Lovescape Novels, an art project exploring the wide 'invisible world' of the landscape of love in which unfolds the light of civilization


Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World

Room 3 

Volume 2b of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose,
 a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of the
 invisible shapes
that shape

Extending the harmonies
of the social binary world 


The ice age world in this room of the gallery of invisible shapes refers to the sphere of privatized love. We all feel the chill of the visible reflection of it in the privatization of everything else in the world: the privatization of wealth, natural resources, infrastructures and power, even the 'privatization' of society itself to become the living and toiling toys of empires. However, the link between the visible privatization that has swept the world and the invisible sphere of privatized love is kept carefully hidden.  It remains a link that is difficult to explore. It has been artificially pushed out of sight into an obscurity that is protected by all the rulers of all the empires who themselves have no power without the privatization of society at its innermost realm reaching to the deepest recesses of society's self-perception.

Empires have maintained themselves on this platform for 4,000 years with their scourge becoming evermore destructive on society in endless wars of empire versus civilization. However, this visible scene isn't what the vistas in this room of the gallery of the landscape of love are focused on. The vistas are focused on the invisible sphere of privatized love where a healing is required before the related healing of mankind in the visible sphere can unfold and banish the disease of empire from the landscape. The inner healing process is further impeded by the notion in society that it doesn't want to be healed in this sphere, saying that it loves its privatization and seeks to hold onto it at all costs.

Still there is a light on the horizon, even a sunrise in which bundles of roses are threaded through the scene and a group of musicians become awarded with the roses before they even raise the bow. In this new world a sunrise celebration does indeed become appropriate as the night fades into oblivion.


  You are invited to enter the gallery room:

Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World


The room contains the following vistas


Gentle Winds

Whose children are we? 
Are we not all offspring of a common humanity? 
Compared to that, which makes us one,
everything that we allow to divide us is rather trivial, isn't it?

The Three Thousand Years War

Moses counsels us not to break the honourable bonds that love has forged.
 The priesthood interprets: 
Stone them to death who dare to break the privatization of love. 
We still sing this song of the perversion of love.
And so the 'war' goes on.

Temple of Unrequited Love

The temple attracts those in need of healing. Unfortunately, that temple is fiction. 
However, one part of the story is real, and that part is greater than the temple.


More vistas in this room of the gallery:

A beach holiday
Children as offspring of our humanity
Limitless space
An 'ice age' chill
Struggling for love
The free air after a storm
Bundles of roses
A sunrise to a brighter world


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