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Discovering Love


of a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Painting a living garden of
 invisible shapes
that shape

Based on the principle of the lateral lattice of our humanity-
a healing platform bound by strands of love? 

The opening novel, Discovering Love, begins with a light that is as bewildering as when the morning sun is seen from the edge of a dark forest. However, there are no footprints for one to follow beyond the 'forest.' The land there comes into the light as an unexplored world. The terrain is uncertain and so are its dangers. Only the light itself appears certain, though not  necessarily the future, although that seems far away. 

The novel opens with a brief glimpse forward into the future, all the way to the eleventh book, introducing names that do not even emerge until part way through the series. Isn't that how the real world often is? The kaleidoscope in the real world is often far richer than what appears to the eye at the first glance, and we seldom are wise enough to recognize the full scope of it. And so, the brief vista at the beginning of the novel that takes one forward in time to a dark scene sets up a contrast that brings to light the beautiful moments when the world was bright, fresh, and the flow of love new, rich, and innocent, though it was even then not without its own momentous challenges. 

Thus the opening scene, which unfolds like a requiem that is also a celebration of life, which renders much of bulk of the series as a flashback, a glow of the Sublime that begins as softly and preciously as the morning sunlight. Of course the morning light is always rich with its burst of sudden brilliance when the horizon is not obscured and the night is left far behind with its dreams that are uncertain. In the sparkling glitter of the new day even the weight of future challenges is barely recognized, and when it does impose itself one tends to walk away from the challenges instead of facing up to them. Though the challenges do come into view, some that have been unmet and grown larger to the present day. An appendix contains some of the details of the greatest challenges in today's world of a type that are generally unrecognized, which the novel merely hints at.

Perhaps there is a profound wisdom in that, since in the 'innocent days' the discovery of the Sublime expressed in unfettered profound principles, still lays in the future where science gently opens doors that should be opened but which remain largely closed until then.

Against this background the novel opens up a kaleidoscope of vistas of erupting small challenges that seem big at the time. And those are met courageously as the morning light grows brighter, though they foreshadow bigger, future challenges. However, what do those bigger challenges matter when the world is bright? As one of the protagonists says, "what have the challenges got to do with anything, do they change the principle involved?" And there are great challenges involved, arising from the principle of the lateral lattice of our humanity, a scientific concept that has its roots in the work of Mary Baker Eddy*1, America's most accomplished scientific mental healer of the 19th and 20th Century. She pioneered the science of God, man, and spiritual being. The German poet Friedrich Schiller pioneered the concept of the Sublime and its highest expression in the humanity of mankind. In the novel both aspects are combined.

The novel begins faintly. It starts a sequence of a person's self-discovery in the bewildering world of unexpected discoveries of facets of love that seems to belong to the world of fairy tales, but which should be ideally our actual world. Thus that the question lingers as to why any facet of love should not be a part of the real world in which we live, for love is life, and life is love.

In the light of the ongoing rapidly expanding global crisis, devastating the financial, economic, housing, food, strategic and political scenes, some of which are taking on new forms almost daily now, the first episode of the novels, "Discovering Love," has been updated and expanded in order to provide a richer background for the healing that is required. The updating involved a six month period of intensive effort, starting early in 2008. The result is now available as the 2008 Extended Edition. It is available on-line for reading on the internet, for free. It is also available free for downloading in PDF format (6x9 version), and it is available in printed form at a modest cost for customs printing (one at a time as ordered).


  You are invited to enter the gallery at Room 1:

Discovering Love Extended 2008 Edition

The previous version still available online through 2009

The room (novel) contains the following vistas... and more.

Erica's Flower Garden

Is it possible for a gardener to embrace but one single flower in a vast garden
 and close the eyes to all the rest of the profusion of life?

Helen a Healer

A person who loves is also a healer.
 Should there be limits to this love?


The Lateral Lattice of Hearts

Based on a remarkable true event.

Shoot Them!

The radio crackles: "I have a woman with children here. Shall I let them go?" 
"Shoot them!"
 "Shoot children?"
 "Small rebels grow up to become big rebels. Shoot them!"

A Gardener in Love with a Rose?

Falling in love is a paradox 
in which we discover that the beauty that we cherish
 is a reflection of our own heart and soul.

In the Brilliance of a Night

It should be called an invitation to heaven,
 a sex story that honors the Mosaic Decalogue.

Other spaces in this room of the gallery:

A requiem that is a celebration
A love letter of regret
A mission that cannot fail
Dimensions in the study of love
Honesty versus shame
An invitation to dance
A spark of hope amidst shadows returning

*1 - A free online version of Mary Baker Eddy's book, Science and Heath with Key to the Scriptures (1875), which has brought healing to countless people for more than a century, has been added as an appendix to this website.

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