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Lu Mountain

Room 12

 Volume 8 of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose,
 a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of the
 invisible shapes
that shape

When the old 'paradise' is fading
a new one is unfolding into life 


The Chinese word, Lu, means lodging. Also there is a history attached to it that gave Lu Mountain its name. It is a history of healing. 

Exploring the widening vistas of expanding circles of love, we climb the steep slopes of the mountain for the purpose of healing that which is in need of healing. The concept of the lodging also has a profound meaning as the real lodging for the rose of love is located in one's own heart. If it isn't there, flowing from it, the world is empty even while it could be rich and bright. This is one of the threads that binds all the novels of the series together as the sequence of the unfolding love-vistas ends in China.

This last novel unfolds almost entirely in China. But it isn't the pearl in Chinese history or even that of its modern aspirations that attract the protagonists to relocate their home to the opposite side of the world. They choose China for the light that it has managed to retain when the lights in much of the rest of the world have became dim and in some cases became extinguished altogether. The protagonists flee to China when the land of the free becomes a police state with ominous shadows that none dared to test. 

This set-up appeared like a fiction at the time when the novel was laid out, that seemed so far removed from the probable that it must have appeared like an insult. How could the land of the free ever be anything but free? But the world has changed. Now the highly improbable seems frighteningly probable with concentration camps already being built once again surrounded by three layers of fencing in a world that is open to torture, incarceration without trial, and in some places laced with waves of murder bordering on genocide, while society remains silent.

The vistas in China take us far from that. They take us back on accasions to ancient concepts that are rooted in China's distant past while the threads of love from the leading edge become interwoven with the threads of ancient fabric as in the vista of the "Queen of the New Law," or the closing vista for the series that is centered on a girl named Lianhua. 

In between these the new and the old mingle in many ways. Beethoven draws a crowd in a fishing village, and an artist in that village is commissioned to draw a poster of the leading edge of science. The point is that love is a science and that science is essential in the development of love, and both are essential for a new renaissance. 

The protagonists find in China the potential for a great new renaissance as the nation is struggling to keep itself out of the claws of the Illuminati's empire that has darkened the world. The protagonists join China's struggle, and surprisingly they find themselves aided by some of their former adversaries from within the ranks of the empire's  who begin to recognize that they too are after all still human beings. They find themselves forced to respect this reality by the imperative of their own humanity that unfolds as a spark of light in the darkness of their own creating. 

When the novel was first laid out that possibility too, seemed like hopeless fiction. But now, as the years have passed some of that fiction is faintly becoming reality also. Maybe it is in that where we find the spirit of Lianhua reflected, which wasn't really intended that way when the novel was written. Maybe this is good so, because it puts the onus on us to add this new development to the Lianhua vista in which may find ourselves reflected.


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Lu Mountain

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