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The Flat Earth Society

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 Volume 4b of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose,
 a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of the
 invisible shapes
that shape

Breaking the cycles of history 


This novel shares a common root with the previous novel, though this root comes to light in a totally different form of expression, and a much deeper regression in society unfolds from it. Occasionally one finds it useful to study what a love-less world tends to be like, even surprising.

We all know from history what the big tragedies look like like when for example the fascist beastmen came to power in Germany in 1933. They should have been stopped right then, but were allowed to continue. For that single failure a huge tragedy ensued in which fifty million people perished and an entire continent was destroyed, while the failure itself was never really corrected and may yet claim many more victims. Against this kind of background the small things that capture the imagine today seem rather trivial while society closes its eyes to the underlying link between the trivial and those things that cause huge tragedies. 

It seems that in this sense the modern world has rejoined the ranks of the medieval flat-earth society that should have been abolished, but keeps lingering on in in new forms and is swelling its 'membership.'

The novel is designed to begin its story with a vista in which society puts on display its incredible indifference and self-denial towards its own humanity, as if love was truly dead in the human heart. In this flat-earth scene, much of what used to be rich and desirable looses its value and dissolves into dust or is abandoned. Even love on the personal level love gets trapped into a rut in this environment. The protagonists feel this pull, but also feel powerless to stop it, and probably for good reasons. Many are still saying: 'In Lies We Trust!' 

Have you ever been in such a rut, drying to dig yourself out from it, provided that you recognize at all that you are in a rut ? 

It's not easy to gain one's freedom in such an environment, especially when the entire world is drifting into the same rut, politically and economically. Have you ever been stuck in a world that seems hopeless? The temptation would be to flee to another world. But one can't. We have no other option therefore than to make the world we have, livable.

Here, almost imperceptively a movement begins that offers a new sunrise, a sunrise that seems too incredible to be taken serious. Nevertheless it happens. In the novel celebration takes place in the end that totally defies the reality that hangs like a dark shadow over mankind. The celebration begins slowly when one person sees a new spark on the horizon. Then another sees it it too. Soon it becomes a festival of celebration in which our profound humanity is celebrated with champagne. And that happens even while the chill that caused the despair in the world remains unchanged and grows colder.



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The Flat Earth Society

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Fare Well to a Gentler World 

Party on the Rooftop 

A Weapons Mythology. 

Universal Marriage 

Christmas Miracle 

A Rare Glimpse of a Profound Humanity 

Modern Asymmetric Warfare 


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