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Brighter than the Sun

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 a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of the
 invisible shapes
that shape


Can there be a darker world than that of a nuclear holocaust? 

It makes no difference in that darkness where the strands of love were broken that caused the night of darkness to descend. All that matters in this darkness is the last thing that we've got left that is of value, which is one-another and the stands of love that bind us to each other and to our humanity. Thus love becomes our light when all the other lights have become discredited and have failed. And so we move forwards in that light to confront the darkness. 

When our humanity remains the only thing of value that we've got, then it grows in value and becomes the only value. And so, in the flow of it a whole new world becomes created, a world that never existed before. We suddenly discover that amazing achievements can become possible and subsequently happen, some with a scope we had never even dared to expect or imagine.

In the novel the holocaust is relatively small so that not the whole world is effected. However, this creates a paradox as the bright new world of a more universal love begins to clash with old world that has remained as convoluted and unyielding as ever. In the novel the old empire forces that have 'ordered' the holocaust in the first place have survived. Their arm still reaches out as before to crush the budding glow of any new humanism in the world. While some forces emerge that should crush them, their logic seems to be that they will succeed as they have always succeeded, with bribery, treachery, and murder. And maybe they are right in this case, because darkness, no mater how deep, isn't a force of substance that can uplift the world into a new renaissance even if it does so in a few isolated cases. A worldwide renaissance must have a broad universal foundation of intelligent culture, scientific advances, technological progress and a more expansive love that uplifts all.

Thus the question remains as the novel is closing of whether the great light that has been experienced by a few as being brighter than the sun is sufficient to become the seed for a new world, or whether it becomes extinguished again?


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Brighter than the Sun

The second portal contains the following vistas

Nuclear Preemption

Beware oh dreamer! You tighten your noose with every step.
 The plan is in control, not you. Awake!


Sergei's the Oasis

There comes a point when the best established processes are not enough,
 when nothing remains to save us, but our humanity.


 Lunch Break Surprise

From civilization to Armageddon
 in thirty minutes.


Operation Noah

Flying at the edge of a poisoned world.

The Sound of a Bird Woke Me

A gently daring brilliance is allowed to unfold in love
 in order to hold back the darkening of a failing world.

The Chess Player

When the death of millions becomes a statistic, the death of one person remains an unspeakable tragedy and the prevention of it a triumph of our humanity.


Mission to Hell

A child's poem: 
...I watched a rabbit under a bridge;
 then fire came;
 with a big light; 
the forest was burning; 
with screams; 
there was no more sky; 
there was night; 
not a voice.

The House of the Sun

Oh what a joy when loved ones are found that were deemed lost forever,
 and what great sadness, when the path to them is blocked!

Time Zones

Which distance is greater,
 the geographic distance that separates the continents and nations,
 or the distance heart to heart that separates humanity?
 Imagine a voyage across twelve time zones.

Sky Fire

If one comes from the sunshine into a darkened room, 
is it possible to bring the sunshine along?

Trial for Innocence

The focus of every trial should be to establish innocence
 in order that the healing of society can begin.


Death in Paradise

Who dances at the pinnacle of the world still needs to heed the old rule:
 Don't slip!

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