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Flight Without Limits

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 a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of the
 invisible shapes
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They say it took mankind 4000 years to stand on the moon. It is also being said that mankind would likely have stood on the moon in 300-AD had the Roman Empire not destroyed the scientific environment that took mankind 1700 years to recreate. For example, it was known in 200 BC that the Earth is a sphere, which became the basis for the Egyptians trans-navigating the Pacific to South America at this early time. All of that knowledge and capability became lost for nearly seventeen centuries.

However, can't we turn this trend around and move the world into the future with lightning speed?

 What if we were to allow our love to open the floodgates to our humanity where all science is rooted, where the discovery of universal principles isn't impeded by mountains of baggage that society had loaded itself down with, often in the service of empires that can't exist in a richly developed humanist world. Have we ever really allowed ourselves to experience the dynamism of unfettered thought and unfettered love? Or is there a natural inertia to be overcome that would hinder the intelligence of the human being to unfold freely?

Isn't intelligence the very essence of the universe that we are a part of? Shouldn't the intelligence be manifest in us that already underlies the incredibly intelligent order of harmonizing principles that have shaped every aspect of the universe, without which the universe would not exist? Nuclear physics tells us that the entire universe is a construction of fast moving points of energy that create the appearance of solid matter, while in reality no such thing as matter exists. They say that everything is energy, so that energy is the only reality that really exists. I disagree. The evidence suggests that the most basic element in the universe is not energy, but the intelligence that underlies the harmonizing principles by which the movements of the fast moving points of energy are organized, without which the universe would be a void. The pioneers of nuclear physics tell us that we tread on an amazing array of forces in the course of our daily living, without which the universe would collapse. I would like to suggest that we tread on the constructs of an incredible universal intelligence without which the universe would have never existed, by which all the other forces are organized in a universally harmonizing fashion. Therefore I would like to suggest that since intelligence is the most basic element in the universe, which is reflected in everything and all life, including our own, then our human intelligence might be vastly more expansive than we tend to recognize so that nothing might hinder us to move mentally with lightning speed to wherever we want to be. The novel explores in physical metaphor a quality that we might have mentally and have not yet recognized and developed.

All logic points to the proposition that the presently perceived impediments to thought as well as to love, are but dreams that will flee with the morning light, and when this happens many of the now deemed "absolute" limits will fly out of the window with it.


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Window to the World

Our larger world, the universe, is a marvellous place with boundless potentials.
 But what is greater, 
the gigantic universe of infinite space
 or its most precious gem, the human being?

Miracle Images

Technology enables us to reach into space and see what no man has seen before. 
But what do we behold if we aim to see with our eyes closed, and our mind shackled?

Victory without Shame

When a vanquished aggressor is killed, nothing is healed while the killer looses his soul. 
The alternative is difficult, but profound.


Swimming in Mud

Power does not produce wisdom, but wisdom produces power.


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