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Coffee Sex and Biscuits

Room 8

 Volume 5b of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose,
 a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of the
 invisible shapes
that shape

Consciously starting
a New World 


Under the title of this relatively brief novel unfolds an evermore incredible scene of an unfolding love on the personal level that in due course sets the stage for huge scenes unfolding on the global level. 

Both dimensions develop in parallel in the novel, even though the big scene takes time to unfold which doesn't fully happen within the scope of this short novel. Nevertheless the novel sets the stage for momentous things to come. It is starting a flow of events that will change the course of the world in which its fiction is situated. A tiny bit of that changing world is already seen at the end of the novel, reflected in an apparently strange mission to save Africa from a certain doom as a necessity for saving mankind and the world.

In this tiny novel loves takes on huge dimensions as its development unfolds that sets a stage without barriers and boundaries at the grassroots level. The vistas are all fantasy, of course, but maybe they shouldn't be, because the challenges that confront us in today's larger world are immensely large while the face of society's love for one-another stands small against them and is fast fading into oblivion. The novel is designed to be shocking, in order to reverse a dangerous trend while time remains for us to do so.


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Coffee Sex and Biscuits (11/2008 Extended Version)


Vistas in this room of the gallery of the invisible shapes that shape in the landscape of love:


1 - A Road to Connect 

2 - Remembering a Christmas Present 

3 - From the New Worlds 

4 - Ice Ages. 

5 - A Sex Dream Fantasy 

6 - The Ross/Fisher Station

7 - Festival of the Sublime 

8 - Expanding Circles 

9 - Mission Africa 

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