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Endless Horizons

Room 9

 Volume 6a of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose,
 a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of the
 invisible shapes
that shape

Discovering the third sex 


The endless horizons are not physical. If they were we would be looking at the Sahara desert, or Siberia, or the oceans. Instead the novel is staged in Caracas, a city nestled in a narrow valley high up in the mountains. Here the truly 'big' vistas unfold, and they offer truly endless horizons in a setting of profound political challenges that are also reflected in personal challenges being tackled and overcome. The vistas though are mostly about the personal challenges that are related to the development of love.

The development of love that is threaded through the novel takes place in a land where yet another dimension of love unfolds in the expanding sphere of our coming to terms with its demands. The vistas that unfold in this context are as colourful and as open as the people in this sun-filled world, and the history of the land had been in which the vistas unfold. 

However, the music that enters the vistas at the most profound moments in the story is from a different world and a different time. The music is powerful. It comes from the end of a powerful renaissance period, a period in which Johannes Brahms added some rich colors to the landscape of music. In the case of the vistas in Caracas, Johannes Brahms' first symphony becomes the background in the unfolding of a love that has been slow in coming, just as his symphony itself had been, but which now unfolds with a promise of having no limits in its scope and no end that would bring it to a close. Still there are limits to the joys and freedoms we tend to find in the world polarized by the male and female of our humanity. As the poet said, "Is this all there is to love?" Here we cross the boundary where the male and female differentiation gives way to a higher identity, a third kind kind of sex, which is open to infinity itself with a wider sphere of satisfaction and happiness.

All of this unfolds against a background of many related questions, even political questions, none of which are really resolved in the novel as in real life advanced ideas need to 'percolate' and permeate the fabric of society before their substance begins to change the world. It seems infinitely easier for one to move ahead at the personal level, unfettered and free, than to perform the same feat with a multitude of people in tow behind one so that the world becomes uplifted. Sure, one can make speeches about great things, and great speeches are made in the vistas of the novel, but no one can assure that the words are heard and that the spirit behind the words is felt as an uplifting force. Only a few people qualify on this account, and those are judged as being far too few. Thus it is that as the Caracas vistas end, one of the protagonists sums it all up by saying, "And the world grinds on."

Oh, but does it really?



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Endless Horizons

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Disintegration: Highway 911

What is this 'thing?'
When it appears the world becomes bright and fresh and new.
And when it is lost, the sky turns red, dark, cold, and the world lifeless.
Is the 'thing'  Universal Love?

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