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The Ice Age Challenge

Room 2

 (Voume 2a) of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose,
 a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of the
 invisible shapes
that shape

Ice Age cycles
versus 'fairy dust' cycles


This challenge was imposed on me. The second book had originally been written and completed under the tile, Roses at Dawn. But on the day when the files were ready to be sent to the printer the computer crashed and much of the work was lost. It was as if a schoolteacher had looked at the work and said, "that's nice dear, but you can do better than that," and then had ripped the work up. 

It seemed that I was told that something had been missing. In the process of searching, as if the words had been spoken, the dimension of the Ice Age came to mind. The thought came like another shock. Wasn't the world threatened by manmade global warming? 

In following the 'hint' and looking behind the scene it became apparent that app. 20,000 scientists from across the world had put their name to petitions and declarations in opposition to what came to light as a scientific fraud in a scale that it threatened the future of mankind in the name of protecting the future. According to evidence, the global-warming scientific fraud challenges the very foundation of love that has little validity if it fails to reach forward with the kind of care that uplifts and protects generations yet unborn. How small is our love then if it doesn't stray beyond our little concern to protect the future when the future is threatened with lies? 

On its long journey mankind has traversed twenty ice ages which were regularly interrupted by brief warm periods of 10-12 thousand years in duration of which the current one is about to end, in which our high-level civilization developed. While the technologies exist in principle in today's world, for deriving the bulk of the world's needed food resources from indoor facilities, our love hasn't 'ripened' yet to the point of even considering such a hige challenge on which the future of mankind depends. It seems to be so much easier to simply dream the dream of global warming and to close ones eyes to the damage that the dream is set up to cause in the name of protecting empires for private profit.

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Of all the great men in history the musical genius, Johannes Brahms, exemplified perhaps more than anyone this hidden challenge that we face today, to let our love as human beings 'ripen' and encompass an ever wider field. Brahms is said to have been in love with his best friend's wife, Clara Schumann. But even after his friend died, his love for Clara never ripened into marriage. Countless amateur and professional psychologists and psychiatrists have since then probed the love-life of Johannes Brahms with gushing theories about what the barriers might have been, but nobody will ever really know what had really shaped the course of their love affair. Love seems to falls outside the sphere of psychological exploration. It might have been Brahms' self-acknowledged failure in the development of his love that is reflected in their love affair, the same failure that is also reflected in his last symphony. Scholars say that his fourth symphony was his fare-well gift to the world, a musical statement celebrating a full life as it were, which nevertheless reflects an unfulfilled wanting. They say it seems to reflect in this context the climate of the alpine region where the symphony was composed, of which Brahms had said himself that the cherries never really get ripe there.

Will this be the future of mankind in respect to its love? Will mankind's love never become fully ripe before the curtain falls upon it?

The new novel opens with a brief look at this type of challenge by which psychiatrists are quickly frustrated as they are forced to deal with the challenges of a widening love, a kind of love that the professional man finally steps away from, leaving behind his years of experience, resorting to taking the protagonist to the art scene of a great sculpture gallery. There he notes that the artists of the world don't live in small houses like "we" tend to do, but live in huge mansions with large windows to the world, as we all should .

The rest of the novel unfolds over the course of a peace-conference workshop, organized not by politicians but by the youth of the world that has a real stake in the future. It is staged in a small city in Russia with a Japanese sounding name, located at the shore of the Black Sea. Here a rich multifaceted lovescape unfolds with vistas that are marked by the youthful daring to reach for freedoms in love that seem attainable, but which unfortunately never really ripen under the chill of the lingering traditions of self-imposed barriers.

The lovescape begins with a scene of a silent communication between the protagonist and a woman. The scene later unfolds into a real conversation about love dreams that all seem to come true, but which almost imperceptivity trail out into the grey mud of a colourless landscape. These dreams are found in many dimensions, in the shape of personal dreams of love, and religious dreams, even political dreams of love, and the dreams of civilizations.

While Johannes Brahms is not mentioned in the novel, he stands in the center. His name is recognized in the world for his achievements that have enriched the musical culture of mankind for all times to come. And so we must recognize all the achievements that contribute to the colors of the landscape of love, even if the tallest dreams remain as but dreams. 

On this platform the novel builds a rich collection of spaces for contemplation.


  You are invited to enter the gallery room:

The Ice Age Challenge



The room contains the following vistas

The Beach Project

Taking a holiday from lies is like living in huge mansions
 with giant windows to the world.


Self-Love and Islam

If our loving reflects the beauty of our heart and Soul, 
embracing the beauty of our humanity,
 isn't it enough then to simply love oneself?


The Three Hundred Years War

War never happens spontaneously. 
It is prepared step by step in silent secrecy,
 often for decades before the first bullets fly,
 including Word War I and II,
which is then foisted on society for its destruction.

Depopulation: of Women in India, and of Mankind in an Ice Age World

Some people say, Oh if I where King for but a day! Ah, but those who grab power go mad with it, and in their madness they never stop. This has been the case for 3,500 years already, and mankind is perishing by it.

Depopulation, Mozart, Ice Cream, and Wine

Civilization is culture.  It reflects our humanity. 
If we loose our humanity, civilization disintegrates and society with it.
Healing begins with a private renaissance.

Impotence and Power

Who is the powerful person in the world? 
Is it not one who can heal others of their smallness in self-perception?


Other spaces in this room of the gallery:

The space of large windows
The space of divine love
The space of a finding renaissance
The space of dancing
The space of music in a loveless world
The space of the challenge of passion
The space of celebration
The space of satisfaction

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