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"You can not heal what you have killed; 
You can not fix what you have destroyed

Civilization in Danger - 
Love fighting Estoppel Litigation

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

When love fades away...
The wrecking ball threatens 
to break the Church of Christ Scientists

 When Mary Baker Eddy discovered in 1866 what she termed "the divine Principle of scientific mental healing." She established its practicality with her own wide-ranging practice of Christian metaphysical healing of disease, a practice that she discovered could be taught and be engaged in by others. Thus she expected the established churches of her time to embrace her newly discovered science. Her platform was the natural unity of the leading edge of science and the timeless Christ unfolding together with an astounding efficacy in healing, reminiscent of the Christ healing in the early Christian era. Mary Baker Eddy reinstated an element of Christianity that had been lost for nearly two millennia. She made it accessible, scientific and practical. She lectured her science, taught its practice, and wrote the textbook for it.

As the established churches at her time turned their back to her, Mary Baker Eddy found it necessary to establish her own church for the practice of her discovered principles of Christ healing. This church became the First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston Massachusetts. Its edifice was erected in Boston in 1894, completed at a cost of over $200,000, a large sum at the time. The building was fully paid for by donations from all over the country when it was dedicated in 1895. When completed it was offered to Mary Baker Eddy as a gift with the invitation for her to become its permanent pastor. She graciously declined the offer and the invitation, saying:

"If it will comfort you in the least, make me your Pastor
Emeritus, nominally.  Through my book, your textbook,
I already speak to you each Sunday.  You ask too much
when asking me to accept your grand church edifice.  I
have more of earth now, than I desire, and less of heaven;
so pardon my refusal of that as a material offering.  More
effectual than the forum are our states of mind, to bless
mankind. (Pulpit and Press p.87) 

In the same year, 1895, Mary Baker Eddy officially ordained the Bible and  her textbook on Christian Science, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," to become the universal pastor in all the churches of the Christian Science denomination. 

She further reorganized the church at this time and placed it under the sole authority of its Church Manual, the Manual of the Mother Church, which she had authored. In this manual she named the officers of the church as consisting of "the Pastor Emeritus, a Board of Directors, a President, a Clerk, a Treasurer, and two Readers."

As the denomination grew and branch churches of Christ Scientists were organized all over the USA the edifice for the Mother Church in Boston, the First Church of Christ Scientists in Boston, Mass., became too small. In the 1902 annual meeting session of the members of this church the sum of $2,000,000 was pledged for the building of a larger edifice that would seat upwards to 5,000 people. The edifice was completed and dedicated in 1906, again fully paid for by donations from all over the land and from other lands.

The building plot on which both edifices are erected was conveyed by Mary Baker Eddy to the Board of Directors of the Mother Church with two interlocking deeds of trust in one of which she stipulates that the Church Manual and its By-Laws must never be altered except by her personal consent or request in writing under her name.  This specific deed of trust (1903) was thereby designed to assure the continuity of both the church and its governing authority in perpetuity, especially that of the Manual, which under this trust became totally unalterable after her death in 1910 to protect its integrity.

Unfortunately it is hard, if not impossible, to built iron-clad defences against the craft of those who seek ways to wreck the precious for profit. History records that the wrecking crews acted fast to break Mary Baker Eddy's achievements after she passed on, practically from the very day on that her body was buried.

A faint legal fissure was soon found that became the source of repeated and still-ongoing litigation with the objective to annul the most fundamental aspects of what she has established. This 'fissure in the marble' is centered on Mary Baker Eddy's gracious offer to allow herself to "nominally" assume the title of Pastor Emeritus. 

The court cases to eradicate the Pastor Emeritus

The legal fissure in her flawless protective fabric springs from her various uses of the term Pastor Emeritus. In accepting the title nominally, the title applies not only to the mission of her books through which she speaks as referenced above, but applies also to her person. At times she also links the term Pastor Emeritus with her being the author of the textbook that is, together with the Bible, the universal pastor of the worldwide church of Christ Scientists. Thus it became understood that the Pastor Emeritus speaks  in perpetuity through her textbook and her other writings.  The term Pastor Emeritus was a revolutionary concept, as far removed from general convention as was the idea of an impersonal pastor that speaks through a textbook in perpetuity. 

