-enslavement.

As the man vaguely suggested back in East Germany when the machines from the aircraft plant were hauled away: civilization is a living chain of many profound and precious links, spiritual links, links of a Sublime humanity, of which none must be allowed to become lost, or having become lost must be quickly restored before all is lost. On this basis rests the Science for healing the world of fascism.

Only then can we say to the fascism of the past: Never Again!

The sequence of articles continues 

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