Lovescape Novels, an art project exploring the wide 'invisible world' of the landscape of love in which unfolds the light of civilization


Winning without Victory

Room 4

 Volume 3 of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose,
 a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of the
 invisible shapes
that shape

The Royal Dance for ending the war 
of empire versus civilization 


The exploration in this room of the gallery of the invisible shapes that shape us in the landscape of love is centered on a potential nuclear holocaust that is narrowly avoided by everyone letting their light shine in a process that continues all the way through.. 

The sequence of the vistas begins with those small love-games that we play, which tend to be rather inconsequential in the world at large, but which matter to us individually. Nevertheless we don't live isolated from the world, and as the circles of our love expand our love becomes modulated by the larger ripples that flow in the world that we must interact with. And there times, suddenly, when one's love is put to the test as the fate of all mankind might depend on its strength. Will the resulting imperative supersede the imperatives of our small personal strands of love? Sometimes a person has the option to choose, but often there is never a real choice involved when the scene becomes wide and the consequences global.

Also there are times when the critical choices are made by others for us, when great evils must be stopped and one is demanded to do this without fail or else it won't be stopped at all and the price is paid by millions and by future generations. 

This is not a hypothetical issue. In most cases in history the great opportunities were sadly left unrealized and the evils that should have ended right then, were allowed to continue so that in their wake entire nations, even continents were wasted. It takes a great love if one is to reach into the future. However, a still greater love is needed when the future is a long way off and the opposition against such love is unfolding strongly with death-threats happening in the background determined to break that love?

In such times of the greatest demands the small and precious sparkles in the intimate domain can become a resource for the larger light that cannot be allowed to dim. The same seems to happen also in reverse, so that the big achievements in love uplift the intimacy of it in the small. There are many such vistas threaded through the scenes of this rather large novel, some of which unfolds in Venice at the heart of the fondi empire, and some of that unfolds in the darkest of nights.

In the end, though, step by step the world becomes a brighter place. The vistas of love become a rare light and with that light civilization becomes somewhat richer even if the ultimate victory remains still a long way off.


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Winning Without Victory

This room of the gallery contains the following vistas


Wreck Beach University

Earn the un-diploma.
Learn the un-knowledge.
See the un-seen.
Live the un-conventional.
Love the un-hidden.


Does unity mean getting together?
Or does it mean being one?
Does it need to be created?
Or does it need to be discovered?


The Incompetence of the King

A king story that touches on five vital issues that are often missed by society. 
Those might be more important issues than anyone may realize. 

Shadow in the Night 

The 10-minute missile is nuclear.
Can anyone see its shadow in the dark of night?
Who will catch it?
Who will even know?


Unto the Top of the World

The pinnacle is a lonely place.
Who will take the mission and do right?
Who knows what 'right' is?
Who can cross a sea of failures and win?

The Shockwave Effect

When air is not a fluid, but a barrier,
we enter the zone of supersonic flight.
When civilization is stopped by a wall,
we enter the Dark Age zone of death.
Can we break out?


Glass Sculptures

Glass Sculptures are sculptures of light,
as are the sculptures of our Love

Project Venice

Empires appear gentle and white -
a far-reaching force that ravishes all.
But how does one challenge a hurricane?
How does one replace the dark that appears white -
with a truly sun-filled world?


Perfidious Albion

The tectonics of empires are shifting.
The plates of power are overlaying other powers.
The plates of force are grinding down civilizations.
Those are plates of omnipotence:
of empires begging for society's compliance.


Lord of Darkness, Lord of the Rings 

War has matured: The game is now terror.
Weapons have matured: The bombs became Uranium Daisy Cutter.
Strategies have matured: The lies are now called cultural 'freedom.'
Objectives have matured: Empires are flirting with genocide.


Drilling Holes into Sophistry

The sophist owns the thinking of society.
His song seems right, as if sung by angels.
His effect is the sword of war and the murder of millions.
But who can cut through the sophistry that rules?


Clothed with the Sun

John saw an angel, a woman clothed with the sun.
He saw in her the native image of mankind.
He saw her not covered, hidden, or embellished.
He saw in her the sun of our humanity
 crowned with stars of rejoicing
engaged in the 'Royal Dance'.


The Supreme Being 

Is God the Supreme Being, or is it mankind?
Is the cross of God a cross of terror and genocide?
Or is the Supreme Cross, the Cross of Love?
Do we bow in pain, or do we stand tall as builders of worlds?


Resurrecting Carmen 

Does Bizet's Carmen foreshadow the fate of humanity?
She dies at the hand of her lover who failed to privatize her love.
Humanity became privatized at Christmas in 1913, and is dying.
The challenge before us is to reverse history, and resurrect Carmen.


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