Here the legal fissure begins. It is argued by means of legal craft that since the author of the textbook, Mary Baker G. Eddy, died in 1910, the Pastor Emeritus as institution that she represented likewise exists no more. It is argued that as the result of her her having passed away she no longer speaks through her textbook, nor is able to speak personally in the capacity of its author, since that person was diseased. The legal craft thus designates all provisions in the Church Manual in which consent by the "Pastor Emeritus" is called for as being unfulfillable provisions so that the By-Laws out of necessity represent estoppels or barriers that by their nature are beyond litigation. 

The legal craft thereby designates not only the Pastor Emeritus as no longer existing, but also renders the board of directors of the church null and void since vacancies cannot be filled without the approval of the Pastor Emeritus that is deemed to no longer exist. 

Of course, without a governing board of directors and the Church Manual thereby disabled, the entire church structure cannot function anymore, nor can indeed the church exist without the Pastor Emeritus that is designated as one of the primary officers. On this convoluted platform of legal craft the entire Mother Church of Christ Scientists is rendered as existing illegally, which the court is consequently petitioned to forcibly dissolve by placing "a barricade across the administration building door allowing no one to enter, and to post federal Marshals at the door 24/7 while a public investigation is underway to protect the fiduciary assets of the beneficiaries of the several trusts." (Point 54 of Case No. 07e0072 of Suffolk Probate and Family Court in Boston Massachusetts)

Part of the Christian Science Church Center in Boston
Artist:Nicholas Nixon, 1975, Gelatin silver print, app 7x9 in.

So, it's all about money, real estate property, tangible assets, and the grabbing of the funds and buildings generously dominated by people from all over the world. It's a case against love, a case to get hold of the life-work of one of the most honoured geniuses of the 19th and 20th Century and her contribution to the advance of mankind which the case is designed to blow into the wind. Ironically the case is pursued by self-proclaimed "friends" who proclaim that they are pursuing the interests of Mary Baker Eddy.

This ongoing wrecking process against the Mother Church of Christ Scientists, by its deep-reaching wrecking-intention, pales the disdain the philosopher Hobbes displayed several centuries ago against the principle of love, who virtually outlawed love as a form of treason to be prosecuted whenever the faintest notion of love should be found interfering in affairs of State, empire, or business. The song of the swinging wrecking ball for profit in a world purged of love has become a prominent song in our time, pervading business, politics, military affairs, affairs of State, affairs of Empire, affairs of globalized looting, and affairs of private looting, with not even religions being spared.

In the ongoing case against the Pastor Emeritus the plaintiff is a single individual, an excommunicated member of the church, while the named defended is the Christian Science Board of Directors. The official defense against the plaintiff's complaint is weak. The defense is centered essentially on one point only, the point that the plaintiff, having been excommunicated from the church, should be deemed as having no standing in the court. On all other points, such as the intention for dissolving the church, the charges put forward by the plaintiff are accepted by the defendants as having merit, accepted both in words and by virtue of no rebuttal being offered against any of the crucial underlying points. 

It seems amazing that there is virtually no defense mounted against the intended eradication of the Pastor Emeritus and the resulting estoppel for disabling the Church Manual and rendering the named defendants as an illegal entity. Why is almost no defense mounted against these intended enforcement actions that would effectively dissolve the church and open the flood gates for the distribution of its coveted  assets? In other words the entire case of the plaintiff to dissolve The Mother Church  is accepted in principle by the defendants as having merit, so that the decision for a trial is hinging on nothing more than the legal technicality of whether the plaintiff has standing in court.

By the intended wrecking action for profit the work of a lifetime of labor of love may be destroyed by those who were entrusted with its care, resulting in an institution being destroyed that has served the public worldwide for over a century. In fact it appears that the institution is virtually offered up to be destroyed almost by acclamation without a rigorous defense impeding the wrecking and the give-away. 

Thus a grand epoch may end in tragedy for the profit of a few. It is not surprising, however that this should be so and should happen in our time, a time when the fascism of greed and raw force pushes love, truth, and the very soul of humanity into the background and out of sight and hearing. Hard-won constitutional principles don't seem to mean much anymore in the modern world of greed and force and inhumanity. Benjamin Franklin, whose scientific intellect is reputed to have been the prime power behind the founding of the USA as a constitutional republic has become famous for the statement, "I give you a Republic, if you can keep it." 

