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Angels of Sex in Queensland

Room 10

 Volume 6b of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose,
 a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of the
 invisible shapes
that shape

Can the third sex open the door to peace?


The title doesn't present a paradox. In spiritual language angels are exalted thoughts and those are sorely needed in times of a great crisis when the entire world hangs in a balance. Unfortunately such times come around evermore frequently. Also in such times the challenge becomes larger when the real cause is not clearly seen. So how can one fight then in such a crisis when the cause becomes illusive? Does one pray?

In this novel all the protagonists become secretly assembled  on a small island  off Queensland Australia among the coral reefs. They were summoned there to deal with a major looming crisis. Also, they come with a precisely defined mission. The mission is rooted in history, though the history itself is illusive and unproven. In this history a woman from one of the New England States had played a vital role. She had developed a spiritual science, a new branch of Christianity, that she had utilized extensively for scientific metaphysical healing based on clearly defined principles. She had become a renowned healer, and more than that, she had been able to teach others to heal likewise, and many had done so all across the world. It wasn't until decades after her death that somebody made a profound discovery that seemed almost unrelated. It was discovered that the historic timeframe of her work from 1866 till her death in 1910 coincided with the one single narrow window in historic time when the endless seeming train of war, violence, and atrocities against mankind had stopped, and had remained stopped until 1913. Thus the focus of the team's mission on the island was to ferret out from her writings what she knew that was no longer known, and to put it onto the front burner again as fast and as extensively as possible.

One of the answers the woman had frequently provided, pointing out that universal love, or divine love as she called it, is a key factor in all healing. But there had also been something else that she had put onto the platform of her science, something that had remained almost hidden. This element had been her unique focus on sex, which she had repeated and had put onto the same platform twice. With it all, the question emerged: Is this significant? 

It seemed significant perhaps that she had placed sex in both cases into the moral domain, which comes with the mandate attached for one to get it out of there as fast as possible and onto ever-higher platforms. This, then, becomes the presumed mandate for the protagonists' mission, and a reasonable one too. Of all the aspects in the world that divide humanity, the one single factor that causes the deepest division is evidently sex. The sexual division has split the whole of mankind into isolated camps with countless feuds along the border, with clashes, wars, deceit, and violence flowing in large measures, even murder. How can one even hope to bridge such a division, and to do it with stands of love when the very division breaks them apart the moment they are forged. Thus the logic unfolds the imperative that one must deal with the division itself in a profound and scientific manner.

In the vistas of the novel it becomes often comical to see in which way the little teem proceeds to ferret out what might be the core of the issue that has evaded mankind for millennia. But brave as they are, they proceed. Of course we will never know if they become successful. It it evidently impossible to measure the 'success' of an unfolding sense of love in terms of empirical measurements, even historic measurements. We can see unfolding events as they happen and write books about them, but we can't see the events that might have been and didn't happen, like tragic events that were blocked by strands of love so that the tragedy never came to be. Thus, all the criticism becomes totally unwarranted that we today heap on the shoulders of world-leaders or pile into the courts of mankind that we refer to as a collection of foolish, small-minded people steeped in indifference towards one another. The fact is, we will never know to what vast extend this foolish and small-minded people has already shaped the world along channels of love and prevented catastrophes that might have ended human existence, but which never happened. Thus, as one closes the pages of this rather small novel, a sobering sense of humility unfolds in the background (hopefully) and perhaps a little more self-respect, for we will certainly never know to what extent we have contributed ourselves to the light of love in the world and thereby to the non-occurrence of tragedies that might have been, but which never came to be.



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Angels of Sex in Queensland

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