Mary Baker Eddy might have realized likewise that without Love and Truth as fundamental universal principles nothing is secure. Thus she made these principles central to her greatest scientific work that still stands in obscurity to the present day. She evidently realized that these universal principles cannot be established as a dictate of a dogma, but must unfold from within, being built on a scientific platform. She outlined such a platform, a platform that is designed to be built. She modeled this platform on the ancient concept of the city foursquare that is described in the last pages of the Bible, in Revelation 21. 

Just as a foursquare structure is made up of 16 elements, Mary Baker Eddy divided all of her major works into 16 parts or multiples thereof, including the Church Manual. The largest of these contributing structures that exist in multiple parts of 16 is found in the Glossary of the Christian Science textbook. The Glossary contains is a complex structure that can yield a nine-fold substructure for each of the 16 elements of the foursquare platform. The Glossary thereby defines a vast range of concepts that are essential for understanding the science of civilization. However, three profound terms are 'conspicuously' left out of the Glossary which are evidently central to the whole construct flowing from it so that the whole structure may be seen as flowing towards these three crucial concepts from all sides. She seems to suggest with this omission that these crucial concepts must be defined in individual living on the most scientific manner possible. 

The terms that are thus not defined in the Glossary are three terms of her synonyms for God. The three terms are Love, Truth, and Soul. (for more details see: Volume 3a: Universal Divine Science: Spiritual Pedagogicals, of the series Discovering Infinity by this author)

Mary Baker Eddy appears to be saying that without Love, Truth, and Soul, all being reflected each day anew in daily living, human civilization is an empty shell and is self-doomed by its emptiness. Thus, if the First Church of Christ Scientists in Boston Mass. is being dissolved by court actions the dissolution would be the resulting consequence of a long train of society's unfolding emptiness within that should have been prevented long ago but was allowed to go on, day after day.

The stepping away from the Principle of Universal Love, Universal Truth, and Universal Soul, is becoming increasingly evident throughout the entire planet. We see the resulting regression reflected in almost all of the great religions of mankind that are becoming increasingly fascist in nature, some more so than others. We also see the regression reflected socially, politically, and economically.  We see torture, murder, war, looting, and inhumanity erupting on a scale that is almost unimaginable. In addition we see the entire world-financial system teetering at the edge of a precipice of the potentially greatest financial and economic collapse in all of human history. We further see a far reaching social collapse fully in progress with increasing isolation happening between people, reflected in a loss of integrity, a loss of care, honor, generosity, and increasing rape in many different ways. This 'rape' includes the magnetism of artificial consensus that stifles all forms of healthy dissent against dogma, a commitment to the truth which should open the door to science and society's actively reaching for the truth.

The court case against the Pastor Emeritus that is currently unfolding towards the intended dissolution of the Mother Church of Christ Scientists, The First Church of Christ Scientists in Boston, Mass., is therefore not an isolated phenomenon, but reflects merely a small facet of a worldwide process of mankind's self-dissolution as a society of 'divine beings,' the living reflection of God, founded on a spiritual platform. In this context the necessary defense of The First Church of Christ Scientists in Boston, Mass., on the basis of its principles is not an isolated mandate either, but is crucial for the universal defense of all mankind against the regressive processes that destroy its heart and soul, and with it its physical living. The defense of The First Church of Christ Scientists in Boston, Mass., is evidently a crucial element in the larger defense of society and civilization as this church holds the scientific and spiritual platform for redeveloping the necessary defensive and progressive principles, which human society ultimately cannot exist without.

In this context I have developed a 12-volume series of novels to explore the Principle of Universal Love, Truth, and Soul -- in a development process that is still happening and will likely remain in progress for some time. All the novels in this series are presently accessible for free online in their entirety. See: The Lodging for the Rose

I have also initiated a defense process in principle for The First Church of Christ Scientists in Boston, Mass., in the current court case against the Pastor Emeritus, the Church Manual of By-Laws, and the legality of its board of directors. See: Letter to the Court

Supplemental: (with comments inserted highlighting grossly false statements in the matter presented to the court, and the addition of some general observations)

The plaintiff's petition

The hearing in court to establish the case for the requested trial

Letter from an individual to the Court in defense of the church and civilization

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